IQuantaย Vs IIM SKILLS Who offers Best CAT Coaching

IQuantaย Vs IIM SKILLS Who offers Best CAT Coaching

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MBA is the most taught and learned course in a country like India. There are a lot of reasons why students around the world choose an MBA for their master studies. The first reason is its validity. You can pursue MBA after any bachelorsโ€™ degree.ย 

Some people pursue an MBA after an engineering course, after their accountancy degree, after their business administration degree, and even after their visual communication degree.

This validity is one of the key reasons why students are attracted easily and are pursuing an MBA for a Mastersโ€™s degree.ย 

Also, MBA not just enhances your scope in your respective sector but also helps you in making yourself a better person. It just enhances your personality as they train you for something big in your sector. This not only means higher pay grade but also you get developed as a person and opt yourselves with a better personality that gives you a better outlook.

This is also one of the main reasons why people are pursuing an MBA for their Mastersโ€™s degree considering it as a golden opportunity towards betterment at various levels. But not just the degree is enough. The environment from which you are to acquire the degree also matters a lot.

If you are going to ask why that matter does, then I already have the answer to this question. Yes, it does matter because consider yourself as studying in an averagely reputed Business school, then obviously your fellow batch mates will also be as average as the reputation of the business school. Whereas if your environment is a bit classier. That is you are studying or pursuing your MBA degree from a very well reputed business school then your batch mates will also have that reputation and that quality will be reflected in their ideas and projects so when you team up with them or when you realize that you are competing with them then you get to make yourself better to match their reputation and standards that will be the reason for how MBA degree is making you a better person.

It provides credibility. An MBA from a top B-school provides you credibility within the industry. As you begin working, people trust your skills more once you are from an excellent institution that features a legacy of manufacturing and nurturing great talent.

That is why people say that not just the degree but from where you obtain the degree is additionally as important because of the degree.

So you would like to enroll yourself during a great and popular graduate school with a very good learning atmosphere with the simplest quality staff and equipment to find out and grow as a business administrator. But such Business schools have a really clear screening process.

The best Business Schools in the world use a qualification exam to qualify their students. The most difficult of the exams in the country is the CAT exam. And it can be qualified only if you have enough coaching for clearing the exam and to score a good grade you need to get yourself coached from the best training institute that is available to you.

So there are a lot of institutes that coach students to prepare for the CAT exams. Out of the many best institutes, Iquanta and IIM SKILLS are two best institutes.

Let us compare the two institute IIM SKILLS and Iquanta to conclude the most recommended course.


The Iquanta institute is nothing but a team of well-experienced faculties and mentors who are the best in the industry who have taught over more than three thousand MBA aspirants and helped them to qualify for the best Business Schools in the country.ย 

The institute has offered admission to a lot of students to the best Business schools for an MBA degree. Some of the business schools that have provided with admission for the students who qualified the CAT exam after coaching from Iquanta institute are IIMs, abbreviated as Indian Institute of Management, here more than hundred students have qualified to in the last three years span, More than 30 students have qualified to pursue their MBA in XLRI (Xavier School of Management) and more than 20 students have qualified the CAT exams to pursue MBA in IIFT (Indian Institute of Foreign Trade).

Many other business schools like the NMIMS, SIBM (symbiosis institute of business Management) and SCMHRD are the ones that have provided admission to a lot of students who cleared their CAT exams with help from IQUANTA institute.

The institute and the tutors who coach the students here believe in and execute smart and non-conventional methods and self-paced learning of the students rather than the usual routine learning methodology they usually follow. They also execute the same in their institute, in every single phase and aspect of the preparation for the CAT exams.

They follow a well guided and systematic or in other words a channelized approach to an MBA preparation strategy that incorporates the earlier mentioned non-conventional and self-paced learning process. This might as well be the reason for the success of the institute in a very short period. This channelized and well-guided approach to the preparation strategy for the CAT exam preparation might be the reason for the immense results the institute has been showing in the past few years.

What are the few reasons that give Iquanta a superiority or an upper hand over the other institutes that tutor students for CAT preparation?

This particular institute called iQuanta has a team of dedicated faculties and mentor available to you 24*7 to help you prepare for your Business school with their non-conventional approach to concepts, problems, and overall mentorship to your CAT exam preparation.ย  The institutes and its policies along with the skilled faculties who are most rated in the industry make your learning much smarter, simpler and effective so that working aspirants and non-working aspirants can easily excel in their journey towards the target called MBA degree and hence their overall career.ย 

Now let us talk about how the course is conducted, the quality of the course and what the entire course offers to its students. These are the basic factors that decide whether or not to select the course.ย 

So talking about the features of the course:

  • The course offers CAT preparation to its students in the most unconventional methods and a lot of tricks are also taught so that the students do not easily forget what was taught to them during the CAT preparation.
  • The institute provides its students with full time live and interactive sessions with the tutors in the institute who are always best at what they teach you.
  • Also, one important thing that the institute provides you is that the course can induce doubts on you. Students can take up a slot in the 24*7 doubt clearing sessions that are available all day long.
  • Students have to attend up to a hundred sessions. Each session is at most two hours long.ย  You have to attend at least six sessions each of two hours long per week.
  • The institute provides you with a lot of mock analysis and exams that assess and judge where you stand in the overall percentile of the institute and how much you need to improve and also the strong and weak areas of the syllabus.
  • The institute has announced that the classes will be conducted through live and secret FB events which we do not know why.
  • The institute also conducts special review classes where you can review the quality of the class and the teacher โ€“ how he teaches and what all can be improved by him so he can be of a better use for the next upcoming batch that succeeds us.

The course has a syllabus structure that selects only the topics that are supposed to have higher weightage in the CAT exam. And only that syllabus is taught deeply to the students and the students can take tests that are given after every topic that is being taught to the students.ย 

It also trains the students for all the succeeding steps in a Business school admission like the Group discussion, Personal Interview, and Verbal ability.ย 

The only drawback in that is that the institute has an already devised plan and syllabi even for the succeeding steps for admission in a Business school like the Personal Interview. Those things are supposed to be spontaneous and thus the institute is supposed to train the students to be fit to answer when any of the questions that are not included in any syllabi is asked.

Now let us talk about the other institute that was in for comparison with iQuanta. It is named IIM SKILLS.


IIM SKILLS provides the best CAT coaching in the entire industry. That is what the students who have been benefited by the course have been stating throughout on the internet and in sites like Quora.

The coursework is designed by experts in this stream of tutoring. Also, these experts are people with years of wide experience in the industry and also teaching. These skilled tutors not only train you for the CAT exams they also help you get a glance at the Business school Curriculum.ย 

The institute follows a scheme of personalized coaching. In other words, the coaching is customized for each student following the student and his capability to learn and grasp things.ย 

This personalized coaching facility enables the student to learn at his or her own pace. This not only avoids the chances of great pressure on the students. It also helps the student to concentrate on the topics that the particular student is kind of weak in. So that he can get better enough to score equally good in these topics than he does in other topics.ย 

This personalization is done for each student right during the admission stage. That is, IIM SKILLS has a considerably different and unique admission process. The students are enrolled after taking an admission test right before the admission. The score and performance of the student in these admission tests help the experts in the institute to analyze and understand the studentโ€™s strengths and weaknesses.

So thus the personalized course work and course materials can be made accordingly after the analysis by the experts.ย  Thus every student who enrolls themselves in IIM SKILLS has his/her unique CAT preparation made uniquely just for them. Also, the equally unique course materials made just for them.ย 

Every student has their different strength, different weaknesses and different speed of thinking which is all taken into consideration before the unique course and course materials are made.ย 

This is something that students will find very helpful during their process of CAT preparation and that any other institute does not offer.

Also, the course instructors or the โ€œindustry expertsโ€ who tutor you at IIM SKILLS will talk to every student who enrolls in their course right after the admission test. They explain the strengths and weaknesses that they have analyzed in that particular student. Your learning process for the CAT exams begins right from there.

The course this institute offers is student-friendly and that can be one of the many attractions towards the course.

This course does not contain unwanted topics like the courses offered by other institutes which they offer to make the student feel that they are into something that is of greater value. The IIM SKILLS course aims solely at the CAT preparation coaching. And the only focus of the institutes and its tutors is to make the student score great in the CAT exams in his/ her very first attempt itself.

IIM Skills provides the right combination of video tutorials, study material, and mock tests, based on the studentโ€™s strengths and weaknesses. For example, if a student is strong in Verbal ability (VA) but their quantitative ability (QA) part has some scope for improvement, the coursework focuses on more practice on the QA. This is done during the preparation time way before the exam so thereโ€™s enough time for the student to work upon their weakness.

The online course of IIM SKILLS is specially designed around a single student and hence can be effective unlike that of a classroom where the topic has to be taught at a normal pace to everyone. Sometimes a student weaker at the topic might need some extra time and a person strong at the topic might feel like he is wasting time. So the online course that is specially designed for each student completely solves that problem.

Also, the course materials come with a lifetime access option which no other institute provides. This is because if any student does not get the percentile he/she thought of and wants to make one more attempt to increase their percentile, they can use the course material again without even paying. The coursework once bought is theirs forever. This helps the student to access the course materials at the times they find it comfortable too.

Also for doubt clearing, there will be sessions arranged with the expert tutors. The doubt clearing sessions will be one to one so that you can have an uninterrupted and elaborate conversation with the tutor and completely clear your doubts.

These features are an advantage to any of the aspirants who are either working or studying in a college or something. We all know the difficulties in working and coping up with those responsibilities and deadlines at work. Also studying for an exam like CAT can be tiring which is why the lifetime access features will be of great advantage in such situations.ย 

You decide when you need to take the classes. It will be more like you are the boss and the institute is just there to help you clear your CAT exams in the very first attempt easily without having to sacrifice a lot.

Amidst all the work pressure and taking CAT preparation classes is not so easy for such students. The good news is that they can go through the course material whenever they find the time. The course is perfect for them as they can go through it after work in the evenings or on the weekends, whatever time or place suits them.

A student can talk to us not just about the exam but about their whole management career, their aspirations, their reasons, and their source for inspiration. We at IIM Skills believe that lack of motivation and disappointments are a part of the exam preparation process and the right guidance is necessary at the right time.

These are all the reasons why the students who have taken the course from IIM SKILLS suggest them to other friends and call the course the best course he /she has ever taken.

Now concluding that both the institutes are equally genuine though IIM SKILLS are better than iQuanta in all terms. For a company that has just been started iQuanta is very far better but comparatively IIM SKILLS is better in every single aspect.

Be it the tutors and their skills, Quality of the course, The cost efficiency especially, And considering how student-friendly the course from IIM SKILLS is we can know that the course that is comparatively better among the two will be IIM SKILLS and I would strongly recommend you to decide based on your research.ย 

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