Top 5 Business Analytics Courses in Mysore With Placements

Business is a profit-earning activity where the possibility of profit and loss is very uncertain and therefore no business can do totally without risk. There is a lot of competition in modern businesses. Clear business objectives like profitability, productivity, increase customer retention, and innovation help companies achieve growth and long-term company vision. This article will guide you through the best business analytics courses in Mysore. 


List of best business analytics courses in Mysore


As we all know that there has been a lot of advancement in the field of technology, and even modern business has become technology oriented. Most of the business activities and operations are done by means of technology. Analytics is one of the most important operations of a company. In which the raw data is analyzed into correct and accurate information with the help of statistics, math, and machine learning.


What is Business Analytics?

Business Analytics is a way of evaluating a business through which the performance of a company is evaluated against companies objectives. It is a set of processes that collects the big data of a company for a better understanding of the present state of a business and sets it according to its needs, then interprets the data and detects patterns, finds outlines, and makes connections in big data and discovers new insights and knowledge for future planning.

It gives meaningful patterns for tracking the key performance of a company. It is used by all types of businesses or industries from retail to healthcare services and manufacturing also.

Business analytics improve company productivity, profitability, and customer retention, and update the new trend of marketing. It prepares data using various criteria and tools to optimize company performance and then alert from risks and threats.


Advantages of Business Analytics Course:


1. Specialized Skills-

Specializes your skills in business analytics, including data mining, data visualization, machine learning, python, SQL, and many more. It increases your skills and increases your knowledge of business analytics.


2. Resume buildings-

If you are a fresher, then it can build your resume, which can help you get a job in your dream company. If you have knowledge of business analytics, it provides you with a certificate by further improving your previous knowledge.


3. Career advancement-

Your recognition in Certified Business Analytics can improve your career positions. Knowledge of Business Analytics can take your career to a good position. You get a chance to work in top companies.


4. Industry knowledge- 

It gives you an opportunity to know and understand various industries like retail, healthcare, services, etc. It prepares you for various industries. it just teaches you how to use standard tools for analysis.


 5. Higher earning potential-

Today Business Analytics is one of the most demanding jobs. By doing this course one can increase their earning potential. People in any field can do this course to increase their earnings. Through this, you can get a chance to work for top companies.


Who Should Do the Business Analytics Courses in Mysore?

1. Any graduates from science arts and commerce –Anyone can do this course, it is necessary to be a graduate from the same stream, whether it is science or commerce, or art. There are not any criteria for this.No coding required to do this course. It is necessary to have just a little knowledge of Analytics and Maths and Statistics.


2. Any freshers from any streams – Freshers of any stream whether it is engineering or anything else are proud to do this course. To do this course you need to be good at analytics and logical thinking skills. Freshers who want to make their career in Business Analytics can do this course. This is a very demanding career option. So freshers can start their career by doing this course.


3. Professionals from any domain- Professionals who feel that Business Analytics is a need can do this course to move them in their career. This can boost their career. If they have some experience in analytics, then they must do this course. By doing this course, they can improve their skills so that they can increase their earnings.


4. Financing and accounting professional – Those who are from the stream of finance and accounts can do this course. Finance and accounts people can boost their careers by doing this course. This will improve their profile and they will get a good salary in top companies.


5. Management professionals –This course is very important for management professionals. Their knowledge of different industries and knowledge of analytics will help a lot in creating good earnings. After this course, they can do a job in any good company with a good salary.


Top 5 Institutions That Offer Business Analytics Courses in Mysore.


Rank #1. Business Analytics Courses in Mysore

1. ExcelR-

This is one of the best platforms for business analytics courses in Mysore. This was built in the year 2014 and its headquarters is in the USA but its offices are in the UK middle east, Netherlands, and In India. In India, it is located in Mysore, Karnataka. This provides certificates in various courses like data science, digital marketing, business analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, python, blockchain, the Internet of things, and many more.

Business analytics is one of the best courses in ExcelR. ExcelR works in association with IBM, NASSCOM, and PRIME. ExcelR certificate is 3 in 1 certificate. In this, they provide 3 certificates together i.e. an ExcelR certificate, an IBM certificate, and an internship certificate from the AI variant.

The course duration of the business analytics course is six months and classes are online conducted by certified and qualified experts on business analytics from IIT and IIM and ISB.


 Eligible Criteria-

  • Graduates from recognized universities from any stream.
  • Some knowledge of analytics.


Course duration –6 months


Course Curriculum-

1. Excel( advanced and basic)

2. MySQL

3. Power BI

4. Tableau

5. R programming fundamentals

6. Python programming fundamentals

7. SAS

8. Agile


Benefits of Course from ExcelR-

1. certified and qualified faculty for learning.

2. Assignments to evaluate your learning

3. works on live- projects for practical knowledge.

4. Post-training supported by professionals.

5. Internship supports and

6. Placement.


Why ExcelR?

This provides an industry-based course curriculum which is very important for a better understanding of various industries. Its best thing is that it makes you work on 10+ live hands-on projects so that can practice live. Its placement cell is very dedicated to job-oriented programs.

It has a dedicated case studies support team that helps you. This provides interview preparation sessions so that you are more confident by facing the interview. It gives you lifetime earning access so that you can clear your doubts anytime. After completing the course, you can access free lectures and webinars lifetime.


Rank #2. Business Analytics Courses in Mysore

2. Simplilearn

This is a global online boot camp. This was built in the year 2009. Its offices are present in many countries. In India, its company is present in many cities like New Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore etc.  The classes are delivered by working professionals from a variety of industries.

Master classes delivered by Purdue faculty. It teaches you how to tackle the demanding tools that come out of business problem solutions. This works hands-on with 14+ projects and 3 domains.

It prepares analysts for IT, BFC, Manufacturing, Consulting, Pharma Healthcare, and other industries. Notices by top hiring companies like Amazon, Microsoft American Express, Samsung, and Hotstar. Simplilearn faculty Completely Assists From Learning to Getting a Job.


Eligibility criteria

  1. Graduates or postgraduates from any discipline.
  2. At least two years of professional experience is preferred.
  3. Can be from a programming or non-programming background.


Course Duration –6 months


Course Curriculum

  1. Business analysis
  2. Data visualization
  3. Python
  4. Data analysis
  5. Digital transformation
  6. Scrum artifact
  7. SQL database
  8. Statistical analysis using Excel
  9. Agile scrum method
  10. Solution evaluation
  11. Dashboarding
  12. Wireframing
  13. Strategies analysis
  14. Requirements analysis and life cycle management
  15. Planning and monitoring
  16. Elicitation and collaboration
  17. BRD FRD and SRS document creation.


Why Simplilearn

This is an entrepreneur-recommended company that provides top business analytics on top of the companies. Certificate of Simplilearn in collaboration with Purdue University. It conducts live sessions by top business analyst experts for real-life learning.

It prepares industries to work in industry-aligned content with the IIBA-accredited CBAP courses. Along with this, it gives an opportunity to work on live projects. It helps you completely in getting job assistance and it gives you resume assistance, career mentoring, and job portal access for India and US.


Rank #3. Business Analytics Courses in Mysore

3. University of Mysore

This is a 106-year-old UGC- DEB-approved, AICTE-approved Government institution. If someone wants to do MBA in Business Analytics courses in Mysore then the University of Mysore is absolutely the right choice. He has done an MBA degree course in Data Science and Business Analytics.

It is completely online, which you are provided online from your applications to lecturers. According to your convenience, you can join a Government Approved University for MBA in data science and business analytics. Its certificate is worldwide accepted.

This course has been made flexible for the students, in which students can study online according to their convenience This course has been designed keeping in mind the schedule of working professionals who want to enhance their analytical skills.


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Indian eligibility -10th or 12 passes from any recognized board.
  • Graduates from any stream from UGC-approved colleges or universities.
  • Foreign eligibility-. 15 years of formal education.


Course duration – 2 years (4 semesters)


Why the University of Mysore

You can do Business Analytics Courses in Mysore sitting online from Government Institution. Successful course completion will lead to a degree certificate of Master of business administration in data science and business analytics management. Its degree is universally accepted which will help you in education and job prospects.

It provides you with an online study guide and e-books for learning and classroom discussion and interactions with peers add richness to your learning. It provides interactive videos as well as web resources also. Here you can evaluate yourself by doing a self-assessment.


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Rank #4. Business Analytics Courses in Mysore

4. Upgrad

The upgrad provides many programs in business analytics. It is specially designed for working professionals who want to enhance their skills while working. It imparts theoretical knowledge along with practical knowledge with its cutting-edge curriculum and experienced faculty.

There are live sessions in this, in which you can clear your doubts along with learning. In this, work is done in capstone projects as well as in case studies and assessments for practical learning and a better understanding of business analytics. Mentored by leading industry experts Which gives you an opportunity to understand the various industries’ strategies.

There are separate doubt-clearing sessions which will be very beneficial for you. Its expert team prepares you for placements. It shows you the way to connect with top companies that are the best match for you. After successful completion, it provides a certificate from LIBA-Loyola Institute of Business Administration.


Eligibility Criteria- 

  • Engineers, working professionals, freshers, and software and IT professionals can join this program.
  • A minimum bachelor’s degree in any field with a 50% aggregate score is required.


Course Duration-

There are many program courses in Business Analytics at Upgrad and each course has a different course duration. Upgrade Business Analytics has a 3-month to 12-month advanced course, according to their program course.


Course Curriculum –

Python for business analytics, data analysis, data visualization, database, machine learning, advanced machine learning statistics, learning techniques, and many more are included in this curriculum.


Why Upgrad-

After completing the course, it gives a certificate in business analytics from LIBA. LIBA is an Indian #3 college as per NIRF rankings 2021. present to help you. It provides Live sessions and one by one doubt clearing session. Industry experts mentoring you to business This will connect you to Top Companies Which best shoots to your needs. This assistance and support are from interview to job.


Rank #5. Business Analytics Courses in Mysore

5. Learnbay

It is an IBM collaboration company that offers program courses in business analytics. This company’s Business Analytics course is designed keeping in mind the working professionals. So that everyone who is interested in the course of Business Analytics can do this course.

They have online live classes only on weekends or weekdays. This course is designed for nonprogrammers. The certificate that is received after the completion of the course is a collaboration.

One gets to learn from good industry experts who are experts from BFSI, sales and marketing, healthcare, retail and e-commerce, media and hospitality, manufacturing, energy, oil, and gas etc. Here you can do more in live projects.


Eligibility Criteria-

1. bachelor’s from any stream, BE/

2 .working professional having more than 6 months of experience in nontechnical fields.


Course Curriculum-

  1. programming
  2. Maths
  3. Python of data science
  4. Statistics
  5. Data science course tools
  6. Essential tools
  7. SQL
  8. Business analytics tools


Course Duration –

200+ hours of learning

Weekday batch – 5 months

Monday to Friday – 2 hours

Weekend batch 7 months

Saturday and Sunday 3.5 hours


Why choose Learnbay?

Learnbay has made this course in such a way that any non-programmer can learn it. It assists nonprogrammers by learning essential tools necessary for business analytics.MNCs and MAANG experts assist in online and offline project sessions. Decorate by attending cases in 7+ cities including Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, etc.

Its faculty are working professionals with more than 8 years of experience as data scientists, machine learning engineers, AI engineers, BI developers, big data architects, Data analysts, etc. It is an IBM collaboration company certification from collaboration with IBM and Learnbay.


Different job roles that business analytics offer- 

1. Data scientist- A data scientist gathers complex data and interprets that data by using statistics and other tools into qualitative data for analyzing business decisions. Data scientists convert insights into actions using data from a business. They assist the business in its decision-making after data analysis.


2. Data analyst-The role of a data analyst is to prepare and analyze data to provide organizations with insights that help in making greater business decisions. They convert raw data into information for business using various tools and their skills.


3. Data architect- Data architect is a person who collects, organizes, stores, and analyzes data and formulates that data into strategies for an organization. They stored and managed data for an organization and assessed them for decision-making.


4. Data engineer – Data engineer prepares raw data for analytical and operational uses by using different software and tools for data analysis. Data engineers build, design and optimize data for data stored and optimized at analyzing scale.


5. Database administrator- Database administration is the controlling manager of any organization that manages, maintains, and operates the company’s database. Database administrator works with data developers and uses various tools for storing and operating to protect companies’ databases.


6. Analytics manager. Analytics managers have a team of data analysts for helping their clients by analyzing data from gathered raw data. They deliver companies’ business decisions from various data.


FAQs About Business Analytics Courses in Mysore


Q1. Is business analytics a good career?

Ans: Yes, business analytics is an excellent option for a better career. You belong to any department or industry, it can give you a good career opportunity. If you are a fresher then this is the best program course to start your career With this you can make a good start in a good company. If you are a working professional then you can improve your career by improving your skills.


Q2. Is business analytics in demand in India?

Ans: Yes, this is a new generation with new career options. We are in the digital world where all the decisions make by digital transformation, where you choose business analytics as a career option by improving your skills in the field of business analytics. Now all the companies do business operations only with the help of Analytics, in which Karam companies have a lot of demand for business analytics. You can improve your job career by doing this course.


Q3. How much does it cost to take business analytics courses in Mysore?

And: The cost involved in doing this course is very reasonable. The fee structure of a business analytics course varies depending on which course one wishes to pursue from which organization. You can do this business from any authentic organization. The course fee for business analytics isn’t much for learning and then entering into job openings. Now most of the companies keep their fees flexible and you get EMI options for course free. You can do this course from the right company at a reasonable price.


Q4. What degree is required to do business analytics courses in Mysore?

Ans: Anyone can do this course, for this it is necessary to be a graduate in the same field or a certificate that is equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree. Anyone can do this whether it is freshers or working professionals, housewives, and others who belong to B.Tech Finance & Accounting & Administration. To do this course, it is necessary to have some knowledge of industries and knowledge of programming. There is no need to learn any coding to do this.


Q5. How long does it take to do this course?

Ans: It takes 6 months to 2 years to do this course, it depends on which course you want to do from where. In these 6 months, you are given theoretical to practical knowledge of Business Analytics. You can get a chance to work with industry experts on live projects, which increases your confidence. You get a certificate for doing this course which helps you in your career These companies are prepared for interviews with your certificate or you are looking at companies that make your journey easy. You can get your dream job.


Conclusion: Business Analytics Courses in Mysore

Although there are many colleges, universities, and institutions which offer online and offline both services are provided so that students in a wide range can do that course. You have to choose from where you have to do the course according to your convenience and best college because through this course in Actual, you become a Confident Business Analyst. Your theoretical knowledge will increase through online live classes while practical knowledge will increase through assignments and projects. A large number of companies looking for employees to fill the business analytics role.

Big companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Samsung, Google, and Microsoft looking to hire employees for managing their data and analyze their business according to the data and makes their business decisions made easy. Due to this their customer ratio will increase and their revenue will increase. A business analyst can make future plans with the help of analysis, which will help him to survive in the market for a long time. Business Analytics gives you good market exposure and good experience which helps you a lot in your career.

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