IIM SKILLS CAT Coaching Review

Around 2.5 lac people register for CAT every year. And the number keeps increasing by thousands every year. This is because everyone knows how crucial it is for a candidate to get a seat in the best management college. Management is not only about books and classes. It is much more than that. It is also very much about the environment and the people you meet there. And the candidates working hard for the best percentile know this fact very well. We will look into the IIM SKILLS CAT Coaching. 


IIM SKILLS CAT Coaching Review


No amount of book reading can compete with the learning you get firsthand from the distinguished professors while studying and doing projects with the best talent pool in the country. Many times the professors are the ones who themselves wrote the book other college students are reading.


A top percentile in CAT can take your career to great heights. Once you get a seat in one of the best management institutions in India, you will have the best opportunities in the largest of companies and will have much more value and impact. 


But how to get a high percentile in CAT? What do you need to do to get a seat in the IIMs and other great b-schools? Which CAT coaching should you join?


IIM SKILLS is considered as one of the best online CAT coachings by many candidates. The coursework by IIM SKILLS is created by experts who have years of teaching experience. The coursework acts as a personal tutor for every student. 


Customized IIM SKILLS CAT Coaching for every student


A custom course allows a candidate to go at their own pace. They can focus more on the topics that need more practice. IIM Skills has taken a lot of care to put only those topics that are actually asked in CAT. The coursework is free from many topics that a lot of coaching institutes add to the curriculum just to bulk it up and show students that they are offering more value than any other coaching.


The only purpose for IIM SKILLS is to get the candidate a high percentile in their very first CAT attempt. Course Fee – INR 2900 (Inclusive of GST)


IIM Skills coursework is the most unique course material for CAT. It is unlike any other coaching. When a candidate gives the entrance exam, the test results are examined and analyzed by their experts to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate. Then they design the course material in such a way to focus more on the weak areas while still keeping the strong areas strong.


Since some topics hold more weightage in the CAT, it is important to decide whether working on a weak topic is worth it, given the time and its value in CAT. Nonetheless, it is essential to keep directing the student’s efforts with timely nudge and pull.


IIM SKILLS assigns you a personal coach that is available for any doubts or difficulties you might encounter during your CAT preparation. The interactive sessions are one-on-one sessions with just the teacher and the student. The focus is only on one student. You will see that they truly take the ‘personalized coaching’ feature to the next level.


So many choices


If you search for resources on the internet, you’d be very confused and frustrated by the myriad of results. Each claiming they are the best and produce the best results. It is so easy to select the wrong resource, or worse, refer to too many resources. You must have heard the saying- “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” Ask any failed candidate and he/she will tell you the same story.


You need to choose one or two at maximum. Very few coaching institutes offer a course that is so complete and comprehensive as IIM Skills. You’ll hardly need to do anything else other than what the course tells you to. But you can always follow a book of your choice on the side like Arun Sharma.


IIM SKILLS provides the right blend of video tutorials, mock tests, and study material depending upon the student’s strengths and weaknesses.


For example, If a student is strong in VA but their LR part has some possibility for improvement, the coursework will adjust and concentrate on more practice on the LR. And this is done when there is enough time for the CAT exam.


The specialists who have created the CAT course at IIM SKILLS CAT caching are industry leaders who have many years of teaching experience and have worked at notable positions in companies around the world. There is no substitute to experience particularly when the game is so competitive.


IIM SKILLS prepares a student to fight with the most intelligent and smartest scholars of the country who will become great leaders in the future.


You may want to go through our comparison article on IIM SKILLS vs Quoin CAT Coaching. Check it out for more details.


Online Immersive Training To Save Time


When you study in a classroom there are many challenges. These particularly put the smartest and the weakest in the most disadvantaged position. This is because, in a class, the teacher has to adjust themselves to the average student. They go with the average speed. It’s great for the average student but a waste of time when the topic is a strong topic or a weak topic for you.


The online coursework at IIM SKILLS is designed around the individual student. There are no other commitments like other classmates or teaching at the level of the average student. IIM SKILLS coursework does not put a skilled student at a disadvantage just because the average student is not as fast.


Furthermore, it does not harm a student who needs extra time on any subject and encourages them to turn weaknesses into strengths.


There is no point in sweating hard at a topic someone is already great at. It would be much better if that extra time is rather spent on making weak topics strong. Time is very valuable when it comes it CAT preparation. CAT is as much about time management as it is about intelligence. 


IIM SKILLS CAT Coaching Features – Lifetime access to course materials


All the material, tutorials, PDFs, and mock tests you get with IIM SKILLS come with lifetime access. This is something no other CAT coaching provides to any student. 


This is a great feature because if a student wants to attempt CAT again and aim for a higher percentile, they can use the same course material again without paying for the whole course again. The coursework once bought belongs to the student forever.


It’s more useful because a student now has the strength-weakness analysis prepared for them by the IIM SKILLS CAT course. The student can examine it as many times as they need. They can see and study the downloaded sessions whenever they get time to. However, it is still better to enroll in the course again because of the personal coach who can work with you.


This is of great benefit to the working professionals and final year college students. They can learn the material whenever they get time as per their schedule. Working professionals already have a lot of responsibilities.


They do not need to adjust their schedule to accommodate for the CAT course, they can study any time they feel comfortable. They can through it after work, or study at the weekends and holidays.


Up to date IIM SKILLS CAT Coaching Course Curriculum


IIM SKILLS is dynamic CAT coaching. The course is designed by experts who have a keen eye to the changing requirements of CAT. They take their commitment very sincerely and feel the responsibility when a student depends upon them for their future. 


A student can take guidance not just about the topics but about their whole career, their options, their ideas, and motivation. IIM SKILLS believes that dealing with the inspiration, and providing the right push at the right time, is also an important part of the education process. 


Why CAT?


CAT is the most widely accepted management entrance exam in India. The format of the CAT is intended to test the applicants in specific areas and estimate how fitting they can become as managers, economists or policymakers. Almost all MBA institutes in India take admissions based on a student’s CAT score, before calling them for the interview and group discussions. 


If you have decided to do an MBA, you absolutely need to work on getting a great percentile in CAT. IIM Skills CAT coaching will help you with that.


CAT is an online test. It has 3 different sections of 

  1. Quantitative Ability (QA)
  2. Verbal Ability (VA) & Reading Comprehension (RC)
  3. Data Interpretation(DI) & Logical Reasoning (LR)


The Quantitative Ability(QA)  consists of basic mathematics, based upon a 10 + 2 difficulty level. Questions come from various topics such as Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, trigonometry, profit and loss, and interest. The questions are mainly based on the application of basic math to reach solutions to everyday problems.


The Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DI-LR)  asks questions that are based on a given set of data. The data given could be in any form like graphs, charts, tables or paragraphs. Data Interpretation problems test how the candidate makes sense of the data and their ability to use logic and reasoning to solve questions accurately. 


The Verbal Ability (VA) asks problems based on comprehension and usage of standard English language and grammar rules. VA tests skills like the candidate’s knowledge of arranging words and parts of sentences, determining the tone of statements, and finishing the paragraphs that make sense. 

All the sections share an equal weightage as has been seen in recent years. But CAT has not specified it anywhere.


Why do you need to make the right choice of CAT coaching?


A high CAT percentile almost ensures a seat in the best management colleges. CAT is like a gateway to the best management career. You get the best learning environment, you get a great corporate network of a lifetime. You get to meet important and distinguished fellows and leaders. All this is available to you, you just need to make the right choice of CAT coaching.


Why do you need IIM SKILLS CAT coaching?


  • Good coaching equips you not just for the CAT but also for the course you are going to take. They understand the CAT inside-out because they have observed the question papers and the trends changing year after year.
  • The teachers in the best CAT coaching have years of experience and command over their domain. They know the best strategies to solve any problem quickly and successfully. They have shortcut tricks for many questions. 
  • Good teachers always dedicate time to students’ doubts and problems. 
  • Good CAT coaching knows which topics are more important and score-worthy. They have great intuition and can predict many CAT questions with great accuracy.
  • Good CAT coaching provides you focused attention. No two students are the same. Everyone has different strong and weak points.
  • Good coaching prepares you completely for CAT. this also includes a strategy for the exam. As we know, no one really solves every single question in CAT. You need to prioritize questions and solve the easy ones first. Since every problem carries equal marks. Topics ae one thing but approaching the exam is another skill that only the coaching can teach you.
  • You need CAT coaching because it is the best way to score a great percentile in the minimum number of attempts. Since you are allowed only one attempt each year, you should make the most of that time.
  • Good CAT coaching also prepare you with personal interview skills useful during GD and Interview sessions. You cannot practice that alone.


If you are serious about CAT preparation and your management career, there is no way you can prepare without coaching. Time is crucial and competition is very high for the top colleges. It is a naive idea to think that you can perform your best without the right guidance. If you think you can do good without coaching, you can do great with coaching.


Why should you do an MBA?


MBA or Masters of Business Administration is one of the most competitive and popular course for postgraduate studies. It has many benefits for your career as well as personality. On top of that, if you get an MBA from the best business schools, the benefits if that is unmatched by any other degree.


This is why the MBA programs are the most expensive programs in any university.


An MBA is not just about the books you study and the classes you attend in college. If that was the case, every business school would be producing the same quality of managers. 


The name of your school is a brand that you bear throughout your career. It becomes a part of your identity. It shows that you are a part of the tradition of excellence and the highest of values. You work your whole career to justify the responsibility of that association.


Why is an MBA important?


MBA has many benefits. It is not just for your career but also for you as a person. Let’s discuss them one by one.

  • It enhances your character. Business school changes many aspects of your personality. As you progressively work on projects with exceptional teams, inside the institute and outside, you develop self-confidence and trust in your abilities. An MBA from a great school gives you great respect in the business world as well as in society.
  • It provides credibility. A degree from the best college grants you credibility in the industry. As you begin working, people believe in your skills more when you are from a great institution that has a legacy of producing and nurturing great talent.
  • Many abilities that you learn are the soft and transferrable abilities that come from other skillful personalities. While you work in a team, everyone has the opportunity to learn something from the other member. This is why itis important to be among the best.
  • You can work in any industry you want, like technology, banking, start-ups, energy, medical, sports, arts or politics. MBA is a versatile degree that opens many avenues for you.
  • Strategic thinking is another essential craft that you get to learn in a B-school. This quality is precious not just in your professional life but also in your personal life. You learn to weigh the pros and cons of any decision. You learn to think in terms of the short-term and long-term implications of any choice. You become a great strategist or planner. It is an important quality to foresee the trends in any industry.
  • You become more competent in communication. Management is all about communication. Communication with co-workers. Communication with superiors. Communication with juniors. Effective communication is plain and clear. It gets the work done. 
  • You learn time management. There’s so much stuff to do as a student in a business school you learn to make the most of your schedule and become more productive. 
  • Expand your horizons. MBA provides you with a perspective of the real business world out there. You learn so much about the world. 
  • You have much more worth and negotiate a higher salary with your company when you think you are providing them with a high value.


Now you know the importance of an MBA, why is CAT so important, and why your choice of CAT coaching is so crucial for your career.



1. Which is the best CAT Coaching in India?

There are several institutes that offer CAT courses in various formats. Some offer classroom and online training. Some have self-paced training programs in which you can consult mentors as and when you face difficulty. IIM SKILLS CAT coaching ensures that yu have all the support you require to crack your CAT exams. You can also consult with the authorities to understand what enrolling in the CAT program at IIM SKILLS will entail.


2. What are the criteria to sit for CAT Exam In India?

To sit for CAT, one has to obtain a bachelor’s degree from a relevant institute with at least 50% marks in aggregate (General category), and 45% )for reserved categories.)


3. What should I look for in a CAT Coaching Centre?

A good CAT coaching centre willl offer you with impeccable assistance and learning materials to clear your CAT exam. They help to chart out a schedule to study each section well and helps to instill confidence in you. Advanced courseware and presentations that make the learning interetsing is provided so that you retain information better.


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IIM SKILLS offers the Best CAT Coachings, Course Dekho Reviews for IIM SKILLS is 5 Stars for the performance, education quality, and flexibility to help students get through with CAT Exams. Comment to share your Reviews of CAT Coaching at IIM SKILLS.


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