9 Content Writing Courses in Raipur With Placements

Companies these days choose to make their impacts digitally. So, there is no lack of jobs in content creation. If you are an aspiring content writer and want to know more about it, you have landed on the right page. To kickstart your career as a content writer, you should be aware of the content writing fundamentals. Getting a certification in the content writing field will help you get your dream job. It is easy to get an online content writing certification right from the comfort of your home. But first, let us learn about content writing. Stay tuned to know more about content writing courses in Raipur!


Content Writing Courses in Raipur



What Is Content Writing?


Every piece of written information that we consume is known as content. Content writers curate content for websites, blogs, articles, e-books, social media, and whitepapers.


Content writers create content in different forms like:

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Press releases
  • Business proposals
  • Business listings
  • Emails
  • Presentations
  • Video scripts
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • EBooks/Books
  • Case studies
  • Social media posts


Whenever you write and edit content with the motive to market it digitally, it is known as content writing. Different types of content writing like creative writing, copywriting, technical writing, and academic writing.


Why Take A Content Writing Course?


Good quality content is the way to go when you have to build your strong online presence. If you think content writing is for you, knowing the answer to why is also important. While we tell you the way to determine whether content writing is your cup of tea or not, wait for a while more to know about content writing courses in Raipur!


  • Are you a blogger and thinking of monetizing your platform? Taking a content writing course is a wise choice.
  • If you are planning to restart your career again, try your hand at content writing.
  • Thinking of raising a passive income? Content writing can be your side hustle.
  • Building brand awareness is crucial for every entrepreneur and content is the key to it.


A piece of information that relates with a larger mass and acknowledges what you can offer is the purpose of content creation. Drafting compelling content is the first step to help you reach a larger audience. Once you create content, it starts getting picked and ranked by search engines. It helps gain visitors that eventually convert.


There is a lot of content we consume daily and if it interests you, do not shy away from learning more about content writing. To understand the nitty-gritty of content writing, taking up content writing courses in Raipur can be helpful. This course will help you upskill and acquaint you with fundamentals, the tools, and the techniques of content writing. With their support, you’ll get an opportunity to learn and have placement opportunities once the course completes.


Scope for Content Writers


You do not need any degree to be a writer. The scope for content writers varies from working with well-established media houses to being a creative writer.


  1. The media industry welcomes content writers with open hands as writers have a knack for scriptwriting. Writers get many opportunities where they curate content for their coveted news portals or news websites.
  2. The public relations industry requires a content writer for writing press releases, author articles, blogs, and much more.
  3. The IT industry demands the need for a technical writer. Their work includes writing about technical topics like Cyber security.
  4. A digital marketing agency hires content writers for job roles like email marketing campaigns, blog writing, and SEO writing. This industry exposes them to content marketing and helps them grow as content marketers.
  5. E-commerce companies need content writers to be their go-to people to review products and write product descriptions.
  6. Creative writers curate content for social media platforms to promote various products or services. These days companies are focused on establishing their brand’s image using social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn.


Salary Structure in Raipur


For freshers starting the content writing with no experience for 2 years, the salary range varies from 3.5 to 4 LPA. The writing professionals having experience from 2-5 years get a salary ranging from 5-8 LPA. The established professional writers having experience of more than five years can expect a salary from 9 to 17 LPA.


Taking up content writing courses in Raipur will help you develop relevant knowledge expected by your prospective employers. There is no time better than now to be in this field due to the ongoing startup boom.


Now that you have the answers to the popping questions in your head, check out this handpicked list of 9 content writing courses in Raipur here.


1.  Content Writing Master Course by IIM Skills


Just as the name suggests, master the skill of writing with the subject matter experts and develop the knack to write better content. Being the pioneer of content writing, IIM Skills is among the top content writing institutes in India


Here’s the curriculum offered by the Content Writing Course at IIM Skills:


  • Introduction to content writing
  • A detailed understanding of SEO
  • Keyword research and its tools
  • Content marketing
  • Freelance content writing
  • Web development
  • Blog creation
  • Knowledge of various content writing tools


Here’s the reason why we feel you should take this course:


  • Learn from industry experts with 16 hours of live training and 10 hours of internship lectures.
  • Get lifetime access to the learning portal Learning Management System.
  • Access tools like keyword research tools, WordPress themes, landing page creators, SEO tools for free.
  • Know the hacks to write well-researched articles and optimization content.
  • Build your portfolio as a freelancer or a professional writer.
  • Author your first ebook and learn to publish it on Kindle or Google books.
  • Get an opportunity to write a blog for leading media houses like the Times of India.
  • Master your content writing skills with global accreditation.
  • Start your journey as a content writer after the completion of the course with various placement opportunities.


All of this is priced at INR 14,900 +18% GST.


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IIM Skills has partnerships with the Top-Brands



Reviews and Testimonials

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For an in-depth analysis, read IIM Skills Content Writing Course Review


Other courses at IIM SKILLS 

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2.  Advanced Writing Course by ECT


ECT is the only content writing training institute in India that is government-recognized. It is a three months course that includes 32 hours of live training and 50 hours of e-learning. This certification holds greater credibility, lifetime support, course completion certificate, and an assured job post the course. It is one of the best content writing courses in Raipur.


The Curriculum Of This Course Includes:

  • Content writing introduction
  • Ways to boost vocabulary
  • Techniques to avoid grammatical mistakes while writing
  • Tools and tips to learn writing
  • Ways to enhance your creative non-fiction writing skills
  • Understanding business writing skills
  • Learning technical writing
  • Ways to sharpen your academic writing skills
  • Building specific pieces of content
  • Mastering content writing
  • Monetization of your writing skills
  • Publishing your book


The course fee is INR 12,712 + 18% GST.


If you want to establish yourself as a writing professional, this is one of the best content writing courses in Raipur.


CW IIM SKILLS Raipur Demo Invite



3.  Content Writing Courses on Coursera


Coursera is a well-known platform for educating people in almost every field. It offers learning opportunities varying from hands-on courses to job-based courses. This self-paced learning course can help you earn content writing certifications from the comfort of your home.


Here are some courses from Coursera that can benefit you in the long run:


  • Good with words: Writing and Editing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • The Strategy for Content Marketing
  • Content Strategy for Professionals


Coursera has a blend of free and some paid courses. Visit the website for more details.


4.  British Council


British Council offers numerous courses for content writers. It is a globally established institute and one of the finest writing courses in Raipur. The online classes last over nine weeks which you can take using their interactive learning platform Edmodo.


This Course’s Curriculum Includes

  • Developing story ideas into plots
  • Creating characters and settings
  • Writing dialogues
  • Writing short stories
  • Travel writing
  • Blogging and social networking


The course fee is INR 10,000.


5.  Content Writing Courses on Udemy


Udemy offers courses for students, businesses, and NGOs to upskill them. It is a good platform if you are willing to bolster your writing skills from the comfort of your couch. They have a wide range of courses for every professional looking to enhance their skills. But here are the ones we feel you should try:


  • Learn about Content Writing
  • Ultimate web content writing masterclass
  • The complete content writing master course for 2021
  • Master content writing – Basic to Advanced

There are a few paid and free courses. Check Udemy’s website to know more about these courses.


6.  Hubspot High Impact Writing Courses on Hubspot Academy


Being one of the most known learning platforms, Hubspot Academy offers free online certified training courses for freshers and professionals.


The Course Curriculum Includes:

  • Prewriting strategies
  • Becoming a better writer
  • Editing and proofreading

It is a free course and probably one of the best content writing courses in Raipur. Check it out.


7.  Content Writing Courses on SkillShare


Skillshare is an online learning platform known for the wide variety of courses it offers. You have an initial free trial option that you can change to a premium membership. It can give you access to more than 20K courses. Your search to find the best content writing courses in Raipur may end here. Here are a few of them you can get started with:


  • The writer’s toolkit
  • Creative nonfiction
  • Creative writing
  • Kickstart your freelance writing career
  • The creative writer’s toolkit
  • The creative art of pitching stories


They offer two subscriptions of INR 199/mo and INR 600/mo.


 8. Content Writing Course by Skills Upgrader


Skills Upgrader offers courses for every kind of writer, whether a fresher or an established one. They provide four weeks of online training and 70 hours of practical assignment. It offers freelancing writing opportunities and placement support. Being one of the well-known content writing courses in Raipur, they offer 15 modules:


  • Introduction to content writing
  • Web hosting
  • The connection between content marketing
  • Website creation
  • Understanding the writing process
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Keyword research
  • Writing SEO optimized content
  • Content creation
  • Content marketing using social media
  • Call to action
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Lead generating using content marketing
  • Content marketing using email marketing
  • Freelance content marketing


The course fee is INR 6999 + 18% GST.


CW IIM SKILLS Raipur Demo Invite


9. Henry Harvin


It is one of the training institutes recognized for its quality education by India’s Top Media. Being one of the known content writing courses in Raipur, it also helps you master various content types like:

  • Creative writing
  • Technical writing
  • Business writing
  • Medical writing
  • SEO writing
  • Copywriting
  • Social media writing
  • Book writing


This course offers 32 hours of online training, guaranteed internship, course completion certification, e-learning access, and Bootcamp sessions. This course’s curriculum includes:


  • Language skills
  • Internet skills
  • Business and marketing writing (12+ writing types)
  • Content strategy
  • Technical and research writing (8+ writing types)
  • Academic writing (9+ writing types)
  • Creative writing (4+ writing types)
  • Earn online and get international projects


This course offers self-paced for INR 13500 and online live classes for INR 15,000.



We know that content writing and digital marketing play a crucial role in building a brand and generating leads that convert. Now that we have shared with you a list of content writing courses in Raipur, we suggest you check these courses out too:




It is a DLP (Distance Learning Program) offered by IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) Raipur. It’ll guide you to pursue a career as a freelance content writer. The course is for a maximum duration of 2 years. It consists of two compulsory and four elective courses.


2.  InnoTech Solution Services in Raipur 


It offers vocational and professional courses on website design and development, digital marketing, and video editing. It provides Google courses like:

  • Google Adwords
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Web Application and Development
  • G-Suite Development


3.  IIM


This course is offered by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Raipur. It is a five months course that has hybrid modules, that is, on-campus and online. The course modules cover website development, social media marketing, SEO, email marketing, and digital marketing.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is content writing in demand?


Yes, content writing is in demand. These days companies want to create their brand awareness and there is no better way than putting out content that connects with people.


  1. What are the 5 types of writing styles?


The 5 types of writing styles are, creative, narrative, persuasive, expository, and descriptive.


  1. In India, how much do content writers charge?


For a fresher starting as a content writer, the average price per word varies from 0.5 to 0.75 paise. This amount gradually increases with the amount of experience. For an intermediate-level writer, this average amount per word ranges from 1.5 to 3.5 INR. For an expert-level writer, the average amount per word ranges from 4 to 7 INR or more.


  1. Is there any future in writing?


Yes, there is a future in writing. Writers depending upon their experience and field of work can work as content marketers, SEO content writers, bloggers, academic writers, authors, editors, proofreaders, and publishers as well.


  1. How to become a writer without a degree?

You can be a writer without a degree by gaining writing experience, expanding your professional network, taking writing training from recognized institutes like those suggested above, considering internships as opportunities to learn, and looking out for jobs.


  1. What are the types of content writing?


The types of content writing are, blogging, copywriting, technical writing, social media writing, and email writing.


  1. What are the different types of content writing formats?


The types of content writing formats are point-illustration-explanation, interview, listicles, link posts, how-to guides, and case studies.


  1. What is the work of a content writer?


A content writer curates content for companies that want to create their brand’s awareness, market new products, or fulfill their internal content requirements.


  1. What are the skills a content writer must know?


A content writer must have strong researching skills, be aware of the ongoing trends in their niche, have good knowledge of SEO, thorough knowledge of grammar, and a strong vocabulary.


  1. Do I have to pay for courses before they begin?


Yes, you will have to pay for courses before they begin. However, few reputed institutes like IIM Skills listed in the top 8 content writing courses in Raipur, allow you to take a demo class before you decide further.


  1. Can you make a living as a content writer?


Yes, you can make a living as a content writer by associating with companies as their writers or kickstarting your career as a freelance writer.


  1. Can I use content from other pages?


You cannot copy-paste the content from other pages. However, you can use it as your reference while writing. Copy pasting the content results in plagiarism that can impact the domain authority of your website.


Final Thoughts on Content Writing Courses In Raipur


These are the content writing courses in Raipur that can help you upskill and enhance your existing skillset. If you want to learn writing or upgrade your knowledge, these courses will help you align with the needs of your employers or clients. As a fresher, there are basic terminologies you need to be familiar with when you begin writing.


To learn the fundamentals of writing, you need to be aware of the ongoing trends in the market. They will pave the path for you and help you take your first step to start your writing career.


Remember to weigh all the pros and cons of your preferred course before proceeding in your writing journey. An institute that offers internship experience and gives you hands-on experience will help you build a strong portfolio. Building a portfolio is paramount because every time you collaborate with your prospective clients, you need your work to prove you are good at what you do.


Content writing was not a well-established career before, but now it is. To understand the way it functions, you need mentors, pieces of training, and internships that can polish your writing skills. To do so, the course you choose must resonate with your expectations. It is a growing field. To keep up with it, keeping yourself updated is a must.


When they say content is king, it’s the truth because we consume content in different forms videos, reels, images, blogs, or articles. Numerous people will read the piece of content you write. To get your readers hooked, you must understand every little thing about making it the best. It only comes when you learn to understand your readers, and their behavior and use the right tools to write the best content.


You have an option to learn new skills right from the comfort of your couch, and it is a boon. Utilize this opportunity to make the most of your time and curate the best content. Think about every course and prefer the one that will groom you in the best possible way. The one that meets your needs and gets you the kind of clients you want is when you know it is a perfect match.


Writing content is easy, but the one that compels people to read more is the actual win. So, let the course you choose, the training you take, and the hacks you learn to drive your writing career. Select the one that will help you work on your weakness and push you to be a better writer with every passing day. Begin your writing career by doing proper research.


Bridge the knowledge gap with a course that facilitates the best learning with an internship. Learn to address the content needs of your clients with training and kickstart your career. Build an impressive portfolio by writing content that is relevant to your niche and suits client requirements.


Learn the ways to use writing tools that can make writing effortless for you.

Happy learning!



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