Top 7 GST Certification Courses in Raipur With Placements

Specialized training is a certain method to increase your effectiveness and expertise, particularly in your field. GST is a widely used word that few individuals fully comprehend. The adoption of the GST resulted in a surge in demand for GST experts. As a result, job seekers and students will benefit from this opportunity. In recent years, the GST certification course has become one of the most popular choices. Hence, we’ll look at some of the best GST certification courses in Raipur in this article.


Top GST Certification Courses in Raipur



Today GST is an integral part of all the sectors like manufacturing, finance, audits, taxation, IT, etc. Therefore, there comes an increased demand for doing a specialized course like this one to gain knowledge and work in the given field. Many big corporates and business houses have in-house GST experts, thus generating job opportunities as well.


Before we proceed with learning about the top 7 GST certification courses in Raipur 2021, let us get familiar with the term in detail:


What Is GST?


GST, or Goods and Services Tax, is an abbreviation for Goods and Services Tax. It is a single mandatory tax that is applicable across India on the manufacturing and sale of certain products and services. There were once two sorts of taxes; direct and indirect taxes. GST is an indirect tax that integrates and removes various indirect taxes such as VAT, service tax, excise duty, entertainment tax, and others.




On April 1, 2010, India’s GST law went into effect. The GST act is based on the April 2017 CGST (Central Goods and Services Tax) and IGST (Integrated Goods and Services Tax). The introduction of the GST Law resulted in additional job opportunities in a variety of industries, including e-commerce, retail, automobiles, and others. As a result, upgrading is required. Both students and industry professionals will be benefited from pursuing the GST certification courses in Raipur.


Types of GST


  • State Good & Service Tax (SGST) –  It is levied by the state government on the sales within a state.
  • Central Goods & Service Tax (CGST) – It is levied by the central government on the intrastate transfer of commodities and services.
  • Integrated Goods & Service Tax (IGST) – It is levied on inter-state sales of commodities and services.
  •   Union Territory Goods & Service Tax (UTGST) – It is levied along with CGST in UT, such as Andaman & Nicobar Islands.


Stages of GST


  1. Service providers and dealers –After deducting the GST paid by the producer, the dealer must pay GST on the product’s purchase price and any additional costs.
  2. Retailer –GST must be paid on the total purchase price and its components. The tax paid by the retailer, on the other hand, can be deducted from the total GST.
  3. Consumer – The customer is responsible to pay GST on the total purchase price.


What Are The Effects of The Goods And Services Tax?


GST is a very well sought tax that has been implemented after a lot of research and taking many economic and socio-economic factors into account. Few benefits are as under-

  • The procedure of registering and filing returns has been simplified.
  • The unorganized sector is regulated.
  • Differential treatment does not apply to e-commerce businesses.
  • Lesser complications.
  • Higher threshold.
  • The cascading tax effect will be eliminated.


Eligibility of GST Practitioners


They should be Indian citizens with sound minds and should have not filed for insolvency. A tax professional approved by Central and State governments to perform duties like-

  • Filing of fresh registration
  • Amendment of application
  • Cancellation of application
  • Issuing tax invoices
  • Delivery challan

GST practitioners must be approved by the GST portal and GST network to perform GST compliance services (GSTN). To become a GST practitioner, one must also finish the GST certification course.


Now talking about the best GST certification courses in Raipur, let me give a brief introduction to the city of Raipur.


Raipur is the capital city of Chattisgarh known for its coal and aluminum mills, steel plants, terracotta industries, ancient temples, and beautiful lakes. It is a hub for high-end manufacturers and industrialists and therefore it attracts the need for good GST practitioners. The city now has very good options for people who would want to carve their career or add a skillset to their portfolio. It is an ideal course for CA, CFP, tax consultants, graduates, and business management students.


Let us now discuss in detail the top 7 GST certification courses in Raipur.


1. IIM Skills


In Raipur, IIM Skills has established itself as one of the world’s premier GST certification schools, which provides online GST courses. IIM Skills also has operations in 23 Asian countries, including Dubai and Singapore. IIM Skills provides skill development courses to students, professionals, and company owners to assist them to accomplish their career goals.


Major GST Course Highlights

  • Live lectures with Industry experts.
  • Freelance opportunities to gain hands-on experience.
  • Dedicated placement cell.
  • Master GST certification from IIM Skills.
  • Industrially relevant curriculum.
  • Duration: 4 weeks, 16 hours.
  • Lifetime free access to e-books and library.
  • 24 x 7 online support.
  • Course Fee – INR 2900
  • Contact: +91-9911839503.



  1. Concept of GST and its impact– This explains what is GST, its types, GST liability, threshold, rate slabs, and its boundaries.
  2. Framework and structure of GST – This module talks about valuation, place, and time of supply.
  3. Registration under GST– This covers the entire registration process, amendments, and cancellations.
  4. Invoicing in GST – This talks about debit/credit notes, payment vouchers, GST invoices, and bills of supply
  5. Returns filing– process flow of return filing and covers GSTR1, GSTR2, GSTR3, and GSTR 4.
  6. Composition scheme under GST – this module will cover limitations and registration of the composition scheme. Return form under scheme and tax rate.
  7. Reverse charge mechanism – The concept of RCM and taxability under it.
  8. E-way bill – This module will cover all the details about the e-way bills- how is it made, their necessity, and who is responsible for issuing them.
  9. Input tax credit in GST – This module will explain how to claim ITC, modes of payment, how to offset GST liability, and electronic ledgers.


Why IIM Skills for GST Certification Courses in Raipur

This course offered by IIM Skills gives a 100% money return policy if you do not like the course after the first session. The course fee includes exam and certification fees, which means no additional expenditure needs to be made for getting certified. One can avail 10% group discount on 3 or more registrations.


They offer teaching techniques that have been thoroughly examined, as well as a curriculum that is up to date on the newest GST advancements. It will not just provide you with conceptual clarity but also with hands-on practical experience of GST.


By the end, you’ll know everything there is to know about the new GST returns, how to do a GST health check on your company, and how to identify the areas of effect so you can plan for eventualities.


All in all, it’s one of the most comprehensive courses which cover all the required details of GST. Therefore it is one of the best GST certification courses in Raipur.


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Course fee – INR 9900 + GST

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2. Aalpha Global Institute


It is one of the best local based institutes providing training on Tally and GST. It started its operation in 2015 and since then they have created a good name in the market. The institute has high standards of faculty management along with practical training, providing rich content experience to students. It is a locally-based institute in Raipur; one can consider this as one of the GST certification courses in Raipur.


Key Highlights:

  • Duration- 4 months.
  • 100% Job placement.
  • Study material and video backup.
  • Training on Tally ERP is a part of the course.


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3. Tally brain


Tally Brains is a collection of industry Tally professionals with over 5 years of Tally working and research experience. It is a concept for creating and sustaining Tally’s education quality. Tally Brains places a greater emphasis on practical learning aspects. They assess accuracy in the quality study at every aspect of class with professionals on the line to provide you with a more comprehensive level of knowledge. Other textbooks are not supported; instead, they provide Tally Books ranging from basic to payroll, developed and compiled by leading Tally experts at a low cost.


Tally Brain boasts of being a premier institute with tally professionals from the industry who have conducted thorough research to create a better standard of education and to help more students become ace  GST practitioners.
The course emphasizes practical learning for you to develop an accurate understanding of GST as well as other financial concepts.
Other than the GST Course they offer professional training in like share trading, computer application, computer accountancy, fundamental computer course, prime advanced with accounting, Microsoft office, etc.
GST Tally With Accounting is for a duration of 40 hours. You can register for the free demo class that they conduct for 3 days to understand how Tally Brain conducts classes and what you will learn. They also give you a detailed step-by-step knowledge of the course structure.
Course topics include:
  • Basic Accounting
  • Inventory
  • Data Entries
  • Introduction To GST
  • GStLaw
  • Set Up And Automation Entry
  • GST Returns
  • GSTR 1&2
  • Registration
  • Supply E-way Bill
  • Invoicing Of GST With Tally
  • Assignments Projects
  • Banking And Related Terms
  • Advanced Reports
  • Daily Entries
  • Receipt, Payment, Sales, Purchase And Contra And Many More


Key Highlights:

  • Eligibility standard 10th pass
  • Duration– 40hours
  • 3 days demo class free
  • Introduction to GST
  • GST law
  • GST returns and services
  • Automation entry and set-up process
  • Invoicing of GST

On the lookout for GST certification courses in Raipur, this institute has emerged as a viable option for students and professionals.


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GST IIM SKILLS Course Demo Invite Raipur


4. Paramount Academy Raipur


Paramount academy is one of the most sought-after GST certification courses in Raipur since 2018. In very little time the institute has created its mark in the city of Raipur.


Their high-grade GST and accounting course caters to people from the finance professionals and students who want to pursue a successful career in GST. They offer a hundred percent placement assistance and offer with soft skills training as well.
Course topics
  • Tally ERP9
  • Accounting
  • GST advanced
  • MS Excel
  • Basic Computer Training
  • Financial Accounting
  • Payroll Training

The institute comprises of most experienced faculties of Chhattisgarh and has been approved by the ministry of skill development. It also specializes in offering various other courses like accounting, Tallies ERP9, basic computer, MS Office, Excel, and payroll training. Anyone who lives in Raipur may opt for this institute due to its local presence and brand name.


5. Institute of Cost Accountants of India


In 1944, the institution was established with the primary goal of promoting and strengthening cost accounting in India. It is the only statutory and regulatory organization dedicated entirely to cost and management accounting.


Key Highlights:

  • Fee: INR 10000 plus GST
  • Online classes(hence suitable for students across the globe)
  • Discount for CMA members
  • Certified course on GST
  • Advanced course on GST
  • Crash courses for GST are also available for students in colleges
  • Exam Fee: Rs 1000/-



  • Constitution of GST
  • Definition and concept of GST
  • Return payments and refunds
  • Demands and penalties
  • Job work
  • Import, export, and zero-rated supplies
  • Concept of TDS and TCS under GST
  • Filing of return
  • Valuation under GST
  • Assessment and annual return
  • Appeal and Adjudication
  • Anti-profiteering and advanced ruling
  • Case studies on real-life situations


Modules for Advanced Certification

  • Concept introduction
  • Type of supply and taxable incident
  • Time and place of supply
  • Introduction to HSN and SAC
  • Rule of valuation
  • TDS and TCS analysis under GST
  • Zero-rated supplies
  • E-invoicing and credit reconciliation, as well as annual return and evaluation job work analysis
  • E-way bill, invoice, bill of supply
  • Analysis of GST returns
  • Penalties and prosecution
  • View on anti-profiteering and advanced ruling
  • Practical insights through case studies


Modules for Crash Course

  • A basic introduction to GST
  • GST concepts discovered
  • HSN and SAC knowledge
  • Valuation rules and taxable event
  • The procedure of GST registration
  • TDS and TCS procedure
  • Return and registration submission procedure in TDS and TCS
  • Tax credit input
  • Introduction to Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • E-way bill
  • All about GST returns and how to implement them
  • How to make GST return submission
  • How to do annual returns


6. Learnet Institute of Skills


Learnet Skills Limited is one of the leading companies in vocational training. It was formed in 2011 looking at the increasing demand for skilled manpower.

The institute offers certified training in GST under the GST act. This program can be done by any commerce graduate, CA/CS/LAW, and accounting personnel.


The course includes the following features
Assignments, videos, quizzes, exercises, case studies, assessments, a mix of presentations that help you to strengthen your knowledge of GST. That also enables you to develop advanced skills in finance, accounting, taxation to become a competent professional in the financial sector.
You acquire practical skills in implementing GST procedures such as filing returns, input tax credit, TDS compliance, and get a thorough insight into the GST domain.


Course Highlights:

  • 15%-20% increase in salary.
  • Develop professional skills in taxation and accounting.
  • Become an authorized GST practitioner or can start your consultancy.
  • Exciting job opportunities.

The course comprises study material along with case studies, presentations, assignments, video recordings, and quizzes.


7. Henry Harvin Education


Henry Harvin has a vision is to reshape and restructure individuals’ growth by giving specialized training in the form of skill development and generating effective employment. So far, they have trained more than 3 lakh students with a global reach in more than 25 cities and 4 countries.


Key Highlights

  • 100% job assistance.
  • Ranked top GST courses in India.
  • Live projects with an internship.
  • Career services worth Rs. 4000.
  • 24/7 assistance and support.
  • Team of award-winning trainers.
  • Bootcamps and gold membership.
  • Get GST certified with henry Harvin govt of India recognized.
  • E-learning access with free tools and techniques.
  • Weekend classes.


Modules of henry Harvin GST Certification Course in Raipur

  • Module1-Value of supply export and import.
  • Module 2– Input tax credits, job work, registrations, and transitional provisions.
  • Module 3 – Invoice tax payments, accounts, records, returns, and refunds.
  • Module 4 -Litigation management, audit, and assessment, offenses and penalties, demands, and recoveries.
  • Complimentary Module 5 – Soft skills development.
  • Complimentary module 6 – Resume writing.


Why Choose Henry Harvin

  • Gain knowledge on recent amendments and challenges.
  • Doubt clearing on each topic covered.
  • Study material worth Rs.500 free of cost.
  • GST experts share real-time examples and case studies.
  • Aaj Tak, Hindustan Times, Pioneer, India Today, Business World, and Mail Today have all featured their recognized GST certification.

It is a highly recommendable GST certification course in Raipur since it offers online classroom facilities.


Now that we have scrolled through the top 7 GST certification courses in Raipur, let us also learn about a few frequently asked questions by GST aspirants.


GST IIM SKILLS Course Demo Invite Raipur


Frequently Asked Questions on GST Certification Courses in Raipur:


  • What is the salary of a GST practitioner?

There are many factors such as skillset and the kind of company one works for. However, the average salary of any GST practitioner ranges between INR 4.9 – 6.5 lakhs. As one gains experience in the field, the industry offers good money.


  • Is the GST practitioner exam tough?

Clearing the exam is not too hard but the candidate should be aware of the eligibility criteria, registration on the GST portal, and other conditions. If you have attended the course lectures and applied the skills then clearing certification is not tough.


  • Can the GST practitioner do a GST audit?

As per the GST Act, GST practitioner is not allowed to make audits. This power is only granted to chartered accounts or cost accountants in practice or an employee of CA firms.


  • Who is eligible for pursuing a GST practitioner course?

The test is open to any Indian citizen who has finished his graduation and is of sound mind. The applicant should not have served more than two years in jail as a convict.

Concluding thoughts on GST Certification Courses In Raipur 


GST has been implemented by the government to reduce the cascading effect of the tax and thus reduce the tax burden on taxpayers. There is a quick rise in this career option due to its high demand. Industries, business houses, entrepreneurs, and corporates want to hire the best resource for managing their taxes and accounting.

The aforementioned institutes have made a reputation for themselves as the first to provide GST certification courses in Raipur. Therefore, I hope that this article will benefit all the GST practitioner aspirants and others as well to make a sound choice.




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