Top 10 GST Certification Courses in Thane With Placement

A significant event, the Goods and Services Tax, which went into effect on July 1, 2017, completely altered the nation’s economic landscape. As GST is implemented in many countries, it will soon be implemented worldwide. Hence, the demand for taxation officers will increase significantly. The taxation field will have a great career ahead. Through this article, you get to be introduced to the GST certification courses in Thane that help you to become a professional in GST and the taxation field. Read this article for getting a better understanding of the GST Certification courses in Thane.


List of best GST certification courses in Thane


What is GST?

The Goods and Services Tax, sometimes known as GST, is a type of tax that is typically levied on the delivery of goods and services. This system consists of several stages, and a destination-oriented legal framework is mandated for each one. It is used to replace several indirect taxes like excise duty, VAT, services taxes, and others.

One domestic taxes law applies to both commodities and services for the entire nation. This program was launched as part of the one-country, one-tax initiative. The GST is levied under this system at each stage of the transaction.


What Are the Taxes Included in GST

At the State Level

  • State Value-Added Tax/Sales Tax
  • Entertainment Tax
  • Entry Tax
  • Purchase Tax
  • Luxury Tax
  • Lottery, betting, and gambling taxes


At the Central Level

  • Central Excise Duty
  • Additional Excise Duty
  • Service Tax
  • Additional Customs Duty Tax
  • Special Additional Customs Duty Tax


Types of GST


There are 4 types of GST:

  • CGST (Authorized by the Central Government)
  • SGST (Authorized by the State Government)
  • IGST (Authorized by the Central and the State Governments)
  • UGST (Authorized by the Union Territory Government)


What is the GST Certification Course?

A GST Certification Course is a thorough program that has been specially created for recent graduates, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Certified Management Accountants, Cost Management Accountants, students pursuing law, and other working professionals who want to improve their ability to make decisions and solve problems to increase their chances of landing a job with a reputable company, securing a good position, and earning a rewarding future.

The primary goal of the GST Course is to give people—including individuals, accountants, managers, businesspeople, and working professionals like CAs, CSS, and CMAs—a quick and specialized knowledge of the Goods and Services Tax and an awareness of the country’s present taxation structure.


Skills Required for a Career in GST

  • Knowledge of GST Law- All crucial sections and their interpretation Knowledge.
  • Analytical Skills- Handling practical issues. Businesses are different, so the same formula can’t be used in every place. Logical skills will help you to tackle the Practical issues of law.
  • GSTN Portal Knowledge- Having a good knowledge of the law is not enough, you need to know about the GSTN gate. All obedience must be performed through a gate. The GSTN portal is used to submit the GST return form, the GST enrollment form, the GST refund form, and even the GST appeal.
  • Basic Excel and Word- For reconciliations, you need to know basic Excel and Word.
  • Industry Knowledge- It will come with experience. Spend more time with your diligence.


Career Opportunities After Completing GST Certification Courses in Thane

  • Taxation Research Analyst
  • Reconciliation Specialist
  • Taxation Manager
  • GST Practitioner
  • GST Compliance Professional
  • GST Consolatory Services
  • GST Law Professional
  • GST Instructor
  • GST Trainer
  • GST Department


You Can Also Apply Numerous Tests Held by Public or Private Institutions. Some of These Tests Include:

  • Assistant for Central Excise Tax
  • Assistant for Combined Central Excise Tax
  • Technical Officer for Central Excise
  • Deputy Central Excise Inspector
  • Assistant Income Tax Lawyer


Exams for the CAG, SSC, railroads, and other exams are also options for you. Additionally, you can blog and create articles on GST. You will gain a better grasp of GST and its effects as a result of this.


Let’s Know More in Detail About the Top 10 GST Certification Courses in Thane.




Course Name- GST Practitioner Certification Course

 Fees- 2900 INR + 18% GST

IIM SKILLS is one of the top E-learning platforms in India. It offers many professional courses online such as Content Writing, Technical Writing, Digital Marketing, advanced SEO, Financial Modeling, BAT, and GST Certification Courses in Thane. All the courses they provide are of extreme quality that has been in the progress of transforming the students or beginners into professionals.

IIM SKILLS always comes first when it comes to industry-ready courses as the trainers here are all qualified and have a great experience in the working domain. They put their experience into the training to make the students aware of the reality of the working space.

The GST certification course at IIM SKILLS is conducted in a self-paced mode which is taught by expert and certified professionals. This is one of the highly recommended GST certification courses in Thane for great exposure.


This GST Certification Course Includes-

  • 16 hours of self-study lectures
  • Practical Assignments
  • Weekly Assessments
  • Freelance Opportunities
  • Invoicing Tools and Software
  • Lifetime Access
  • Master Certification
  • 24*7 Online Support


GST Practitioner Course Curriculum

The IIM SKILLS GST Online Certification Course is comprehensive and also all-inclusive. India’s Best GST Certification Course has a unique curriculum that complies with industry requirements and offers 100% practical training. The curriculum starts with the development of GST, fundamentals, and core concepts, and ends with a practical application of GST.


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There Are 9 Modules in This Course:

  • The Origins of GST, Its Concept, and How It Affects Businesses (Module 1)
  • GST’s Organization and Structure (Module 2)
  • Guidelines for GST Registration and the Registration Process (Module 3)
  • GST Invoicing: Rules and Regulations for Invoicing (Module 4)
  • GST Returns Filing (Module-5)
  • Composition Scheme under GST (Module 6)
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism (Module 7)
  • E-Way Bill under GST (Module 8)
  • Credit for Input Tax and Payment in GST (Module 9)


Skills You Gain from the GST Practitioner Certification Course at IIM Skills

  • Gaining knowledge about the Goods and Services Tax’s creation, application, implementation, and enforcement.
  • You will have the knowledge and skills necessary to comprehend all the subtleties and details of GST and its general structure.
  • Understanding how the GST affects businesses and organizations is important, particularly in terms of the financial implications. This aids in redesigning and restructuring pricing strategies in line with GST.
  • Acquiring hands-on experience with all GST processes, including registration, TDS compliance, return filing, and refunds.
  • Gaining a thorough knowledge of all GST provisions to be job ready.


Prerequisites to Enroll in the GST Practitioner Certification Course-

  • Have a complete gist of GST and a thorough understanding of the subject.
  • Communication Skills are mandatory.
  • Organization and time management skills
  • Be good with numbers
  • Problem-solving skills/Logical thinking
  • Confidentiality
  • Excel skills and Tally ERP


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2. Laqshya Institute- Job-Guaranteed Courses


Course Name – Goods & Services Tax Training

Eligibility – Any Graduate/Undergraduate

Fees- 45000 INR (Payable in Installments)


Course Overview

Laqshya Institute of Skills Training is a pioneer company with a practical approach to many skills-development programs. The institute providing GST certification courses in Thane was founded in 2009 to promote Technical & Non-Technical education in Maharashtra which covers a wide field of Software & IT, Accounts, Taxation, Finance, Banking, HR, and more.

It is government-recognized and Microsoft Authorized. It offers Classroom training and online live classes, according to their comfort students can choose any option out of both. 


Key Highlights of the GST Course

  • Experienced Faculties
  • Limited Batch Size
  • Assignments on LIVE projects
  • Free Study Material
  • Interview Skills Training
  • GST in Tally ERP 9
  • Basics of GST
  • Some Key Topics (Tax Invoice, Composition Levy, Reverse Charge Mechanism, etc.)
  • Returns under GST
  • Free Software
  • Online Test & Certification
  • 100% Job Guarantee


Placement Partners

They have successfully conducted several pieces of training over the years, and more than 350 firms have chosen them for their panel. Some companies are HDFC Bank, Harve, Dodsal, Foodland, Lemontree Hotels, Panoramic Universal Ltd, Andromeda, and many more.


3. ICA Education Skills 


Course Name- Goods and Services Tax Course

Fees- 5000 INR

Eligibility- 12+/Graduate

Duration- 27 Hours (Short-Term Course)


Course Details

Top firms’ recruiters are constantly looking for certified GST experts, yet they frequently settle for untrained applicants. Get taught and accredited as a GST specialist to quickly land jobs with reputable companies. You may enroll in one of India’s top GST certification courses in Thane with ICA, and you’ll also receive practical instruction to ace your upcoming interview. 


Course Highlights-

  • Important definitions under the GST act
  • Payment of GST to the government
  • Pass entries relating to GST
  • Computation of taxable value of services
  • Payable GST calculation



There are 8 lectures in this 27-hour course.

Lecture 1: Basic concepts of GST

Lecture 2: Levy and collection of Tax

Lecture 3: Valuation

Lecture 4: Payment of Tax

Lecture 5: Returns

Lecture 6: GST using Tally

Lecture 7: Practice on GSTN

Lecture 8: Project on GST


Learning Outcomes

  • A thorough overview of India’s indirect taxes system
  • Input Tax Credit utilization
  • GST registration and compliance
  • Filing of various GST returns
  • E-way bills and e-invoicing 

IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite

4. Excel Computer Institute (Accounting, GST & Taxation Training center)


Course Name- GST Practitioner course

Fees- 5000-8000 INR (Differs accordingly)

Eligibility- Graduates/C.A/C.S/BAF/BBI/BMS

Duration- 6 months


Course Overview

Thane’s No. 1 computer training institute is Excel Computer Institute. They offer expert accounting, banking, finance, taxation, and GST training. The top computer training institute provides comprehensive GST Certification Courses in Thane. At Excel Computer Institute, they recognize the demand for GST Practitioner Courses and work to provide that demand.

Their GST Certification courses in Thane cover fundamentals of accounting, bookkeeping concepts using Tally, MS Office with Advanced Excel and Audit, Direct & Indirect Taxes, Online banking, and Financial Management understanding of these subjects.


GST Practitioner Syllabus:

  • GST Briefing
  • SGST Acts & Rules
  • UGST Acts & Rules
  • CGST Acts & Rules
  • IGST Acts & Rules
  • Compensation to States GST Act
  • All States GST Acts & Rules
  • Practical with Real/Simulated Data


Advantages of Joining the Certified GST Practitioner Course-

  • Individual attention for every student.
  • It is a training program for the ISO 9001:2015 certificate, which might look wonderful on your resume.
  • 10 students per fixed batch Only then can each pupil receive personalized instruction.
  • Completely practical training from an industry perspective that will be useful to you in the corporate world.
  • This program will benefit your ability to learn throughout your life and more.


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5. Itaa Education Pvt Ltd. 


Course Name- GST Pro Course

Fees- 5,000-8,000 INR

Duration- 35+ Hours

Eligibility- Graduation


Course Overview

You can delve deeply into the lucrative realm of GST Practice with the aid of the GST Pro course. It gives you a comprehensive understanding of all facets of GST. By offering you hands-on experience and exposing you to actual industry circumstances, this course will help you develop into a fully-fledged GST practitioner and turn you into a GST Pro.

This course is available in 4 different languages English, Hinglish, Marathi, and Gujarati. Students can choose the languages accordingly. The GST Practitioner Courses in Thane help you to build a strong profile through these professional courses.


Learning You Will Gain from This Course

  • Advanced Knowledge of GST
  • With a GST expert Chartered Accountants get on hand learning experience
  • Evaluating and responding to notices that the GST agency has sent
  • Exposure to Relevant GST Market Practices in the Real World
  • A thorough examination of the GST Acts and other relevant details
  • Greater GST compliance in the future


Syllabus for the GST Pro Course

There are 7 modules in the course:

  • Introduction to GST
  • Supply: Place, Time, and Value
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Initial Compliance and Records under GST
  • Advanced Concepts in GST
  • Assessment Procedure in GST
  • Advanced Compliances as per GST


6. Learning Stage Institute


Course Name- GST Course

Fees- 6,000 INR


Course Overview

A focused course for the advancement of abilities in the dynamic fields of accounting, finance, banking, and taxation. Everyone involved in accounting and taxation must understand the complete GST process, including the theoretical underpinnings as well as the actual procedures for filing returns and receiving refunds.

Learning Stage conducted an extensive study before creating the correct practical course on GST to the demands of the market. It is one of the most popular GST Certification Courses in Thane that the Learning Stage Institute provides.


Course Syllabus

  • Complete Introduction of CGST, SGST, IGST
  • Registration under GST Act
  • Tax rate and charge
  • GST return and filing
  • New tax invoicing system
  • Input tax credit
  • E payment and returns under GST sections
  • Transfer of tax credit
  • Job work
  • Advance ruling


Placement Process:

  • The committed team takes care of placing students.
  • In addition, the organization has partnerships with numerous employment portals and career consultants.
  • They help you format your resume by the requirements of the position you’re looking for.
  • Create a strategy for interview preparation and practice with mock interviews.


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7. NetTech India


Course Name- Goods and Services (GST) Course

Fees- 5,000-8,000 INR

Graduates, Post Graduates, Freshers, and candidates who wish to build their career in finance, banking, and accounting can apply for this course.


Course Overview

NetTech India provides you with GST certification courses in Thane and Navi Mumbai that cover the fundamentals of GST as well as its applicability and impact. You can learn advanced academic concepts, business-related practices, and practical expertise through the NetTech India GST-accredited course.

The fundamentals of GST will be taught to you as you prepare to specialize in the most recent version of GST. A company’s financial resources will be used more liberally and effectively with proper financial management, and all departments will cooperate to reach a shared financial objective.

To maintain total financial efficiency across all of its numerous activities, every corporation and business needs financial professionals. Working as a financial advisor, analyst, trader, or investment advisor is some of the greatest finance careers.


Benefits of Joining the GST Course by NetTech India.

  • Career Development- Higher pay and position
  • Boosts Professional Development
  • Intensify Professional Credibility
  • Internship Assistance
  • Free Demo class
  • Certified Course
  • Exemplary training with a Competent Trainer
  • 50+ Case Studies, 10+ Projects


Facilities Provided:

  • Practical training on Live Projects
  • Interview Preparation
  • 100% Placement Guarantee
  • Fully Functional Labs
  • Online/Offline Training materials
  • Expert level industry recognized training


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8. Learn High Skills


Course Name- GST Course

Fees- 5,950 INR

Duration- 30 Hours


Course Overview

With GST training, you will be able to understand the practical knowledge from basic to advance GST Concepts, GST rules, GST return filings & practical aspects with hands-on training and prepare yourself to become an expert GST professional. This course is a comprehensive guide for all students and business entrepreneurs. Learn High Skills provides one of the top GST Certification courses in Thane. 


Course Highlights

  • Learn about GST Statutory Resolution.
  • Gain knowledge of the GST.
  • Learn about Supply Value, Supply Location, and Supply Time.
  • Find out what Related Person and Distinct Person are under the GST.
  • Learn how to use the input tax credit (ITC).
  • Learn about the GST reverse charge mechanism.
  • Learn about the GST composition scheme.
  • Find out how to submit a GST return.


Course Syllabus

  • Introduction
  • GST Functioning
  • Registration under GST
  • Taxable Events under GST
  • Nature of Tax
  • Composition Scheme
  • E-Way Bill
  • Return Filling
  • Payment of Tax

IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite

9. IBA Training Institute


Course Name- GST Course- Finance Act 2021

Fees- 5,000-8,000 INR

Mode- Online/Offline (Both are available)


Course Overview

IBA Provides Practical Training for the GST Course. It covers all laws, regulations, sections, and operational details as outlined in the new Finance Act of 2021. Registration, returns, assessments, audits, and many other things are part of it. Additionally, it offers post-course assistance. In actuality, this training helps you stay current while also enhancing your practical abilities.


Course Highlights

  • Understanding of the GST Concept
  • GST Workings
  • GST E Payments & Returns
  • RCM
  • TDS under GST
  • Resolving GST notices
  • GST Scrutiny
  • Reconciliation
  • E-Invoicing


Benefits of Joining the GST Course from IBA:

  • Real-world instruction using active projects and case studies
  • Career Support to all the students
  • Convenient Training Facility
  • Affordable Fees
  • Focus on quality
  • Lifetime support


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10. Gurukul Mantra- Professional Training and Certification


Course Name- GST Course

Fees- 6,480 INR

Duration- 1 month including practice sessions


Course Overview

To help professionals and students of all ages advance in their jobs, Gurukul Mantra is a professional training and certification organization that provides online, live, and interactive programs. They provide a comprehensive package of GST theoretical ideas as well as thorough practical training on GST software in their GST certification courses in Thane.


Course Syllabus

  • Introduction and overview of GST
  • Accounting concept of GST
  • The registration process for GST
  • Value of Supply
  • RCM
  • Composition under GST
  • Preparing and filings of GSTR1, 2A, and 3A
  • Return of GST
  • Reconciliation and case studies of GST


Features of the Course

  • Practical and theoretical learning
  • Focused Batch of 10 students
  • Interactive and live methods of teaching
  • Hands-on training with doubt-clearing clearing sessions and individual attention
  • Certification




Q1. Is there any prerequisite to becoming a GST Practitioner?

Yes, before you start working for your clients, it is necessary to register yourself as a GST Practitioner.

Q2. Can someone do the GST Certification course after completion of the 12th class?

Yes, after completing the 12th class, anyone can join the GST Certification course to gain more knowledge about finance and accounting. There are many institutes that are delivering high-class education to make aspiring GST professionals proficient. You can go through the above-mentioned list to choose the best course for you.


Q3. What is the salary of a GST Practitioner as a fresher?

A fresher generally gets on an average of 3 LPA, whereas an experienced GST Practitioner gets around 3.5-6 LPA.



GST Certification Courses are the ones that help a person build a career in the taxation field. This course helps students get high-paying jobs in companies and organizations with direct or indirect taxes. Someone who wants to be a professional in the GST and taxation field can join the GST Certification Courses in Thane. This article briefs every important and needed information in it. Choose the best institute and course for yourself and earn around 4.5 LPA as a professional.

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