Top 10 Investment Banking Courses In The UAE With Placement

Investment banking plays an auspicious role in today’s global economy. From facilitating the flow of capital between investors and businesses to assisting corporate finance activities, it is an ineludible realm of the interconnected world economy. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) with its burgeoning financial sector, provides ample opportunities for aspiring professionals to pursue their careers in investment banking. In response to this demand, we present this comprehensive guide to the top 10 Investment Banking Courses in the UAE

List of best investment banking courses in the UAE

These courses are meticulously tailored according to the requirements of the dynamic and ever-changing world. These courses offer not only knowledge but also provide you with tangible career prospects.

Before we learn about the top Investment Banking Courses in the UAE, let us know what is investment banking. There are many such Investment Banking training in the UAE accessible online thanks to the worldwide expansion of the internet. Due to this, it becomes important for you to choose the right one.

As a result, we have compiled this list for you so you get the best options and you don’t have to search for information elsewhere. But before we proceed to our Top 10 Investment Banking courses in UAE, let us take a look at what is investment banking, its types and its scope.

What is Investment Banking?

Investment Banking is a special segment in the financial industry that provides financial consultancy services to organizations, governments and other institutions. These services include organizing complex financial transactions such as issuing stocks or bonds, IPOs, underwriting securities offerings, managing assets and many more. Investment banks thus act as intermediaries between investors and companies to run their businesses.

They advise on how to structure a particular deal for a company’s acquisition, sale or merger. They may also issue securities to raise money for their clients.

Check These Popular Investment Banking Courses Near You:

What Are the Types of Investment Banking Services?

Investment banking encompasses various types of services as discussed below

  1. Capital Markets: Capital markets include the issuing and trading of stocks and bonds. This includes both issuing initial public offerings(IPO) as well as secondary offerings. It also includes private placements and debt issuances.
  2. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A): This is an advisory role in merging acquisitions, divestitures and other such strategic transactions for both buyers and sellers of businesses
  3. Corporate Finance: This financial service includes assisting the companies with managing their liquidity and capital structure to enhance their shareholder value.
  4. Underwriting: This function serves the primary market with its new capital such as underwriting initial public offerings(IPO), bond issuances etc.
  5. Sales and Trading: This service includes matching up buyers and sellers for the exchange of securities and engaging in the sale and trading of these securities.
  6. Asset Management: Managing investment portfolios, and wealth management of individuals and institutions.
  7. Equity Research: The research done on the companies to gain insights to make strategic planning and investment decisions

Scope of Investment Banking in UAE

UAE has committed to promoting economic and financial stability within the country. Accordingly, the banking sector has also proven its strength amid geopolitical challenges.

The sector continues to play a major role in creating as favorable conditions as possible for achieving its developmental goals. With Global financial giants betting big and investing heavily in the Middle East, the capital inflow of UAE alone has increased by 10% in the last year.

Worlds biggest hedge funds, investment banks, and law firms are flocking to the Middle East to take advantage of their low taxes and favorable timezones. Thus investment banking plays a crucial role in the region’s financial landscape. This acts as a bridge between local and global markets.

Since the market is unstable, the companies must be prepared to dynamically operate with markets rising and falling. Hence the career demand with lots of opportunities. Hence we bring you the extensive list of investment banking courses in the UAE.

There are various job titles attached in investment banking, majorly being Analyst, Associate, Vice President, Director/ Executive Director/ Managing Director etc.

Necessary Skills for a Career in Investment Banking

A career in investment banking through fascinating requires a lot of expertise in the subject with both strong hard and soft skills. A few such prerequisites are listed below for any individual aspiring to join the investment banking training in the UAE.

  • Strong numerical and analytical skills.
  • Time Management
  • Good communication skills
  • Proficient in problem-solving ability
  • Knowledge of business and financial market

Top 10 Investment Banking Courses in the UAE

Let us now look into the various investment banking courses in the UAE that provide both theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills.


IIM SKILLS is a prestigious global Ed-Tech company that offers several online certifications that are globally recognized. Their investment banking course is highly in demand thus making it our top entry in the “Top 10 Investment Banking courses in the UAE” list.

Course Details:

Course Name: Investment Banking Course

Duration: 3 Months Of Comprehensive Training + 1 Month of Internship

Fees: 1,757.12 United Arab Emirates Dirham + Taxes

IIM SKILLS offers a comprehensive Investment Banking certification program from basic to advanced levels. Their curriculum is meticulously structured in sync with the industry needs by subject market experts to make you job-ready.

With 170+ hours of training, this program also includes 2 months of guaranteed internship, capstone projects, case studies, and 100% Placement support.

Their course is for both students and working professionals. With theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical experience

Modules Covered:

MS Powerpoint

Introduction to MS PowerPoint

Understanding the Ribbon

Keyboard shortcuts

Adding transitions

Managing slides and creating slide masters etc

MS Excel

Introduction to MS Excel

Keyboard shortcuts

Conditional formatting

Concepts of freezing cells, rows and columns

Data Validation, Sorting and Filters

Fundamentals of Financial System and Market

Basics of Financial System

Different kinds of Financial Markets

Market Participants and Regulators

Stock Exchanges and Financial Centres

Types of Shares – Equity and Preference Shares

Long and Short positions including short sell

Depository Receipts

Derivatives Market

Introduction to Derivatives

Forwards, Futures and Options

Call and Put Options

Payoffs and Pricing in Derivatives Markets

Concepts of Swaps, Hedging and Speculation

Overview of Credit Default Swaps

Technicals of Investment Banking

Overview of Investment Banking

Types of Investment Banks

Merchant Bank vs Commercial Bank vs Investment Bank

Concepts of Mergers and Acquisition (M&A), Joint Ventures (JV), Spin-off and Capital Raise

Vertical and Horizontal Mergers

A Sell-Side Deal Lifecycle

Different Marketing Collaterals

Buyers List / Investors List

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Pitchbook / Pitch Deck


Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM)

Financial Models

Technicals of Financial Modelling

Introduction to the structure for a financial model

Projecting the three financial statements – IS, BS and CFS

Best Modelling practices and error tracking methods

Key formatting tips

Business Valuation

Relative Valuation- Transaction Comps

Difference between Deal Value, Offer Value, and Transaction Value

Criteria to screen peers

Valuation multiples to be used

Calculation of enterprise value using equity value and other components

Concept of Controlling Premium

NAV Approach for Valuation

DCF Valuation-

FCFF vs FCFE and its relationship

Concepts of NOPAT, change in working capital, Capex adjustment

Different ways of calculating Beta

Concepts of Levered and Unlevered Beta

Gordon Growth Model/ Perpetuity Growth Model, H-Model, Exit Multiple Method

Sensitivity Tables

Other key Highlights of the Course:

Live Instructor- Led Training

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Master Certification Recognized by Govt of India

3 case studies, 6 Assignments and internships

10+ investment Banking Templates

Mock Interview Preparation

Capstone Projects with giants like JP Morgan, Bank of America, Standard Bank, Citibank

10% group discount on 3 or more registration

100+ Placement Support

Lifetime Support

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:


Contact details:  +91 9580740740   |

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2. Global Business Studies(GBS) Dubai

GBS is another e-learning platform that provides us with one of the investment banking courses in the UAE. GBS offers a range of courses in higher education. Their four-week program will help you develop the required skill sets that are in demand students can expect a strong position in their careers after successful completion of the course.

Name of the Course:  Global Investment Banking Analyst Programme

Duration of the Course:  4 weeks

Mode of Study:  Online

Fee Structure:  AED 5000

Modules Covered:

Week 1

Global Investment Banking Overview

Analyzing the financial statement

Application on London Stock Exchange(LSE), NASDAQ and NYSE listed companies

Global investment banking process and style module

Application on one LSE-listed company and one private (non-public) company

Investment Banks and Private Equity firms

Week 2

Fundamentals of valuation, trading comparable valuation and Financial Modelling of Trading Companies

Application on at least 4 public stock exchange listed companies and 1 private company

Discussion on FAQs

Week 3

Discounted cash flow valuation and Financial Modelling

Financial modelling on NYSE, LSE, and NASDAQ listed

Application on one London Stock Exchange (LSE) listed company, two New York Stock Exchange listed companies and one private company

FAQs on this topic

Week 4

Determining Transaction Premium ( Transaction Comps)

Leveraged/ Management Buyout (LBO), and Financial Modelling M&A transactions

Pro forma and leveraged buyout modelling

Board presentation of the investment banking transaction

Discussion on FAQs

Other Key Highlights of the Course:

There will be no formal examinations for this course but assessments are undertaken in the following ways

  • Presentations
  • Analyzing a case study
  • Writing reports
  • Writing an assessment
  • Completing a portfolio of evidence


Contact details+971-58-109-3407

3. Data Trained

Data Trained is another platform that offers this course hence making our third priority in the Top 10 investment banking courses in the UAE. Their course is designed to bridge the gap between theoretical concepts and their application in the real world, thus covering everything from basics to advanced levels.

Name of the Course:  Pg Program in Investment Banking and Financial Modelling

Duration of the Course:  6 Months

Mode of Study: Classroom and Online

Fee Structure: Aed 25000

Modules Covered:

Basics of Finance

Introduction to Financial Statements

Basics of Economics

Introduction to Investment Banking

Introduction to Financial modelling and valuation

Basic to advanced Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

Discounted Cash Flow Valuation

Cost of Capital

Relative Valuation

Start-Up Valuation

Merger And Acquisition

Financial Management of Start-Ups

Other Key Highlights of the Course:

Certification recognized by industry

100% Job Assistance

Taught by Experts

Weekend classes for working professionals

Practical case studies


Contact Details:  +447441427157

4. Middlesex University Dubai

Midllesex University offers a CFA Affiliation at Master’s level. Their Investment banking training in the  UAE provides comprehensive modules that include case studies, exams, group presentations, quizzes and practical projects and theses.

Name of the Course: MSc Investment Management

Duration of the Course:  1 Year

Fee Structure: Aed 72100

Modules Covered:

Compulsory Modules-

Investment Analysis and Management

Equity analysis

Generating investment ideas

Estimating investment risk and returns

Concepts and tools required for financial assets

Corporate Finance and Valuation

Acquisition of Valuation skills

Critical Analysis of Risks

Return and growth expectations of earnings and cash flows to the companies

Fixed-income Securities

Mortgage-backed securities

Collateralised debt obligations

Structured fixed-income financial products

Applied Economics

Basic statistical methods

Applying these methods to analytical models in finance

Research Methods and Dissertation

Theoretical frameworks

Relevant research methodologies

Advanced Econometrics

Analysis of cross-section, time series and panel datasets

Dynamic panel data analysis


Empirical research in finance at advanced levels

Optional Modules-

Corporate Governance and Accountability

Financial Reporting

Entrepreneurial Finance

Managerial Accounting

Behavioural Finance

Derivatives and Structured Products

Contact Details:  +971043678100 |

5. United Arab Emirates University

United Arab University provides investment banking training in the UAE. This university covers all major topics with real-world problems and tools and techniques to solve them. The university’s investment banking courses in the UAE offer a detailed curriculum for students to face the real world.

Name of the Course:  Bachelor of Finance and Banking

Duration of the Course:  Contact the Institute

Mode of Study: Online

Fee Structure: Not Specified

Modules Covered:

Fundamentals of Investment Banking

Underwriting syndicate

Corporate finance transactions

Initial Public Offering

Mergers and Acquisitions

Business Valuation and Financing

An overview of the financial process

The pros and cons of using financial ratios

Review of shortcomings of capital budgeting tools

IPO, Private Equity and Hedge Funds

Structuring and executing IPO, Private Equity and Hedge Fund Transactions

Legal and Regulatory issues related to these

Other Key Highlights of the Course:

Certification issued by the International Financial Institution Society(IFIS-USA)

Will serve as a High Authority Council for Arab Bankers (HACAB)

6. AZ Tech

AZ Tech provides hands-on experience with discussions and case studies that will broaden your thinking. Hence this is another online platform that makes it to our list of Top 10 Investment Banking courses in the UAE.

Name of the Course: Driving Performance and Innovation in Investment Funds

Duration of the Course: 5 Days

Mode of Study: Online

Fee Structure: Aed 21852

Modules Covered:

Day 1: Fundamentals and Market Dynamics

Day2: Advanced Investment Strategies

Day3: Strategic Leadership and Organizational Excellence

Day4: Performance Measurement and Analysis

Day5: Financial Innovation and Future Trends

Other Key Highlights of the Course:

Certificate of completion

Develop leadership skills

Portfolio risk Management


Contact Details: +97144275400


Real-time investment Banking training in the UAE that provides exposure using 80% of industry-used study cases. FINXL’s assessments are in line with the real investment banks and research firms.

They also provide 3-6 months of internship with an opportunity to be a part of their global alumni network. They also have a one-on-one mentorship with a dedicated placement manager.

Name of the Course: Investment Banking Training and Certification Course

Duration of the Course: 4.5 Months

Mode of Study: Classroom and Online

Fee Structure: Aed 1323

Modules Covered:

MS Excel Expert

Advanced Excel Essentials & Keyboard Accelerators

Basic & Advanced Excel Functions

Data Collection and Data Structuring for Model

Create a Model Template for 5 years of Historical Data

Finance Fundamentals

Analysing all types of Financial Statements

Restarting Financials for Valuation & Analysis

Corporate actions

Financial Modeling & Valuations

Building Financial Model & Inter Linking Statements

Financial Ratios

Valuation methods

Calculations and analysis of ratios for valuation

Forecasting of valuations

Other Key Highlights of the Course:

Expert Support

Real-time case studies

Resume Preparations

Lifetime Access

3 in 1 Certification

Technical interview preparation

Build 5 investment banking reports from scratch

100% placement assistance


Contact Details:  +9158882688


EXCEED is one of the best Investment Banking courses in the UAE designed for both freshers and professionals. Their investment banking training in the UAE is a one-year inclusive program upon finishing you will be provided with an MBA in Global Banking and Finance from Universidad Catolica de Murcia, UCAM, and a postgraduate diploma from Cambridge International Qualifications, UK.

Name of the Course: MBA in Global Banking & Finance

Duration of the Course: 1 Year

Mode of Study: Online

Fee Structure:  Not Specified

Modules Covered:

Retail Banking, Commercial Banking and Wholesale Banking

Banking and finance sector

Analyse functional areas of marketing, strategy, finance, accounting and operations management

Analyse strategic perspectives

Critically analyse the relationship between the organization and its business environment

Evaluate the role of integrative strategies

Organisational Research as Independent Accounting and Finance Assignment

Financial Risk Management

Planning,  budgeting and forecasting concepts of finance management

Performance management

Risk Management

Shareholder/corporate value creation, including m&As and Disposals

Control and management of operational and financial risk in a business

Other Key Highlights of the Course:

Live and interactive class

Recorded session for offline viewing

World-class curriculum by eminent faculty

Webinar and Assignments

Online library

Dissertation on your area of research work


Contact Details: +97167452556 |

9. University of Wollongong in Dubai

University of Wollongong is the first Australian university in the UAE. They offer various globally accredited degrees from 10 industry sectors. Among these is our Investment banking training in the UAE.

This university is focused on providing a practical skillset and in-depth theoretical knowledge of financial management. With guest lectures from industry professionals, critical reflection, and leading-edge corporate practices this investment banking course in the UAE prepares you for your career roles.

Name of the Course:  Master of Applied Finance (Investing)

Duration of the Course: 18-24 Months

Fee Structure:  Aed 9415.35

Modules Covered:

Common Finance Subjects

Financial Statement Analysis for Business

Financial Institutions

Qualitative Economic Analysis

Advanced Managerial Finance

Risk Management

Socially Responsible Finance

Specialisation Subjects

Alternative Investments

Trading & Dealing in Capital Markets

Portfolio Management

Research Capstone Project

Research in Financial Markets and Institutions

Elective to choose from

Banking, Lending and Securities

Market Management

Multinational Financial Management

Financial Strategy

Economics for Modern Business

Islamic Banking and Finance

Other Key Highlights of the Course:

Prestigious and Accredited Degree in UAE

Doctoral Study Opportunities

Global Career Opportunities


Contact Details:   +974142781800

10. Global Masters Training and Consultancy

Our last institute that provides Investment banking courses in the UAE is Global Masters Training and Consultancy. It offers high-faculty training supporting the businesses by offering a standard program. This course gives an understanding of key practices required in the financial sector.

Name of the Course:  Investment Banking Course

Duration of the Course:   5 Days

Mode of Study: Online

Fee Structure:   Aed 14300

Modules Covered:

Overview of Investment Banking

Balance Sheet Analysis

Product Overview

Introduction to Bonds

Introduction to IPO and Equity Markets

Valuation Triangulation

Cash Flow Approaches based Valuation

M&A Processes


Economics of LBO and its Structure

Acquisition of Finance Structures

Private Equity Fund Managers

Mezzanine and Non-Senior Debt Financing

Contact Details:  +971501857690 

Finally, we conclude our Top 10 Investment Banking Courses in the UAE.


1. What are the career opportunities after completing investment banking courses in the UAE?

After completing the course the individual may opt for a career in various financial sectors as an investment banker. Today’s technological advancements in businesses promise a broad range of choices such as asset management, portfolio management investment analysis, and many more as discussed in the article.

2. How do I start my career in Investment banking?

Pursuing a career in investment banking requires a strong mathematical and financial background with relevant experience and networking skills. Also, this list provides you with the best investment banking institutes in the UAE to kickstart your journey.

3. What is the difference between a commercial bank and an investment bank?

A commercial bank saves, deposits, and withdraws funds of individuals and businesses whereas an investment bank provides advisories for capital market transactions of organizations, government, and other institutes.


Investment banking is thus full of opportunities. Investment banks are on a constant lookout to hire skilled applicants Thus our article provides you the option to choose from the Top Investment Banking institutes in the UAE. Thus we sincerely hope that a course in this emerging field will provide you the boost to leap in your professional journey.

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