Top 7 Content Writing Courses in Dubai With Placements

Are You Also Seeking Content Writing Courses in Dubai So That You Can Pursue A Profession In This Field? If that’s the case, then you have landed at the rightest of the place. Dubai is known for being one of the most expensive and fastest-growing cities in the world. With a gaze skyline that includes the world’s tallest structure, the Burj Khalifa, Dubai’s commercial growth has been accelerating at a rapid pace. In reality, Dubai has attracted the majority of the world’s leading corporations.


Content Writing Courses in Dubai


To excel and grab the multitudes of opportunities in Dubai, signing up with content writing courses in Dubai with experienced trainers is highly recommended.


Dubai has a thriving Digi market and the practice of content writing is becoming increasingly popular in Dubai. As a result, there will be great demand for specialists in content writing in Dubai in the future.



We all know that the literal meaning of content denotes “a state of satisfaction” and usually we think that content is anything that we see, read, or write. Certainly, content can take the shape of images, videos, or written words, but in a broader sense, content is a full overview of what is contained within the body of the work, within the body of your writing piece.


And, it says all!


A good content write-up helps in maintaining a strong presence in the market. Like many professionals, you must be thinking what is it all about and where to start?


What is Content Writing?


Content writing is the ability to present knowledge primarily via words and share it across several platforms. In the past, information was distributed through newspapers or tiny platforms; however, in the current digital transformation, content is distributed through a variety of networks, such as Google, emails, social media, and even motion movies.


In simple words, content writing is a straightforward procedure of writing about the topic we wish to discuss with our target audience. It refers to stylized, qualitative, and factual writing created for an audience to fulfill specific marketing objectives.


Writing and publicizing content for the web has gained momentum in the last few years in Dubai and hence, the process of planning, writing, and editing web content, typically for digital marketing goals, is known as, content writing.


Taking the correct direction in content writing courses in Dubai might lead to fantastic opportunities. One common misconception about the term content writing is that it is synonymous with article writing, but in reality, it entails not only writing for blog posts, but also writing for video and podcast scripts, social media posts, and other various forms of marketing writing.


It is regarded as good content writing when our polished content touches a chord with our target audience. Trust me, there is no such thing as good or terrible content; it’s simply a game of delivering accurate, relevant, and conventional information to assist our readers in becoming customers.


The Question Now Is, Why Is It So Crucial?


Just in light of the fact that content composing is an ensured way for organizations to build their image and notoriety. Colors, logos, and website designs are important, but they are not the heart of a brand. The heart of a brand is defined by its meaning and interpretation. The best way to accomplish this is, through the use of words.


There are several content writing courses in Dubai, and it can be difficult to decide which one to take because they all claim to be the finest and appear to be equally appealing.


Before we go into the list of courses, let’s go over the fundamentals of content writing so you can determine whether or not the schools listed below cover the foundations.


Basic Requirements Of Content Writing :


The framework you follow, as well as the checks and balances you adhere to when writing, are two equally crucial aspects of writing. So, here are some basic skillsets that any successful content writer should possess and continue to develop throughout their career.


➩ Great understanding of SEO (search engine optimization)

➩ Art of proofreading and editing

➩ Ability to craft the content in a style that connects your audience emotionally

➩ Knowledge of keywords and the right usage

➩ Knowledge of some specific tools to help writing great content

➩ Knowing key writing practices

➩ Knowledge of social media tips and tricks

➩ Basics of research tools



Why Should You Enroll In A Content Writing Course In Dubai?


Dubai is a booming market where digital presence is taking center stage, with every customer desiring digital growth, which will be provided mostly through content creation.


People seek out qualified content writers that have completed professional training at one of the many renowned content writing programs.


With readers from all over the world flocking to the internet, a corporation cannot afford to scrimp on the quality of its content. As a result, content writing is one of the most important skills you’ll need to distinguish your brand’s growth, and it can be learned through one of the many reputable content writing courses in Dubai.


This article will introduce you to a handful of these institutions that provide content writing courses. To make things easier, segregation has been broken down into four basic categories:


✬ The course platform’s highlight

✬ Course’s key elements

✬ The many types of content you’ll encounter

✬ Takeaways to Remember


Let’s get started!


Course Platform Course* Duration* Course Fee (Approx in AED)
IIM Skills Content Writing Master Course 16 hours 622 AED
Edoxi Content writing course in Dubai 42 hours Customized
Skills Upgrader Content writing master Course 16 hours 381
Udemy The four levels of writing mastery 7 hours 41.47
Coursera Creative writing certification course by Wesleyan Self-paced Free enrollment + financial aid
Master Class Creative writing by Margaret Atwood 100+ classes 716
Harappa Writing Proficiently 4.5 hours 20

*Subject to change as per respective institute’s/website policy


1. IIM Skills :


With its headquarters in New Delhi, India, IIM Skills is one of the major online education service providers. Their achievement talks about training 15000+ personnel across 35+ countries and hence, the content writing courses in Dubai offered by IIM Skills are the best. They offer the best content writing courses in India along with offering content in other countries as well. 


Highlights :


  • Expert faculty with over 12+ years of industry experience
  • Skill-based courses
  • Affordable pricing
  • Small batch size for personal attention to every participant
  • Virtual Classroom session
  • Self-paced learning
  • Provides post-training support
  • Lifetime access to the LMS
  • Placement assistance
  • Assistance in portfolio creation


Key Features Of The Course :


  • 4 weeks of live online classroom training
  • 3 months internship
  • Participants will be working on setting up word press account, installation, and usage of plugins
  • Hands-on assignment including website creation, buying a domain, web hosting, etc
  • Review and feedback of assignments every week
  • Advanced blogging instruction


Content Types You Will Discover :


Article writing

Blog writing

E-book writing

Ads copywriting

Business listing

Academic writing

Press release

Business writing

Video script

Product description

Web pages



Social media post

Digital Infographics


Learning Takeaways :


You will be able to develop SEO content writing skills

Build pro skills in your niche

Acquaintance with the tools like UberSuggest, keyword planner, plagiarism detector, SEO tools, etc

Practical training will boost up your confidence

Access to tools worth INR 35000 to get real-time hands-on experience


IIM Skills offers global certifications to their students, such as the Hubspot and they own an internationally recognized content writing master course certificate.


IIM Skills Brand Partners 


Reviews and Testimonials


To know more about one of the greatest content writing courses in Dubai visit – IIM Skills Online Content Writing Course


Course Fee – AED 622 approximately

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Other courses at IIM SKILLS

Technical Writing Course

CAT Coaching

Digital Marketing Course

GST Course

SEO Course


2. Edoxi


Edoxi training center offers content writing courses in Dubai for those working in various corporate areas and dealing with clients. They help you to improve your writing skills and concentrate on delivering the writing through a unique learning approach that is more acceptable in the respective domain.


Edoxi training institute is considered to be offering one of the finest content writing training.


Highlights :


Executive training guidance in the Middle East

Time Training Center, a sister company, has been a leader in the education and training business for over 27 years

Tailored and high-quality learning by professional trainers

Hundreds of on-demand courses are available at the institute

Both offline and online training services

Affordable pricing plans

Weekdays & weekend classes

Earn certificate on course completion


Key Features:


Customized teaching method

Updated and creative writing methods

Flexible learning with affordable fees

Efficient approaches for writing taught for the targeted audience

Uses a few metrics to evaluate your progress


Content Types You Will Discover :


Business writing skills

Business email etiquette and general etiquette writing

Content writing for clientele


Learning Takeaways :


How to address the audience’s needs

Responding and organizing messages

You will gain a better grasp of your clients’ needs and will be able to deliver accordingly

You will be able to expand your vocabulary in order to communicate more effectively


If this interests you, you may visit Edoxi for more details.


You can also read our article on IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course Review 


3. Skills Upgrader


Skills Upgrader is the leader of a Dubai-based training institution that offers content writing courses in Dubai. Through their on-demand training packages, they promote personal development and job advancement. This content writing course in Dubai will make you a competent writer by making you learn how to adopt brilliant strategies and blend them to produce a high-standard piece of content.


Highlights :


70+ Hrs of practical assignments

Instant content writing certification

Portfolio development and lifetime support

Student-oriented approach

Faculty with extensive experience


Key Features:


SEO tool description

Website creation and hosting

Relation between content marketing & UI/UX

Lead generation

Keyword research

Dedicated placement support

Instant content writing certification

International certification is also available

Rs 40K worth tools internship


Content Types You Will Discover :


Blog writing

Social media writing

Professional & technical writing

Digital writing

Graphic design skills

Email campaigns


News writing


Academic writing


Learning Takeaways :


Learn how to manage social media marketing for your clients with their handy tips

Writing professional content as per the industry standards

Ability to use technological expertise to establish simple websites and personal blogs

Figure out what kind of material works best on each social media network


You may check Skills Upgrader’s website, which will take you through the learning process of content writer & marketer. The course will ride you through a journey with real-life examples and comprehensive assignments.


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4. Udemy


This is one of the amazing, content writing courses in Dubai that enables you to turn out to be a skilled creator through teaching you the fundamentals and superior strategies of content material writing. Udemy is a platform of mastering which connects humans from everywhere in the globe to first-class teachers and remodel lives.


Highlights :


Rated 4.4 out of 5-star rating

10 downloadable resources

Full lifetime access

Access on mobile and TV

Certificate of completion

Affordable pricing


Key Features:


7 hours on-demand video

User-friendly interface

International guest lecture (exceptions)

SEO description

4 ingredient focussed approach learning (simplicity, clarity, elegance, evocativeness)


Content Types You Will Discover :


Blog writing

Book writing

Business writing


Editorial writing


Learning Takeaways :


Introduction to a range of exquisite writing tricks and tactics

Proper understanding of this “secret sauce” (4 basic ingredients listed above)

Infusion of power and beauty into the soul of your writing

Ability to write with punchiness, precision, poise, and style


Mr. Shani Raja, the editor for some of the world’s most esteemed news organizations, like The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Financial Times, and Bloomberg News, can be found on  Udemy. He also teaches top journalists how to improve their writing.


IIM SKILLS offers one of the finest Digital Marketing Courses in Dubai replete with live projects and soft skills training. 


5. Coursera


This is regarded as one of the top content writing courses in Dubai since it prepares you to succeed in three areas of content writing: short story, memoir, and long-form content. Coursera companions with greater than two hundred main universities and businesses to convey flexible, affordable, job-applicable online studying to people and agencies worldwide.


Highlights :


Pause and re-start your learning and subscription at any time

Tracking of your course is available on the learner dashboard

Every specialization includes a hands-on project

Certificate on completion of a project

Course is taught by esteemed authors and professors who have published over a dozen novels

Financial aid


Key Features Of The Course :


Self-paced learning option

Course videos & readings

Practice quizzes

Graded assignments with peer feedback

Graded quizzes with feedback

Graded programming assignments


Content Types You Will Discover :


Story writing

Fiction writing


Copy editing


Learning Takeaways :


You will learn the skills that great authors employ to craft a gripping story

Analyze and constructively evaluate peer writing

Able to develop inner and outer lives of the character

Learn the art of describing the physical world in sharp, sensory detail

Craft of style


Even if you’re a working professional, Coursera’s course will teach you how to stay up with a regular learning pace.


6. Master Class


Margaret Atwood, one of the world’s best writers, produced this course. You can learn how to arrange your content writing, create a compelling tale plot, and many other things. Master Class is a video-on-demand platform that allows anyone to view or listen to hundreds of video lessons delivered by more than 100 of the world’s greatest teachers.


Highlights :


Rated 4.8 out of 5

New classes are added every month

World-class online learning experience

Coaching through personal experience


Key Features:


All 100+ classes and categories

Downloadable instructor guides for every class

Any video platform can be used for attending the session

Case studies


Content Types You Will Discover :


Story writing

Book/Novel writing (fiction)


Learning Takeaways :


Gain confidence in your ability to create outstanding material by stretching your creativity

Tactics to cover your fear of writing

Learn multi-layered narrative

Art of creating a compelling character

Crafting dialogue

Getting into the business of being a writer


Master Class commands an unforgettable experience of learning from some world-renowned writers who share their journey and motivate the newbies. A true inspirational class altogether.


7. Harappa


Academic research, expert advice, and behavioral science are all part of their strategy. The ability to develop an important combination of cognitive, social, and behavioral skills is used in their learning experience. This online writing course will teach you how to organize your thoughts, improve your writing style, and write in a clear, simple, and engaging way.


Highlights :


Unlimited 12-month access

Assured certification

Live learning support

Self-paced learning

Industry experienced instructors


Key Features Of The Course :


In-class practice exercise

Special institute highlight/advice/tips and tricks (Harappa highlights)

Polish your writing style

Proofread and edit draft


Content Types You Will Discover :


Business writing

Email writing

Business report writing

Article writing


Learning Takeaways :


Storytelling model with four stages: Situation, Complication, Question, and Resolution

Sample for presenting key points of a message with supporting evidence

To improve clarity, employ the goal, recipient, and tone method

Technique to present summarization effectively


Harappa will help you learn practical ideas like the Pyramid Principle and the GRT Framework to write in a clear, concise, and compelling manner.


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Frequently Asked Questions :


  1. How many different kinds of content creation are there?

There are many numerous varieties of content writing, such as –


  • SEO content writing
  • Technical writing
  • Communication writing
  • Editorial writing
  • Research and Report writing
  • Business writing
  • Press Release writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Copywriting etc.


  1. How can I develop my skills as a content writer in Dubai?

It’s a myth that content writing doesn’t require special effort. Writing content material is an ability found out, perfected, and advanced over time. The world is getting digital globally and Dubai is no left segment, hence, the scope of content writers is increasing.

Illustrious writers spend much of their time discovering and becoming familiar with their customers’ merchandise and growing a work portfolio that incorporates numerous styles and voices. To excel and develop your skill as a content writer, it will be better to enroll in any of the good content writing courses in Dubai (both online and offline is preferable).


  1. Which are the 3 best affordable content writing courses in Dubai?

IIM Skills, Coursera, and Udemy are considered to be the 3 finest and most affordable content writing courses in Dubai. However, Edoxi’s course module is one of the best, but the pricing structure will need to be thoroughly researched.


  1. Are these certificate courses recognized and valued by workplaces?

Content writing is a skill that needs to be refined properly to get valued and appropriate attention. Any institute may guide you with the tips and tricks to be used while writing any content, however, the thought process and indefinite writing lie with you.

In terms of workplaces, recruiting content writers, they value a suitable certification course because it establishes trust.


Final Words on top Content Writing Courses in Dubai


In particular, in 2020, content production is already a cornerstone of digital marketing and search engine optimization.


If you have a content writing certification, it will assist your client, gain confidence. Holding a credential in content writing opens the door to full-time or part-time employment in the content writing industry.


You will surely gain from your content creation efforts if you use your own distinct, identifiable voice, tone, and style across all of your platforms while generating material.


If you’re serious about turning your passion for content writing into a career, you’ll need to enroll in an advanced content writing school and master the content writer skills required to become a good content writer in Dubai.


That’s all for the well-researched listing of schooling institutes that offer a number of nice content writing courses. Before making a decision, carefully examine the important characteristics of each institute.




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