MBA is one of the most pursued degrees in India and also around the world. This is because of the benefits of holding this degree and also the fact that you can pursue an MBA after any of the bachelor’s degrees. Whatever may be your bachelor’s degree and MBA degree besides it will only elevate your chances of a better job in your respective sector. 


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That is why an MBA can be possibly called the favorite of all the other master degrees students around the world pursue.  Many people go on to pursue each year and that invites in a lot of competition in terms of the elevation in each sector.


So for one student to stay unique among the other students who pass out of different colleges with an MBA degree he/she has to hold a specialty in the degree. 


So what specialties can one hold in a master’s degree? Yes, there is away. You can earn a degree from a prestigious Business school. Yes, considering business administration studies what matters more than the degree will be the environment you are choosing to earn the degree from.


If you earn a degree from an averagely reputed business school then your ideas and the business ideologies you will be having in your head will be average just like the business environment you earned the degree from. 


Also, your contacts from any averagely reputed business school will be as average as the environment you all used to work during your college days.


So if you need to do something which is not of the ordinary things then you got to select an extraordinary environment to learn. So the business school environment is as important as any other thing you do to boost your career.


But when we look in so much detail just to study these colleges will have a standard to choose its students. And the only point of reference they use is your score in exams like CAT.


The CAT is the most important and the best of all the exams that you can learn to qualify yourself to learn MBA from a reputed business school.


So your CAT marks are also important which means you have to perform well in the CAT exams. So can you just go and write the exams and expect to score a good score among all the other two lakh or more students who are competing in the exams on an average every year.


This is why you see people giving advertisements for coaching centers that can coach you to attend and successfully pass the CAT exams. The difficulty of the exam is so high that it demands to be learned in a clear and definite process. All these institutes do the coursework so that you can learn all the syllabi in a definite way. 


But out of these only a few institutes have a good name in the industry. It is because out of each unique coursework and structure that each institute possesses a few institutes to have better coursework and materials that seem to help the students better to learn and pass the CAT exams with a really good score in the very first attempt.


Two of such great institutes that seem to produce a steady and consistent result in the CAT exams are IIM SKILLS and Unacademy.


You must be familiar with both the institutes and their activities. It is because they have a good name among people who do not even know what CAT is. All this indicates how skillful the students they produce are.


So now we are going to compare and contrast the two institutes- IIM SKILLS and Unacademy.  Then we will discuss which one is comparatively better, considering a lot of aspects and criteria. Not just quality matters when it comes to selecting an institute which could decide your future.


Considering all those aspects we would let you know and make a choice for you between these two institutes namely, IIM SKILLS and Unacademy CAT preparation institute.


Unacademy CAT Coaching


Unacademy is a famous name in the tutoring industry and has been so for the past few years. It has gained a lot of name in the UPSC preparation coaching. The courses of Unacademy are always the best as the institute says or the students who have been tutored and the institute say.


The same thing applies to the CAT coaching that the institute is offering. The quality of the course is top-notch and the tutors are of course the best in the industry and by the industry, I mean both the tutoring sector and the MBA sector.


The tutor or train their students in the most sophisticated and highly acceptable ways that the students are always very well satisfied with the course, the course work that the course follows, the materials that are issued by the institute and the results the institutes have produced so far and are continuing to produce.


So talking in detail about the courses we will be able to discuss the few exciting features that might be attractive to the students who are willing to take up the course. 


The course has a lot of special features that it follows. For example,


  • They provide live classes every single day you are enrolled in the program. You can keep chatting with the educator about the doubts and subjects being taught, the student can also answer polls to the questions posed by the tutor all while the session is going on.
  • The course also provides the students with additional tests and quizzes that too in life. You can yourself evaluate your performances over time by taking on the regular quizzes and mock tests the course provides you with along with a detailed analysis of your academics and performance right after the completion of the tests.
  • The courses are termed perfectly structured. All the courses of the institute are in line with the exam syllabus to help the students prepare the best and give out their best in the CAT exams.
  • They also provide you with unlimited access which is rarest of the rarest quality that is given to a course. After the one time registration you get full access to the course anytime you want to use it.




Now allow us to discuss the opposite institute that’s to be compared with IMS. The name of the institute is IIM SKILLS.


And hopefully, many of you would possibly have heard this name within the past few years because within the past few years this institute has earned itself a reputation among tons of other institutes that are certain competition with them.


And the institute (IIM SKILLS) not only has been within the CAT coaching field but also within the tutoring field generally. They need to be been giving their best in every field that they had tried tutoring.


Considering only the CAT coaching by IIM SKILLS allow us to search and compare with the above-reviewed institute and its features to understand which is best and student-friendly among the 2 institutes that are as compared with one another.


IIM SKILLs is considered the simplest CAT coaching institutes that are now working within the industry. They are highly rated by every student and their acquaintances who have studied within the institute or those who exactly knows what the course offers its students.


The coursework of the course is much-respected one within the industry and is usually spoken high of even by the opposite institutes that are considered the opponents or competition to IIM SKILLS CAT coaching institute within the industry.


The tutors during this particular institute are called industry experts. An industry expert is someone who has vast experience within the industry. The experience here can mean either work experience or tutoring experience within the corresponding topic, which here is CAT coaching.


With these industry experts as a tutor, students have a far better chance to excel within the CAT exams as they’re crammed with valuable knowledge from people that have the simplest experiences about the industry.


These industry experts who are tutors within the industry are those who design the coursework within the institute. therefore the coursework is predicted with the simplest structure overall which will be learned by the scholars who are CAT aspirants thereby confirming their chances to clear the CAT exams at the very first attempt with good marks and also get themselves enrolled into the simplest colleges within the country that gives the simplest MBA programs just like the IIMs situated around the country in various locations.


So now these course works that the tutors who are industry experts are prepared exclusively for every student. They are doing this by a special process of study before the scholar enrolls himself for the course.


The scholar is formed to require a test before admission into the course during this institute. this provides the examiners a transparent picture regarding where and when the actual students need special attention so that he can make himself better therein particular syllabi before he has got to take the CAT examinations.


After the assessment of the test and clear cut analysis of the actual student by the industry experts, also called tutors. These industry experts or just tutors design the course work that has got to be followed for this particular student. This is often done by analyzing the topics that have got to tend special care to the scholar.


Thus the course materials of the corresponding course work designed by the tutors for that specific student is additionally custom made to assist the scholar in his or her betterment during the CAT preparation process.


Also, the tutors or industry experts talk to the scholar’s right after the analysis is completed and therefore the course is close to the beginning. He or She also explains the strength and weaknesses that a specific student possesses.


So that he or she will himself make a self-analysis as he progresses along the course at every stage so that they will skill much of a far better CAT aspirant they need become with the course being taken.


The coursework of IIM Skills is additionally freed from unnecessary topics that a lot of other coaching courses refill to form students desire their coaching is offering them extra value. And therefore the only focus of the institutes and its tutors is to form the scholar score great within the CAT exams in his or her very first attempt itself.


The coursework of IIM Skills is unlike the other. The primary thing it does is to form an evaluation of the student’s weak and powerful areas. This lets us know which areas need more focus by the tutors so that he can get better before the CAT.


This is often important to direct the efforts of the scholar in the right direction. A bit like a classroom coaching but better than any of the category room coaching atmosphere we’ve ever seen.


IIM Skills provides the proper combination of video tutorials, study material, and mock tests that supported the student’s strengths and weaknesses.


For instance, if a student is robust in Verbal ability (VA) but their quantitative ability (QA) part has some scope for improvement, the coursework focuses on more practice on the QA. This is often done during the preparation time way before the exam so there’s enough time for the scholar to figure upon their weakness.


Sometimes a student weaker at the subject might need some overtime and an individual strong at the subject might not. But by this excellent course work design technique employed by IIM SKILLS by which each student gets a special course work design to follow.


Any student has no got to worry about such a drag because it is solved at the very beginning of the course with a transparent analysis process that’s made by the tutors who are termed as industry experts.


There is no substitute for industry experience especially when the competition within the exam is so high. IIM Skills trains a student to compete with the simplest and therefore the smartest talent of the country who will become great leaders at some point.


Also, the course materials accompany a lifetime access option that no other institute provides. Its features like these provided by the courses at IIM SKILLS that make the institute and therefore the course offered by them phenomenal.


Other institutes refuse to supply these sorts of features because, if any student doesn’t get the percentile he/she thought of and needs to form another plan to increase their percentile, they will use the course material again without even paying. If you are wondering about how the students are going to clear the doubts in a completely online CAT preparation class. They have also devised ways to solve that kind of problem.


The institute also offers doubt clearing sessions if any. These doubt clearing sessions are one to one interaction sessions where the student can interact with the tutor who designed the course work for that particular student and the student gets enough time to clear all the doubts he has completely and stays clear in the topics that he has been preparing. 


You can have an uninterrupted and elaborate conversation with the tutor and completely clear your doubts. Also, the tutor can give you complete focus unlike in a classroom environment which will be highly impossible with a lot of distractions happening around the student.


The course is also provided with a lifetime access feature that allows the students to access the course at their convenient time rather than finding time between busy schedules and not able to grasp the concepts completely as he wishes.


These features are an advantage to any of the aspirants who are either working or studying in a college or something. We all know the difficulties in working and coping up with those responsibilities and deadlines at work. Also studying for an exam like CAT can be tiring which is why the lifetime access features will be of great advantage in such situations. You decide when you need to take the classes. 


The work of coaching a student into the CAT examinations does not end with just the student being trained and taught all the topics that he or she might need to qualify the examination. He has to be assessed with regular mock tests which the course offers right after every topic.


Also psychologically the institute helps a lot to the students to get themselves better in the examination. Also providing them a mindset that they are no lesser than any of their competitors who will be writing the CAT examinations at the same time as them.


The students can talk to the tutors regarding any issues that they seem to be undergoing because of the CAT preparation especially like stress and anxiety regarding the exams. So that the students feel comfortable and more like home in the hands of these tutors.


Concluding after referring to all the course features we can see that both the courses are trying a lot to be student-friendly like the unlimited access facility provided by the institutes, also the courses are equally good,  So we have to inspect in detail to find which one is superior and how.


This is how we recognize the feature wherein IIM SKILLS the course is customized specially for each student which is a student-friendly move and the cost efficiency factor also seems to be supported in favor of IIM SKILLS which is why I would recommend IIM SKILLS over Unacademy.


CourseDekho recommends IIM SKILLS over Unacademy based on reviews made by students on both the courses.

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