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MBA is one of the most pursued degrees in India and also around the world. This is because of the benefits of holding this degree and also the fact that you can pursue an MBA after any of the bachelor’s degrees. Whatever may be your bachelor’s degree and MBA degree also with it will only elevate your chances of a better job in your respective sector.ย 

That is why an MBA can be possibly called the favorite of all the other master degrees students around the world pursue.ย  Many people go on to pursue each year and that invites in a lot of competition in terms of the elevation in each sector. So for one student to stay unique among the other students who pass out of different colleges with an MBA degree he/she has to hold a specialty in the degree.ย 

So what specialties can one hold in a master’s degree? Yes, there is away. You can earn a degree from a prestigious Business school. Yes, considering business administration studies what matters more than the degree will be the environment you are choosing to earn the degree from. If you earn a degree from an averagely reputed business school then your ideas and the business ideologies you will be having in your head will be average just like the business environment you earned the degree from.ย 

Also, your contacts from any averagely reputed business school will be as average as the environment you all used to work during your college days. So if you need to do something which is not of the ordinary things then you got to select an extraordinary environment to learn. So the business school environment is as important as any other thing you do to boost your career.

But when we look in so much detail just to study these colleges will have a standard to choose its students. And the only point of reference they use is your score in exams like CAT. The CAT is the most important and the best of all the exams that you can learn to qualify yourself to learn MBA from a reputed business school.

So your CAT marks are also important which means you have to perform well in the CAT exams. So can you just go and write the exams and expect to score a good score among all the other two lakh or more students who are competing in the exams on an average every year.

This is why you see people giving advertisements for coaching centers that can coach you to attend and successfully pass the CAT exams. The difficulty of the exam is so high that it demands to be learned in a clear and definite process. All these institutes do the coursework so that you can learn all the syllabi in a definite way.ย 

But out of these only a few institutes have good names in the industry. It is because out of each unique coursework and structure that each institute possesses a few institutes to have better coursework and materials that seem to help the students better to learn and pass the CAT exams with a really good score in the very first attempt.

Two of such great institutes that seem to produce a steady and consistent result in the CAT exams are IIM SKILLS and TIME.

You must be familiar with both the institutes and their activities. It is because they have a good name among people who do not even know what CAT is. All this indicates how skillful the students they produce are. So now we are going to compare and contrast the two institutes- IIM SKILLS and TIME.ย  Then we will discuss which one is comparatively better, considering a lot of aspects and criteria. Not just quality matters when it comes to selecting an institute which could decide your future. Considering all those aspects we would let you know and make a choice for you between these two institutes namely, IIM SKILLS and TIME.


First, let us see about this institute called TIME. And about the quality of the CAT preparation course they offer. And also let us look in detail about how is their coursework and tutoring services helping the students by looking upon past experiences of students who have gone to the institute earlier and have cleared the CAT exams.

This institute called time is like the national leader of MBA entrance examinations. As it is the most known and trusted institute that has been preparing students for various MBA entrance examinations like the CAT for a long time.ย 

According to the institute it has been set up and working for the last twenty-five years. That is a long time for an educational institute to stay in a prominent position. And the institute has trained over eight lakh students who were successful in clearing the CAT exams or other MBA entrance exams in the very first attempt.

This institute has the most comprehensive distant learning course too. For an old institute, it has been kept up to date so that the online course is also not that bad compared to many other institutes and their online course work.

People who cannot visit the classes at all can make use of this distant learning programming. It helps the student that he/she does not feel the lack of a tutor.ย 

It has the best course structure so far seen and also has a great course material that almost covers all the basic and important topics that will be of heavy weightage in the CAT exams.

The course material comprises of study materials and a lot of sample tests for each topic that helps the student to ensure that he/she is up to date in the given concept.

Once the payment is made the course videos and materials are provided to the students. They can make use of it from then. Students can take up the course and learn at any pace that is comfortable for them.ย  The course materials are unique and are made by the experts in the industry who now work for TIME as tutors or course designers. This is a kind of student-friendly nature that the course shows.

But the fees that the course demands are not student-friendly. The cost of the course is too high and this might be because of the name that the institute holds among people. But the course is not considered cost-efficient.ย 

Also, some packages are based on the fees scale. Each package has a unique addition to the materials and that can be availed by the student only if he/she pays extra fees. That is what I felt kind of not so fair. This makes it a lot less student-friendly now.

Anyways if you consider only the quality of the course then you are in great hands in TIME but if you wish to pay the amount that it is worth then you have chosen the wrong institute.

The TIME also offers classroom training for CAT for students who will be able to attend the classes regularly so that they can learn directly from the best tutors they have at the time.

They take care of the preparation of the CAT exams as well as the subsequent stages at the Business school like that of group discussion, personal interview sessions. You will be trained for the complete package to get enrolled in the Best Business Schools in the country.

They have a much-specified approach in systematically teaching the students. Also, they have doubt sessions that the students can attend regularly where they can clear their doubts about whether they are subject related or on any of the other procedures for your admission into a Business school.

Given the way things are made easier with the internet, people go for online classes usually. They are advantageous as they avoid a lot of problems like travel. Also, most of the MBA pursuing people are either currently working or studying their bachelorsโ€™ degree so they might find online classes helpful as they can take the course at their own pace.

But the online course is not as helpful as it may seem. Firstly and importantly you do not have the facility to clear all your doubts if you are taking the online course which I find as a nonstudent friendly act.ย  When you enter the online course of this particular institute you lose a lot of important features that the institute TIME offers the students. And all these are the things that I see as disadvantages or some problems that I might say can be the reason why I would not recommend TIME. Otherwise, the institute is wonderful in its preparation strategy and is quite helpful to the students.


Now let us discuss in detail the other institute that offers CAT preparation courses that were in for comparison with TIME. The name of the institute is IIM SKILLS.ย 

If you are looking into the course IIM SKILLS provides to its CAT aspirants you can see that the course is almost completely student-friendly and it respects the inconveniences of the students. It also tries to help them to cope up with them and also continue their CAT preparations on the side. Many institutes almost forget that these people have a life outside the CAT preparation part and that they have a role to play as an employee or as a student too.

IIM SKILLS respects these aspects of a student who approaches them for CAT preparation and provides them with the best course that is made available fully online with all the features a student might expect from a CAT preparation course.

First of all the course is prepared for each student uniquely. That is when a student approaches the institute to enroll him/her for the online CAT preparation program. She/he is assessed first with a mock test that tests the studentโ€™s skills in various subject areas before they find out and analyze the strong and weak subjects the student has to handle.ย 

After the analyzing part, a tutor from IIM SKILLS who will be the online tutor of that particular student will approach the student to let him know all the things he analyzed about the student from the mock test he had given.ย 

It is after this a course work is designed with special syllabi that cope up with the studentโ€™s strong and weak areas. And this unique course work is followed by the student during the entire program. This is the most student-friendly move that any institute has ever done.ย 

IIM SKILLS thus has proved that it works in the best interests of the students who approach them for the CAT preparation course. Now that the course work is designed the student can take up the course as and when he needs it. He is provided with a lifetime access option on the course materials that are specially made just for the student and are made by the industry experts who have a lot of experience working and teaching about the works to be done in this particular industry.ย 

Thus they can judge and know-how and what will be asked in the CAT examination and the processes that follow. As they know what follows they can train their particular student to bring out the best in the student.

Unlike the other courses, the course materials do not contain unwanted content that might seem helpful in many other areas and not just CAT but are unwanted and just a gimmick to make you believe that you are into something bigger. IIM SKILLSโ€™ course is quite simple. They give you the best course materials that focus on the topics that you are strong in and help you score better in those topics and topics that you are not so strong in are taught to you so that they can help you in getting better in that topic by the time you are ready to give the CAT exams.

They aim at making their student clear the CAT exam with a great score and percentile so that they are called from prestigious institutes like the IIMs and nothing less. That is something that does not waste your money on unnecessary things.

You can check out the cost of their course on their official websites and can find out that they are quite cost-efficient and student-friendly.ย 

That is why I would always recommend this course to anyone who might ask me a suggestion regarding the best CAT preparation institute.

Concluding, both the institutes offer both online and offline courses that are pretty good. But IIM SKILLS have gone a bit far and have provided each student with a unique course work that can only be helpful to that student and that is a move that no other institute in the field has dared to take.

Also considering TIME their online course is so basic that they do not show much difference between the online and offline courses. They are pretty much the same. And with definite course work for everyone some students feel it a bit difficult to understand a few topics and others might need to just skip the topic that they already know.

IIM SKILLS just solves this problem by providing them with separate coursework that is designed knowing which student needs to understand a topic better and who needs it to be skipped. Thanks to the mock test at the beginning.

Also, IIM SKILLS conducts regular mock tests to test what the studentsโ€™ are up to and where they stand in a particular topic.ย 

TIME online courses just do not allow a lot of important and basic things that need to be there in an online course that too for an exam like CAT that has the capability of completely changing your life.

Firstly TIME online courses do not have a doubt clearing session whereas IIM SKILLS provides the best quality uninterrupted doubt clearing sessions with one on one communication between the student and the teacher is arranged and he/she can completely clear all the doubts they have in that session itself.

Now the lifetime access features that help a lot of people who have another life to live with. This feature is also completely exclusive to IIM SKILLS and TIME institute does not provide this feature. That again gives IIM SKILLS an upper hand over the TIME course.

Now let us consider the cost efficiency factor of the course. Cost efficiency is something that has to be surely taken care of while taking up a course that is this serious in the life of a person. So if you are paying up for the course you should be so sure that it is worth the money. If not then it is not the ideal course that you have to select.

So considering both the courses in that angle you find that IIM SKILLS has an upper hand over the TIME institute.

So I would conclude that though the quality both the institutes tend to maintain is top-notch. IIM SKILLS holds an upper hand in a lot of aspects over the TIME institute. Also, people considering taking up online courses more and IIM SKILLS offer better online courses than TIME. The final choice is all up to the students.ย 

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