Pune is among the fastest developing cities and no doubt it is for sure among the busiest and crowdest cities in the country. In recent years, Pune has become a great industrial location, not just the regular manufacturing units but IT companies. Yes, Pune is home to hundreds of IT companies which also indicates that students and professionals constitute a large portion of the city’s population. Content Writing is the skill in-demand and many people want to have the skill on their resume either to get a job or to become a freelance content writer etc. Here’s what this city has to offer when you look for Content Writing Courses in Pune.






With the advancement of the internet, several changes occurred in the way our industries operate. An increased number of automated systems or online access has reduced the number of people required for a certain job.


It is estimated that by 2023, 70% of the manual labour would vanish because of AI-powered systems and that is the reason it has become important to have the skill which will be in-demand for several upcoming decades.


Businesses are turning online and the number of people using the internet has also gone beyond 50% of the world’s population, and so the only source to reach such a large audience is through content. 


Offline businesses are known to a limited locality, but when the same business has a website, anyone can find it on the internet irrespective of which country, city or locality they are in. Through the internet and content, one can reach millions of people increasing the number of potential leads, and sales as well.




If you want to build a career in content writing, the answer is Yes. People need to understand that content writing isn’t mere writing, in fact, it is a very strategized form of developing content that involves procedures that can help a piece of content rank higher on search engines like google to get more engagement and visibility. 


There are several technical things that are easy yet important to learn in order to have a career as a content writer. For example, content should be optimized with keywords, writing format, etc to rank on google among hundreds of others who are trying the same.


There is a lot of scope in the industry right now, and we must understand the future of this profession. 







IIM SKILLS is a well-rated and renowned institute which offers content writing course. Well, the course is not just limited to the boundaries of the country but has expanded its reach to over 3 countries providing training to more than 6000 students and professionals in more than 1000 training programs.


Clearly and internationally recognized institute which has been in the industry for 6 years now and has performed exceptionally well. It is as good as institutes that have been there for over a decade now.


Recommended by professionals and experts, this institute is very much popular among students and professionals. Many freelancers and bloggers also look forward to this course as a guide to the core professional concepts of content writing.


IIM SKILLS offers a bunch of features, some of them are:






The format of training at IIM SKILLS is very practical. The students get to have their hands on each and every module of the course. The institution has always operated on the principle of practical training and believes that it is a far better method of teaching than theoretical training.


The students at this institute get to perform the tasks themselves which enables them to understand where possibly could they go wrong and what are the practices that yield good results.






The course is very unique and has been developed after analyzing the requirements and specifically focusing on the most important practices for anyone to become a professional content writer and therefore the content developed is based on the essentials of content writing and no unnecessary theory.


This is important as it makes the course compact and super effective at the same time. A short term course that has enough information to help one earn as a professional content writer is definitely a great option for beginners as well as professionals also.


Just to give you an idea about the kind of topics involved in the course, here are some of the modules:


  • Web Development at WordPress
  • UI UX Interface (Blog creation)
  • Content Keyword Research
  • Content Writing Tools
  • Content Distribution Using Email
  • Google Local Pages Setup
  • Content Marketing Using Social Media
  • Freelance Content Writing


These were only some of the modules involved in the content writing course and these modules comprise of topics that are easy for a beginner to learn and as the course progresses, they get to learn more in-depth concepts of the course.






Just as mentioned, the modules include topics that are very easy to learn and even beginners could go ahead and learn those skills. 


The course has been structured in a way to help a very diverse category of people interested in building a stable career in content writing. There is no set restriction for who can join the course which means anyone with relevant interests is most welcomed to join the course.


Though there is no set restriction for people who join the course, there is still a broad categorization for people who are most suitable for the course. The list includes:


  • Students 
  • Professionals
  • Bloggers
  • Aspiring Content Writers
  • College Dropouts
  • Retired Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Single Mothers
  • Housewives


And it is really great to see people from different walks of life, with very diverse backgrounds, educational qualifications, age groups, and financial stability, etc, and see them become capable of earning as a professional content writer. 


People who had no idea about content writing are now bloggers, or some are providing training also.  A lot of the students got jobs and many have started their own start-ups.






IIM SKILLS provides 100% placement assistance to the students where they get to learn about the professional aspects of content writing and also about the real terminologies of the industry.


The students with good performance throughout and those who deserve might get offered direct interviews by any of the companies and organizations which approach IIM SKILLS for their recruitment purposes.


Students get a lot to learn about the real operations of the industry while they are being assisted about placements and other career possibilities post completion of the course.


Many of the students who graduated from IIM SKILLS are now working at some of the most reputed organizations at responsible positions earning a decent salary. They could now be seen in companies like:


  • Barclays
  • American Express
  • Amazon
  • Accenture
  • Flipkart
  • KPMG


A lot of the students are either freelance content writers or professional bloggers.




Certifications are one of the very crucial elements which grab the attention of the employer. The certificates are in fact the very form of communication between the candidate and the employer even before the conversation begins.


Upon getting the resume, the first thing any employer would go for is the certification because that allows one to learn many things about the candidate such as which institute did they graduate from, etc. 


The more valuable certification is, the more are chances of getting hired. In the case of IIM SKILLS, the content writing course comes with 2 very valued and reputed certifications, they are:



  • Hubspot Content Marketing Certification


  • IIM SKILLS Master Course Certification




The certifications are valid internationally and can be used anywhere for the purpose of jobs, or improving the profile as a freelancer. 






Tools are a very important element of any content writing procedure. Starting from the research segment to analyzing the content performance post publishing, tools are required.


They have become a necessity especially when we live in an era where content decides the online appearance and impression a brand creates. So, proper analysis and research are a must and so tools are essential.


The free version of the tools provides limited data and the premium ones are expensive. So, accessing several tools for multiple purposes is difficult.


IIM SKILLS offers free access to tools worth of INR 59,000 so that the students can understand the applications and operation of such tools.




This is a very interesting feature of IIM SKILLS, that it provides free lifetime access to all the course modules, study material, course content, lecture recordings, and all other resources post successful completion of the course. 


This means that the students at any point in their career if they find the need to refer back to any of the topics, or reassess the lessons, or just overlook any portion of what they learned, they can do that for absolutely no cost.


Even if the students want to consult about any of their queries or confusion regarding content writing, they can get in touch with their course instructors very easily and the entire teams are very cooperative.






The reviews of IIM SKILLS content writing course indicates that it has been benefiting a lot of students and professional and many of them have built stable careers solely through the skill of content writing.


The institution has managed to stand up to its claims and most importantly the students look very satisfied as according to them the course is worth its price.






NestSoft is another such institute that is extremely popular for content writing training. It has been in the industry for a while now and has been performing consistently good in terms of providing students with content writing skill training.


The primary focus of the course is copywriting which is also the reason the course is otherwise called the copywriting course. The course content has also been structured similarly and holds some very detailed topics about copywriting.


The base strategy about which they train students consists of 6 steps. Content writing strategies involve:


  • Identifying the Goal
  • Analyzing
  • Creating Numerous Ideas and Collecting Them
  • Structuring 
  • Squeezing it in sequence
  • Making it error-free and in proper grammar


The course comprises of topics which are relevant to large categories of people who might be interested in learning content writing. 






The people who are suitable for the course are:


  • IT professionals
  • Marketing Managers
  • Professionals Dealing with Marketing
  • Literature Students 
  • Content Writing Aspirants


The course is very much designed and structured for the category of people mentioned above and thus the benefits they could get from the course are also listed. Some of them are:


  1. Ability to create better content
  2. Ability to attract more customers
  3. Useful for all sectors
  4. Very Useful for blog creation
  5. Ability to create up-to-date and attractive content on social media and websites.
  6. Better Knowledge in Content Creation
  7. Direct Impact in Marketing
  8. Wide requirements of Content Writers


These are some of the benefits which the students can expect to have post completion of the content writing course at NestSoft.






The course basically comprises of 9 modules which involve topics which are very professional and are in-demand. These modules are designed after proper analysis of what will be more beneficial for students.


Mentioned below are the course modules:


  1. Essentials of Content Writing
  2. Before You Write
  3. Write Right
  4. After you Write
  5. Publishing- Project Work


These are the modules and they carry some very detailed topics such as Guidelines to write, Grammar for writers, etc.






The course instructors are very experienced people who have worked in the industry for a while and have very detailed knowledge about the skills and are therefore the most suitable people for the students.






This course has received tremendous response from students and professionals who have gone through training by NestSoft. The course and the format of teaching are highly appreciated by their students.


Overall it is a good institute to look up to for learning content writing, primarily focusing on copywriting.


Mentioned above were reasons NestSoft makes it to the list of Top 5 content writing courses in Pune.






Digital Academy 360 is one of the most popular institutes in India which offer content writing course. Along with that, it offers digital marketing and graphic design courses which is very actively focused on and also affiliated with Jain University.


Anyways, about the content writing course, Digital Academy 360 has designed a very professional course that involves several content writing skills which are definitely essential for anyone who aspires to become a professional content writer.






The course consists of 16 modules that are developed after proper analysis of what skills would be most effective and important for the students to learn. Some of the course modules are mentioned below:



  • Building Language from Basic


  • Understanding Research
  • Understanding the Writing Cycle
  • Academic and Subjective Writing
  • Business Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Content Writing Career




These were only some of the course modules and they involve some really professional aspects.






The course comes with 2 very valued certifications which could definitely be used to find jobs or even to build a profile as a freelancer. The certifications offered by Digital Academy 360 are:



  • Hubspot Content Marketing Certification


  • Digital Academy 360 Content Writing Course Certification




These certifications could be really helpful for freshers and also for those who’re looking for a job switch. Hubspot, considering how big of an organization it is, is globally a reputed organization and therefore valued everywhere. 


Becoming a Hubspot Certified Content Marketer is itself a very reputed badge for anyone and makes getting jobs or finding clients as a freelancer even easier.






The institute offers 100% placement assistance to the students and this is when the students are guided about the possible career paths. The students get to learn a lot about how the content industry operates, where the clients come from, how the projects are taken and delivered, etc.






Digital Academy 360 is a very renowned and reputed organization and is mostly famous for digital marketing and similar courses. Content Writing course so far appears to be very well structured and the students also have given some really nice reviews which ultimately get us to the conclusion that this course is worth a slot in the list of Top 5 content writing courses in Pune.




The digital web content writer course by LEADS is among the well-known content writing course in India. LEADs has been offering such courses for a while now and has performed well.


The course by LEADS is suitable for:


  • Content Writing Aspirants
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Freelancers
  • Bloggers
  • Professionals


The course has been designed to be very practical and relevant to whom it serves. 






The course involves 6 very well-designed modules that have topics that are professional and very much important when it comes to content writing as a profession. 


  1. Essentials of Writing
  2. Before you Write
  3. Write Right
  4. After you Write
  5. Publishing- Project Work 
  6. Career Development for Writers






Reviews and ratings for the institution is nice and the testimonials are also great. The students who completed the course at LEADS India are very satisfied with the kind of training they received


Overall LEADS India is a good content writing course and is a deserving institute to feature among Pune’s Top 5 Content Writing Courses.




Digital Skills is a known name when it comes to a content writing course in Pune, Has been offering such courses for a while and been really good at it. It is basically a part-time course which involves 30 hours of training.






The course consists of 7 modules which have been designed in a way to benefit their audience, mostly students and professionals. The course modules are:


  1. Introduction
  2. Business Objective and User-Centered Content
  3. Story Telling and Branded Content
  4. Content Marketing for Different Strategy
  5. Content Marketing Strategy
  6. Challenges in Content Marketing
  7. Measure Success, ROI, and KOI


These modules are very much essential for those aspiring to become content writers or those who want to get engagement for their businesses through content.






This course is relevant for a large category of people including:



  • Entrepreneur


  • Students
  • Career Changer
  • Professional




But there is no set restriction to who could join the course as it is open to all and this is just a broad categorization.






The reviews of the course by Digital Skill are fairly nice and the students are very much satisfied with the course the got. These are the reviews by students and testimonials which make Digital Skills feature among the Top 5 Content Writing Courses in Pune.




However, all these courses are fairly commendable and have been doing a great job of offering students these quality courses, if you consider CourseDekho recommendations, then we would suggest IIM SKILLS over the other and this conclusion is made solely on the basis of student reviews and judgment for the course structure.


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