What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing, SEM is the most effective way to get instant result. Most of the businesses now a days wants instant result for their product and services and Search Engine Marketing is the fastest and the best way to do achieve those results. There are many ways through which you can use search engine marketing or sem to promote your goods and services, however how to do it is the most critical area to understand in search engine marketing.

With the help of this long article we will try to answer best answer for Search Engine Marketing and also we will cover basics of it so that you can try it by your own. Lets understand world of SEM.


What is Search Engine?

A browser where you search for anything on the internet which could be Google, Yahoo, Bing and many other is known as search engines. Google is worlds largest search engine, bing is second and then yahoo is on 3rd rank.

What is Marketing?

Promotion of any goods and services using different ways which could be online, print media, radio, tv ads and many other channels where we can directly communicate our message to our targeted audience.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

In simple words, Search Engine Marketing is a paid platform which allows you to advertise your product and services to all those who are searching online for products and services you offer. In other words it is the most advanced channel to use which allows you to reach out to the right buyers and showcase your offerings to them. Search Engine Marketing can be done on any search engines which includes Google, Yahoo, & Bing.

How it works?

Based on your objectives search engines offers you privilege to advertise your product and services, there are advertisement available in a form of  text ads, display ads, banner ads, shopping ads and remarketing. Along with this you also have an option to pay based on pay per click, pay per impression, cost per lead and few others. Most of the businesses use PPC as it is most effective and result oriented way to advertise.

What is PPC or Pay Per Click?

Pay per click means you will be charged by search engine only when someone clicks on your advertisement, in such case you are only paying for relevant searches for your businesses.

How PPC works?

Search Engines allows you to bid on your ads/keywords listed by you based on your product and services and same thing your competitor does, for an example: You are searching for online shoes purchase and on the top you get Flipkart & Amazon ads, this means there bidding is higher then ads which are coming on second page.

If I bid more will I be able to show my Ads every time?

No, there are quality score provided by search engines which defines ranking of your ads on those keyword search by users. Example: Flipkart sets Nike Shoes Bid as INR 10 per click and after 50 impressions they are getting 1 click on this keyword search,on the other hand, Amazon sets Nike Shoes Bid as INR 5 per click and after 50 impressions they are getting 3 clicks for this keyword, so search engine will evaluate that users are getting better experience on this keyword at Amazon where in amazon is only paying 5 rupee.

See the calculation now:

  • Amazon: CPC SET INR 5 x 3 = Total CPC spend on Search Engine INR 15
  • Flipkart: CPC SET INR 10 x 1 = Total CPC spend on Search Engine INR 10


Ultimately search engine will show Amazon ads to the users most of the time. You can also understand with the help of this below mentioned pictures why Good Quality Score Ads are helpful.

search engine marketing

How to Start With Search Engine Marketing?

The first and the basic thing to do in SEM is Keyword research, keywords are heart of your right search engine marketing advertisement, based on your product and services offering you can do a keyword research on search engines and find out from which city and location how many monthly searches are happening on the same keyword which suits to your product.

For Google: You can try with Google Keyword Planner to start your keyword research.

Market Analysis through Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine helps you to over all understand the market of your offerings, number of searches on internet is a clear indication how big the market is, using search engine right strategy you can target your industry keyword drivers and set your positioning as authority.


Thank you for reading my long but interesting article on search engine marketing. If you will start with your new account for google Adwords, you can get INR 2000 free credit from them. For help please write to me.

Final Words:  

You can start using Search Engine Marketing anytime by setting up your Google Adwords Account. For Beginners it is easy to understand and run ads however if you would like to do this on high level I personally suggest take an advice from experts, for any support please write to me at [email protected]

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