The Top 3 Digital Marketing Courses Training Institutes in India

Digital Marketing is the fastest growing industry in India today after IT & BPO revolution of late 90’s or early year 2000. So many companies had really grown using Digital Marketing in last few years including Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon and many more.

Since Digital Marketing demand is increasing so many industry players has jumped into this race to prove them better. Many entrepreneurs, business owners & professionals are exploring this medium to meet their business objectives. Hence, the demand of Digital Marketers has rapidly increased and supply has drastically gone down. Though there are more than 500+ people attending digital marketing education from top digital marketing training institutes in India still there is a huge gap between the quality of digital marketers.

Here, I have listed down The Top 3 Digital Marketing Courses Training Institutes in India, based on my experience companies are more happy to hire candidates completed their digital marketing courses from these digital marketing training institutes.

Digital Vidya


Digital Vidya is Asia’s most respected digital marketing education company. They are into an online live instructor-led online course, whether you are searching for digital marketing course in Delhi, Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai, Digital Marketing course in Bangalore, Digital Marketing Course in Chennai, Digital Marketing Course in Pune, SEO course in Hyderabad, you can go ahead and do digital vidya course. Their 6 months Digital Marketing Certification course covers a most important aspect of Digital Marketing which includes SEO, SEM, Social Media, Email Marketing, Web Analytics & the most important topic Inbound Marketing (Pull based magnet marketing). Digital Vidya course is an expensive course in India, their standard course fee is INR 49,900 + applicable taxes. Digital Vidya trainers are their business roots. All trainers are trained by Google Singapore to train Google partners in India. Digital Vidya is an exclusive partner with Vskills (Govt. of India) and Google partners.

Guys, here you need to understand what is Google Agency partners and Google training partner. As you might have seen almost all Digital Marketing Education companies has listed themselves as official Google partner and same as Digital Vidya has done on their website. In India, there are 2 types of Google partners. Below mentioned are their details.

Google Agency Partner: Some one who spends few lac rupees on Google Adwords accounts in a quarter can apply to become google official partner which also means that Google understands that this person/company holds the good knowledge to run ads campaign on google and they are eligible to run Google ads for businesses. There are more than 3000+ google agency partners in India which also includes digital marketing education companies like Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM), NIIT Imperia, Edukart, Kangaroo Wings, Click Prefect.

Google training partners: When google agencies (like above mentioned) requires a digital marketing updated training than google training partner go on behalf of Google to give training to these agencies partner in India. Digital Vidya is the exclusive partner for Google training partner in India. In short if in case DSIM, Edukart or any other company would require a training than Digital Vidya will be officially training on behalf of Google to these companies.

Guys, make sure that any company does not misguide you after reading this.

Delhi School of Internet Marketing


DSIM or Delhi School of Internet marketing was founded by Mr Kunal Choudhary, he is an expert in digital marketing advertisement business. DSIM offers 3 months of weekends & weekday courses in Digital Marketing. They offer courses through classroom learning and online as well. Their course covers 15 major modules of Digital Marketing. DSIM course is more focused towards “how to make money online via Google Adsense”. DSIM course is also an expensive course in India as it cost between INR 48,000-50000.

Delhi School of Internet Marketing is official agency partner of Google. Through their 3 months course, they provide complete hands-on learning in Digital Marketing. Their most of the trainers are in the house and all of them holds good practical understanding of digital marketing.

Those who are keen for offline classes in Delhi NCR DSIM is one of the good options.

Digital Academy India


Digital Academy India (DAI) was founded in the year 2012 by Delhi based entrepreneur Mr Gaurav Oberoi & in the year 2015 DAI was acquired by Pradeep Chopra & Kapil Nakra co-founders of Digital Vidya. Digital Academy India offers 4 months digital marketing training which also covers all google certification. Digital Academy India covers majors topics in digital marketing including SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, Website Designing, Email Marketing. DAI course is project based and purely focused on users hands-on experience.

Digital Academy India also provides in-house corporate training to companies across the world. DAI course is on a cheaper side compared to other two top digital marketing education companies. You can avail there the course at INR 39,900. There classes’ delivery is though online and offline both are available.


All above-mentioned companies are offering their best training in Digital Marketing but based on user objective I would like to recommend courses.

Students: Those who are looking for the job after completion of digital marketing course can go ahead with Digital Vidya as that course is Govt. of India certified and provides you good value in the resume. On the other hand, digital Vidya has already trained 5000+ companies and people have good respect for their students.

Business owners/Entrepreneurs: DSIM, Digital Vidya and Digital Academy India all are good in case your objective is lead generation, customer acquisition or online sales.

Sales & Marketing Professional: If your objective is to shift your career in Digital Marketing then Digital Vidya certification will surely help, however in your current role if you want to use digital marketing as a skill than its good to go ahead with anyone out of three.

Online Money Making: This objective none of these companies can fulfil. As mentioned by few Digital Marketing Training training companies in India that you can make money online it’s not that easy. You need to invest so much of time, energy and even skills to make online money.

If you still have any question please write to me at [email protected]

40 thoughts on “The Top 3 Digital Marketing Courses Training Institutes in India”

  1. Hi Vaibhav

    Really impressive Blog .

    I have a small query here . I was looking out for change in my career and switch to Digital Marketing domain. I have have an 7 years of Exposure in Market Research as of now .

    Can you Suggest/Guide which Institute will be good to opt in Bangalore for me ? Also should I go for a full time course or a part time ?

    Thanks in Advance.

  2. Hi,
    I am an MBA with hr and marketing. I have a experience into recruitment of 6 yrs but from last 3 yrs I am nt working.
    I want to come back in my carrier. Which institute will be good for me in bangalore?
    What will be the benefit of digital marketing in my carrier.
    Kindly suggest

  3. Hi,
    I’m a commerce graduate and i have approx a year of experience in operations but i wanna get into digital marketing. Which institute would you suggest me in Delhi, from the placement point of view as I don’t have the relevant experience. Also almost being a fresher and not having the relevant background should i go with the classroom based course or the online classes?
    Thanks in advance :)

  4. Hi!

    I have 6 years of experience in the content industry, mainly dealing with education and recruitment. But I have always been interested in advertising and marketing. I wanted advice on:
    – whether taking up a course, for example, the course from Digital Vidya, will help me break in to the digital marketing industry?
    – How much will not having direct working experience in marketing be an issue when it comes to getting employed or the compensation I will receive?
    – And what could I do to compensate for the lack of direct experience?
    – Also, do these digital marketing courses cover advertising (especially, the creative aspect of marketing)?

    I am a music producer as well, and I worked on many unofficial advertising campaigns within the companies I worked with, for music and art work, and they were quite successful (I understand this is not the same as working in advertising and marketing but I just wanted to add some background).

    Any advice from you will be helpful.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Sharjes,

      Thanks for visiting my blog & glad to know your interest in Digital Marketing learning. Your 6 years of experience in content industry will be surely relevant. Digital Marketing Course can be an add on to get break through in digital world. Given you do not have marketing experience but as you are in content industry which is core part of marketing, this will surely help you to get no hit on your next job (considering you moving in Digital Marketing jobs). Regarding course content I suggest you directly speak with Digital Vidya team.

      Hope this answers your question.


    • Hello Prashant,

      You can try out DMTI for classroom training. If you are interested for online course there is a list of Top companies offering courses like Digital Vidya, Digital Academy India, AIMA.

      Hope this will help.

  5. Thanks for sharing the good list. We have our Digital Marketing courses designed in such a way that they provide you with insights that are far beyond definitions and textbook theories. We believe and preach real time learning, and lay most of the emphasis on practical and innovative teaching methods. Brainstorming, Discussing ideas in groups, exchange of thoughts and opinions, and spinning a web of concepts logically is our main motto. We provoke you to think by putting you in the shoes of your future self dealing a situation, or a case study, and not dictate theories to you.

    Our digital marketing courses offer insightful inputs for the following key areas –Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay per Click Advertising (PPC), Email Marketing, Google Analytics, Marketing Automation tools, Adwords, Growth Hacking, Online Reputation Management, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

    Training at Digital Skool will be completely practical, real time and LIVE. We offer 2 hours of classroom training and one hour of online interaction with 3hours being catered to practicals each day. We also assess our aspirants with 5 hours of online work assignments and assess individual performances on a weekly basis. Please include our institute in the list.

    • Hi Anusha,

      Thanks for your wide and valuable comment. At Course Dekho we first review training program experience with genuine user and based on their experiences we evaluate ranking. Regarding Digital Skool we will surely check your training & add you in the top list.


  6. Hi there, we Seven Boats Academy in Kolkata are a quite popular name in Digital marketing training among localites. Though we never heavily advertise but you can hear a lot of positive feedback about us among our passed out students . Google it or check more details here for online or classroom training. Choose wisely after comparing other courses available in market. Thanks

    • Hello Debayoti,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I have heard lot about you guys as well. Indeed your services is as good as other digital services provider. Keep it up.


  7. Digital marketing extends beyond Internet Marketing to include channels like SMS and MMS that do not require the use of the internet. Anyone doing business online should seriously consider formulating and implementing a solid plan to tackle several or all of these areas to ensure success. You don’t have to be seeking a monetary profit to employ digital marketing. It’s basically about using various methods to advertise directly to other Internet users and to drive people to a designated area. People and brands who have not caught onto the fact that everything is digital nowadays may have their businesses suffer greatly. I got myself certified in Digital marketing and various other aspects in Sales and Marketing which helped me a lot. I would recommend you also to visit“”

    • Hello Sakshi,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. A graphic designer can surely go ahead and build rewarding career in Digital Marketing, however before joining any of the training program be clear about your learning objective so that you learn as your requirements. Let me know if you need to discussion anything in personal.


  8. Hey Vaibhav,
    I was going through your blog & want to tell you its quite impressive, but it is not the preferred solution to my query. My question is that being into IT sector from last 5 years now at this phase how I can leverage digital with that ease & comfort + how much beneficial it could be for me if I want to expand my limits to digital space as well.
    Awating quick response with right direction for me.
    Ankit Saxena

    • Hi Ankit,

      Thanks for your compliment. Here are my inputs for your digital career. Digital Marketing is surely a good option to increase your knowledge base after 5 years of Exp. in IT but at the same time a small digital marketing training in not a compensation of your 5 years of exp.

      Any organization will not accept you as experienced Digital Marketer until unless you do not have years of practical exp. in that.

      This does not mean that now you can not do digital marketing. I would suggest if you are interested to leverage digital marketing go ahead and do some hands on work as a freelance and make your profile digitally strong. It will take some time (may be year/s) but the outcome will be really valuable.

      Hope I have answered your question :)


  9. How digital courses will help in enhancing career? Is all these approved by any authorised educational institue or university? How to validate authenticity?

    • Hi Rohan,

      Digital Marketing skills are required for almost every profile now no matter that is sales, IT, Marketing, Human Resource or Business owner. Above mentioned courses are provided by experts digital marketing institutes. However Digital Vidya course is certified program by Vskills which is Govt. of India initiative. DSIM and Digital Academy India offers you Google certified program.

    • Hi Ishat,

      You can look into any hands on course offered by above mentioned training companies. Can you please confirm me you are looking at opportunities with in digital marketing or sales & marketing? I will be able to help you better about it if you brief me more on your objective.

      Thanks & regards

  10. can you pls add Marketmotive and simplilearn which was founded by avinashkaushik and Krishna have a vast majority of courses.almost all the courses are taught by Industry Influencers…One of my colleague have done Socialmedia certification course and his experience is positive..

  11. Make sense, can you please advise me which training company is good for online training? All of the above mentioned offers online courses

    • All of these are good. However if you want me to rank based on online education providers I would like to keep Digital Vidya on top then DSIm and in the last Digital Academy India.

      • Im from kolkata i want to do DM course but iam confused whether to do online course in digital vidya institute or in kolkata 7boats institute for D.M that is a classroom course.. which one will be better … plzzzz help

        • Hi Sajid,

          Thanks for writing to us. Digital Vidya offers Govt. of India certified training which can give you better career opportunity. I have never heard about 7 boats institute. Choose wisely.


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