Top 5 Content Writing Courses in Chandigarh With Placements

If you are a resident of Chandigarh and looking out for content writing courses, then you have landed in the right place. This article lists the best choices for content writing courses in Chandigarh.  


Top Content Writing Courses in Chandigarh


Being an organized and well-maintained city, Chandigarh is developing exponentially concerning work opportunities. With the scope of content writing increasing each day, there are various content writing courses in Chandigarh out of which we have handpicked the best for you.



What is Content Writing?


In ancient days, when people didn’t have papers or pens, they used rocks for carving their writings and drawings. Later, after the discovery of paper, they started using it. Likewise, even now, we have the practice of writing. But the platform is different and evolving with time. There was a time when people never visited the loo without newspapers.


They complete the whole thing (the reading, of course) and then step out. And even small children wait for their cute diagrams to get published in Young World. Nowadays, people aren’t waiting for the newspapers or the news channel to convey the news. Just scrolling the thumb finger on any of the social media platforms is having us more updated.


As time is changing, many have switched to mobile phones and laptops ever since its invention. Google became our guru. Whatever doubt arises, we ask the search engine, and it provides us with all the necessary details with just one click. So, the internet is the trend. Everything is available online.


With the internet being on fire, we, as writers, are bound to adapt to the changing environment by keeping ourselves updated and active. Digitally active writers have more reachability. Hence, equal importance should be given to content creation as well as content marketing.


A proper well-structured content writing course in Chandigarh or anywhere near your hometown can help you out by providing the best of both. The main advantage in content writing is, the recruiters are ready to hire, even if you don’t have a relevant degree in writing or communication.


All they expect is creativity and good communication skills. If you are ready to offer them, you get your offer letter. This is not the only reason why people choose content writing.

  • Content writing itself transformed so much that it has a great demand in the market.
  • Content writing helps you to build your profile as a freelance writer or you can even stick to a company.
  • Content writing is a great career option for a passive income too. You can work and also have a part-time job as a content writer or a blogger.
  • It is a great practice to pen down all the thoughts you have in your mind. It takes out all the frustration and pressure that has been holding onto your mind for so long.
  • You have an excellent chance to boost your vocabulary thereby having a continual learning curve.
  • The right hemisphere of the brain will improve its functionality thereby increasing the potential of your creativity.


Joining a reputed institute for a content writing course in Chandigarh or other areas also matters as they can help you with more ideas and tools that can be used for a better experience.


Find out all about niches and the benefits of content writing courses in the latter part of the article.


Different Content Writing Courses in Chandigarh:


Being a garden city, Chandigarh is a peaceful place to start your career as a content writer. With a lesser population there you are having many perks of lesser pollution and lesser traffic. With a growing IT sector, Chandigarh is evolving significantly. Therefore, you can have a wide range of options for content writing courses in Chandigarh.


Many institutions all over India are offering the best courses in content writing. Among them, a few of the top courses are mentioned here.


  1. IIM Skills Content Writing Master Course
  2. Techedo Content Writing Course
  3. WebHopers Academy
  4. Chandigarh Institute of Digital Marketing
  5. Udemy


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is an online institution that offers great content writing courses in Chandigarh and various other regions. IIM Skills has a lot more added benefits than others. Hence it is one of the best online content writing courses in Chandigarh one could take up. They provide the best lectures with lifetime access to their study materials. They have one of the best content writing courses In India and offer training in varied professional courses. 


Key Factors:

  • free demo class.
  • They have a renowned HubSpot certification.
  • Best Placement Opportunities.
  • Their valuable support during the assignments and give reasonable and honest feedback on how you deliver your content in assignments.
  • They have a one-month course in which the topics are covered.
  • They have a three-month internship in which they explain the concepts clearly with hands-on experience.
  • They have industry specialists who handle the class and they have a very close monitor on how the content is written to help the students move out with flying colors.
  • It has many positive reviews making it one of the best content writing courses in Chandigarh. Assignments are given regularly and feedback is given to every assignment that is written.
  • They have an Internationally accredited Certification with a 100% money-back policy. The students can get a refund of their money if they are not satisfied with the content writing course.
  • This course is entirely online and there is no need to travel long distances.
  • All the sessions are recorded during the live class. This helps in recollecting the already learned lessons. As well as it helps the students who were not able to attend the live session.



Courses in IIM Skills 

  1. Content Writing Master Course
  2. Digital Marketing Course
  3. Online CAT Coaching Preparation
  4. GST Certification Course
  5. Technical Writing Course
  6. SEO Course


Why Choose IIM Skills?


With so many content writing courses in Chandigarh, IIM Skills tops due to its fantastic placement opportunities and well-trained students. Everything on the internet is content. Content is always Supreme. A content writer should not only know to write efficiently but also to sell his write-ups effectively. IIM Skills offers the best content writing courses in Chandigarh.


They are ready to clarify all the doubts that you have regarding the content writing. You can contact them anytime. All it takes is a single mail to reach out and they are right there beside you to clear your doubts. They provide the best guidance to the students and you can take them up like your mentor whenever you need assistance with the writing of content.


IIM Skills has trained over 5000 students in over 33 countries and ranks top among the best content writing courses in Chandigarh. The students of IIM Skills get trained to write daily as a result of which bulk workload can be reduced.


They make you learn the difference between traditional paperback writing and internet writing. They teach web development and techniques to create web designs for content. They convey all the important points on how to write SEO-friendly content. They help you to become a master in editing the content and making them grammatically correct and error-free.


They make you write an ebook and educate you on how to publish it. You will be made to write an article for Times of India which will go live. You can have a great platform for building your portfolio. They tell you the working nature of a freelancer and help you in becoming one.


So that you will have two career options: Either you can take up a full-time job at an organization or you can move your profession towards freelancing. Both have their perks and are great career opportunities. IIM Skills offers students 100% placement assistance.


The students are guided with different ways to get placed in reputed companies. Even during the process of internship, many job opportunities and portfolio building techniques will be shared by them which will be helpful for the students.


Here is the most genuine guide to – Is IIM SKILLS Fake?


Course Fee – INR 14900 +GST


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IIM Skills Brand Partners


Reviews and Testimonials


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2. Techedo:


Techedo offers professional teaching in various courses to enhance the technical abilities of students to offer improved career opportunities. They even provide training in software development and other related courses.


Their content writing courses in Chandigarh provide training in writing for newsletters, resumes, statements of purpose, and press releases. Their courses start from the basics of content writing to advanced, which makes it easier for the students to learn easily. It is ranked in the top 5 of the best content writing courses in Chandigarh.


Course Coverage:

  • Branding and Journalism Writing
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Digital and User experience Writing
  • Social Media Writing
  • Advertisement Copywriting
  • Technical Writing
  • Narrative Writing


Key Factors:

  • They have a reasonable fees structure for premium courses.
  • Lifetime membership for all students.
  • Involves a lot of practical hands-on training rather than theoretical.
  • Flexible timings for courses.
  • Highly professional and knowledgeable staff.
  • Great Placement Offers.
  • Authorized Content Writing Certification.
  • Apart from Content Writing, they have various other technical courses such as Data Networking, Cloud Computing, Python Programming, Web and Graphic Designing, etc.



CW Demo Invite IIM SKILLS Chandigarh


3. Webhopers Academy:


Webhopers Academy offers digital marketing and web designing training and is considered one of the best institutes for digital marketing courses. The courses are handled by highly experienced and professionally certified trainers who hold experience of more than 8 years in the field.


Courses Offered:

  • Digital Marketing Training
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) Training
  • SEO Training
  • Social Media Marketing Training
  • Content Writing Training


They have excellent placement offers and their students have been placed in companies like Health Buffet, Vision Vivaah, etc. All these factors are the reason why it is one of the best content writing courses in Chandigarh.


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4. Chandigarh Institute of Internet Marketing(CIIM):


Chandigarh Institute of Internet Marketing is a certified institute for digital marketing in Chandigarh that offers one of the best training in content writing courses in Chandigarh.



  • Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Advanced Digital Marketing Certification


A diploma in digital marketing is a 6-month in-class training. After the completion of the course, they offer a 3-month internship where the students are given live projects to work on.


Advanced Digital Marketing Certification is a 3-month training that can be taken both online and offline. The students are given a CIIM certificate after completing the course. Apart from these, they also provide various short digital marketing courses to train the students in becoming,

  • Certified Content Writing Specialist
  • Certified Paid Ads Specialist
  • Certified Search Engine Optimisation Specialist
  • Certified Social Media Marketing Specialist
  • Certified eCommerce Marketing Specialist
  • Certified Google Adsense Specialist
  • Certified Email Marketing Specialist


Key Factors:

  • They have the best training techniques for guiding the students in the right way.
  • Students are given live projects to practice.
  • 100% job placement offers.
  • They provide scholarships to students who struggle to achieve their dreams due to financial situations.


They train students from all over the world in various digital marketing domains like Pay Per Click, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Video Marketing, etc. It deserves a special mention as one of the most popular content writing courses in Chandigarh.


5. Udemy:


Udemy is like a mini supermarket where you can find all the courses you need in a single place. Anything you wish to learn, you will find at least one video course on Udemy. Trainers from across the globe, teach the topics of their expertise, and provide the necessary materials needed for the course.


Their content writing courses in Chandigarh are very effective and are viewed by many students. They cover all the needs of the students from basic to advanced levels. The main advantage is that they even have their app that you can even view the courses whenever and wherever required.


CW Demo Invite IIM SKILLS Chandigarh


Benefits of Content Writing Course:


Many may think, why do we have to take up a course as there is an illusion around us that writing is easy. It may just seem like putting down all the things about the topic. Imagine, you are stuck in a forest and trying to find a way out of it. You try yourself hard and may or may not find the exact way.


But, in case, you are taking a guide with you, that guide will show you the shortcuts and the techniques to escape from that problem. Similarly, a content writing course in Chandigarh and other regions will explain the shortcuts through which you can achieve your goal. All we must do is search for the best course and choose our guide wisely to reach our destination.


Are we all good at storytelling? Storytelling is an art that many of us lack. We may start the story at A, progress till G, then come back to D and again go back to M, and finally complete with P instead of Z. No matter what you write, you should always know where to put the proper words.


We might notice that some movies don’t have a great storyline, but still, that movie becomes a hit because of the screenplay. The screenplay is crucial in a movie as it covers how a scene should be done and where it should be placed. Likewise, in content, if you know how to sequence your content, it will become a massive hit. Content writing is not just about writing but also includes marketing your content.


Types of Content Writing:


There are various categories of writing that a content writer can take up. The content writing course in Chandigarh covers different types of writing that might be assigned to you in your company.


 1. Business Writing


Business writing covers the professional content that you write for improving your business. One should be cautious while writing this as any false information can cause misinterpretation in users’ minds. Business writing must be clear, concise, and to the point which can be developed gradually through practice.


2. Social Media Writing:


Social media writing is all about gaining more popularity. Social media is a great platform for getting a greater reach and when it is done correctly, one can reach great heights. The main concept of social media writing is that you should be updated and have a constant visit to your page. People tend to prefer more images and videos than reading lengthy posts. So make sure to have attractive images or memes in your posts.


3. Academic Writing:


Academic writing includes writings involving studies or institutions. It can include writing a statement of purpose, resumes, CVs, abstracts, thesis, research papers, etc.


4. Blog Writing:


Blog writing is writing down your thoughts on something. A blog doesn’t have a specific format. Usually, the writers pick up a niche for themselves and follow that niche throughout their blogs so that they get a wider reach.


5. Marketing Collaterals:


Content writing is closely associated with marketing. Content creators are responsible for writing the following marketing collaterals:


  • Brochures – Brochures are usually written for the advertising of products or services provided by the company or institution.
  • Pamphlets – Pamphlets are informal advertising papers that are used for the promotion of shops or other service companies.
  • Flyers – Flyers are nearly like pamphlets with very few minor differences. Flyers are often on a single page.
  • Booklets – Booklet is considered a bigger pamphlet or a small book that has a detailed description of the product or service.
  • Posters- Posters are printed in large sheets that may contain a social message. It may also include announcements with a catchy caption.


6. Emailers:


Emailers are used by organizations to send bulk emails. Content writers design the content of the emails. The organization might take up the process of sending emails as their primary work or as a part of their business.


7. Ad Campaigns:


Content writers are expected to write catchy captions and descriptions for a product to be attractive enough to make a huge sale.


What is Niche?


As a writer, one should know what you are writing about. The whole content should revolve around one topic. There can’t be multiple topics for the same article. You cannot talk about lifestyle, programming languages, mental health all in the same passage. Before writing down, one should decide the topic on what they are about to write. That topic is framed as niche.


Why is Niche so Important?


Niche is the identity of the writer. Many authors choose their niche way before and start their works on the same. For example:


If I say the name, Chetan Bhagat, the first thought that comes to mind is Love Stories. Similarly, if I say, Agatha Christie, then we remember the awesome thriller stories that she has written. In the same way, if I say Devdutt Pattanaik, he writes on mythology. Likewise, many famous book writers have their topics which they don’t change with time.


Also, if one tries to cover different topics every time, then the readers may not be able to remember and ultimately, not many may read your article. So, choosing a popular and proper niche is mandatory. No matter what niche you have chosen, stick to the same and stay updated.


How to Choose a Niche?


Remember how Rancho tells you to “follow your passion” in 3 idiots? Would it be simpler for Lata Mangeshkar to succeed as a fast bowler or Sachin Tendulkar to shine as a vocalist if their fathers had encouraged them to pursue those careers? It is a big no. And what’s the reason behind it?


Because they had interests in different fields. Everyone has a special talent and is interested in something. If you don’t know what you know, then take up a topic that makes you excited. If a person is excited and happy about something, then no one could explain that situation better than them. So take up a topic that brings out sparkles in your eyes.


Never take a topic that you do not know. Just because it is trending and has more options for gaining viewers, doesn’t mean you should stick to that. Writing about something with which you are not familiar has many risks involved. Collecting points for those topics can become tricky and you might be stuck halfway. So, always choose a niche with which you are familiar.


What is SEO?


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of enhancing the number of viewers or views of a particular website by optimizing the results of the search engine. In simpler words, SEO plays a crucial part in how the content is being sold.


Some content writing courses in Chandigarh cover Search Engine Optimization as a part of their syllabus. One needs to know how the content can be written and optimized so that it ranks on the first page of the search result.


Role of an SEO:


SEO specialist modifies the websites provided to them, for an optimized result to the search engine users. Their role is to enhance the traffic to the websites thereby increasing the number of clicks they receive. They are responsible for the ranking of websites in a search engine.


Every business has the desire to be the topper in that industry. The online business makes more profit when compared to the offline ones. The pandemic has already had a great impact on our lives. With our safety as a great concern, all businesses have started their websites.


For the marketing and better reach of their websites, they started hiring many SEOs. Hence, there are huge career opportunities for SEOs and content writers. SEO writing is a part of content writing and most of the courses mainly focus on training you in both. Generally, there are two types of search results.


  • Organic
  • Ads


Organic search results are the ones that are ranked on your page without any paid promotions. Their rank in the search engine is purely based on their content, usage of keywords. Ads are paid results where the organization pays the search engine an amount for showing their sites on top. Whoever pays the highest is ranked on top.


So, the main role of an SEO is to get the website ranked on the first page with the correct usage of keywords and quality content. The role of an SEO doesn’t end with just ranking it once. Every time the keyword is typed in the search engine, the website should pop up. So, an SEO must analyze the content, categorize the keywords, and choose wisely to get to the top.


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Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Do we need to have any qualifications for becoming content writers?


The best part about content writing is, that you don’t require a particular degree. All that you need is good communication skills and a creative mind which can write magnetic words to attract the viewers.


2. How much money do content writers make?


Most content writers are paid for the number of words they write. As a fresher, you may earn 50 paise to 1 rupee per word. Gradually, as you start gaining experience you may earn 12-15 lakhs per annum.


3. How do I become a good content writer?

The golden rule to becoming a good content writer is to write. Practice writing daily. You will see your writing developing each day ultimately giving your sentence a mature look.




That concludes our list of the best content writing courses in Chandigarh. Scrutinize each one of them carefully before making an adept decision for setting the cornerstone of your content writing career.



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