Top 7 Content Writing Institutes in Mumbai

Content writing has taken over a major part of the entire marketing industry over recent years. It isn’t just about blogging anymore rather it has found major roles in business marketing and brand development leading to a number of opportunities for people to become content writers.

Numerous institutes that provide content writing courses and training have come up across the country, especially in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Bangalore etc. Here are the best 7 institutes to be considered for aspiring content writers in Mumbai:

IIM Skills is one of the most renowned institutes which provide content writing courses. Its course purposefully targets almost every single area a content writer could work for including SEO type, non-SEO-type, copywriting, media marketing and lot more.

Right from fundamentals to professional learning, the courses offered by IIM SKILLS are structured to make it way convenient for the students to understand. The syllabus is framed with great research and analysis to cover every aspect of content writing.

Courses are job oriented which means one can find freelance opportunities, internships and jobs right after completing this course. IIM Skill has a dedicated placement cell that actively works to get students the opportunity they deserve. This is one of the most highly rated institutes across the country and is highly recommended.

  • Content Writing Courses by DMTI

Being a part of the Digital Marketing Training Institute (DMTI), Content Writing Courses have been training and teaching students for over 9 years. The primary focus is on the marketing side, the institute covers almost every area of training and teaching for the students. Its teachings are effective and apart from just content writing, the students are taught about understanding customer behaviour for it is important to learn to be in the marketing industry.

This course is available for everyone including entrepreneurs, 9-5 working people, Bloggers, Students, Journalists and also Digital marketing professionals. There are barely any eligibility criteria to join this institute, it is recommended to have the basic ideas about writing in English.

  • The Brand Salon

The Brand Salon (TBS) offers professional content writing course which is mainly for digital marketers who are willing to analyze content and execute ideas using it. It is also suitable for students trying to explore the market and freelance opportunities with content writing.

The courses offered are to help students learn about writing in a different style for different purposes. TBS aims to make students learn how content has a bigger influence over the marketing side hence teaching them social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) that ranges from fundamental to professional level training.

TBS is recommended by many people as their syllabus and teaching structure is well-liked by students.

  • Indian Institute of E-Commerce and Digital Marketing (IIEDM)

IIEDM is one of the highly recommended institutes for content writing courses. It has its upper handhold over content writing across digital platforms for marketing.

It aims to make students learn the concept behind digital marketing via content writing. It provides a clear understanding of the different ways to write content for different purposes.

Exploring more area in content writing and marketing using content writing is the primary area of focus of IIEDM. The syllabus for the course is framed with a huge amount of analysis for what would be the best to make students learn about digital marketing and content writing.

The course is job oriented which means one can find job and freelance opportunities right after completing the course.

  • Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin allows students to learn over 30 types of content writing techniques. It mostly aims to train and teach students with courses that help then earn real soon.

The Certified Digital Content Writing (CDCW) program has a well-organised syllabus that fits best for all types of content writers. Anyone with Basic English skills could enrol this course and find job or freelance opportunities right after completion.

They provide study materials, Monthly brush-up sessions, a one-year membership in Henry Harvin content academy and lot more. This course is highly recommended for those who want to learn the basics and fundamentals of digital marketing.

Everyone including bloggers, entrepreneurs, teachers and professors, corporate and students also can enrol this course for better understanding of content writing techniques and digital marketing by content writing.

  • Digital 360

Digital 360 is one of the best institutes which provide content writing courses. It is partnered with Google making it one of the most authorized content writing institutes in India.

Over 15000 students have enrolled in the courses provided by Digital 360 and a lot of them have successfully established themselves as marketers and content writers.

Digital 360 offer courses which are job oriented which means one can find freelance, internships and job opportunities right after completing the course.

Apart from just content writing and digital marketing digital 360 also trains and teaches students about personality development and skills required for the interview. This course is highly recommended for those looking for job opportunities as a content writer of a digital marketer.

  • Indian Institute of Digital Education

IIDE provides certification courses for content writing. These courses involve proper coaching and training for almost all the variety of content writing that could be done.

These include WordPress, SEO, social media marketing, e-publishing and lot more. IIDE aims to provide content writing courses that allow students to learn to generate content suitable for digital platforms and digital marketing.

Along with the fundamentals and professional coaching, this institutes also provide marketing strategy used in content writing to make the marketing aspects clear for students to understand. This is highly recommended for students, aspiring marketers, aspiring entrepreneurs, bloggers and digital writers.

Final Words: Among everyone, we recommend IIM SKILLS Content Writing Master Course. You will master hands-on learning with the help of free tools which are required for Best Content Strategy Building. In a longer run, Course like CWMC helps you to get better business, jobs and freelance work.

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