Content writing courses in Bangalore could be a lot helpful for students as well as professionals there. The megacity Bangalore is otherwise called the IT hub of our country.




It is also known as the silicon valley of India as it is crowded with thousands of information technology-based start-ups and companies.


Being a city crowded with this many Information technology companies, there has to be huge scope for content writing.


As we all know the content writing industry is involved in pretty much every industry and mainly the online industries.


Companies and online-based businesses have to closely engage with the content writing industry because it covers a lot many aspects of marketing.


Marketing in this digital world has to be effective and therefore content writing is a must. While the city is filled with corporate employees, it is equally crowded with students.


This is because of the number of digitally based companies. Due to a large number of IT startups and digital-based businesses and companies, many institutions that provide job oriented courses related to digital marketing.


Therefore the flow of students to these institutions is also huge. While these institutes provide many digital marketing courses in Bangalore, the most popular course amongst these is content writing courses in Bangalore.


The students, as well as professionals in Bangalore, are highly engaged in these courses. Especially the content writing courses in Bangalore are highly populous amongst the students and professionals as well.


These courses are really helpful for employees to upgrade their skills for better-paid jobs, better job opportunities as well as to get a promotion.    


The courses are very relevant for students and can help them and other aspiring writers to find quick earning opportunities right after completion of the training.


The quality and kind of training depend a lot on the duration, course modules, training structure, lectures, and many other parameters.


Many institutes that offer these kinds of training, usually offer courses with a duration period of 1 month. But many other institutes offer similar training where the duration varies depending upon the kind of course designed. 

The 1-year course is equivalent to a diploma in content writing and very few institutes offer this kind of content writing course in Bangalore.


Here is the list of some of the top content writing training providers in Bangalore:




IIM skills are a highly renowned and reputed institution that has been offering such courses for the last 6 years now. The institute has its reach to many other cities in India such as Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc. In the past 6 years, ever since this institution was established, it has regularly achieved results. IIM skills have maintained a spot in the industry and are a highly rated institute. Many professionals and brands recommend IIM skills for aspiring writers, students as well as professionals who want to upgrade their skills to perform better.


Some of the best features of IIM SKILLS are:


  • It allows you to learn from experts in the industry, who have practically seen the industry evolve and have maintained a stable spot in this industry.


  • People who have practically experienced things changing and evolving in this industry can provide knowledge that would be helpful to form a stable career.


  • It has a dedicated placement cell that mentors students and allows them to reach out for international opportunities.


  • It is a very important thing for students to understand how big the opportunity is. Usually, the institutes that offer certification courses do not provide opportunities as big as this.


  • Getting placements abroad right after a few months of dedicated training is something one should go for.


  • Investing time and money on certification courses by IIM skills can be the best possible way to find profits worth a lot more than your investments.


  • The certificate provided by the institution is globally accepted, which means it could be used to support a resume while trying for better content writing opportunities.


  • As mentioned above, IIM skills offer teachings from experienced people who have practically been through the ups and downs of this industry, and therefore IIM skills provide coaching, allowing students to implement the lessons and techniques practically.


  • IIM skills is a highly rated content writing institution that has achieved brilliant milestones in the past 5 years.


  • IIM skills have successfully trained over 6000 professionals from over 30 countries with more than 1000 training programs.


  • IIM skills have maintained a mark of brilliance ever since this organization was established. With a team of extremely professional people, IIM skills provide students with the best guidance for career-based content writing.


  • It allows lifetime access to (Learning management system) courses for those students who enroll in their certification and training course program once.


The key points mentioned above are the reason IIM skills makes it to the first in the list 




This is the Institute which offers many of the skill-based courses that can help students to build their career on its peak. 

  • They also provide courses like networking, my SQL, web designing and many other courses that can enhance students’ skills to get them a successful career.


  • Online Idea Lab is a digitally driven organization that offers various training programs, courses and on-demand services.


  • Along with this Online Idea Lab offers many other digital marketing courses as well.


  • This instates along with providing content writing training and course, also provides some of the finest content writing and digital marketing services.


  • Many businesses and brands have been benefited from their services and therefore is a well-rated organization.






Digital Academy 360 is among the earliest and most reputed institution which offers internet marketing, content writing and courses of similar nature.

This institute has more than 20 training centers all over India and these include some of the most crowded, busiest, metropolitan cities like Chennai, Pune, and Mysore, etc. 


Let’s peek into some key points which make digital academy 360 one of the best institutions offering courses around content writing.


  • The digital academy claims to provide 100% placement opportunities to eligible students.
  • It is a highly rated institution recommended by many professionals and brands across the country.
  • As mentioned above, Digital academy 360 provides multiple courses to the students. These are over 21 certification courses.
  • The students at digital academy 360 are provided with the opportunity to work with 10 live projects.
  • With around more than 50 modules, the students are taught to use a variety of online tools.
  • It is one of the most trusted organizations in the country and most importantly, Digital Academy 360 is partnered with Google.
  • Digital Academy 360 provides content writing courses in Bangalore and this course comprises 3 separate courses in a single program.
  • The certification course provided by Digital Academy 360 is instructed and guided by various industry professionals who specialize in their respective genres.
  • The content writing course in Bangalore provided by Digital Academy 360 is totally job oriented which means one can find job opportunities right after completing the course.
  1. ECT

ECT is one of the very famous institutions which provide training in multiple domains and one of them is content writing. This institution has been in the industry for more than 8 years now and is very popular among students and professionals.

About the course, ECT provides mainly 3 courses they are:

  1. Content Writing Course
  2. Digital Marketing Course
  3. Communication Skills and Personality Development Course
  • The content writing course is designed keeping freelancing as a prime objective so that the students will be able to earn as freelance content writers.
  • It comes with an internship opportunity where the students can indulge in more practical and professional aspects of content writing and learn the real operations in the industry such as how to get clients, how to deliver, what are the procedures, what are the practices, etc.
  • It conducts interactive sessions where the students can interact one on one with their instructors to bring the most out of the topics.
  • This is among the very few institutes which are recognized by the government of India.
  • The course duration is 3 months and involves 32 hours of classroom training along with 50 hours of e-learning and useful videos.
  • The students get assignments, tasks, projects, quizzes, and exams during this and very interestingly, the course comes with 2 certifications. The students here get lifetime access and also assured work from home job opportunities



  1. LEADS


LEADS is also a renowned institute that has been there for a while offering courses around content writing. Though it is not as popular as the above ones, still LEADS has managed to create a unique identity in the crowd of thousands.


It is a very well rated institution and liked by many students and professionals as well. Its training courses include multiple types of content writing techniques.


With the selected modules and syllabus that is framed after a huge amount of research and analysis, the LEADS have led many students to a stable career in content writing.


This course in Bangalore by LEAD is totally job oriented which means one can find a placement and earning opportunities right after completing the course.


Their primary focus is to make students learn about effective content writing.


The experts there in LEADS Bangalore who train and instruct the students, guide very precisely about how important role perception plays in content writing.


Here are some of the key points of the content writing training program by LEADS:


  • A total of six modules consisting of a variety of writing techniques and optimization procedures are taught to the students.
  • In the content writing courses by LEADS, the students are taught by industry experts and successful personalities who themselves have gone through a lot of ups and downs in this field.
  • The fundamental approach of the instructors in LEADS Bangalore is to make students aware of the essentials of content writing.
  • Through the content writing course at LEADS, the students learn over 11 types of content writing which they could use effectively to earn money.
  • The job oriented course helps students to find job opportunities with decent salaries.
  • People interested in freelancing in content writing can also go for this institute.
  • Apart from students and aspiring writers, many professionals also learn from the content writing courses to upgrade their skills, find better job opportunities and also to get promotions.




Overall all the institutes mentioned above are good and are well known for the continuous efforts they make to feed students with the best content writing courses & techniques.


All these courses and training programs are equally competitive, but some are a step ahead of the others. There isn’t so much difference between them but depending upon certain factors and parameters, we can conclude which one of these is a bit better than the rest.


If we compare the key points mentioned, milestones achieved, student ratings and the level of professional training provided, IIM Skills outshines the rest content writing training programs.


With abroad placement opportunities and interview assistance in over 30 countries that to right after course completion is something, a lot of students and professionals are looking forward to it.


The courses are taught by industrial experts which are again a very practical and important approach toward teaching students.


More than 4300 professionals have been benefited through these certification training and courses. The content, syllabus, modules are validated by the top rankers of the industry.


The IIM Skills institute is supported and trusted by some of the biggest brands around the globe such as American Express, Amazon, Google, Flipkart, Fb, PHILIPS and many others.


IIM Skills is, therefore, the global leader in content writing training and certification courses. The certificate awarded right after completion of the content writing course is accepted globally and can help one increase their resume score while applying for better content writing opportunities and jobs.


With more than 1000 programs conducted to date, IIM Skills have led many students and professionals towards more stable careers in life. The 5 years of excellence that IIM Skills have achieved through continuous efforts of making students aware of the writing industry and teaching them from very basic to extreme professional levels within a limited duration of the course is remarkable.


IIM Skills is therefore recommended by both students and professionals who have upgraded their skills, who have got earning opportunities after completing 


Even if one hasn’t secured any educational degree in any stream, this course allows them to identify themselves as content writers and stand out as confident professionals.


Though all the institutes are good and performing remarkably well in their respective zones, IIM Skills is just a step ahead through some very evident features and services it provides through its content writing courses. These features and key points have been mentioned above in the list.


IIM Skill, therefore, is the best content writing course in Bangalore and above mentioned were all the possible options of potential institutions which one can look forward to. These courses are very much suitable for almost all categories of people such as students, aspiring writers as well as professionals and entrepreneurs.



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