Upgrad Digital Marketing Course Review

Upgrad Digital Marketing Course Review

From last 3 months, there is a new buzz in online education and many people have asked me about Upgrad Digital Marketing Course. Many of you have asked me on Quora about their reviews and how it is different from other training institutes.

So far in my 8 years of journey in Digital Marketing industry & with years of experience in consulting with exact figure of guiding more than 9000+ people (individually) from more than 2000+ brands (including Google, Yahoo, Ogilvy) I am trying to provide you best information which will help you to build a better understanding of Upgrad Digital Marketing Program.

In this article, we will try to cover all possible offerings provided by Upgrad in their 5 months long online training program.

Who is Upgrad: Ronnie Screwvala & team of other 3 have founded Upgrad to provide best online education in digital marketing, entrepreneurship & Mobile App Development.

There 5 months Digital Marketing Course is a self-study + webinar based learning program. You will have recorded high-quality video content delivered to you and post completing that you will have doubt clearing sessions with your expert’s trainers.

If you fall in the category of Digital Marketer, seasoned marketer or business owner/entrepreneur this program is rightly designed for you.

Upgrad promise you for learning & getting mastery in Digital Marketing from their expert’s trainers.

Their lists of trainers are:

  • Ashok Lalla: He is an independent Digital & Marketing Advisor.
  • Jaideep Prabhu: Professor of marketing from Cambridge.
  • Sakhee Dheer: Head of Digital Marketing at Microsoft.
  • Apurva Chamria: Head of Corporate Marketing HCL.
  • Prithviraj Banerjee: Head of Agency
  • Sujoy Golan: Head Digital Marketing Inmobi.
  • Anshul Khandelwal: Head Marketing Upgrad

As the list says they have a good set of trainers and speakers available in their course provided they lead the course.

Upgrad course covers 17 topics in Digital Marketing over the tenure of 5 months.

  • Marketing & Branding Fundamentals
  • Evolution of Marketing
  • Understanding the Digital Journey
  • Designing and Building Web Owned Presence
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • SEM
  • Display and Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing & Optimization
  • Retargeting / Remarketing
  • Email Marketing & Nurturing (Inbound)
  • Mobile App Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Web, Mobile & App Analytics
  • Lead Management
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Growth Hacking
  • Defining a robust Digital Marketing Strategy

Upgrad Digital Marketing Course Fee: An institute charge INR 60,000 + taxes for their online course.

Upgrad offers its students flexibility about their fee submission. They have EMIs options provided by major banks and also loan available from few private loan providers however these loans can only be offered to people living in Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Surat, Indore, Chandigarh, Kolkata and Mumbai.

Why Upgrad program is different:


  • Run Live Campaigns worth INR 15000 – Students will be divided into a group of 4 and they promote their website via real budget allocated to each group worth INR 15000. This way they get hands on learning on tools such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads etc.


  • 15+ Real Industry Projects – For each module of the program, they have developed a project based on past marketing campaigns of top Industry partners. These would include –



  • How Grofers altered it’s social media strategy/communication to target Hindi speaking potential customers from English speaking metropolitan city customers.


  • Other case study partners include – OnePlus, HCL, Thomas Cook, HDFC Life, Dominos Pizza, Bajaj Auto etc.


  • Placement Assistance:


  • Career Profiling – Based on the past profile and performance during the program, we would identify the job profile/industry the person is most suited for.


  • Resume and Interview Preparation – Upgrad in house Digital Marketing experts would help you to prepare your resume and for an interview – to highlight the relevant qualities in the best possible manner.


  • Career Fair – Upgard industry partners would shortlist students for various roles based on their resume and program score sheet; this will take care of facilitating recruitment end-to-end. Few of their Industry partners include



  • Major agencies like – GroupM, Publicis Group, Dentsu Group
  • Major traditional companies like – HCL,
  • Major Digital first companies like – OnePlus, Grofers
  • Best in class Instructors with decades of experience – you can find more about their instructors on the Web.


I have summarized their complete course details in the above-mentioned article. (Source: Google, Upgrad Website)


Here is a list of pros & cons in Upgrad Digital Marketing Course.



  • As this is online based learning end user will have the flexibility to learn from anywhere.
  • Upgrad have gathered all industry leaders under one roof and you will be able to learn from best webinar leaders during their doubt clearing session.
  • Upgrad course is meant for professionals and they have created their program content with the help of 15+ most relevant case studies.
  • Upgrad will help you to create your own web presence.
  • You will get career advice and placement assistance.
  • The process of their training will ensure you for developing well rounded Digital Marketers who not only have a breadth of knowledge across Digital platforms but also a deep understanding of marketing principles.


  • The course fee is not affordable for everyone.
  • The course is majorly focused on self-learning & we Indians don’t believe in paying for something which we ourselves have to do.
  • Their doubts clearing sessions are just once a week but in the mid of a week if the student will be stuck who will answer those question. I am doubtful because industry leaders (at last they are also an employee) may not give answers all the time during weekdays or any day when you do not have doubt clearing session schedule.
  • Upgrad have recently started Digital Marketing Course and as on date 26th July 2016 they have hardly done 1 or 2 online courses.
  • As this program is meant for Seasoned Marketers, Digital Marketers & Business owners offering placement to them may be difficult.

Final Words:

Upgrad Digital Marketing Course is surely a great digital marketing course but the audience in the United States majorly does these types of self-learning courses. There are hundreds of sites including Lynda, Coursera etc. that offers Digital Marketing self-learning course and for doubt clearing one can join Google Hangout on Air led directly by Google. I somewhere felt Upgrad might need to redesign their course delivery to offer the best learning in the Digital domain as their list of speakers are extremely attractive.

I am sure this will help you to understand everything about Upgrad Course. Any doubts? Feel free to comment below or write to me at [email protected]

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  1. Hi, Everyone, I am doing a masters course LLM with Upgrad ….. Conceptual understanding is fine …but This course seems like if you have extra money and you can afford it then take the course. Being an online course, i dont understand how are they using plagiarism softwares when we are required to type a limited number of words…….for the first time I came to know plagiarism is not only copying from a students answer…..but they can give you zero for reiterating even the law and definitions in your own words….unless they have ” ” quoted marks you will score good…. but if to limit the number of words you write simple english in your own words the plagiarism software will just get you a zero…….unable to understand when the University Professors are explaining us the studies….why arent the University Professors checking our assignments….and these upgrad TAs who do not seem to even read our answers are giving us marks………extremely unhappy with my masters LLM course with upgrad …….just an information to alert others.

  2. I am currently during 11 months Post Graduate in Data Science from IIIT B with UpGrad from June 2019 offline Batch. This is Degree certificate rather than course completion certificate which you find in another online platforms.

    I have enrolled for online and offline training, where biweekly we have offline classes in IITB with industry experts and teaching many case studies and real time implementation of learning taught in the various modules during the course.

    Recently completed course one which Statistics and EDA and overall content and teaching was good.

    I will be adding more reviews once the course is completed.

  3. I want to know more about the placements they offer for digital marketing after completing the course.. as everyone will say that their will be placements but finally what is inside again we need to know.. and again on placements after spending so much of money whether the companies that are their worth it like good companies and chances of us getting their will it be more due to the course or not?


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