Top 10 GST Certification Courses in Faridabad With Placements

In 2017, the Indian Government approved a new system for Goods and Services Tax, also known as GST. Replacing the old multi-stage tax system with a simple and unified GST system, results in a reduction of goods and services prices. It’s been more than 5 years since it was implicated, and the concept is still unknown among commoners. On the other hand, GST is compulsory for every business even if it’s a small one. So, to help you understand GST, we’ve listed the best sources offering GST certification courses in Faridabad. 


List of best GST certification courses in Faridabad


First, Let’s Get to Know About GST

Let’s get you a little into the GST domain, like what is it. GST or Goods and Services Tax is an improved version of the indirect tax model which has replaced the old taxation model. Resulting in reducing the prices of goods and services at the consumer level. Before GST, the old indirect tax model was used to collect taxes in the forms of:

  • VAT – Value Add Tax
  • CST – Central State Tax
  • Excise Duty
  • Cess
  • Purchase Tax
  • Luxury Tax
  • And many more…

Which created a cascading effect on the price of goods and services and the end consumer had to take care of all the taxes. With the GST method in play, all the state, and central Govt. taxes got merged into a single tax system. This helped in simplifying the overall tax structure and rid of the cascading effects of the old tax structure.


Types of GST

Under the ideology of one nation, one tax regime, there are four types of GST in India, described as follows:

SGST – State goods and services tax is a tax levied by the state government for intra-state or within-state transactions of tax-applicable goods and services. Before GST implication, the state government was collecting tax using VAT, Luxury Tax, Octroi, Purchase Tax, and so on.

UGST – Union goods and services tax is a tax levied by the Union Territories (Andaman and Nicobar, Delhi, Manipur, etc) government, for the transactions of tax-applicable goods and services in a single Union Territory. The Union Territory’s government keeps the collected tax.

CGST – Central goods and services tax is a tax levied by the central government on the intra-state or within-state transactions of tax-applicable goods and services. It’s levied along with SGST or UGST and in CGST the collected tax goes to the central government for the keeping.

IGST – Integrated goods and services tax is a tax levied by the central government on inter-state or between two-state transactions of tax-applicable goods and services. This GST type applies to both imports and exports. In IGST, the collected taxes are shared by both state and central governments. In IGST, the importing dealer can claim the ITC – Input Tax Credit from the government.


To learn more about these GST types, enroll in any of the institutes providing GST certification courses in Faridabad. Your assigned instructor will explain everything you need in detail.


10 Best Institutions Offering GST Certification Courses in Faridabad

So far, it’s clear that GST is a complex subject and it’s imperative that you choose the right source to study it. Many institutions are providing GST certification courses in Faridabad, nowadays, but the following institutions made their name on this list. And these are the best sources to get you started and help you make a career as a GST practitioner or an expert.



When it comes to job-ready skills development, IIM SKILLS has earned thousands of students’ trust. All the courses offered by IIM SKILLS are highly in demand among professionals from various industries. And the faculty has designed each of the courses to ensure that the trainees achieve their professional goals in a very short amount of time, without compromising their work life.

Among these courses, one course is specifically designed for individuals who want to become GST practitioners. The course itself not only covers theoretical knowledge but also provides practical experience to build up a solid base.

And not only that, the faculty ensures that you’ll get all the opportunities to land a job or freelance work to get started as a GST expert. This is why IIM SKILLS ranks at the top of the institutions offering GST certification courses in Faridabad.


Here’s What You’ll Learn in The GST Certification Course

  • Introduction to the GST concept and its influence on our economy
  • Structure and Substructure of GST
  • GST Registration Procedure in detail
  • Invoicing Rules and Regulations
  • GST Returns Filing
  • And so on…


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Course Duration: The course includes 16 hours of lectures with weekly practical assignments.

Enrollment Fee: The fee for the course is INR 2,900 + 18% GST and with that, you’ll also get lifetime access to the study materials.


Contact Information: 

Phone – +91 958 074 0740

Email –

Website –



One of the biggest names when it comes to GST certification courses in Faridabad is ICMAI, a government-accredited institution. Founded in 1944, the Institute of Cost Accountants of India has been enhancing the country’s business and economic ecosystem. 

ICMAI has designed many short financial courses to enable its students to make a career in the financial sector. One of these courses is the certificate course on GST, helping you understand the GST concept and preparing you for the GSTP exam. 


Here’s What You’ll Learn: 

  • Introduction to GST
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Refund of ITC
  • Records and Returns
  • And so on…


Course Duration: It’ll take 72 hours of online or offline lectures to complete the course.

Enrollment Fee: The course’s registration fee is INR 10,000 plus 18% GST.


Contact Information: 

Toll-Free – 1 800 345 0092

Email –

Website –

IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


NIIT is one of the oldest and leading skill-developing institutions in the world with footholds in more than 30 countries. NIIT has been training individuals and corporate employees for many years, that’s why it’s on this list of institutions offering GST certification courses in Faridabad.

The course NIIT offers on GST is completely for beginners to help them understand its implementation and how it has affected the whole taxation system in the country. Also, the course is designed in partnership with Tally, a leading accounting platform in India, so you’ll learn about Tally software too.


Here’s What You’ll Learn: 

  • Understanding the GST concept
  • Learn about Supply, Time of Supply, and its Value
  • Basics of Invoicing and Input Tax Credit Mechanism
  • Returns and Payments of Taxes
  • Accounts and Records
  • And so on…


Course Duration: It’s a 20 hours in-class course.

Enrollment fee: You must fill out the appointment form to get in touch with the counselor to know about the fee details.


Contact information: 

Phone – 1 800 300 06448

Email –

Website –



The National Institute of Financial Markets – NIFM, is one the top institutions in India offering education in the stock markets, accounting & taxes, and other financial markets. NIFM is a private institution providing skill development courses in both online and offline modules. 

The GST course NIFM offers is one of the best GST certification courses in Faridabad, as it offers 80% of practical training and 20% theoretical. The course is flexible, and anyone can join this course even if you’re a housewife or available only on weekends. Also, you’ll get 100% placement assistance from the faculty for a lifetime.


Here’s What You’ll Learn: 

  • Intro to GST
  • GST Structure
  • GST Invoicing
  • ITC and Payment in GST
  • GST Return Filing
  • And so on…


Course Duration: The course can be completed in 2 months with unlimited practical hours.

Enrollment Fee: The fee for this course is INR 25,000 + GST.


Contact Information: 

Phone – +91 981 812 5485

Email –

Website –


Also Check:



When it’s about making a great career, it’s important that you study from the best. DICS Computer Education institute is one of the accredited institutions by the Govt. of India and is situated in Delhi-NCR. This institute is fully focused on training students to develop skills to meet the current global standards and has been training its students for the past 25 years.

The Diploma in Financial Accounting is a complete study package to ensure your career in the accounting sector. It covers all the knowledge you’ll need later in your professional journey. The best part is that the certificate you’ll get will be accredited by the Govt. of India, that’s why this course is considered one of the best GST certificate courses in Faridabad.

The course is suitable for freshers who’ve done their 10+2 and looking for a career in the accounting sector.


Here’s what You’ll Learn: 

  • Basics of Computer
  • Basics of Accounting and e-Accounting
  • Advance Excel
  • Tally ERP with GST
  • Busy with GST
  • And so on…


Course Duration: This is a diploma, so it’ll take up to a year to make you an accounting expert.

Enrollment Fee: You must fill in the inquiry form to know about the enrolment fee.


Contact information: 

Phone – +91 931 304 4014 / +91 844 823 4605

Email –

Website –


6. Clear Tax

Clear Tax is a taxation solution for both income tax and GST payers. Almost every accountant uses this platform to file their client’s returns in simple ways. The Clear Tax team is also offering an online GST course led by experts. In this certification, you’ll be given both theoretical and practical knowledge to make you a GST expert.


Here’s what You’ll Learn: 

  • Basics of GST
  • New return system
  • Comparison between old tax and new GST filing process
  • Conversion from old tax to new GST filing system
  • Impacts of GST on our economy
  • And so on…


Course Duration: It’s an 8-hour online class with complete and detailed training.

Enrollment Fee: It costs INR 4,800 and you can get a 25% discount after applying the Earlybird offer code.


Contact Information: 

You must visit their website and fill in the required form to get in touch with them or you can initiate the live chat.


7. Tax Guru EDU

If you’ve been into taxation for some time, then you must have heard of Tax Guru, a platform for information, and news about taxes and related subjects. A source where you can download tools and forms to help yourself during tax-related operations. 

Tax Guru has introduced a new educational platform, focusing on educating people about taxation, accounts, audits, and many more. You’ll find an online self-learning course for GST, covering all the topics from basic to advance, which will help you become a GST practitioner. 


Here’s what You’ll Learn: 

  • Basic concepts of GST and its structure
  • GST rules and forms
  • Return filing process
  • Exemptions and Rates for GST
  • Conditions for taking ITC and its time limit
  • And so on…


Course Duration: The course can be covered in 2 months, but you’ll be given 3 months to complete it.

Enrollment Fee: The total fee for the course is INR 9,440, which includes the GST as well.


Contact Information: 

Phone – +91 889 911 7701

Email –

Website –

IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite

8. V Skills

V Skills is one of the largest private and online institutions, offering professional courses in India. This institution is focused on training its students and conducting certification exams to boost employability. The GST certification course that V Skills offers is to make you understand GST and its practical implementations.

After completing the course, you’ll be asked to take a test to evaluate the knowledge that you’ve gained during the classes. This is the best way to figure out whether you’re ready to take the GSTP exam or not.


Here’s What You’ll Learn: 

  • GST & Taxation basics
  • GST Registration
  • GST Payment
  • GST and its Law
  • IGST
  • And so on…


Course Duration: This course can take up to 28 hours to complete and for more information please visit the website.

Enrollment Fee: The cost of this course is INR 3,499 with lifetime access to the learning materials.


Contact Information: 

Phone – 011 473 447 23

Email –

Website –


9. Udemy

When it came to finding out the best GST certification courses in Faridabad, how can we leave Udemy off the list? Well, we all know about Udemy and how it’s helping millions of students around the globe. So, let’s just look at its course related to GST, instead of talking about Udemy.

Udemy offers a complete GST course for tax practitioners who’re good at the basics of accounting. Upon completing the course you’ll have complete knowledge of GST and you’ll become a GST expert in a matter of hours.

The course itself is designed by ClearTax, a taxation platform that’s helping over 1.5 million customers. So, it’s safe to assume that you’re studying under the wings of a taxation expert.


Here’s what You’ll Learn: 

  • Basics of GST
  • Composition Scheme
  • Input Tax Credit
  • GST Registration
  • Returns and Payments
  • And so on…


Course Duration: It’s pre-recorded 42 hours course that you can complete at your own pace.

Enrollment Fee: The course’s fee is 2,899 excluding GST, with lifetime access to the study content.


Contact Information:  For any inquiry and issue related to the course, you must visit the help center. 


10. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is a private institution offering education and consultancy services around the globe since 2013. This institution has introduced over 400+ training programs (upskilling & reskilling) to individuals and corporate employees till now. It’s one of the top private institutions in India, offering a variety of pro-level courses, which is why its name is listed in this list of top institutions offering GST certification courses in Faridabad.

The GST course this institution offers covers all GST rules and related topics, such as GSTR 3B, 1, 2A, provisions for e-invoicing, and so on. In the course, you’ll be taught to use more than 50 tools to practice GST effectively. 


Here’s What You’ll Learn: 

  • Learn in detail about supply or levy
  • Export & Import
  • GST Registrations
  • Input Tax Credit (ITC)
  • Account & Records, Invoicing, Payment, etc.
  • And so on…


Course Duration: This course includes 30 hours of online interactive classes by experts.

Enrollment Fee: The enrolment fee for the course is INR 12,500 and monthly EMI plans are also available.


Contact Information: 

Phone – +91 989 195 3953

Website –


This is it! With this list of courses, you can select any institution which fulfills your requirements. And once, you’ve completed the course, you can become a GST expert, or even better, you can apply for the GST practitioner exam to become a certified GST expert.


FAQs About GST Certification Courses in Faridabad


Q1. Who’s a GST practitioner?

A GST practitioner is a tax Professional, whose job is to file a return and perform other related activities based on information shared by the taxpayer. To become a GST practitioner, you must enroll in the GSTP exam conducted by NACIN. The fee for the GST practitioner exam is INR 500 and after completing the payment successfully, you’ll be redirected to your dashboard where you can download your admit card. To get ready for the GST practitioner exam, you should enroll first in any of the above-listed institutes offering GST certification courses in Faridabad to understand the whole GST subject.


Q2. Is a GST practitioner a good choice as a career?

If you’re an accountant or working in the taxation field, then you must know about GST (Goods and service tax). Today, every business owner needs to apply for a GSTN to run their businesses smoothly in India. To deal with GST-related operations many businesses hire a GST practitioner to file returns, make payments, claim refunds, and other related matters. Apart from these GST-related operations, you can perform other jobs, related to accounts and taxes for your clients.

If you become a GST practitioner then it’ll help you market yourself that you’re certified by Govt. of India to practice GST-related matters. As a result, you’ll have more clientele and you don’t have to have any higher qualifications as a Chartered Accountant. So, being a certified GST practitioner is a good idea if you wish to make a great living in the industry with low effort.


Q3. What’re the requirements to become a GST practitioner?

The followings are the requirements to become a GST practitioner:

  • You must be an Indian citizen
  • You must have a valid PAN, email address, and mobile number
  • You must not be convicted for any crimes with imprisonment for 2 or more years
  • You must be of sound mind
  • You must have at least graduated in the commerce field or related subjects
  • And so on…

For more details about the requirements, you can check any of the GST certification courses in Faridabad, listed above.


Q4. What’s the average income of a GST practitioner?

On average a GST practitioner can make up to 2.4 lakhs a year, but as your experience grows your salary will grow too. It’s to be noted that a GST practitioner can’t decide his/her pricing, all pricing-related matters are handled by the GST council. But as a GST practitioner, you’re not limited to filing GST returns, you can also provide other accounting and tax-related services to your clients. Depending on the services you offer you can make a good amount of money at the end of the month.


Q5. How to become a certified GST practitioner?

To become a certified GST practitioner, you must clear the GSTP exam first, conducted by NACIN, twice a year. The information about the exam can be found on the official NACIN website. Also, after you’ve enrolled in any of the institutions listed above that are offering GST certification courses in Faridabad, then the faculty will notify you of the exam. So, you just need to stay focused on your studies, and the rest you can leave to the faculty.



Being a GST practitioner means you can help people or businesses with their GST-related matters. But to become one, you’ll need to understand all the concepts of GST and its implications. Fortunately, all the above-listed institutions offering GST certification courses in Faridabad cover everything you need to clear the GSTP exams. So, all you need is the select any of the institutes and enroll in the course to get started.

Before you enroll in the GST courses, it is highly advisable to do a lot of research and then register with the institutes. It is very important that you choose the right institute that will offer you the best support and training. There will be many institutes that will promise the best guidance and training but very few are worth your money and time invested. Wish you all the best. 

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