The Best 5 Content Writing Courses in Vishakhapatnam

In a world where change is the only constant, some skills remain evergreen, no matter how much the markets revolve, due to fluctuations, policy, or whatsoever. We live in a world centered around consumption and in this world CONTENT is required as long as new goods and services are created and sold. Therefore, Content Writing is a skill that will help you throughout. This is one skill exquisitely productive for professionals, entrepreneurs, and businessmen equally. Content writing will help you earn with smart development and open various business prospects for your career. Here are the best content writing courses in Vishakhapatnam with placements, syllabus details, internship information, and placement opportunities. 


Content Writing Courses in Vishakhapatnam



Vishakhapatnam also called Vizag or Waltair is the largest and the financial city of Andhra Pradesh. Being renowned for its beaches is a major attraction for tourists. The history of Vishakhapatnam dates back to the 6th BCE when it was a part of the Kalinga Dynasty and now is a part of the 4 smart cities of Andhra Pradesh.


Being home to the oldest shipyard and the only natural harbor on the east coast of India, it is also known as the jewel of the East Coast, for the trade that operates. Vishakhapatnam attracts a lot of students due to the availability of prestigious institutes like the National Law University and many others.


With tourists around and such viable trade and business opportunities, content writing is a skill that can help one upscale their business game and reach heights of success. Vizag is also an IT hub, and all such travel and IT-based firms are looking for trained content writers and digital marketers who hold enough knowledge of the Search Engine Operators, to help them survive the cut-throat competition.


A web content writer is a person who specializes in providing relevant content for websites, which helps them receive rankings, expanding their domain authority over the web. Hence, the credit for the success of good business can succumb to good content creators. Besides this skill can be particularly used in a place full of opportunities like Vizag, and with many talented individuals to make such good use of these opportunities.



Here is a list of the best content writing courses in Vishakhapatnam with details about the company and sufficiently described details on the curriculum and the course that you must check out:


#1) Content Writing Courses in Vishakhapatnam

 IIM Skills Content Writing Course

IIM Skills is the brainchild of Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar, who after the massive success of his educational blog, after reaching 1 million people digitally, came up with the idea of IIM Skills to launch a full-fledged training program, focused on delivering hands-on experience during this professional certification program. It is one of the leading content writing courses in Vishakhapatnam as well In India. 


The motive of the program is to provide a world-class education at affordable pricing through live and online courses ensuring self-paced learning. IIM Skills is working for students, professionals, and entrepreneurs in 23 cities in Asia.


What makes IIM Skills leading experts when it comes to Training?


IIM Skills provides training courses for students, professionals, and entrepreneurs with industry experts experienced with over 10+ years of providing practical knowledge, to create a fruitful base for our careers.


Salient features of the IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course. 


  • Industry Experts: Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar, a trained expert, and practitioner in the field, has built his worth through this, and thus holds the right passion and experience(10+years), to guide us through these experiences and his thriving spirit.


  • International Certification: At IIM skills, you will not only create goodwill and passion but a certified recommendation recognized internationally. IIIM Skills is the only institute that provides international certification from Hub post. This will enhance your credibility and also give you an edge over others in the field.


  • Practical Knowledge: One of the biggest advantages here is the field application and practicality associated with IIM Skills, as they focus more on assignments than theoretical lectures. The beauty of this feature is that they make an effort to understand your writing style and add a characteristic to it, rather than creating a block/ pattern in your brain.


  • Lifetime Access: At IIM Skills the Content Writing Master Course can be accessed anytime during your career for any glitches that you might face and will help as a supportive pillar to your success.


  • Free Tools: IIM Skills provides tools worth INR 35000 that can be accessed and bear lasting results in your career.


  • Lifetime Support: IIM SKILLS Content Writing Training program comes with lifetime support for any doubts, queries, and confusions. The mentors and support desk are approachable and resolve all your issues with great alacrity.


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CURRICULUM: Following modules provides the details of the curriculum of the 4 weeks course, IIM Skills is providing:


  • MODULE 1: Web Development
  • MODULE 2: UI UX Interface (Blog Creation)
  • MODULE 3: Introduction to Content Writing
  • MODULE 4: Content Keyword Research
  • MODULE 5: Start Writing Content
  • MODULE 6: Content Writing Tools
  • MODULE 7: Duplicate Content Detector
  • MODULE 8: Content Distribution using Mail
  • MODULE 9: Google Local Pages Set Up
  • MODULE10: Content Marketing using Social Media
  • MODULE 11: Exploring Social Media Tools
  • MODULE 12: Freelance Content Writing


IIM Skills provides online and live training sessions.


Course Fee – INR 14900 + GST

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Call: 9911839503



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#2) Content Writing Courses in Vishakhapatnam

NESTSOFT (Content Writing Course)


Nestsoft technologies is a leading software company established in Kerela in 1997. The company runs with the dedicated motive of making businesses simple to run and organizing them systematically through their algorithms. The company provides quality digital marketing and content writing services.


It is one of the best content writing courses in Vishakhapatnam, where they aim to teach people how to create content that can be utterly productive in many ways and can make them future content writers. They describe content writing as an industry that holds maximum scope in this world of marketing.


What makes Netsoft leading experts, when it comes to Training?


Nestsoft holds 18+ years of experience in training over 35000 professionals with industry experts. The course has flexible timings and a 100% placement record and lives training and project-based experience.


Hence, Nestsoft holds the power of training you in a course that will act as the base of your shining professional career.


Content Writing Strategy at NestSoft


  • Identifying the goal
  • Analyzing
  • Creating numerous ideas and collecting them
  • Structuring
  • Squeezing it in sequence
  • Making it error-free




  • Nestsoft provides the scope of Job oriented Training, with a project-based practical approach that works its implications in the field.
  • It provides you with Google experience and 100% free placement assistance on completion of the training program.
  • The course is typically suitable for the following
  • Marketing Managers
  • Graduates/ students who aim to pursue a career in content creation
  • IT Professionals
  • People selling their products off the internet
  • Literature Students
  • Nestsoft in its training program enriches the ability to create content and market IT sufficiently. It helps in creating attractive and up-to-date content for social media and websites constantly.


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  • Module 1: Essentials Of Writing


This part of the syllabus deals with the basic confidence and approach one needs to hold up before beginning. Includes basics such as why become a writer and how to hold the right approach. It also talks about breaking one’s pattern and recovering through your block.


  • Module 2: Before you Write


In this module details of writing are explained along with planning, research, referencing, and plagiarism.


  • Module 3: Write Right


This part of the course discusses the need for a strong grammatical base, writing effective paragraphs, and enabling correct communication by creating a logical flow, making text apt and accurate.


  • Module 4: After you write


This module deals with proofreading, editing, and communicating with future business prospects. This module deals with proofreading, editing, communicating with future business prospects, and rewriting.


  • Module 5: Publishing Project Work


  • Module 6: Career Development for writers


In conclusion, Nestsoft deals with various wide prospects of content writing in fair detail and can be a well-equipped course for you to kick start your career.


Mail Nestsoft at

Contact: +91 9895490866 ; 9446600


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#3) Content Writing Courses in Vishakhapatnam

Younglogix (Digital Marketing and content creation)


Young Logix is a vision-led organization, with the motive to scoop the wonders of content writing can vocational training can potentially do. Being a conglomerate of several organizations, the company is acting at providing planned and customized solutions to education at every stage of its being.


The company is driven by the motto of guiding youth towards a career-driven approach to learning, they believe that education is the cherished property of every human being and propels people to have successful careers.


Young Logix believes that each individual has hidden skills and the ability to contribute to humanity. Courses offered here, helps one keep pace with the ever-changing educational needs of the challenging world to keep young aspirants future-ready. It is for all these reasons that it is one of the most popular content writing courses in Vishakhapatnam. 




  • This Digital marketing workshop includes lessons not just on blogging and content creation, but SEO and other major marketing tools. This will help students, professionals and entrepreneurs get rankings on their content, implying a higher domain authority as they continue to write on the web.


  • The workshop is filled with practical assignments to test one’s skills and provide them with essential feedback to keep learning and keep growing.


  • Younglogix provides an international certification well recognized in India as well as Australia.


  • As the company holds business relations with companies in India and Australia, there is a future cope for prospective international clients.


  • The project-enabled system, through the online/virtual classes at younglogix will help you create your brand online and sell it to various potential buyers.


Curriculum: The digital marketing agenda workshop, with enabled content writing tools, offers the following courses as a part of its curriculum:


  • MODULE 1: Basic SEO- Career options
  • MODULE 2: Domain and Web hosting
  • MODULE 3: Google Tools
  • MODULE 4: Social Media Marketing
  • MODULE 5: PPC, Google Adwords
  • MODULE 6: Using Word press, blogging
  • MODULE 7: Affiliate Marketing
  • MODULE 8: Email Marketing
  • MODULE 9: Facebook Advertising



India Headquarters:

49-28-13, Mohan Sadan, Madhurnagar, Vishakhapatnam

Mail Younglogix at

Contact Number: 8121121266


#4) Content Writing Courses in Vishakhapatnam

Web Media Training


Web Media Training is a digital marketing services and solutions company, created by Mr. Abdul Nafay. The company instills the expertise and skills necessary to ensure a successful online strategy implementation.


Web Media Training along with providing specialized consultancy services also sis serving young individuals with quality courses on content creation, search engine optimization, and digital marketing. Web Media Training provides one of the most specialized core search engine optimization courses in Vizag. Web Media provides one of the most comprehensive programs for content writing courses in Vishakhapatnam. 




  • The detail-oriented course at Web Media Training has key technology and important insights that are mandatory to cultivate an apt strategy for SEO.
  • The course covers details on keyword research, which helps in gaining rankings for your website or popularising and form of online content.
  • Provides a live SEO Project, which will test your writing, and technical skills with guidance and feedback ensured.
  • Provides a list and assistance with Google Online Certification Courses
  • Emphasizes how the SEO is content-driven and lays guidance on how to create fresh, original, and driven content to enhance your rankings.
  • The course adopts a very field-based practical approach and discusses unique features that will help you market your content and establish a unique identity7 online.
  • Training with industrial experts with 8+ years of experience.
  • The course discusses using effective content and the use of meta tags for website creation.
  • Especially useful for those who aim to create content for websites, as this course provides deep insights into the marketing of the created content.
  • The course also covers details on inbound linking and techniques that can boost a website around link creation.
  • The 5-hour long course divided over 11 lectures is available for free at the Web Media Training and is very detailed base.




  1. MODULE 1: Digital Marketing and SEO basics
  2. MODULE 2: WordPress Installation on Server
  3. MODULE 3: Offpage Optimisation
  4. MODULE 4: Local Business Listings
  5. MODULE 5: Reports and Management
  6. MODULE 6: Live SEO Project


Mail Web Media Marketing at

Contact Number: 996681221


IIM SKILLS CW Course Demo Invite


#5. Content Writing Courses in Vishakhapatnam

Henry Harvin (Certified Digital Content Writer)




Henry Harvin is a premier training institute with online and offline content writing courses in Vishakhapatnam and across South East Asia. It is the leader in competency and value creation. Ranked 1 by trainings360, this institute takes pride in developing premium skills with their well-established courses among young aspirants.


The company is driven by the motive of reshaping the growth of young individuals through benchmarked content, training exercises, and state-of-the-art experiences. The company aims to grow in line with the visions of Mr. Henry Dunster 400 years ago in the form of an educational institution respected worldwide.




  • Ranked no. 1: The certified content writing course at Henry Harvin is ranked number 1 by training 360.
  • Practical learning: Follows the GCAO learning pedagogy with a strong emphasis on field application and working while learning.
  • 1-year membership of content academy: Get 1-year membership at the content academy, with brush-up sessions, career services, interview skills, guaranteed internships, weekly job support, and live projects, helping you establish your entity on the web.
  • Content variety: Provides specialization in various content types such as book writing, copywriting, SEO Writing, and Content strategy and enables you to earn online with the help of live projects.
  • Access to the learning Management system: This feature gives you later access to the course lectures for revisiting your conceptual base.
  • Add on Supplements: Add on supplements like Logo Software, Ebooks, and CW guide are provided to deliver projects effectively.
  • International Clientele: Henry Harvin is an old and prestigious institute with various international companies, enhancing future business prospects. The 32-hour long training program costs 12500 INR and is available online as well as offline provides detailed insight into content writing.
  • Hallmark the CDCW next to your name.


Following are the details of the curriculum:


  • MODULE 1: Language Skills
  • MODULE 2: Internet Skills
  • MODULE 3: Business and Marketing Writing
  • MODULE 4: Content Strategy
  • MODULE 5: Technical and Research Writing
  • MODULE 6: Academic Writing
  • MODULE 7: Research Writing
  • MODULE 8: Earn Online and get International Projects


Contact : 91 901526626


FAQs on Content Writing Courses in Vishakhapatnam


  1. What is the duration of the content writing training program in Vishakhapatnam?

A content writing course is 4-8 weeks approximately in Vishakhapatnam.


  1. What is the course fee for content writing courses, and training programs in Vishakhapatnam?

The fee for content training and courses might vary from 12,000  to 25000 approximately in Vishakhapatnam.


  1. What are some topics for the content writing courses in Vishakhapatnam?

Some important topics for content writing are content scheduling, WordPress CMS management, GMB, keyword research, social media, email writing and automation, content marketing, and management.


Conclusion on the top content writing courses in Vishakhapatnam

In addition to all these courses, there are other online courses available at Coursera and Udemy, which have standard quality and can be worth a shot. Checking these courses, if online learning is suitable might be a good option. These courses are created by experienced professionals who are industry experts and provide well-recognized certification, that adds value to your skill and your CV.


Hope this article helped make the right choice. Opting for Content Writing as a profession will certainly upscale your career and lifestyle as long as you remain passionate about your skill and deliver good services to your clients. A good course will help one attain these qualities.


Therefore, choosing the right place to invest your money and trust in, is a very important decision. One of the wisest ways to make any decision is to research rigorously. Also, try the demo classes on all these platforms to make the most informed decision.


I hope this article brought more clarity in regards to this decision.




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