Top 6 Content Writing Courses in Kota With Placements

Are you from Kota, or are you here to prepare for one of those big exams and are looking for ways to make your leisure time hobby of writing into a hobby that pays?  Yes, we’re talking about content writing as a freelancer or even making a full-time career out of it. Don’t worry! This article about content writing courses in Kota got you covered. 


Top Content Writing Courses In Kota



Here’s all you need to know about content writing inside out and some content writing courses in Kota that would help you go a long way in this small city that gives you big dreams.


When you’re not from the metros or those big cities, you might miss out on the opportunities just because of your locational barriers. Lack of awareness about all those new pathways to make a career out of might keep you from everything this fast pace growing globe has to offer. 


For instance, if talking locally, Kota for decades has been the trade center of metal handicrafts and as is nationally famous for its stones, for all this time, all of this could only be accessible for the one who knew about proper channels or to someone who could visit that place. 


After the internet came in, the world opened up to possibilities no one could foresee; content writing has been an outcome of one such possibility through right audience targeting and appropriately managed content in forms that could reach masses. Kota can be looked upon as an opportunity like never before, but there is still a lot to discover about what all comes under the umbrella of content writing.


Writing has been a hobby for many, but the journey from writing journals and filling in diary pages to writing for brands can be quite a journey. Here in this article, we’ll try to give you a fair idea of how to make this journey comfortable and roll over those rocks that might come your way. Let’s start by understanding what content writing is all about.



To Begin with, Let’s Try to Understand the Meaning of Content: –


Content has no definition per se, every information around us on the internet, whether in the form of audio or visual, or even sensory nowadays to reach an audience, to make them aware, and be the right answer to their search. 


Content in all forms can be summed up to be defined as the medium of communication used by internet users and people who have something to offer through the internet. Content is everything and all the data used by the writer- be it persuasive or informative to get to the right audience. 


From ad hoardings and pamphlets of paper to emailers, infographics to brochures- whether printed or in a soft copy form- everything is content and, in every example, given above, the written part of it is informatically persuasive. Content isn’t just a written piece of article, content is a purposeful document, and the purpose can be anything.


For example, if someone brings up their content in the form of blogs where they want to talk about a certain topic or certain issue, the current topic of which needs to be talked about. The content is supposed to be informative with the mere purpose of making people acquainted with what the blogger has to talk about. 


 When the content is in the form of an emailer or an infographic, the major purpose is to persuade a targeted group of people to come up and check what that product or service talked about in the emailer or infographic has to offer.


Content is all that you see on your internet from every Google search that you make to everything you put up online, for instance, you’ve got an Instagram account with some accounted number of followers, and let’s say you put your curated song playlists you’ve made, suited to various moods. Even that is content as it reaches a certain number of people and can be used as a medium of entertainment for some.


The above example is enough to show how wide-ranged content can be while having the most simplistic view if taken as content = information. But, as simple or as complicated content sounds, content writing involves together with a whole list of things to be followed when it comes to content writing.


Writing for the Internet: –


 No, writing doesn’t need a degree; it might need some skills though. (Relief to all those who aren’t literature graduates). Many of us tend to believe that if we haven’t studied language and don’t have a degree proving that we have mastered the art of writing, we probably won’t be able to write for the internet. 


That’s not true, writing may need some basic skills like having a decent vocabulary and command over language that you want to write in, but that doesn’t necessarily involve being familiar with the nuances of it. 


Writing is an art and we all know that, but writing involves a lot more than just inherent or learned art. Writing involves planning your data and organizing it in a form that is most comprehensible to this audience and gets the eyes of the audience hooked. 


Writing isn’t restricted to fiction and fantasy anymore, writing isn’t just related to providing news from far. Writing has got to become more opinionated now; it has become a method of expression for many, and expressions and opinions don’t need to be nuanced, they need to be raw and persuasive and palpable. 


When it comes to writing specifically for the internet it is more often than not related to marketing product/ service or promoting a business or a blog. Writing such content deals with various demands that you need to learn before starting. 


If you’re someone from Kota, or you’re living here for your studies, you might want to know about content writing courses in Kota. Content writers make the information comprehendible to the right audience targeted for the product or service. 


In this era, in which knowledge about anything and everything is a click away, where and who do you think comes up with such specialized, finely curated data? 


Content writers generally write for products and brands either of their own or someone else in form of blogs, articles, social media posts, etc., using their creative writing skills and planned content formatting for let’s say a general and common purpose of marketing a product or service.


Types of Content Writing


As explained earlier, the content comprises of everything up there on the internet, but when it comes to understanding what all comes under content writing that needs some skill learning


Content Writing can be Broadly Divided into 6 Types: –

  • Blogging/ article writing
  • News report writing
  • Creative writing
  • SEO writing
  • Copywriting
  • Business writing
  • Press release
  • Skills to learn for content writing
  • Keyword optimization
  • SEO optimization
  • Website development
  • Integrating web hosting and domain name
  • UI/UX interface
  • Social media tools usage


The above points consolidate only the tip of the iceberg; content writing is a lot more than learning what all is to be done. It is more about practicing what all is taught and growing with it.


Top Content Writing Courses in Kota


1. IIM Skills


With 16+ hours of live lectures divided into four weeks and the batches scheduled on weekends, this course becomes the best-suited choice for both students and working professionals. The content writing course from IIM Skills comes with HubSpot accreditation making this course one of India’s very few internationally acclaimed courses. 


This course becomes unique because of its 3 months guaranteed internship program through the completion of which students enrolled to get a lot of exposure because of the IIM Skills program module and its association with big media houses such as Times of India. 


The most intriguing part about this course is their support system. Not only IIM Skills helps you get the best placement assistance that there is, but the CWMC course also comes with its unique family building atmosphere, of which, if you become a part of once, you can access your course for a lifetime and one can even reach out to them, for career-related assistance, even after the completion of course and internship.


What You Learn at IIM Skills: –


Some of the Key Features of IIM Skills CWMC are: –  

  • 3 months guaranteed internship
  • Launch your content writing agency
  • Lifetime support (consulting and technical)
  • Portfolio development for job and freelance
  • Publish your first Ebook on kindle, google books
  • Write the first blog for platforms like times of India
  • Get a chance to publish your 1st PR in online news


Mode of Learning: – Online


Brand Partners





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The Curriculum

The entire course is divided into 4 months, the initial one month is completely dedicated to making students learn a total of 25 types of writing in 4 weeks with the task given at the end of every session and feedback based on the task submitted followed by certification at the end of one month. This course also includes 100% internship to all the enrolled students, which is optional.


  • Web Development
  • Introduction to Content Writing
  • Content Keyword Research
  • Start Writing Content
  • Content Writing Tools
  • Duplicate content Detector
  • Content distribution using Email
  • Google local pages setup
  • Content marketing using social media
  • Exploring social media tools
  • Freelance content writing
  • UI/UX interface


 Why Choose IIM Skills from All the Content Writing Courses in Kota: –

IIM SKILLS fits best to your needs if you are someone who is searching for content writing courses in Kota as it is online in its mode of teaching and comes with international accreditation and its class module makes it students and professionally friendly. Their refund policy makes them genuinely trustworthy.


Fees of CWMC by IIM Skills: – 14900 + 18% GST 


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Other courses conducted by IIM SKILLS

Technical Writing Course

CAT Coaching

Digital Marketing Course

GST Course

SEO Course


2. ECT 


ECT is the only online content writing course program that is recognized by the government of India. It is a fully owned brand by Digital Impulse Online Private Limited making it a nationally acclaimed trustworthy content writing course. Moreover, ECT gets you the best internship opportunity accompanied by dedicated placement support.  


What All Comes with Content Writing Course from ECT: – 

  • 3 Months Course
  • 32 Hours of online Training and 50 Hours of eLearning 
  • 7 Assignments
  • 5 Live Projects
  • 10 Quizzes
  • 1 Certification
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Work from Home Job Opportunities
  • Lifetime Support


Other Courses from ECT: 

  • Content Writing Course
  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Communication Skills and Personality Development Course


Class Module

  •  Introduction to Content Writing
  •  How to enhance your Vocabulary
  •  How to avoid common grammatical errors
  • Get to know about all the writing tools and techniques
  •  Upgrade your Non-fiction Writing Skills
  •  Diving into the art of fictional story-telling
  • Master Business Writing Skills
  •  Learn Technical Writing
  •  Gear up your Academic Writing Skills
  •  Learn to Write content as a part of piece writing
  •  Master Content Marketing
  • Monetize Your Writing Skills
  •  Publish Your Book


Why Choose ECT as a Content Writing Course from Kota: – 


ECT holds more national value when it comes to choosing content writing courses from Kota if you’re someone who wants a government certification to choose amongst all the content writing courses in Kota.


Contact Details: 

Mobile: +91-7827916060





3. Henry Harvin


Recognized as one of India’s top 5 content writing courses by India Today it claims its authenticity by being acclaimed by the American Association of EFL, Content Writing Association of India, UK certification UKAF, and MSME.


Content Writing Course by Henry Harvin Comes as a 9 in 1 Program that Includes: –

  • Training
  • Live projects
  • Guaranteed internship
  • Certification
  •  100% guaranteed placements assistance
  • E-learning
  • 12 monthly Bootcamp
  • Hackathon 

Gold membership

The module of this course is mobile friendly too, one can access the modules easily from their mobile phones without missing out on features, and it also comes with a feature of online unlimited batches.


If you sign up for the course once, you get to learn 30+ types of content writing for the internet from the best mentors and revise and review them and learn it all over again from different teachers, whenever you want.


Henry Harvin Comes with 1-Year Gold Membership and its Features are listed below: – 

  • E-Learning Access
  •  Bootcamps for 1-year worth Rs 6,000 for free
  •  Bag a guaranteed internship with Henry Harvin 
  •  Get notifications for the job that fit your skills the best
  •  Get access to the Module of Soft Skill Development program

Course Module:

  • Module 1: Language Skills
  • Module 2: Internet Skills
  • Module 3: Business & Marketing Writing
  • Module 4: Content Strategy
  • Module 5: Technical & Research Writing
  • Module 6: Academic Writing
  • Module 7: Creative Writing
  • Module 8: Copywriting
  • Module 9: Email Writing
  • Module 10: Earn Online
  • Module 11: Simulated Content Writing Projects
  • Complimentary Module 1: Soft Skills Development
  • Complimentary Module 2: Resume Writing 


Other Courses by Henry Harvin: –

  • Post Graduate Program in Medical Writing
  • Post Graduate Program in Instructional Design
  • Content Writing Course
  • Creative Writing Course
  • Copywriting Course
  • Technical Writing Course
  • Medical Writing Course
  • Research Writing Course
  • Instructional Design Course
  • Adobe Captivate Course
  • Articulate Storyline 360 Course
  • Art of Negotiation Course
  • Madcap Flare Course
  • Master Creative Writing Course


Why Henry Harvin is one of the Best Choices:

When looking for content writing courses, Henry Harvin can fit your needs well, as it comes with an online module and introduces you to more than 30 + types of writing for the internet, while giving you India’s best mentors. 


Henry Harvin comes with wide known recognition and this might help you get a better shot at freelancing and placement opportunities. This course gives you the liberty to attend the classes from whenever and wherever and in case you miss the class, you always have their recorded sessions to fall back on, making them one of the most reliable content writing courses in Kota.


Course Duration: 36 hours of online training

Fee: ₹ 15,000 including GST

Contact henry Harvin: +91 90 152 66266   



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The list given above gives you the available online content writing courses that are dedicated to getting you exposure by giving you internships and placement assistance.


But if you are someone who just wants to get an insight about content writing and allow you to discover what content writing is, and also give you certification for the same, here are the options that you can consider.


4. Skillshare 


Become a Better Blogger: Content Planning


Skillshare is an online program that gives you the option to either learn for free or go premium and get access to the additional features of the program.


 Skillshare comes with a wide variety of courses that you can look up to. If you want to explore content writing courses in Kota, you might want to check this one out. Their courses are of short duration making it time friendly for those who want to learn content writing for a short period.


5. Coursera


This is another platform to become a certified content writer and learn technical writing and that too for free. Coursera is known for its various online certifications that you can get by fulfilling the demands of the course. If you want to explore content writing in Kota and get an acclaimed certificate for it, this course suits your demands.


Course Highlights: 

Graded Assignments and Quizzes with Peer Feedback

Shareable Certificate

Earn a certification by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology


Mode: Online

Time Taken: 19 hours 

Coursera is yet another option for those who are looking for content writing courses in Kota.




6. Udemy 


Udemy is an online platform providing authentic certification at minimal prices while giving you an insight into whatever course you end up getting enrolled into within a stipulated amount of time. 


At Udemy, you get a wide variety of options from which you can choose what you want to learn about content writing, and they all come with different fee structures.


Course Insights 

Get unlimited access to the course content

Get a Certificate from Udemy on successful course completion

14 downloadable resources +32 articles

Compatible on Mobile and TV


 With Udemy, you can choose better what type of content writing courses in Kota are you looking for, as it bifurcates content writing in various forms and steps, which helps you get better clarity in what aspect of content writing you need to pay more attention to.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. What are the other options for content writing courses in Kota? 


Content writing courses can be accessed both online and offline- if you are someone interested in finding more options about content writing. IIM Skills is the best option for doing a content writing course. 


  1. What is the best institute offering content writing courses in Kota?

IIM Skills is considered the best institute that offers content writing courses that focus on relevant subject knowledge.


  1. Is the content writing course worth it?

Yes, a content writing course is worth the price as it equips you with the nitty-gritty of the content industry, plus the certificates add up to your badges.




Content writing is a field that is blooming in the world of the internet now and will keep growing in the future. Content writing is all about understanding what it includes, exploring, and finding out what are the opportunities available to show your creativity in the best way possible. We hope this article gave you an idea about what content writing is and help you get an insight into the content writing courses in Kota.


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