Top 8 Investment Banking Courses in Canada With Placements

Acquiring the knowledge of the market and finance of the country opens the door for you to a lucrative job as an investment banker with rewarding career growth and progression. A country like Canada is well known as the best destination for an education system that pulls a large mass of students across the globe for education and employment and is the best place to study investment banking courses. Here is the compilation of the best online as well as offline Investment banking courses in Canada.


List of best investment banking courses in Canada


What is Investment Banking?

Investment banking organizes large, complex financial transactions such as a merger, acquisitions, tender offers, leveraged buyouts, consolidations, etc.,c or initial public officer underwriting, sale of security, brokering, trading, and creation and raising the capital for other companies as well as the government, the role of carefully analyzing, working mostly on the sell-side.

When a company purchases another company, the responsibility of the deal is on the shoulders of investment banking. Investment banking works as an intermediate between the two companies, corporate or government institutions.

Investment banking provides services consisting of managing capital flows, company estimation, risk management, buy and sell agreements in terms of securities and financial material, supervising finance for business, creating an efficient portfolio for the client to convince for maximum return of risk, building a research department where research on securities and work helps the sale department to come up with innovative and profitable trading ideas.


There are 4 types of investment banks




  • Corporate finance
  • Capital market – Equity capital market

                              Debt capital market

  • Merger, Acquisitions & Restructuring
  • Real estate
  • Leveraged finance


Future of Investment Banking

In the upcoming period, investment banking will be seen as a different picture from now. The collaboration of industries, and collectively engaging in problem-solving will further intervention of utilities and demand and lead to the ultimate precision of innovation and adoption of new ideas and technology.

Turning the vision into reality, modifying the customer expectations, and upgrading the investment model with the demand of the situation will overcome all the hurdles, and the emergence of investment banking will be unstoppable. With the introduction of digitalization and witnessing the power of artificial intelligence, investment banking will attain the utmost advantage from routine tasks to efficiently operative programs.

The advent of blockchain technology not only eases the work of keeping a record of transactions but also helps in verification traceability. It also helps in managing and recording cryptocurrency which seems to originate as the upcoming medium of investment in banking.

Moreover, the research team of investment banking keep their eyes on the needs of the business, including the IT professional to drive for better consequences, modify new products and services according to the need of client preferences, and embrace innovation.


Scope and Career in Investment Banking Courses

With the global investment banking ecosystem progressing continuously, it plays a vital role in further promoting capital flows, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, strategic bits of advice, and equity to corporations and governments. The demand for investment bankers is high with good pay perks and compensation packages along with responsibilities from making plans to reaching and helping out clients With the increasing progression and potential investment banking proves to be an alluring and lucrative choice.


The Top Career Opportunities After Completion of Investment Banking Courses

  • Investment writer
  • Investment banker
  • Merger and acquisitions (M&A) analyst
  • Capital markets analyst
  • Corporate finance analyst
  • Asset management
  • Equity research analyst
  • Relationship manager
  • Investment banking associate
  • Investment banking vice president
  • Investment banking director


The Role and Work Profile of an Investment Banker

  • Creating and analyzing the financial model and statements
  • Check the problem, think about options, and recommend solutions
  • Developing the valuation of complex transaction
  • Supervising the execution of transactions by coordinating and meeting multiple stakeholders
  • Suggesting financial advisory, capital raising, equity sales
  • Financing and risk management service
  • Master of all trade
  • Proceeding IPO deal
  • Valuation of company offering price



  • RBC
  • CIBC
  • HSBC


Jobs and Salary After Studying Investment Banking Courses in Canada

A career as an investment banker pays a decent amount of salary bonuses per year. With tears of valuable experience, a wide variety of job opportunities will be offered to you.


Managing director of investment banking $81,499 Supervise all business programs, involved in negotiations, plan mergers, meet the client or acquisition activities
Investment banking vice president $140,712 Responsible for handling associates and analysts of the investment department. Supervise the management and keep in touch with the director
investment banking analyst $58,948 Investment banking analyst has the responsibility of examining financial data and markets, handling IPOs, mergers, and Acquisition
Investment banking associate $118,575 Supervise financial modeling, work inclusively with the client regarding deal proposals


Other best courses in Canada:


Investment Banking Courses in Canada

Investment banking is a well-paid career with plenty of global opportunities. The rise and power of investment banking have placed a high demand for investment bankers in the market.

With rank 4 in education along with a 61.02% rate in employment, Canada is the gateway that generates lucrative jobs and high-paying career growth. In Canada, many universities provide undergraduate as well as degrees in investment banking or finance analysis

If you are a working professional, you can opt for part-time courses or online investment banking courses in Canada. Here we have compiled all the available best investment banking courses, you can go through the blog to choose a course that suits you the best.



IIM SKILLS is an online education institute that trains learners for real industry experience at a very nominal price. It proves to be one of the best Investment Banking Courses in Canada. With their investment banking master course, you can live and learn in super informative interactive sessions with experts who facilitate you with every section from basic to advanced making you ready for a successful career.

Their course comprises lifetime access to the learning management system, classroom classes with presentations, and various free tools designed and structured to upgrade your career path as a beginner and explore new possibilities as a professional as well.


Course duration- 3 months of online course + 1 month internship


Who can apply- anyone who is interested can apply but qualifying such as a Bachelor’s degree in BBA, or commerce would be beneficial, along with having basic knowledge of finance and statistics.


Modules covered under this course

Module 1- MS PowerPoint Module 5- Technical of investment banking
Module 2- MS Excel Module 6- Different Marketing Collaterals
Module 3- Fundamentals of Financial System and Market Module 7- Technical of Finance Modeling
Module 4- derivatives market Module 8- Business Valuation


What else you can expect from this course- Anytime Access, super interactive Scheduling, Learning Management System, Internship and placement support, certification will be provided, capstone project, resume & interview preparation.


Course fees- 39900+18% GST

Contact Information- Email ID-

                                       Phone no.- +919580740740


2. Investment Banking Course by Intellipaat

Intellipaat- Intellipaat leads you to the gateway of advanced investment banking courses in Canada. This course is initiated with the collaboration of E&CT Academy and IIT Guwahati distinctively designed for the overall development of the learner with the essence of knowledge related to stock borrow lending, risk management, trade lifecycle, and asset management. Not only does their curriculum cover the academic part but will embed all required soft skills inside you.


Course duration- 5 months of the session live by professionals

Who can apply- anyone with a bachelor’s degree, especially recommended for Graduates in finance or economics, BBA Finance, chartered financial analysts.


Modules covered-


Module -1

Data transformation using MS EXCEL

Module -2

Fundamental of investment banking


Cash equities and fixed-income

Module -4

Introduction to foreign exchange and money market

Module -5

Derivative market

Module -6

Introduction to reference data management


Corporate Actions

Module -8

Asset management and concepts

Module -9

Introduction to ISDA and reconciliation

Module -10

Stock lending and related concepts


Managing collateral

Module-12 Mergers and acquisitions
Module 13- trade life cycle Module 14- regulatory involvement and risk management Module -15

Customer and anti-money laundering




What else can you expect from the course- certification will be received from E&CT and IIT Guwahati, trained for soft skills, 24*7 team support,1 industry capstone project, assistance for placements




3. Investment Banking Courses by Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning flourish your career with certified investment banking courses in Canada by enrolling in the IMARTICUS certified Investment Banking Operation Program (CIBOP), an approved program where you will be trained effectively by an expert trainer. You will get to learn everything from the trade life cycle to risk management and regulation.


Course duration- 2 months program when done full time and 3month program if done part time on weekend

 Who can apply- Recent graduates from commerce, finance, or business management streams, a gap of 1 year can also apply

Modules covered


Introduction to financial markets Cash equities and fixed-income Foreign exchange and money
Derivative markets Trade life cycle Corporate actions
Asset management reconciliation Introduction to ISDA
Stock, borrow & lending Risk management Anti-money laundering


What else can you expect from the course: 100% job assurance, a professional certification, 10 interviews, career support, and integration of job-specific skills.

Course fees- 1,48,000

Contact information- email-

Phone no.- +919873281080


4. Investment Banking Courses by Mcgill University

McGill University provides the integrated Honours program at the undergraduate level known to be the best global investment banking course. Designed with integrated training with the consultation of a team of investment manager give you an edge and place you in a job as soon as under graduate.


Who can apply- A minimum 3.3 CGPA is required to apply for this course

Modules covered-

Management core

●      Financial Accounting

●      Operations management

●      Strategic management

●      Business statics

Honors course

●      Financial statement analysis

●      Investment management

●      Fixed income analysis

●      Advance business statistics

Complementary course

●      Financial analytics

●      Risk management in finance

●      Applied quantitative finance

●      Financial reporting valuation

Industry specialization course

●      Security trading and market making

●      Real estate finance

●      Behavioral finance

●      Merger and corporate reorganization


What else can you expect from the course- you will be prepared for CFA, CAIA, FRM, and PRM.

Well prepared to find work in

  • Business Consulting
  • Investment banking
  • Private Equity
  • Equity research


5. Investment Banking Courses by the University of Calgary

If you are looking for classroom investment banking courses in Canada, then the University of Calgary is your ultimate destination. The program will make you ready for global opportunities in banking. In addition to academic studies, you will receive valuable full-time paid work experience.


Who can apply for this course- Students with English language art, mathematics, two of; aboriginal studies, physics, biology, chemistry, social studies, etc for more information visit the university site.


Modules covered

Financial management Introduction to business analytics
Introduction to business skills Principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics


What else can you expect from the course- overall ready with highly skillful knowledge of investing and finance in every section of banking.

Contact information- visit the university website


6. Investment Banking Courses by Udemy

Udemy is one of the best online platforms for investment banking courses in Canada, includes IPOs, Bonds, M&A, TRADING, and LBOs perfectly designed to train and integrate you with efficient skills that will make you land a job across the globe, structurally designed to educate the participants without any prerequisite knowledge of finance and investment banking.


Who can apply- no such eligibility criteria

Course duration- 13.5 hours of on-demand video with 210 lectures

Modules Covered

The ascendance of investment banking services The four key areas of investment banking activity Capital market- equity and debt capital market
Advisory- mergers and acquisitions & restructuring Trading and Brokerage DCF Valuation- forecasting key and balance sheet
Tesla valuation Leveraged buyouts LBO Valuation
Triangulating DCF results with multiple Building a comprehensive LBO model Interview Preparation


What else can you expect from the course- knowledge of deal lifecycle, performing LBO valuation, identification of successful M&A DEAL, skill to start a career, a certification of completion

Course fees-RS 3199

Contact information-


7. Investment Banking Courses by Coursera

Coursera has grown to be an outstanding online platform for many courses, and investment banking is one of them. Sign up for courses like Investment Banking: Financial Analysis and Valuation which is a part of the merger and acquisitions Specialization, Investment Management by the University of Geneva, or Advanced Valuation and Strategy. The best part is you can learn at your own pace and rhythm.


Who can apply- anyone who is interested to study

Course duration- 13 hours

Module covered

Module 1: financial spreads & adjustment

●      Financial spread

●      Financial adjustment

Module 2: Introduction to valuation and comparable public analysis

●      Public companies analysis

●      Transcripts

●      Spreading financial information and benchmarking

Module 3: Comparable Precedent Transaction Analysis

●      Unique aspects of spreading transaction comparable

●      Transaction analysis


Module 4: Discounted cash flows

●      Projecting free cash

●      WACC

●      Calculate and determine valuation


What else can you expect from the course- earn a completion certificate, develop job-relevant skills, upgrade your resume?

Course fees- free enrollment

Contact information-



UNB- The University of New Brunswick, located in Fredericton, Canada provides a master’s in quantitative investment management that will open the future gate for a specialized career.  Programming skills as well as practical skills with a high-paying career


Who can apply- An undergraduate degree is essential.


Course duration- 1 year

 Modules covered


Core module Elective module
●      Financial data analysis

●      Financial derivatives

●      Fixed-income securities

●      Financial portfolio investment management

●      Computer science

●      Economics

●      Mathematics

●      Algorithmic and quantitative trading ●      Statistics


What else can you expect from the course- leadership and professional development by evolving in the environment of expert faculty members, land you a job as a quantitative analyst, developer, data scientist, or risk management associate.

Course fees- AUD 9270

Contact information

Email id-

Phone no.- 506-648-5500



Recommended Reads:


9. Investment Banking Courses by Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)

This CFI is a prestigious institute that provides certification of commercial banking and credit analysts with the best training program to give the learners efficient technical skills to achieve success in their work profile. The course comprises financial modeling with a combination of concise theory and a practical approach.

The FMVA is the Corporate Finance Institute’s flagship qualification and is popularly known in the financial market industry. With this recognition, would be able to effectively accelerate the brand value of your resume.


Course duration- 100+ hours, online, access for 2 years

who can apply for this course- anyone with exposure to finance knowledge

Modules covered

Accounting fundamentals Financial statement analysis Financial modeling
Corporate valuation The impact of leverage Role in mid-office and bank office
Excel skill The importance of operating efficiency Bank’s profit exercise
M & A transaction Sales and trading careers The bank’s product
IPO process Equity research career Retail banking career
Finance institution

Universal bank

Large banks

Investment banks

Community banks

Saving and loan associate

Credit union

Building society

Banking services

Retail banking

Private banking

Business Banking

Commercial banking

Corporate banking

How Financial Institutions generate a return

A bank’s balance sheet

A bank’s income statement

Net interest income

Components of total revenue


What else can you expect from the course- overall clarity of subject with e-learning from numerous modules, FMVA certification will be received after the completion of the course, real-life application of finance, market and investment banking in addition to in-depth exposure to market concepts.

Course fee- $497 (own pace), $847(live study)

Contact information- visit their official website


10. IFC 

The investment funds in Canada provide knowledge from basic to advanced that provides more clarity related to the moral and legal obligation of mutual funds. The course comprises macro and microeconomics, IFC check, and financial investment, after completion of the course, they will guide you to register as an investment representative.


Course duration- 90-140 hours, online

Modules covered

Overview of the Canadian financial market place Alternative managed products Understanding financial statements
Overview of economics


Riskier mutual fund products Tax and retirement planning
The modern mutual fund Mutual fund dealer regulation Getting to know the client
Conservative mutual and product Selecting a mutual


Behavioral finance



Course fees- $716

Contact information- 1-866-866-2601




What are the eligibility criteria for studying investment banking courses in Canada?

It depends from one platform to another. But it will be favorable if you are a commerce graduate. A basic knowledge of finance, accounting, mathematics, and statistics would be beneficial. You can even apply after your MBA.


How can I learn and become an investment banker in Canada?

You can enroll in classroom or online investment banking courses in Canada to become well-versed in terms of investment in a bank. You will be trained efficiently which will eventually give you an edge in the management of the financial industry.


Which company will give the placement for an investment banker?

Many successful top investment banks in Canada will recruit you as soon as you complete investment banking courses such as
TD Bank.
BMO Financial Group.
ATB Financial.
Scotia Bank
National Bank


Are investment banking courses worth it in Canada?

Canada is the most demanding country in terms of employment hence even people from other countries immigrate to Canada for a better opportunity as investment bankers and it continues to produce jobs for residents as well as nonresidents



Only your willingness to learn and grow is enough to fly high in the sky. The same goes for investment banking courses in Canada. You will be able to pursue and earn a decent work life as multiple vast employment options are available in investment banking and it seems not going to diminish in the upcoming future. What are you waiting for? Enroll in investment banking courses in Canada and fly with one’s wings.

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