Which are the Best Content Writing Courses in Chandigarh?

Ever wondered about the rapid digital transformation taking place in our lives? Hunting for someone to uplift your traditional business online via content writing? A big Yes! So follow what unfolds.


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In the 21st Century, people want to learn before they buy. They want to educate themselves in every possible way to avoid being pitched. That is to say, you have to make sure that the subject matter you write and publish, has relevance, and provides a new window to dynamic scenarios.


The paradox is that the more information you pass on to your audiences about your thread of discussion, the more people will buy what you have to offer. The key ingredient of any business strategy is its ‘content’ and you as a budding content writer shall not reach just your confined audience but influence your audience’s audience.


Double-ues (W’s) of Content Writing Certification- What it is? Why it is needed? Where to learn from? What Benefit does it provide?


In layman terms, it is an art and Content Writer, an artist. The art of writing thoughts, views, pictures, situations, etc. understandably. Sounds easy know? But it isn’t. Many of us mistake it as Article Writing but it’s a lot more! It includes myriad forms of content. From Video Scripts to YouTube Video Descriptions, from Email Newsletters to Social Media Posts, from Podcast Titles to Landing pages, almost anything you publish is categorized as Content and Writing is its foundation pillar.


Gone are the days when competitors looked at each other during the never-ending run of profit-making. In the growing digital world, each individual and every business enterprise thrives to drive customer’s attention to their offerings, whether it be a product or any service. It is a new ‘Do you Know?’ fact that Content is a new Kingdom and Content creator, the new King.


While the world is experiencing the utmost competition of all times, a career in Content Writing is promising and skyrocketing. Your research, knowledge, and flair for writing will help the gigs to wipe out the gobbledygook and sparkle their monotonous text. Creative and high-quality write-ups drive customers’ thoughts into action. It spreads magic just like a pinch of fairy dust, for the newbies and bolted doors.


The Primary key to better text matter is seceding the single from the stream. There are a lot of institutes and academies around the globe offering you a plethora of content writing courses, certifications, and programs. Nowadays, the growing traffic on web and businesses switching from traditional to web-based operations, makes Content drafting and creating an in-demand skill set in the industry.


Job Opportunities for Content Writers in Chandigarh


A profile as a Content Writer is highly demanded in today’s online industry. The clear, compelling, and concise the content is, the more likely it is to be ranked and viewed. With the emerging trend of online marketing, there is an ample number of opportunities for content creators and writers to grow and develop in the dynamic setting.


To emphasize, Career options in this field include:


  • Social Media Writer
  • News Writer
  • SEO Writer
  • Blogger
  • Copywriters
  • Freelancer
  • Editor
  • Sketch & Script Writer and the list of opportunities continues


At this instant, the trends and terms of penning the content are changing so rapidly, that, the content writer is expected to change the ways of writing according to customer needs. Significantly, as far as one can write and adapt to these changes, one can uphold this career in content creation.


In India, a career in content drafting/ creation is ginormous with a wide scope. Many entrepreneurs have taken content writing agency as the soul for their start-ups. Many students take it as a rewarding career right from their schools and colleges. It also helps those who would like to become freelancers or just work part-time.


Many housewives (now as content writers) have even got a new direction to earn their living right from their homes. Various job sites are flooded with vacancies for content writers whether it be for fresher or an experience holder, this field has got jobs for you in myriad ways.


Best Content Writing Courses in Chandigarh


When we talk of the best institutes for content writing training in Chandigarh, our mind immediately recalls the beautiful culture and modern architectural design of India’s first planned city. It is unfettered by the traditions of the past and is an expression of the nation’s faith in the future.


A plethora of Indian firms and MNCs have observed innovative and creative potential here and therefore have set up their businesses in this Union territory. This is the city from where world-famous billionaires, unrelated Bansals’ hail from.


Are you ready to kick-start your career as a Content Writer? without any delay, let’s jump on the trampoline of who has to offer what, in detail, and come up with the best choice in Chandigarh arcade. Wondering why in detail? Yes, because of details matter, a lot.




IIM SKILLS is one of the world’s top-ranking online education providers headquartered in New Delhi, India. The most compelling evidence is, that, this global giant has its presence in 23 cities in Asia and is the ‘Captain Marvel’ of the Content Industry. Their presence is online and offices Pan-India. They offer limited yet comprehensive courses on Digital Marketing, Content Writing, and CAT Coaching.


Undoubtedly, they are the one who provides turnkey solutions for theme-based writing and help the budding writers like you to evolve in this field irrespective of who you are and where you are based in, whether India or abroad, this institute raises you upright wherever you are. The key features of this online and legit institute are:


  • Learning Management System and Recorded Classes
  • Flexible mode and Cost-saver
  • Eliminates Geographical barriers
  • Non-adherence to the Time factor
  • Self-reliance


Above all, they aim to provide world-class education through their online and self-paced training programs which are offered at very reasonable prices. The faculty comprises of industry experts and is highly experienced. In a short span of 5 years, they’ve remarkably trained 5000+ professionals in 35+ countries and delivered 1000+ programs.


Content Writing Master Course offered by IIM SKILLS:


This Master Course offered by IIM SKILLS is a need of the hour. Firstly, to enumerate, they offer 4 weeks of Live Online Classroom Training with 16 hours of lecture delivery and 60 hours of Practical Assignments, which means, 20% Theoretical and 80% Practical form of learning. Secondly, they also provide internships and 100% placement assistance through their dedicated placement cell.


The course talked about, is coupled with certification from IIM SKILLS and Content Marketing Certification from HubSpot Academy which offers globally renowned Content Marketing Certification at no cost, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts USA. Take a note of this icing on the cake that will definitely add a competitive edge to your resume!

Apart from Practical Learning and Master Certification, some more prominent elements of this course include:


  1. They say no false promises and nothing hidden! They offer this course for a mere amount of Rs. 11,900 + 18% GST.
  2. The Price for the course includes exam and certification fees.
  3. It provides Lifetime access to the course with a timely revision of the content.
  4. The course is offered in the form of 12 Modules. The complete curriculum of this certification can be accessed from here.
  5. Learn through Industry Case Studies, Hands-On-Assignments, and Exercises.
  6. Provision of Weekdays and Weekend Batches.
  7. 100% money-back guarantee after your first session.
  8. 10% Group Discount on 3 or more registrations.


Read here what others have to say about this global learning platform.


Inquisitive to approach them? Here you can:

You can follow their social media handles at Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


Furthermore, you can reach out to this leading online training provider at :


  • Location:

Plot No 19, First Floor,

Sector 17, Chandigarh, India


  • Contact:

Mobile: +91 9911839503
E-mail: [email protected]


2.    WebTech Learning


With steady growth in the areas of Web Designing, Digital Marketing, App Development, and Web development, WebTech Learning which is an ISO Certified Web Education Academy, is one of the fastest-growing training providers in Chandigarh.


Their formula for success is based on the belief that there is a winner in every student waiting to be discovered. They have tried to bring the simplest whether it’s within the greatest trainers, the foremost comprehensive study material, or the unique training methodology. They’ve always aimed to provide best to the aspirant to get the best out of them.


There have been 7850+ individuals professionally trained at this institute with 2450+ batches. The institute also provides Hostel Facilities in Chandigarh for boys and girls at reasonable prices. So, if you are planning to join the institute in Chandigarh, take a chill pill as the institute has got your back for accommodation challenges.

Content Writing Training Course offered by WebTech Learning:


It will include the following 6 modules, let’s jump in and look at what all they will teach:


  1. Essentials of Writing: This will lay down a foundation stone to commence writing the real content and will help you to break through the block.
  2. Before You Write: This will expose you to how things work in real life. Planning to write, reading to write, write reader-centric content, referencing, and plagiarism.
  3. Write Right: As the name suggests, this will make you learn the skills of writing relevant and effective. Here you’ll learn from your grammatical errors.
  4. After you Write: Post drafting your content, you’ll learn to give it a final touch by proofreading, editing, and adding graphics to convey your thought.
  5. Publishing – Project Work: Once you are done writing your effective content, get ready to write for the web, and keep publishing.
  6. Career Development for Writer: Now, you are set to be a Professional as a Content Writer/ Creator.


Given these points, completing the Professional Certification in Content Writing Training, the institute gives space for aspirants to upgrade their learning to different types of writing such as Web content drafting, Technical Writing, Creative Writing, Research Writing, Scientific Writing, Copy-writing, Travel Writing, Medical Writing, Article Writing, Web Copy-writing, Copy Editing.


Searching for their contact? Here you go:


  • Location:


SCO – 54-55, 3rd Floor,

Sector – 34A Chandigarh, India


  • Contact:

Phone: +9198783-75376,               WhatsApp: +91 99153-37448
Email: [email protected]

3.    WebHopers Academy


WebHopers Academy is owned by the well-known firm in Chandigarh. Its parent company is Webhopers Infotech Pvt. Ltd. This institute is a complete Digital Marketing & Web design training institute headquartered at Panchkula, Haryana.


Training Courses at WebHopers Academy comprises of 80% practical and 20% theoretical lessons. With such experiential learning, the academy makes you ready for the online marketing industry. To its credit, the academy has trained 3000+ professionals and 2000+ are successfully placed. Some of the top courses offered here include:


  • SEO Training
  • PPC Training
  • Digital Marketing Training
  • SMM Course
  • 6 Months Industrial Training
  • Google Analytics Training
  • Video Marketing Course
  • Creative Writing Course


The institute has the quality and experienced academic staff with a focus on concept building. The trainers here possess more than 6+ years of expertise and are google certified. They also provide personalized counseling guides for students and aspirants. The healthy learning environment at this Institute gives excellent results. If you are thinking of complete learning in the field of content creation, WebHopers has a perfect solution for you.


The FAQ section of their website mentions that the academy does not offer placement guarantee but provides 100% placement assistance to the course takers. It also reads that all their students are not working with reputed companies after the completion of the course.


Content Writing Training Course offered by WebHopers Academy :


This Academy will coach you to become:


  • Content writer for Websites and Mobile Applications
  • A career in Career creation
  • Tricks and Tips to improve the content and many more.


In this connection, the expert team here will assign you a live project and guide you through everything with content creation training. Additionally, They will also give you a live demo of how content can work. You’ll need to invest a minimum of 3 months here to upgrade your skillset.

Seeking to contact them? Look, here it is:


Also, you can book a visit to their institute and call them up for any further inquiries:


  • Location:

WebHopers Infotech PVT. LTD.
SCO 46, 2nd floor, Sector 11,
Panchkula, Haryana, India


  • Contact:

Mobile: +919056855559, +91 7696228822

E-mail: [email protected]


4.    Chandigarh Institute of Digital Marketing


Chandigarh Institute of Digital Marketing or CIDM is one of its kinds of institutes in Chandigarh. They are a certified digital marketing course provider in Chandigarh and Panchkula. The fun learning environment for the students and world-class mentors in one place enables them to claim to be one of the best places where students get industry-recognized accreditation and give their career a professional edge.


In particular, they offer the following courses to the learners:


  1. Digital Marketing Course
  2. SEO Training
  3. Web Design Course
  4. SAP Training
  5. PHP Training
  6. Python Training Course
  7. Photography Course


These programs direct the students to be customer-centric. The institute provides students with a wholesome training for each of the courses. They offer world-class amenities, flexible learning modules, and up-to-date course curriculum as a part of the training.


Their course material is curated by their expert teachers and eminent leaders of the industry. The subject matter experts revise the content of the course on a timely basis to keep it current and updated. The learners are exposed to hands-on learning applications like KPI metrics. As of date, they have trained 5541 students and are working on 46 live projects.

Content Marketing Certification Course offered by CIDM:


They provide you a value-pack service on writing the content and make you learn that not everybody can write and that drafting and writing content isn’t just a matter of minutes. Their course would transform your writing capabilities into a content marketing system. They teach their students live, in-class course delivery format at their location.


Didn’t find a way to reach them? You need to see this:


Alas! They don’t any have social media accounts for you but you have this option to fill an enrolment form to enquire or give feedback.


Besides, you can visit them at:


  • Location:

SCO 842, Ground Floor,

NAC Manimajra, Chandigarh, India

Furthermore, you can give them a call or shoot an email,


  • Contact:

Phone: +(91) 88727 20055

E-Mail: [email protected]


5.    CBitss Technologies


Last, but not the least, Chandigarh is home to yet another excellent Digital Marketing Institute that offers a Content Training program for students, working professionals, corporates, and even entrepreneurs.


Compiling Binary Information to Security Specialization or CBitss is a unit of Sukrala IT Pvt. Ltd. An ISO certified company that has trained 2000+ students and completed more than 800 projects.


The main courses they offer are Digital Marketing, YouTube Training, PPC Training, Facebook Marketing, WordPress, Email Marketing, SMM, Content Writing, Bidding, Web Analytics, Web Hosting, and SEO Techniques.


Their mission to render high-quality education and training programs paves a path for individuals to achieve their full potential and acquire their personal and financial objectives. Their faculty comprising of SRCUM & AGILE masters is certified and super proficient in their teaching patterns and delivery formats.


Keeping these things in mind, their prime focus is to guide through the concepts of SEO and Digital Marketing. You can check their website and find the Content Training course in the ‘Others’ section.


Content Writing Training Course offered by CBitss Technologies:


You can avail following benefits from their course:


  1. Lessons to learn how motivating your content ought to be to drive traffic.
  2. Various forms of writing including Social Media Writing, Lead Generation Writing, SEO Writing, and many more.
  3. Strategies of how to write content for different platforms and,
  4. A Certificate! Yes, like other training institutes in Chandigarh, CBitss too, provides you a Certificate of Course Completion.
Thinking to connect with them? It got never this easy:


Additionally, you can reach out to them, via:


  • Location:

23-24-25, Sector 34A,
Chandigarh (UT), India.


  • Contact:

Mobile: +91 99 88 74 1983
Telephone: 017 25 03 1983
E-mail: [email protected]

In a Nutshell


It is true to an extent that online learning in India has not bloomed yet. But it is important to realize the fact that online course-delivery format has outgrown in several other countries around the world. Online Learning has bloomed throughout the globe for a decade and with the growing challenges, the online teaching patterns are witnessing a drastic change.


While it may be true that many of us find limitations more than the advantages of online learning, it is pertinent to mention that the world has moved a lot many steps ahead and online training is the prime solution now and a way better than others.


Henceforth, Content Writing includes researching any topic for your customer and drafting it in a targeted way which is easy to read and follow. In this fast-paced environment, it is the best career option which no one can deny. The throne of this new kingdom will belong to that dominant king who has the best skills and power to grow. It will be in the hands of those who will rule the internet world irrespective of who you are, what you do, where you live, or which avenger you love the most!


Having known about the best content writing courses in Chandigarh, you are ‘Get-Set-Go’ to commence your skill development training. Though the choice is yours but you need to remember that training works best when you are fully involved and that education is not for sale. You need to perform thorough research before allowing someone to take you to the Content Kingdom.


So, aspirants and learners! Start right away with such a promising and skyrocketing career, if you have the power to pen down whatever your audiences wish to envision, just do it!

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