Top 10 GST Certification Courses in India in 2021 (Updated)

GST sounds like an extremely complex and confusing topic and more importantly the changes it brought along actually shaped the way businesses operate in terms of manufacturing, distributing, retail, selling, and even for the consumer ends.


GST Courses in India


There has been a lot of noise around how GST works, but that doesn’t really help. Not necessarily, the professionals but the common people also need to understand to whom and what for they are paying the taxes.


So, the entire structure of GST can be better explained by professionals and people who belong to the finance backgrounds. Anyways, before you go ahead and read about the top 10 GST courses in detail, here’s a brief description of GST.


Let’s Start With What is GST?


GST refers to the Goods and Services Tax which was made operational in India effective from 1st July 2017. The GST is basically a consumption tax imposed upon almost all sorts of goods and services. Implementing goods and services tax was a very important decision in order to eliminate the complexity and hassle of paying multiple taxes such as excise duty, VAT, services tax, customs, etc.


The GST is further divided into 3 components:


  1. CGST
  2. SGST
  3. IGST


These different formats are levied on goods and services depending upon certain conditions. So, there are predefined rules and regulations for registration of GST and also for who can or cannot file this tax.


As mentioned above, it is important for regular people to understand the principle and working standards of GST, and therefore the people mentioned list consists of the best 10 GST courses (professional and basic) in India.


You might find some real value here: 


Top 10 GST courses in India




IIM SKILLS is among the very renowned providers of training programs and courses on numerous subjects. It has been offering multiple corporate training as well as online and offline courses.


The GST course by IIM SKILLS is definitely among the best 10 GST courses in India. As we proceed through the details of the course, it has been designed so that students can bring the most of it.


The audience suitable for the course includes:


  • Undergraduates
  • M.Com
  • Graduates
  • MBA’s
  • Professionals in Accounting and Taxation


Benefits of the course:


With the implementation of GST, the tax and return filing is going to be slightly different and therefore a majority of businesses would require people who hold the knowledge in this specific domain to manage their GST, and therefore there will be an increased opportunity for job seekers especially the accounting and taxation department.


The course provides a very comprehensive detailing of the new law and things associated with it. According to the details mentioned, the IIM SKILLS GST course contains lessons that will help students to understand the core fundamentals of GST to its practical implementation.


Course Content:


A total of 16 lessons are covered in this course as mentioned on the website. The topics covered involves some of the very important aspects such as application of GST, conditions for it, and also the comparison with the previous format of tax.


The topics covered by EduPristine in this GST course are:


  • Basics of Tax
  • Taxation System in India
  • Introduction to GST structure
  • Rates Comparison
  • Applicability of GST
  • Time of Supply
  • Place of Supply
  • Valuation
  • Tax Invoice
  • Input Tax Credit Composition Scheme
  • Registration
  • GST Returns
  • Payment of Tax
  • Accounting for GST
  • GST in Tally
  • GST v/s Previous Indirect Tax


The above topics range from very basics and fundamental lessons to the practical implementation of GST and also the comparison of GST with the methods that were adopted earlier for taxation.


Course Details:


  • Classroom Course: It is a classroom training program where the students will be given a choice to attend classes either on weekdays or on weekends depending upon their schedule and convenience.


  • Industry Endorsed Curriculum: Very professional course which has been created keeping in mind the industry standards and requirements as to reference. It is very suitable for the practices followed at present and therefore is appreciated by companies.


  • Faculty: The trainers or instructors at IIM SKILLS are industry professionals who are invited to guide students on relevant topics depending on their field of expertise.


  • Support: The students are provided with complementary material access to Advance Excel online and study materials as well (E-books).


  • Course Duration: The course duration is 32 hours (depending on weekend and weekday batches, the timings are provided)


  • 24×7 Online Support: The course content, presentations, recordings, etc are all available to the students 24*7 on the internet.


  • Reviews and Ratings: The reviews and ratings on the website suggest that the students are quite satisfied with the IIM SKILLS GST course and many of them owe their thanks to the placement teams which helped them find a secure job.


Fee:  The IIM SKILLS GST course fee is INR 11,900 + Taxes.


2.ICT Academy 


The ICT Academy is specifically known for GST training, online courses, and workshops. The institute has been selected by NACEN and Govt of India for GST training. ICT Academy has partnered with Tata Consultancy Services and Prime Academy to develop this course.


The Audience Suitable For the Course Includes:


  • Finance and Accounts Professional
  • Business Heads and Business Owners
  • SME’s 
  • Traders
  • Bankers
  • Professionals Dealing with Taxes in Organizations
  • CA Practitioners
  • CA Interns


Benefits of this Course:


The goods and services tax which has been implemented from 1st of July 2017, had a far-reaching impact on business operations and thus the demand of GST professionals or finance professionals who hold good knowledge about this topic has increased. The GST has introduced lots of opportunities in terms of jobs, as companies and businesses would require a lot of them.


The students will get to learn an overall understanding of GST law including its implementation, compliance, and enforcement. They’ll get to know how GST would impact the functioning of any organization and the changes that would be required in the business procedures to comply with the new law.


The students can expect to get information about different procedures involves in GST such as Registration, Filing of Returns, Availing Input Tax Credit, etc. The students will also get to learn about transitional provisions.


Course Content:


The course consists of 14 modules that involve topics that cover the very professional and practical aspects of GST. In these 14 modules, there are some very relatable interesting lessons covered such as faults and penalties, refunds, etc.


The topics covered by ICT Academy in this GST course are:


  • Overview of GST
  • Scope and Levy of Supply
  • Registration, Documentation, Payment, and Return under GST
  • Time and Value of Supply
  • ITC under GST
  • E-Commerce and Job Work
  • Assessment and Audit Under GST
  • Refunds, Demands and Recovery, Appeals and Revision
  • Settlement Commission and Advance Ruling
  • Offense & Penalties
  • Transitional Province under GST
  • Overview of IGST
  • Nature and Place of Supply
  • GSTN & Administration


The lessons involved in the course provide clear insights into the core concepts of GST and therefore it is suitable for students as well as professionals.


Course Details:


Online Course: This is an online certification course and more importantly it is self-paced, so students can complete the modules according to their time flexibilities.


Faculty: The course facilitators panel includes some of the very talented and qualified professionals from the finance industry. The faculty for ICT Academy’s GST course has people like:


  • CA, Rajendra Kumar
  • CA, Prasanna Krishnan
  • CA, Shankara Narayanan
  • CA, Subashini S
  • CA, Ganesh Prabhu


Course Duration: The course duration is 15 weeks, however, the students can wrap it up early or complete by committing just 2 hours a week.


Fee: The fee for ICT Academy’s GST Course is INR 3,540




The Institute of Cost Accountants of India provides courses related to accounts and taxation. At present, the institute has 3 courses dedicated to GST which includes a crash course, a certification course, and an advanced course on GST. 


Depending upon the type of course, the students opt for, the facilities offered also varies. 


The audience suitable for the mentioned GST courses by ICMAI includes:


For Crash Course


  • B.COM/ BBA pursuing or completed
  • M.COM/ MBA pursuing or completed


For Advanced Certification Course


  • Qualified Cost and Management Accountants
  • Other Professionals (CA, CA, MBA, M.COM, Lawyers)
  • Executives from Industries and Tax Practitioners
  • Students who are either CMA qualified or CMA pursuing


Benefits of the course:


The training sessions are conducted such that the students get to learn the concepts of GST through a very practical approach. The course involves topics from basics such as invoice, registration, e way bill, etc to professional lessons such as TDS under GST, etc.


Course Content:


Depending upon the type of course, the curriculum holds anywhere between 14-18 modules. The modules include some very important topics which are necessary for any professional, however, all of these courses begin with very basic fundamentals and initial GST procedures.


Some of the Very Important Topics Covered by ICMAI through their GST courses are:


  • Taxable Event and Type of Supply
  • Time and Place of Supply
  • Classification of HSN and SAC
  • Valuation Rule
  • Applicability of TDS and TCS under the GST and Filing of Return
  • Zero Rated Supplies, Imports, and Exports
  • E-invoicing and reconciliation of Credit and Job Work
  • Basic Procedures
  • Records and Returns along with New Return Prototype
  • Assessment and Audit
  • Demands, Adjudication and Appeal, Penalties and Prosecution
  • Advance Ruling and Anti Profiteering
  • Miscellaneous Provisions and Case Studies


These were only some of the very important topics and lessons which were common among all types of GST course by ICMAI. 


Course Details:


Offline and Online Courses: The GST courses by ICMAI are offered in both offline and online formats depending upon the type of course. The advanced program is available in online format only, the regular certification course is provided in both the formats and the crash course in only offline mode.


Course Duration: The course duration varies from 32-72 hours depending upon which type of GST course the students opt for. 


The regular ICMAI GST certification course duration is 72 hours while for advanced course it is 40 hours and for a crash course, the duration is 32 hours.


Doubt Sessions: Separate Doubt Sessions are Conducted to address the queries and confusion of the students. This allows the students to interact one-one with the instructors and get more clarity over any topic they want.


Course Fees: The ICMAI’s GST courses have the following fee structure


For certification course: INR 10,000 + 18% GST

For advanced course: INR 14,000+ 18% GST

For a crash course: INR 1000+ 18% GST




The institute of company secretaries of India is a statutory body under the Act of Parliament, and it has been a training and services provider of professional courses which also includes the GST course.


The audience suitable for the GST course by ICMI include:


The members and professional program students of ICMI


Benefits of the course:


The course provides the students with comprehensive insights into the principles of GST as well as other nuances of the indirect tax regime. The students can understand the core concept of GST and its implementation with current developments.


Course Details:


Mode of Course: The institution has study centers in many cities but no particular mode of training has been mentioned for the GST course. However, the students will be able to get a 6-hour web-based online session on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).


Course Duration: The duration of the GST course by ICMAI is 5 weeks.


Study Material: The students will be provided with study materials other necessary resources that are helpful for them as a reference to what they learn through the course.


Course Fee: The ICMI’s GST course is worth INR 7,500+ GST which is to be paid online.




CA club India has been a very active online training provider when it comes to courses related to finance, accounting, and taxation. It is an interactive platform for finance professionals and taxpayers. Apart from just GST, the CCI has been providing courses around Business Economics, Business Law, etc. 


The audience suitable for the CCI GST course includes:


  • CA’s in practice who want to diversify their practice in the GST field
  • CA’s in jobs who wish to have a promotion
  • CA students and fresher CA’s
  • IAS aspirants, MBA finance, ICWA professionals
  • Accountants. B.COM/M.COM Graduates
  • A graduate or postgraduate having a degree in Commerce, Law, Banking, etc.
  • Sales Tax Practitioner


Benefits of the Course:


The implementation of GST has led to an ocean of opportunities creating a huge number of vacancies and requirements of Accounts professional, manager accounts, CFO’s Revenue Officials, etc.


The job market seeks about 1 lakh employment opportunities for GST professionals. Consultancies have seen a hike in over 60% of job vacancies ever since the GST rolled out. 


This creates immense opportunities for students and professionals and therefore, the course can help one improve their profile and find a well-paying job soon.


Course Content:


The course content has been designed such that, the students get a clear idea about the transition from the previous method to present standards and how their implementations shape the way businesses and other organizations operate.


The GST course by CCI consists of around 16 modules which include topics like:


  • Overview of Present Indirect Taxation in India
  • Levy and Collection of GST
  • Taxable Person and Threshold for GST registration and payment, etc.
  • Taxable Event in GST
  • GST Invoice, Debit and Credit Note
  • Input Tax Credit in GST
  • Time of Supply Provisions for Goods and Taxes
  • Place of Supply of Goods and Services
  • Valuation of Goods and Services
  • Various Returns under GST, TDS, and TCS
  • Job work Transactions under GST
  • Assessments and Audits under GST
  • Inspection, search, seizure, and arrest under GST
  • Demands and Recovery, Offences and Penalties under GST
  • Prosecution and Compounding of Offences and Appeals under GST
  • Various Aspects fo E Way Bill 


These were some of the interesting and important lessons covered through the GST course by CCI.


Course Details: 


Online Course: The GST course by CA Club India is an online course which comprises of pre-recorded video lectures that students can cover according to their flexible routines before the course validity ends.


Supporting Material: The students are provided with e-books on GST and video lectures as well.


Faculty: The CA Club India has extremely talented and qualified professionals among the faculty member who is very well versed with the topic and therefore are the best people for the job. 


The faculty panel includes Mr. Bimal Jain, with over 18 years of experience in the Industry.


Course Duration: 28 Hours


Course Fee: The fee for the GST course by CA Club India is INR 6,599




VSkills has been providing training for various subjects for a very long time now, it has trained thousands of students to date and a good number of those courses are dedicated to subjects like finance and accounting. These include Tally, Commercial Banker, Equity Research, etc.


The Audience Suitable for the GST Course by VSkills Includes:


  • Accounting Professionals
  • Tax Consultants
  • Students Pursuing Accounting or Finance


Benefits of the Course:


The students will turn capable of getting a job as there is a huge demand for GST professionals, while the accounting and Taxation professionals might as well get promoted. The students here will get to learn about the Basic of Taxation and GST, Administration, Registration, Payment, Accounting, Law, IGST, and GST in other countries.


Course Content:


The GST course by Vskills includes some very important topics. The curriculum comprises of 9 modules which cover every detail of the GST and the very professional and practical concepts of it.


Some of the topics covered in the GST course by Vskills are:


  • Taxation and GST basics
  • GST Registration
  • GST Invoicing
  • GST Returns
  • Input Tax Credits
  • GST Valuation
  • GST Legal Provisions


These are the course modules that consist of a lot many deeper concepts and therefore, the curriculum is best suited for present standards of how GST works.


Course Details:


Online Course: The GST course by Vskills is an online video course where students can access the lectures through e-learning platforms.


Certification: The organization claims to provide certification that is accredited by the Government of India and also the Vskills certification will be valid for a lifetime.


Lifetime Access: The e-learning access remains with the students for a lifetime, which means the students can refer back to any of the course modules or lecture sessions.


Course Fee: The GST course by Vskills is worth INR 3,499.


7. NIIT 


NIIT is a renowned institution that has been an active organization providing courses and other training programs. There are long term and short term courses, along with the ones suitable for students and corporate professionals. It has a good number of courses dedicated to banking and finance, and one such course is the “Introduction to GST course”


The Audience Suitable for the GST Course by NIIT includes:


  • Undergraduates
  • Graduates
  • Anyone with relevant interests in finance, taxation, and GST


Benefits of the Course:


It covers all the major aspects of GST along with its implementation in Tally. The course begins by acquainting the learner with various concepts of GST and then progresses to the implementation and impact of GST.


Based on the knowledge the students receive through this course and also the certifications make them very eligible job candidates as there is a huge demand for GST professionals at this point in time.


Course Content:


As mentioned, the course contains topics that range from defining the principles of GST to their practical implementation in businesses and other organizations.


The topics involved in the GST course by NIIT are:


  • GST Concepts
  • Supply of Goods and Services
  • Time and Value of Supply
  • Invoicing and Input Credit Mechanism
  • Returns and Payment of Tax
  • Input Service Distributor
  • Ecommerce
  • Compliance Rating


These were some of the very important topics that are covered as the GST course progresses, thus making it suitable for the beginners and amateur students to learn.


Course Details:


Classroom Course: The GST course by NIIT is a classroom course with intensive training facilities.


Course Duration: The duration of the GST course by NIIT is 20 hours.


Faculty: The institute has a fine panel of trainers and instructors who are professionals and industry experts.


Fee: Not Mentioned


8.Tax Guru Education 


Tax Guru Education is another such institution which offers courses around GST and Income Tax. They are quite popular among CA aspirants and other finance students and professionals. The organization is very adept at providing these courses and the faculty panel also includes some very experienced and qualified personalities who try their best to help the students find real value through the course.


The audience suitable for the GST course by Tax Guru Education includes:


  • Finance Professionals 
  • Business Heads, Business Owners
  • CFO’s
  • Finance Directors
  • Analysts
  • Traders
  • Tax Officials
  • GST practitioners
  • Individuals/Beginners seeking Taxation


Benefits of the Course:


The course covers GST from its basic concepts to advanced level theories and practical approaches for its implementation. The students will get to learn about the impacts and effects of GST and the principles on which this law operates. The students will also learn how business operations are shaped under GST.


There will be a huge opportunity for professionals and also for fresh students to find jobs or get promoted if already having a job. The demand for GST professionals is at peaks, and this course facilitates the students with every possible thing they require to turn into a GST taxation professional.


Course Content:


The curriculum consists of 14 sessions which initially go from basic concepts then to budget and then advanced and practical implementation of GST.


The topics involved in the GST course by Tax Guru Education are:


  • Constitutional Aspects of GST
  • Basic Concepts of GST
  • GST Return Filing Procedures
  • Exemption and Registration
  • Zero Rated Supply
  • Audit and Annual Return
  • Definition of Capital Goods
  • Levy and Collection
  • Composite and Mixed Supply
  • Transitional Scheme
  • Major Amendments
  • GST Laws


These were some of all the topics and lessons covered in this course by TaxGuru Education.


Course Details:


Online Course: The GST course by Tax Guru Education will be available to the students through online formats. It is basically a self-paced course consisting of video lectures that students can access anytime before the validity of the course ends.


Certificate: Post completion of the course, the students are provided with a certification of course completion by TaxGuru


Resources: The students are provided with free e-books that will help them as a reference.


Course Duration and Validity: The course duration is 40 hours and is valid for 2.5 months.


Faculty: Tax Guru has some extremely qualified and experienced professionals. The GST course lectures are done by CA Raman Singhla, who has trained more than 3000 students and professionals on this topic. He has written a book as well on GST and is an expert with great hold over the topic.


Course Fee: The TaxGuru GST course fee is INR 10,000+GST @18%


9. ConsultEase  


ConsultEase is a very renowned institution which has been providing numerous course under domains related to Banking, Finance, Taxation, Account and this includes GST as well. The institution aims to enable the attendee to understand the basic concepts of GST, guidance to keep themselves updated and also to perform the GST procedural tasks.


The audience suitable for the GST course by ConsultEase includes:


  • Commerce Graduates CA/CS/CMA/Law Students
  • Tax Professionals whether in Job or Practice
  • Qualified CMA/LLB
  • Business Owners
  • People interested in having a career in GST 


Benefits of the Course:


This is a live instructor-led course which means that the students will be able to interact with their trainer and ask any of their queries or confusions related to the subject. The course covers all aspects of the GST regime and the students are also allowed to access the video lectures.


Course Content:


The course consists of a curriculum that involves 10 modules which range from basics to professional and practical concepts. 


The topics involved in the GST course by ConsultEase are:


  • Basic Concept and Constitutional Background
  • Levy and Supply
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Registration and Time of Supply
  • Place of Supply
  • Zero Rated Supply
  • Returns in GST
  • Annual GST Returns
  • Offense and Assessment in GST
  • Valuation, TDS, and TCS under GST

These are the 10 modules in the curriculum which take the students to very in-depth concepts and practical approaches for the principles of GST and how it impacts organizations.


Course Details:


Online Course: The GST course is offered to students in the online format, however, the course will be live instructor-led which means the students will be able to interact with the trainer in the same way as in the classroom.


Case Studies: A total of 50 important case studies are provided to students for better reference.


Faculty: The trainer/instructor is Shaifaly Girdharwal who has hosted several other webinars on GST and similar topics and so far, her webinars have received a good response and have been very successful.


Course Duration: The duration of the GST course by ConsultEase is 25 hours.


Course Fee: The course fee of the ConsultEase GST course is INR 6,000


10. RISE  


Renaissance Institute of Skill Enhancement is primarily focused on providing GST courses only. It has been offering this course for a while now and has been quite successful in doing so. The course offered is a self-paced course with all the details of GST presented in a very comprehensive manner.

The audience suitable for the GST course by RISE includes:


  • Graduate
  • UnderGraduate


Benefits of the GST Course by RISE:


The course has been developed to make it easier for beginners and aspiring GST professionals to learn the core concepts. With live examples, the video lectures make the concepts crystal clear for the trainees. The program is designed by professional CA’s and experts in the finance industry and therefore the students can learn from the experts right from the comfort of their homes.


Course Content:


The topics covered in the GST course by RISE are:


  • GST Overview
  • GST Registration
  • Administration
  • Levy & Tax Collection
  • Supply of Goods & Services
  • Concepts of Input Tax Credit
  • Invoice Debit & Credit Note
  • Accounts & Records
  • Returns
  • Refunds & Input Tax Credit
  • Assessments

Course Details:


Online Course: The course will be available to the students in online format. It is a self-paced course which means the students will be able to access the course according to their schedule before the validity of the course ends.


Course Validity: 365 Days


Course Fee: The GST course by RISE is worth INR 2,000


So, the above-mentioned were the Top 10 GST courses in India which both students and professionals can look up to for having a career as GST professionals. The courses have got reviews from students which is quite appealing and satisfying. 


These courses have helped many learn and build a career, therefore these are the potential courses that you can look up to if you are a student or maybe a professional accountant, or even in the finance department.


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  52. Hello sir. I want to apply for this course. I am a commerce student specializing in accounting. This is a very extensive topic in today’s field. as the rules and regulations of gst has changed and there are new procedures to follow. To know about the past regulations and keep up with the present ones, is a very challenging job. And then again it has a very vast opportunity for jobs seekers in this field. I am looking forward to my training classes starting from the next month. I am also interested to know more about the first two institutes. As I have yet to decide on a particular institute, I am currently focusing on the first two for now. If you have a better suggestion than this, and maybe you could suggest me an institute on this topic it would be great then. Also are there weekend classes available in this online course? also does all these institutes or at least most of them provide study materials? If so, I could use it to further study on my own and also attend classes. I think it’s nothing to point out and mention, but just wanted to make sure. Thanks for the article.

  53. Sir what do you think is the basic difference between offline and online gst classes? I am personally biased on offline classes. Given this lockdown situation it’s ok to think that no new admission forms may be released this year for any courses. So many are trying and enrolling for online courses including courses on this topic. It’s true that it’s safer to start enrolling online than to sit at home doing nothing, but as far as this course is concerned I feel like it’s best to join this course offline at any college or university or maybe in an institute. This course curriculum entails heavy practical lessons, which is why I feel like it’s not possible to do this online. How are we supposed to do those things online? As of now you may understand that I don’t have much positive outlook on this online training topic. But I am not trying to discourage anyone. It’s just my point of view. Likewise, I would also like to hear your point of view. Maybe your explanation can change what I think. If so I would also apply for this course. I am looking for this course, because I want to enroll in this course. so I just want to make things clear before applying.

  54. Hey I want to join this online program. It’s so great to find these institutes online. At first I thought that there weren’t good courses on this topic online, but I have changed that thought. After reading this list I am really impressed. They really have a nice collection of institutes here. I am in a corporate sector and I am qualified enough to enroll for this course, but seriously speaking it’s not possible for employed person to learn this course in an offline setting. I have started working just last year, and now that I have settled in the job environment, I thought of taking the next step. At first I had high doubts on the institutes, but in this article there are three institutes, which I have heard before. So I am feeling at ease after reading your article. It’s a very good article indeed. It’s important to understand the functioning of gst if you are working at an import export organization. This lockdown surely helped to reduce the workload and also for giving time to improve oneself. If I perform well in this online course, could I also get the chance to intern online?

  55. Sir I am a first year student in finance and I would like to join this course. First of all is it necessary to have immense knowledge in computers before joining this course. I have some basic knowledge, but as far as in depth studying goes, I think I still have a lot to learn from. If it’s necessary to get admitted, then I would complete a short course on computer. But since it’s lockdown, it’s not possible to apply for computer courses offline, and there aren’t many articles on online training. You don’t have to, but if you know about any such course could you tell me. Then again, is there any examination before joining this course? This is also a quite competitive course. Though it may not seem so, not like the marketing courses of course, but it’s still very competitive in the online courses world. Qualified practitioners are not so abundant so there’s this always search for more candidates. This is my hypothesis; it may be wrong. And you may also present a counter argument. Discussions like these are quite healthy. Thank you so much.

  56. It’s really difficult to pin point a particular institute. most of us go for institutes which are mostly highly ranked, but if after applying I notice that I am not comfortable with the teaching style of a particular professor, then what should I do? Wouldn’t it be a problem later on? Again there are so many unreliable sites on the internet that it becomes hard to distinguish between the institutes, so articles like this one really comes in handy. This whole concept is difficult as it is and it becomes much more difficult for some of us who are not really sure about any particular online institute. Last time I heard someone’s experience about an online program, it wasn’t positive. So I thought that taking this course online will be risky. I work in a corporate sector, and I want to enroll in this course as I think this will help me to further progress my career. I don’t know if it would be right to day that I am nervous or I am confused about this program. But maybe you can help me. please guide me through this process of enrolling at an institute. your guidance will surely help me to clear my doubts further. I would really appreciate if you could reply back. Thank you.

  57. I read an article today on this course and its popularity in India, and there was a quote by a famous businessperson, if possible I would like to quote him once more. But it was a lengthy quote. You can find this article on At first I thought how this course can help me devise a plan and help me all through the process of being an entrepreneur, but after reading that single article, I started searching for institutes that offered this course. Unfortunately, one cannot apply for this course at university, or I would’ve done that. So here I am, in search of online courses. I am really excited to learn more about this course. I keep wondering that if a single article can motivate me and help me learn about all these things in such a short period of time then the course trainings can help me attain much more. I am a photographer and I wanted to create my own online platform and a business on this. I knew I lacked skills and knowledge to do so. Your article helped me to select a training program among these many best institutes. I am really thankful for this amazing list of institutes.

  58. Since I was interested in this course I directly searched for online sites that offered this course and it was only then that I realized that it was a mistake. I mean there were thousands of institutes lined up accordingly, mostly all starting with gst courses this and that. It was kind of overwhelming. So instead of searching like this I thought of taking the help of bloggers who write articles on this topic and their list of institutes. And I was so right about that. Thank god it’s only my third article and I have already found that which institute I would like to join. Thanks to all those three articles. Your article helped me come to the final decision. You have written a well article on this topic. I look forward to the classes. Since I have heard so much that the classes are not easy and they are hard, I am more than excited to look forward to my first class. I want to experience this training session and become a good recognized professional in this field. Also I almost forgot to ask, but can I have lifetime access to the training classes records? Which institute do you think is best for this?

  59. Hello sir. It was a pleasure reading your article. Which one of these institutes do provide the lms system of learning? I have heard that in this system there are pre-recorded lectures and one can attend the classes whenever they want to and that there are no particular class timings. I work at a private company and sometimes it’s pretty late when I come back. This is a course that requires absolute attention or concentration. So I could attend the classes when I am free. can you list up some information on this? maybe I have said the incorrect term for this class, but no matter what it is, it would be greatly appreciated if the institute I want to enroll in has these options. I am looking forward to the third and fifth institute. so you can tell me among which of these institutes do you think is the best and fits my criteria. I finally made my mind to join this course so I have a lot of questions. hope you didn’t mind them. I see so many people interested in this course too, I am really happy to see so many comments on this blog. At first, I thought there wouldn’t be a response like this. So I am a bit taken aback. I also want to thank you for taking the time to write this article. I may be a follower of your blog now.

  60. Hello sir. I am second year economics student from K.D College of Commerce. Sir can I apply for this course? Am I eligible? I tried to enroll for this course from an online platform but they rejected it saying I wasn’t qualified enough, as I haven’t even completed graduation. But does graduation have anything to do with this course? I have read that any students from business departments, law, banking and even students pursing this subject or line of work in the future can join this course. I am a slow learner, so I intended to join this course earlier and take my time to learn it thoroughly. So can I join this course sir? I am really interested in this course. suppose I do apply for this course and classes start, but can I get the chance to record the class for future references? Or it would be great if I could download these sessions. If by accident, I cannot attend a class then it would be very helpful. Not all institutes allow this. So can you give me a list of institutes that will allow students like me to join and I could also download the training sessions? It would be very helpful. Thank you in advance.

  61. Gst is a common term that everyone has heard of. Even if you don’t know anything about topic, I think everyone has at least heard of this word since young. Now we come to know there are online courses for this subject too. I was not sure whether they had an online training program on this subject. it’s good to see that there are so many institutes out there. Now I feel like I didn’t even know anything about this topic since the beginning. I was also excited to learn about the three types of gst. After looking at your article I searched for these three types separately. It’s quite confusing to learn a lot about this topic in one go. Nevertheless I also agree that your article is very detailed. Though I looked through a few institutes and couldn’t look over the whole article, I was still satisfied with what I read. I have bookmarked this page and I will surely look through it later. Also can you add a few institutes or colleges which offer this course in a classroom setting? I am not in a hurry to enroll for this course so it’s fine if it takes time for colleges to resume. But could you give me a few names? Since I liked the online institutes you mentioned I think that you will give me valuable advice on this too.

  62. Hello. I want to enroll in this course. I am also confused about the requirements of the course. though it’s fine that different institutes have different rules but I also want to ask, can someone from who has yet to graduate apply for this course? I am in my second year of college and I want to enroll in this course now. Can I do it? I always wanted to have a degree in this topic. Is the certification diploma or do we have to get a professional certificate from an institute to do that? No matter how advanced online courses have become, there are still questions about it. about three percent of people will be undecided about enrolling in any online course among five. I think that’s also justified. There are many sites and all. So yeah some have their doubts with all these. But now it seems that slowly everything is going online. Classes have also started online so now there’s no reason to say mean things to online training institutes. As much as I have doubts I am still grateful to you for writing this article. Thank you. I have selected two institutes, later I will research on it a bit. If my training program goes smoothly I will be sure to share it will everyone here and thank you once more.

  63. Robin Sekhar Maity

    Hello. Thanks for this article. I have been searching for this online course for a few days. But I didn’t find any nice articles or institutes that I took a liking to. But now as I read your article I remember seeing a few of this institutes mentioned in the previous article too. if it’s mentioned in more than one article, can I think that it’s because the institute is well recognized? I am not familiar with gst institutes. I have read many blog swhere the question mostly everyone asked was, which institute should they join. Because passing from a reputed institute and getting the certificate holds much value. Both courses online and offline are very good regarding this topic. Which one do you think is the best way of training in this topic? Is it classroom training or online training? There are many debates about which kind of training is good and which is bad, but as far as a particular course is mentioned it differs individually. So which one do you prefer? What are their advantages and disadvantages against each other? Please share your opinion. As an online training institute which one among these listed is the best for enrollment? I am eager to know your answer.

  64. Oindrella Dutta

    Which of these institutes provide interactive classes? Video classes are not really welcomed, at least not for me. I would like an interactive session as it feels more like having a class and it’s also quite easy to ask questions. in a video class even if you ask a question you can’t be sure when it’s going to be answered. I have completed a course in marketing previously and I had to wait till I get an answer and it was quite uncomfortable. Since it’s an important course I would prefer a more comfortable interactive class. A lots of things can be discussed in that way. And is it a diploma course on gst or a course on intermediate certification? If we pursue a deeper understanding of gst, then will this training course suffix? Or will be have to sign up for another training session? Well maybe I asked too many questions, so please answer them slowly. All these questions are really important. Looking forward to your reply. And thank you for this article. I loved reading it and it was interesting too. Thanks for detailing it so much.

  65. Hi sir. Good Evening. I was so worried whether I would find a good institute for this course or not. but I seem to have relaxed a bit after reading your article. The article is quite detailed with the curriculum mentioned and all. Thank you for your hard work. It’s good to know that beginners will not be overwhelmed after the first lecture. It seems that the institutes are quite beginner friendly as they will be covering both of the practical and theoretical details. Thanks again. Seriously! I really took a liking to these institutes, which is exactly why I want to hear your suggestion. Which one would be best and which institute do you think provide a lots of hands in assignment? This is a perfect way to master any new skill, no matter how difficult it may be. Exercises are a crucial part of one’s training, at least I like to think that way. What do you think? Please take your time, but please reply back. Looking forward to your answer.

  66. Sir how will I know when a new session batch starts? And also register to it? do I need to subscribe and give my email to them for further notifications? I want to apply for this course. For a long time, I was looking for articles which wrote on this topic. I like how you mentioned the points in details and would like to further chat with you and clear my doubts. Even though lockdown is in full effect, I still need to register at office for at least three days a week. So during those times I don’t think I would be able to attend any classes if the timings clash. If by chance someone misses their class can they attend the class later? Are there any recording sessions for this? Actually it’s not just this course. I wanted to get certificates from a few courses which I thought would be useful, but I failed to do so every time. So this time I want to make sure I can attend all the classes without any form of distraction. Would you be able to tell me or should I directly contact them? just tell me this one and I will figure out the rest ones.

  67. Hi. I am a graduate student, currently trying for post graduation. I saw your post and it interested me. I would like to join this course. I have completed graduation in commerce. I would eventually come across this subject since I aim to learn business management. Gst practitioners are in demand and there are many job opportunities too. I am much interested in accounting and I believe this course could provide me with the knowledge I seek. Right now I am unaware of how I would do in this training program. But if I can do well, I would like to start my own consultancy, though its quite a dream at this moment. I need practical experience and I think the internship can help me in this regard. I would like to know if I can start applying for the institutes now. And also I know some of these organizations are quite reputed but just to make sure, I want to ask how much importance does the online certificate hold? Can I trust the certificate to represent me well in front of my future interviewers? Or later would I need to again start this course from square one form another institute, perhaps not the online one. Well, undoubtedly I am looking forward to this course. Thank you for writing this article.

  68. Sulekha Chattapadhyay

    Hello. And good evening. I looked through the institutes mentioned here and they are all very detailed. I am an undergraduate student, will be completing my last year this season. I want to enroll in this course. I have especially paid attention to the institutes and I had taken notes of it. Considering their eligibility criteria and everything else, I am quite comfortable with it. Thank you for this article. I have looked through many articles in the past but I wasn’t sure about it. Being an entrepreneur is all about working independently and creating your own brand. But I wasn’t sure pulling it off. As a girl, there are many restrictions even in today’s society. Not many people will support your decision. Especially my family is a bit restricted, so I had doubts for a while. Thanks to my friends for always supporting me and also thanks to writers like you, who can encourage people through their writing. It’s not only you but there were blogs that I read about this topic and I really loved how they explained everything and they also personally encouraged me. so thanks once again for this amazing list of institutes. You have made my job easier.

  69. Good article with an amazing list of institutes. I must say I was pretty interested to read the whole article. Even after selecting the institute that I wanted to apply for, I still went ahead and read about all of the institutes. And believe me, I didn’t find it a waste of time or boring. So before I say too much I want to thank you for the effort you took to write this amazing article! And I totally agree with what you have said at the beginning. It’s really a very complicated topic. And most of the students don’t like this one very much. I am a second year engineering student.
    I am excited about this course and would like to learn further. I know this is a difficult topic so I wanted to start learning earlier, then starting the course in my last year and then start panicking. But I am an engineering student, am I still able to apply for this course? Mostly finance students apply for this course, graduates are a rarity (at least that’s what I know) among other students. Even if I am able to join this course, do you think I will be able to keep up with my fellow batch mates?

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