Top 10 Entrepreneurship Courses in India

“Entrepreneurship”, the term has several meanings depending on how people perceive it. It has originated from a French verb that means to undertake responsibility or risk. Mostly, it means an initiative that leads to a transaction of value, goods, and services in exchange for mostly money. 


Top 10 Entrepreneurship Courses in India



To the youngsters, entrepreneurship is a fancy term according to what all had they seen on the internet, but beyond the luxury cars, fancy apartments, and millions and billions of dollars in the bank account, it takes some real effort to be an entrepreneur.


While being good at entrepreneurial skills can do wonders, being bad at the same can be disastrous. There are a lot of people with great ideas who have failed for one or more reasons like mismanagement, failure in service, problems with the execution, etc. While on the other hand there are people with very simple ideas, that are doing great in terms of business.

So, What it really takes to be an entrepreneur?


When one has a job, they are limited to their responsibilities as an employee, but an entrepreneur is responsible for all the operations. There’s always a factor of risk about the outcome, as it is quite uncertain to predict. 


A start-up would require a lot of things to scale depending upon what kind of start-up one is planning to create. There are start-ups that barely require INR 10,000 to begin with while others would require enough to need funding to operate. 


Most entrepreneurs, tend to have a good creative imagination, planning, and even execution but, many times they lack knowledge about certain aspects such as funding, bootstrapping, etc which could be the reason for their fall.


Anyways, this is 2020 and there’s nothing that one cannot get to learn. There are several entrepreneurship courses in India to support entrepreneurs by guiding them through the very deep concepts of business, investing, sharing, partnership, recruitment, by-laws, etc.


#1. Entrepreneurship Courses In India – Sramana Mitra


Sramana Mitra is the founder and CEO of 1 million by 1 million, a company created with the sole intention to help a million entrepreneurs globally while creating 10 million jobs. Ever since this company was founded in 2010, more than 150,000 entrepreneurs have participated in her online weekly training sessions and received benefits.


She has been trusted by many CEOs and founders of many companies. She was a strategy consultant at Silicon Valley way before she started 1M by 1M and has very successfully consulted over 80 companies. 


Benefits of the Course:


The training programs offered by Sramana Mitra, are of 2 types, they are the basic and the premium plan. Through the basic program, the entrepreneurs will get to learn and access the following:


  • Fresh Ideas
  • Refining the Strategy
  • Video Lectures
  • Interviews
  • Case Studies on 1000 entrepreneurs
  • Access to over 500 hours of material across multiple electives


These benefits apply for basic as well as the premium program for entrepreneurship training.


Course Content:


The course covers some really in-depth and very necessary concepts of entrepreneurship, business, and start-ups. The course curriculum is basically divided into 2 sections, they’re the core curriculum and the electives.


The core curriculum consists of :


  • BootStrapping
  • Positioning
  • Market Sizing
  • Customer Validation
  • Financing
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Team Building




  • Web 3.0 and E-commerce
  • Cloud Computing and Business Solutions
  • Outsourcing and Consulting
  • Mobile & Social Apps
  • Healthcare IT
  •  Online Education
  • Gaming
  • Build Unicorn Companies
  • Women and Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneur Dysfunctions in Cartoons
  • Regional Case Studies
  • Vision India 2020
  • Intrapreneurship


This course curriculum is designed with great effort to address all the challenges faced by entrepreneurs. While the above-mentioned curriculum is common to both the basic and premium programs, the benefits from the premium plan cover some extra features, such as:


  • Accelerated Education- critical, actionable curriculum
  • Online Mentoring on Your Project– help you make strategic decisions and changes
  • Personal Introduction to Investors– help you with funding
  • Personal Introductions to Customers, Channel Partners, Media Analysts, and advisors
  • PR and Media Coverage to build visibility, credibility, to attract/sell to investors
  • Peer network that keeps motivating you to keep going when the going gets tough


Course Details: 


The course has been designed keeping in mind the challenges most entrepreneurs come across while creating, managing, and effectively running a start-up. The curriculum covers very practical aspects of these challenges and guides the entrepreneurs through the problem they are facing or they might face.


  • Duration of the Course:  


The basic program is a self-paced course that consists of  50 hours of video lectures for core topics and 500 hours of electives while the premium program is basically an annual subscription that allows specific access to the students to directly communicate with the course instructor and receive personalized training.


  • Course Fees:


The fees for the basic programs are $99 while the fee for the premium program is $1000 billed annually.


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#2. Entrepreneurship Courses In India – Start Your Business By  SPJIMR


SPJIMR is one of the few institutes in India which have a very practical approach to training programs. It is among the best MBA colleges and Business schools in Mumbai and has been very well recognized due to its quality of training and other features. They offer not one but numerous business administration and management related courses such as:


  • Pots Graduate Diploma in Management
  • Global Management Programme
  • Fellow Programme in Management
  • Owner Management Program
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Big Data Analytics


The mentioned were only a few of all the courses offered, and now that this article is about entrepreneurship courses, SPJIMR has programs dedicated to entrepreneurship development, such as:


  • Start Your Business Program


SPJIMR is among the top 10 B-schools in India, as per the survey reports of many organizations. It was ranked 2nd in Inda by Outlook (2020), 4th by Business Today, 6th by Business world, and 8th by The Week.


It’s also among the Top 50 B-Schools, Globally as ranked at 46th position by Youth Inc.


Benefits of the Course:


The Start Your Business (SYB) program is dedicated to helping budding entrepreneurs by providing them with the right set of skills and knowledge to understand better, the in-depth concepts of entrepreneurship.

During this program, the students get an opportunity to network with fellow entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, marketers, service providers, and others from the entrepreneurial ecosystem. As the course progresses, the students will learn the actual terms of writing a business plan.


Course Content:


The course covers some very interesting and important lessons through 4 modules in total. 3 of the modules constitute the entire training syllabus with 10 lessons in total and the 4 modules are entirely dedicated to presentations.


The lessons covered through this course are:


  • Ideation, Market Sizing, Market Research
  • Costumer, Consumer, Value Chain Mapping
  • Building a Start-up Brand, Digital Marketing as CRM, Sales, Business Model Canvas
  • Presentation of Participant’s Business Opportunity
  • Checklist for Starting Up
  • Costing and Pricing, Company Financials, and Cash Flow
  • BootStrapping and Managing Working Capital
  • Go to Market Strategy, Digital Marketing
  • Design Thinking, Communication, and Presentation Skills
  • Raising Finance, Valuation, Role of VC


These were the lessons and the 4th module consists of presentations and things of that nature, such as:


  • Pre-Incubation Sessions
  • Business Plan Presentations
  • Incubation Facility Based on Set of Criteria


Course Details:


  • Online and Offline Modes: The course is accessible in both online and offline formats, but keeping the present COVID situations in mind and considering the safety of students the courses might be held online.


  • Course Duration: For online modes, the course timing will be 9:00 am to 2:10 pm for 7 weekends, and for campus training, the course timing is 8:45 am to 7:00 pm on Saturdays and 8:20 am to 4:20 pm on Sundays (2 weekends).


  • Course Fees: The course Fees for Start Your Business Program is INR 65,000


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#3. Entrepreneurship Courses In India – Grow Your Business By SPJIMR


This course is also presented by SP Jain Institute of Marketing and Research (SPJIMR) and unlike the  “Start Your Business” program, this course is more for the entrepreneurs who have already started their businesses and are looking forward to scaling them.


This course aims to address the challenges entrepreneurs face in terms of sales, marketing, recruitment, and many other things. The response to this course has been quite good and many interesting start-up founders have completed their course at SPJIMR.


Benefits of the Course:


Though it focuses on the development of businesses as a whole, there are specifically a few key areas that the course primarily focuses on, such as Leadership style and organizational growth, Marketing and Sales, Finance, Human resources, Operation, and IT.


The entrepreneurs at the GYB program have the choice to customize the course timing or attend the weekend batches conducted over 7 weekends.


Course Content:


The course content has been designed very carefully to address the most common problems and challenges that students come across. The course structure is distributed through 4 modules which constitute a total of 11 lessons.


The lessons of the grow your business by SPJIMR include:


  • The transition from “I am Business” to “We make our business grow”.
  • Perceiving Opportunities Beyond the Resources Under Control
  • Role of the Entrepreneur in the Enterprise Life Cycle
  • Drawing the BIG picture for the Venture
  • Strategizing for Achieving the Vision
  • Focusing on Customer Value Innovation as a key driver for Business Growth
  • Opportunity Assessment and Business Model
  • Developing managerial capabilities in key functional areas like marketing, sales, human resources, finance, and MIS.
  • Preparation of Growth Plan Document
  • How to Increase the Chances of Funding and Success?
  • Individual Presentations by Participants before a Panel that Includes Investors and Bankers


These are the topics to be covered over 2 months through 7-weekend sessions.


 Course Details:


  • Classroom Course: The training is provided through classroom formats, and as per the website details, the classes are conducted at SPJIMR, Mumbai campus.


  • Course Duration: 7 Weeks (Weekends only)


  • Course Fees: The Grow Your Business Course Fee is INR 75,000


#4. Entrepreneurship Courses In India – Yatharth Marketing Solutions


Yatharth marketing solution is one of the very renowned entrepreneur training companies based in Ahmedabad, Gujrat. Over a period of 4 years, this organization has very successfully helped more than 200 individuals to set up a well-performing business.


The trainers are a highly experienced and renowned corporate speaker, Mr. Mihir Shah who has managed to help more than 200 companies through his insightful analogies about business and start-ups.


He holds expertise in topics like sales and consulting. The response to their training sessions has been quite good so far.


Benefits of the Course:


The course provides very insightful details into the very practical aspects of starting, managing, and running a business. It addresses the challenges faced in the initial procedures of starting and handling a business.


Course Content:


There is no specific detail about the curriculum of the website, though they have mentioned the key focus areas. Some of the topics they primarily focus on include:


  • Planning
  • Strategic Execution
  • Time Management
  • Leadership
  • Team Management
  • Reward Setup


These are some of the features that the students can expect to get information about.


Course Details:


  • Classroom Course: The classes are conducted in an offline classroom format, however, due to the pandemic situation the sessions are being conducted online on a temporary basis.


  • Course Fee: The course fee has been distributed in 3 structures that is gold, diamond, and platinum with platinum having the highest number of features that the students can avail of. The course fees can be known by enquiring through email forms on their website.


#5. Entrepreneurship Courses In India – Start-Up School India by RIIDL 


Research Innovation Incubation Design Labs, which has been a very active training provider of several courses related to business and entrepreneurship courses in India has come up with this startup school India program through which they’ll be able to provide the aspiring entrepreneurs with some very insightful details about the in-depth concepts of creating, managing and effectively running a start-up.


Benefits of this Course:


The course takes the students through some very interesting procedures which reflect the practical approach of the institution toward helping entrepreneurs learn the real standards of creating and managing a business. 


The first step in the course is the workshops. The budding and aspiring entrepreneurs will be able to attend workshops conducted by some of the most talented start-up gurus. They’ll be sharing their analysis, experience, and plannings for creating a start-up. These mentorship programs will have people who specialize in diverse genres of business helping students to perceive a variety of ideas and processes that they can implement to create and manage their own startups.


Some of the mentors are:


  • Dharmil Seth, Co-Founder, PharmEasy
  • Deep Mehta, Co-Founder, DigiChefs
  • Kunal Mundra, Former CEO, CEAT Tyres
  • Neelesh Mundra, Partner at McKinsey and Company
  • Suhani Mohan, Founder, and CEO, Saral Designs
  • Tapan Mody, Founder Yes Yes, Why not?


These mentors are from very different areas in terms of business strength and therefore will be providing very insightful details from various aspects such as marketing, growth hacking, organization building, supply chain, and logistics, finance, creativity, and brand creation.


The second step in training the entrepreneurs is, that they’ll be learning to create prototypes using in-house labs. Further, these labs are of 3 types, they are:


  • FAB Lab
  • SMAC Lab
  • Bio Lab


These labs are specific to their genre and allow students to use the provided resources to build effective working prototypes.


The third step in this course is personalized mentoring. The students have very diverse planning and ideas about how they are going to scale their start-up to generate desired revenue and find customers etc. So, every entrepreneur despite, all the support and training has their own set of challenges based on what kind of start-up they want to create and how are they going to execute their plans.


However, personal mentoring allows the students to interact with their mentors on a more personal level having discussions over the points they should work on, where they might lag, their strengths, etc. 


Personalized mentoring involves:


  • Domain Expertise and Guidance
  • Business Strategy Development
  • Building Connects
  • Technical Coaching


The budding entrepreneurs also get the opportunity to travel for an immersion trip.


The students also get the opportunity to pitch their ideas and prototypes, for the purpose of seed funding. Those who qualify for the funding process might end up getting funded by organizations like:


  • BIG Kick-Starting Entrepreneurship
  • BIRAC Seed Fund
  • Entrepreneurs in Residence


Course Content:

Though every detail has already been mentioned, there are key offerings that the students and budding entrepreneurs must know about. The key offerings by Startup School India are:


  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Web and App Development
  • BioTech Skills
  • Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Developer Community on Facebook
  • Maker Community


Also, the students who complete the course at RIIDL, get 3 months of free incubation and mentor support.


Course Details:


Classroom Course: The course is not online as the workshops, mentoring sessions, and lab prototyping will be conducted in classrooms.


Course Duration: 6 months


Course Fee: The course fee of RIIDL Start-up School India is INR 45,000


#6.Entrepreneurship Courses In India – NSL


The national school of leadership is quite a known name when it comes to leadership training and entrepreneurship courses in India. The course offered by the national school of leadership primarily focuses on the basics and core fundamental lessons one would need to learn as an entrepreneur.


The course enables students to use their true potentials by learning the right procedures and concepts of entrepreneurship. 


Course Content


The course covers some of the essential aspects of entrepreneurship. Some of the topics covered during this course are:


  • Culture of Innovation
  • Idea Generation
  • Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
  • Emerging Markets
  • Entrepreneurial Financing
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • Competition Dynamics
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Intrapreneurship


Course Details:


  • Eligibility: This is an open course and therefore, anyone above the age of 16 can apply for the course.


  • Distance Learning: The course will be conducted through the distance mode of learning and all the study material and course content will be made available online.


  • Course Duration: The duration of the course is 3 months


  • Course Fee: The course fee of the entrepreneurship certification program at the national institute of leadership is INR 14,200.


#7. Entrepreneurship Courses In India – ISBR Business School 


ISBR Business School provides a range of courses such as BBA, MBA, LLB, and one such course is the PGDM in Entrepreneurship. It is a post-graduation course, which means only the students who have completed their graduation and want to learn the core concepts of entrepreneurship might want to opt for this course.


The organization is affiliated with Bangalore University.


Benefits of the Course: 


The students will have more idea about the real aspects of operating a business. The students will learn to design and develop products and also how to launch them. They will learn the necessary details about marketing, investments, and how funding works.


The students will be receiving a globally accepted certification and recognition.


Course Content: This course covers some of the most interesting and important concepts of entrepreneurship such as: 


  • Capability and Skill Development
  • Core Management Learning Session
  • Domain-Specific Learning Session
  • Project and Assessment
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Simulation Games
  • Personal Branding
  • Rural Immersion Concepts


These were only some of all the lessons and topics covered in the course.


Course Details:


  • Course Duration: 1 year


  • Course Fee: The course fee for PGDM certification program in entrepreneurship by ISBR is INR 30,000+ 3,50,000


#8. Entrepreneurship Courses In India – SYMBIOSIS Centre for Distance Learning


This entrepreneurship course is a post-graduate certification course and the mode of training is distance learning. So, the students and professionals can study from the comfort of their homes, and it is convenient for those who have a job as well.


The students who completed their graduation, or are in their final semester of graduation awaiting results can also apply for the course.


Course Contents: 


The course takes the students through numerous concepts on entrepreneurship and provides them with the best possible information to help them learn the craft of creating, managing, maintaining, and scaling a profitable business.


Some of the topics covered during the course are:


  • Principles and Practices of Management
  • Management Accounting
  • Marketing Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Entrepreneurship Development and Management
  • Sources of Funds
  • Risk Management
  • Logistics and Distribution Management
  • Introduction to Legal System


These are some of the course contents covered during the course.


Course Details: 


  • Course Duration: 1 Year


  • Course Fee: The PGDM certification in the entrepreneurship program by SYMBIOSIS is INR 20,000


#9. Entrepreneurship Courses In India  – Aditya Institute Of Management And Research


This is also a post-graduation certification course in Management. The institute is well known for its management courses like MBA, and PGDM courses. The course so far has received good responses from the students and the testimonials and reviews suggest it has been fairly providing the students with genuine and insightful information about entrepreneurship and management.


It has been ranked in the top 100 management colleges in the country. 


Benefits of the Course:


  • Intense Induction Program at the very Start of the PGDM course.
  • Industrial Visits across both Academic Years.
  • Special Training and Certifications from:
  • National Institute of Securities Market
  • BEC Cambridge English Certification
  • Advanced Microsoft Office Training
  • Digital Marketing Training
  • Exposure to Industry Recognized Software like CIME/TickerPlant


The students will receive the mentioned benefits and there are more options than students can opt for under certain terms and conditions.


Course Details: 


  • Duration of Course: 2 years


  • Course Fee: The course fee for PGDM certification program by Aditya Institute is INR 3,80,000


#10. Entrepreneurship Courses In India- Globsyn Education


Globsyn institute has also been quite a renowned name among the institutes offering courses around management. Among those courses is post-graduate diploma certification in Management.


Benefits of the Course:


There isn’t much information available on the website, but one can derive the following benefits from the post-graduate diploma certification in Management.


  • The students will be prepared for communication skills and teamwork.
  • They’ll get to learn the core concepts of their domain and also the critical thinking ability to observe and analyze better.
  • The course aims to prepare industry-ready and responsible managers who have high regard for personal and institutional integrity.


Course Details: 


The curriculum consists of 3 divisions which take the students from basics to professional aspects as the course progresses. The programs and the lessons covered are mentioned below


  • Foundation Programmes:  Basic Financial Accounting, Mathematics, Statistics, etc.


  • General Management Programme: Marketing, Human Resource, Operations, Finance, Economics, etc.


  • Schools of Excellence: Operation management, information systems, finance, accounting, etc.


Course Duration: 2 years


Course Fee: The course fee for PGDM certification by Globsyn Institute is INR 7,60,000


Conclusion on the top entrepreneurship courses in India 

These were the top 10 institutions in India that offer courses and training programs around entrepreneurship. These programs are specifically dedicated to developing entrepreneurial skills, and they provide the students with very practical and insightful information that plays a very important role in the student’s journey as an entrepreneur and also the organizations and start-ups they try to build, manage and scale.


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