8 Best Courses For Investment Banking With Placements

Investment banking certifications demonstrate an individual’s knowledge and expertise in investment banking. Some of the Best Courses for Investment banking are curated to enhance your professional credibility and provide a competitive advantage. The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) title, the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) certification, and the Certified Investment Banking Professional (CIBP) accreditation are all examples of investment banking certifications.


List of best courses for investment banking


The above credentials cover most investment banking topics, including financial analysis, risk management, and investment strategies. Earning these skills displays a commitment to professional development and may contribute to the potential for a rise in investment banking.

We’ll let you discover our little secret: we can’t tell you which investment banking course is ideal for you. Only you can judge it because you are the one who recognizes your unique requirements and ambitions.

But we can provide reliable criteria to assist you with options and ways to enter the financial industry or advance your career as an investment banker. Here lies a better chance for those with an enthusiasm for money to enhance their careers.

If you’re an experienced finance specialist, new to the field, or a novice looking to pursue a career in investment banking, there’s undoubtedly a course that fits your objectives.


How To Go About Choosing an Investment Banking Course?

There are multiple factors to consider when selecting investment banking training programs. Factors like banking and framework will only be significant to some. As a result, no particular order of priority has been allotted to these criteria. Only you know which ones are crucial to you in this situation.

After extensive research, our global researchers proposed a list of the Best courses and Certifications available online in 2023. Chargeable or non-chargeable, these courses deepen the understanding of Investment Banking concepts and guide career development.

It is also suited to beginners, intermediates, as well as experts. However, you may also want to look at some of the best Banker courses available online.


Base Certifications in Investment Banking:

The prerequisites for becoming an investment banker may vary across industries and businesses. So, if you desire to learn and work as an investment banker in India, you can opt for the following study course:

  • 1st-year bachelor’s degree like
  • BCom Hons
  • BA Finance
  • BA Economics
  • BBA
  • CFA


Graduates in commerce and other associated courses in Economics are eligible for beginning positions in investment banking. Graduates may serve as Junior Analysts at investment firms or any financial institute.

As a graduate, however, you must grab opportunities on the corporate ladder through tireless work, diligence, and performance. Interns in the investment typically make 4.9 lakhs rupees a year in compensation.

Some of the best IB courses come in different formats. They have been split based on the requirements for eligibility:

  1. Any candidate who earned 50% or more in their 10+2 coursework is eligible to join the certificate program in investment banking.
  2. Diploma in Investment Banking Course: Any 10+2 student with a 50% grade point average and from any stream can enroll in the Investment Banking Diploma program. A graduate in a relevant discipline with at least 50% of the required grades is required to pursue a diploma in graduate studies.
  3. Undergraduate Investment Banking Course: Students with a 50% GPA in business majors are eligible to apply for the undergraduate investment banking program.
  4. Post Graduate Investment Banking Course: Students who have completed their BBA or B.com degrees or graduated from the Finance Stream with a merit score of 50% are eligible for the PG Investment Banking Course.

Any student who meets the aforementioned educational requirements can enroll in Investment Banking programs in India.


Private Institutions With Top Investment Banking Programs-

Investment banking is a highly-competitive field. A student becomes the ideal candidate for a job once they graduate with a professional degree in an extensively connected topic. Check out other prevalent courses for Investment Banking you might be fascinated in:

One of the most sought-after degrees in India is investment banking. Students attend business schools specifically to study investment banking. However, if you come from a less prestigious business school and wish to enroll in the course, then you are in the correct place!

Furthermore, any stage of a finance professional’s career can benefit from this Investment Banking training to advance their career. Employers in the business community favor investment bankers. As a result, every Investment banking professional needs to possess this skill set.

This skill set can help entrepreneurs or company leaders raise money for their cause. In addition to forecasting business actions, they can employ these skills to bolster their organization’s finances. They will provide you with qualifications and outstanding practical knowledge.

Here is a list of the top universities for India’s Best Courses. The advantages of each course vary. One needs to assess each one’s specifics and pick the one that closely matches the interests and choices. Some of the top B-Schools in India, considered to be the providers of courses for Investment banking  are in this write-up:



IIM SKILLS is an institution well known as India’s foremost educational innovator. Educational technology is their specialization. A variety of courses are offered by them to aid the improvement of people’s professions.

Alongside their Content writing master program and Digital marketing master program, they also are recognized for their Master Investment Banking Course which ranks among the Best Investment Banking Courses around.

Career guidance is provided to the students by Industry professionals who also are willing to teach and train them on various subjects and talents. Irrespective of the seeker’s knowledge about Investment Banking, this course has been simplified enough to learn and understand.


The Overview of the Course:

o         MS PowerPoint

o         MS Excel

o         Economics and trade system foundations

o         Commodities Market

o         In-depth details about Investment banking

o         Diverse promotional Collaterals

o         Technicalities of Financial Planning

o         Market Evaluation


Program Content:

o         The guidance provided by experienced personnel

o         20 and more hours of interrogative discussions

o         Training period of above 50 hours

o         Support of 10 and more templates options

o         5 and more case research

o         Placement Reliability

o         Complete Employment Assistance

o         Counseling for Interviews

o         Establishing the LinkedIn presence

o         Over 100 hours of Applied Exercises

o         An Acknowledgement of Completion of the course

o         Extended accessibility to the basic study materials

o         Multifaceted assignment

o         Fully refundable


The Course comes at an approximate charge of 39,900 Indian rupees and an additional GST of 18%. Along with the included internship, the duration of this course comes to 3 months.


Adjoining Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS:

  • Course on Financial Modeling
  • Course on Digital Marketing
  • Course on SEO
  • Course on Technical Writing
  • Course on GST
  • Course on Content Writing
  • Course on Business Accounting And Taxation
  • Coaching for CAT


2. Imarticus Education

Imarticus Learning started as a startup in 2008 and has since grown into a well-known institute with placement cells across India and a wide range of domain courses. It is an accredited Investment Banking Operations Professional program with a job placement guarantee available from this institute.

You will receive live training modules, real-world projects, business professionals, and career help from this course. Below, we’ve included some additional crucial information:

Title of the Course: Certification in Investment Banking Operations Professional

This course is available online and offline, allowing students to take it at a time that suits them. Detailed modules on investment banking are in this course’s curriculum, which is listed below:

  • Financial Markets: An Introduction
  • Life Cycle of Commerce
  • Administration of risks

Duration: 150 hours are needed to finish the CIBOP. It is possible to complete the course in two months if you are enrolled full-time during the week. Furthermore, if opted for part-time during weekends, it can be finished in three months.

With a starting wage of 5LPA and higher, Imarticus Learning offers job placement with a guarantee. Building your profile, creating a résumé, and getting ready for interviews are every assistance offered by Imarticus Learning.

Cost of the Course: INR 1,40,000, inclusive of all taxes, covers the cost of this Investment Banking course. For students, Imarticus Learning further offers the EMI option.

To enroll in this course, a candidate must have a business Management, finance, or commerce degree. The Imarticus Learning Institute has branches in all major Indian cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.


What Makes Them So Exclusive?

  • Professional training and insider information about the sector are available through Imarticus Learning.
  • They help you create a network and provide knowledge of the subtleties of investment banking.
  • The CISI has validated and recognized the certification program offered by Imarticus Learning on a global scale.


3. EduBridge

In India, EduBridge is a well-known academy that provides instruction in various subjects. Another among the Best Courses for Investment Banking, this institute offers a degree with certification, specialized placement management, and career support services. Since its launch in 2009, EduBridge has expanded its course selection to include other subject areas.

The course is called Advanced Certification in Investment Banking Operations. The total number of hours in class for this course will be close to 326. Since the course is online, students can attend from anywhere in India. As a result, a desktop computer with a fast internet connection will be helpful.


Topics Discussed:

  • Stock, funds, and financial markets
  • Financial Analyst
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Reorganisation Financial obligation
  • Capital-based Acquisitions


Compensation: An investment banker’s annual pay typically ranges from INR 3,50,000 to INR 8 lakh. The attribute to look out for in the best IB courses is this course’s guaranteed job chances. However, students must have at least 70% attendance in online classes.

Compensation: An investment banker’s annual pay typically ranges from INR 3,50,000 to INR 8 lakh. For this course’s guaranteed job chances, students must have at least 70% attendance in online classes.

Training Fee: This course costs Rs. 69,000 and up. The provision of the EMI option is also there.

Candidate eligibility for this course includes desired criteria such as CA, MBA, CMA, CFA, MCOM, B. Com, or any other business- or commerce-related program. Certification is guaranteed upon successful completion of this course.


4. Career Bulls

With the aid of a top-notch education from other institutions, Career Bulls focuses on changing education. Being included among the Best Courses for Investment banking,  it introduces students to the world of investment banking through practical examples created by professionals.

You will receive customized attention, practice interviews, and instructions on soft skills. Career Bull also offers aid with job placement and the industry-recognized certificate.

Title of the course: Investing Banking and Equity Research Certification

  • Course Delivery Method:
  • Live, interactive online classes are offered.
  • The duration is three and a half months, with classes on weekends.
  • Detailed instruction on each topic is covered over 26 days or a module.
  • The cost of the program is: The cost of doing this course is Rs. 37,999.


5. Intellipaat

The IIT Guwahati E&ICT Academy, a partner of Intellipat, has created a course for advanced certification in investment banking operations. A project of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India (MeitY), E&ICT, IIT  Guwahati, it offers top-notch educational opportunities.



This Advanced Investment Banking course has 14 courses that each contain in-depth information about a different aspect of the industry. In this course, you will study the following Sub courses:

  • Sub Course 1’s primary session: Data Manipulation in Microsoft Excel
  • Sub Course 2: Investment Banking Basics
  • Sub Course 3: Fixed-income Investments and Monetary Equities
  • Sub Course 4: Exchange Rates and Financial Markets Introductory
  • Sub Course 5: Markets for Derivatives
  • Sub Course 6: Reference Information Management, the Beginning
  • Sub Course 7: Business Practises
  • Sub Course 8: Asset Administration Ideas and Principles
  • Sub Course 9: An Overview of ISDA and Resolving Conflicts
  • Sub Course 10: Learn about stock borrowing as well as lending alongside Relevant Topics
  • Sub Course 11: Monitoring Collateral
  • Sub Course 12: Life Cycle of Commerce
  • Sub Course 13: Investment Banking Risk Management
  • Sub Course 14: Suits and the Laundering of Funds
  • Professional Readiness


Five months are required to complete this course. The classes are conducted live under the batch schedule in an online format. Candidates may select either the weekend or weekday batch for this course. Students can enroll in this course online from anywhere in India because online and offline availability makes it one of the most preferred IB courses.

Professionals can earn between INR 5,00,000 and INR 8,00,000 per year as Investment Bankers if they enroll in this training program with Intellipaat. The total cost of admission for this course is Rs. 98,040. The EMI option, which has a minimum payment of Rs. 8,000 and a 0% interest rate, is available to candidates.

For this course, a candidate must own a bachelor’s degree in Economics, such as a BA or BBA in commerce.


Reasons to select this course:

  • Live meetings with specialists in the industry
  • Round-the-clock assistance
  • Recruitment assistance
  • Profile construction
  • Motivated Learning Managers
  • Get Certified to enable practice


E&ICT, IIM Guwahati earned a top 7 ranking per the 2021 reports by NIRF India. It was Ranked 41 by The Economic Times for the same year.


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6. Indian Institute of Management Indore

Regardless of prior experience in this industry, the Indian Institute of Management Indore (IIM Indore) offers this course to students who want to improve their understanding of investment banking and launch a successful career.

Simply by comprehending each financial topic, this course’s straightforward design can help you become an expert in the field.


Name of the course: Post-graduate in Investment Banking Certificate Programme.

Course Delivery Method: This course is online through IIM Indore, with on-campus registration options.

Around 120 sessions totaling 12 months of the program is the duration of this course. One hundred of your sessions are online and balanced on campus. Following successful completion, IIM Indore will hold a ceremony on campus.


The class modules covered in this course:

  • Reporting, analysis, and valuation of financial data
  • Investment and portfolio management
  • Budgeting
  • Financial Services: Merger & Acquisition
  • Futures, Alternatives, and Hybrid Economics Environment
  • The spreadsheet Lecture on Monetary Planning in Industry
  • The program fee at IIM Indore is Rs 3,80,000, which includes a Rs 15,000 registration fee. Including GST and bank, the cost of this course adds up to INR 4,55,100.


Candidates must have a degree in Economics to be eligible. The preference will be towards at least two years of post-graduate experience.


Why Pick IIM Indore?

  • An industry domain specialist leads every session.
  • Even students without experience can understand this course because of its well-thought-out design.
  • Understanding of subjects through case studies from real-world situations.


7. NSE Academy

The SDM Institute for Management Development at NSE Academy conducts this Post Graduate Certificate in Management course. Considered one of the Best Courses for Investment banking, SDMIMD of the Government of India by the All-India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has approved this course.


The PGCM in Investment Banking Specialisation is the name of the course.

This 12-month program includes a three-month internship.

Curriculum: The course spans 15 months, which comprises three months of internship and four terms of study. Listed below is a detailed description of the terms’ core courses:



  • Accounting Reporting and Analysis
  • Management of marketing
  • Management of Human Resources
  • Information Technology in Management
  • Analysis of Business Data
  • Organizational Conduct
  • Corporate Communication
  • The Fundamentals of Business Analytics



  • Business Finance
  • Cost Analysis in Decision Making
  • Research techniques in marketing
  • Administration of Operations
  • Micro- and macroeconomics
  • Systems for managing information
  • Markets for Business Worldwide
  • NGOs/Organizations’ Socially Relevant Project
  • Financial Markets: An Introduction



  • Banking on investments
  • Purchases and Mergers
  • Activities in the Capital Markets
  • Investing in mutual funds and fixed-income securities
  • Advice on investments
  • Investment Analysis



  • Investment banking applications for computers
  • Modeling and Financial Analysis
  • Credit Investigation
  • Technical Assessment
  • Payment of taxes and laundering funds
  • Thesis on Quantitative Methods in Investment Banking


This course is hybrid, and learners can opt for the hostel. Then the hostel fees will be payable in addition to the basic course fees.

Graduate students with a 50% GPA may apply for this course.

A personal interview will follow your completion of the application form in the selection process. If you get past the interview, you’ll get an admittance call or a message in the mail the following day.

A total of Rs. 5,90,000 is required to complete this Post graduate degree in investment banking. The payment of the entire fees of course fee can be made in five equal installments by the candidate. A scholarship application form is also available. Before applying for any course, please carefully read all guidelines and materials provided by the institute.


Pay: NSE Academy graduates obtain high-paying employment in reputable businesses and industries.


Motivation for Application

  • Authorized by the government
  • An accredited, internationally renowned academy
  • The candidate leaves with two certificates.
  • As the candidates get prepared for the business and cooperative worlds, they get a chance to work on real projects, SRP projects, and other tasks.


One of the Best Courses for Investment Banking, this PGCM in Investment Banking from NSE Academy will be more advantageous for the students because it is a renowned institution that offers a 3-month internship that will be extremely helpful for the student to gain some job experience.


8. Proschool

Assisting students in upskilling and pursuing their ideal vocations, IMS Proschool is the industry leader. A significant career-building curriculum based on extensive professional qualifications is available through this Investment Banking Course from IMS Proschool.

Program Name: IMS Pro School’s Investment Banking Course

Course Delivery: This training program happens over a six-month duration and is accessible both online and offline.

Within its fundamental level of detail, this course examines the following topics:

  • Investment Banking Processes
  • Management of finances
  • Risk Prevention and Management


Who should sign up for this course?

  • Recent graduates or college students
  • Professionals in related fields
  • Founders and businessmen
  • Ambitious candidates looking for Career Changers


Expenses Incurred: The course costs INR 50,000 for the offline version and INR 35,000 for live classes as an option to its candidates.

Students from the economic stream who are either graduates or Postgraduates are eligible to enroll in this course.

Location: This course takes place through Proschool centers in several cities. Proschool offers live online classes despite being located in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kochi. This course by Proschool is considered among the best by a company with an excellent reputation.


Why was Proschool selected for this course?

Here are the main arguments in favor of enrolling in an Investment Banking course at Proschool. After registering for this course, candidates will receive the following advantages:

  • Active Learning Methodology
  • Gain From Gurus in the field of Economics
  • Case Studies Focused on Placement
  • Upgrade To An AICTE-Approved PG
  • Discovering Financial Modelling
  • Discover Core Finance Jobs


Candidates who want to pursue a career as a certified investment banker with a restricted budget can consider attending a course at Proschool. Since Proschool is an accredited school, included among one of the Best Courses for Investment Banking Courses, it offers courses at an affordable price with the best privileges.


Popular FAQs about Investment Banking Courses:


1. Investment banking: What is it?

Investment banking is the term used to describe the financial services offered by banks and other financial institutions to businesses, governments, and other organizations. It entails tasks including helping Enterprises raise cash by underwriting and issuing securities, offering consulting services for mergers and acquisitions, supporting corporate reorganizations, and enabling other financial transactions.


2. What do investment banking courses entail?

The IB courses are training programs or educational initiatives created to give people the knowledge and abilities needed for an investment banking job. Financial analysis, valuation methods, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, financial modeling, capital markets, and investment strategies are just a few topics covered in these courses.


3) Who should enroll in a course in investment banking?

Investment banking courses are frequently an excellent fit for people to pursue a career in the financial industry. These programs can help fresh graduates, professionals transitioning into investment banking from other industries, finance professionals aiming to advance their careers, or even entrepreneurs and business owners looking to gain a deeper grasp of financial markets and transactions.


4) What advantages come from doing an IB course?

These courses provide students with a thorough understanding of financial analysis methods, investment banking ideas, and current industry practices. They also offer the chance to get in touch with Alumni, fellow students, and members of the business world, broadening their professional network.

Some courses may include real-world case studies, simulations, or internships, enabling participants to put their knowledge to use and acquire first-hand experience with IB transactions and analysis. Assurance of the quality and reputation in the market makes it critical to investigate and choose investment banking programs offered by respected academic institutions or professional organizations.

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