Top 8 GST Certification Courses in Indore in 2021

With the 3rd largest stock exchange in India, a bustling production and distribution center for business and a colorful food pallet for tourists, and an active education hub for the country, the city of Indore stands as the proud commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh.

With businesses flourishing in the city and an active center for education already present and thriving, the presence of institutes offering GST courses is but natural. This article gives you the top 8 GST certification courses in Indore, which you should consider if you wish to learn more about GST as a disciple.


List of the best GST certification courses in Indore


But before diving into that, let us understand a little about the Goods and Services Tax that is applied in our country.


What is GST?


GST or Goods and Services Tax is levied on the supply of goods and services specifically for domestic consumption and comes under the category of indirect tax. GST came into existence via the Goods and Services Act 2017 which was passed in the parliament on 29th of March 2017 but came into effect from 1st July 2017.


The GST regime propagated the “one nation one tax” idea to be applied throughout the country as a result of which GST subsumed or absorbed within itself 17 indirect taxes including VAT, entertainment tax, luxury tax, octroi duty, excise duty, services tax, etc.


India has adopted a dual model of GST which implies that both the Central and the State Governments administer over the taxes collected. We will see more about it in the types of GST further.


How Do Goods and Service Tax Functions:


  • Manufacturer: The manufacturer pays GST on the raw material purchased and the value added to make the product.
  • Service Provider: The service provider pays GST on the amount of the product and the value-added. GST paid by the manufacturer can be reduced from the overall amount to be paid by the producer.
  • Retailer: The retailer pays GST on the product value purchased from the distributor and the value added to it. The tax paid by the retailers can be deducted from the overall GST amount to be paid by them.
  • Consumer: GST must be paid on the product by the final consumer.


Types of GST:


GST is a destination-based tax implying that it is levied at the point of consumption. For example, goods manufactured in Maharashtra are sold to the final consumer who resides in Gujarat then the tax revenue will go to Gujarat as it is the destination of consumption.


Hence the bifurcation of types of GST is also based on location or destination. Keeping this in mind, let us learn more about the types of GST that are levied in India:


  1. CGST: Central goods and service tax or CGST is applicable on transactions that happen within a single state (intrastate). The Central government collects CGST.
  2. SGST: State Goods and Services Tax or SGST is also applicable on transactions that happen within a single state. It is collected by the State Government. Hence CGST and SGST are both charged for intrastate transactions.
  3. IGST: Integrated Goods and Services Tax or IGST is applicable on transactions between two different states or a state and union territory. Hence it applies to interstate transactions. The Central Government is responsible for collecting IGST.
  4. UTGST: Union Territory Goods and Services Tax or UTGST is applicable on transactions that take place within a single union territory. The Union Territory government collects UTGST.


The Goods and Services tax has brought a paradigm shift in the taxation sphere of the country. To keep various businesses up and running and also ensure that there is awareness among the taxation professionals, many institutes have now come up with their own certification courses. So here is our list of the top 8 GST certification courses in Indore.


Top 8 GST Certification Courses in Indore:


1.Β Β Β Β  Online GST Master Practitioner Certification by IIM Skills:


The GST certification course at IIM Skills is an exhaustive and all-encompassing course for learners who wish to gain in-depth knowledge and practical training about the concepts and at the same time applicability of the Goods and Service Tax. It is one of the main reasons that this course ranks among the top GST certification courses in Indore.


Features: Practical assignments, dedicated placement cell, free ebooks, invoicing tools & software, and recognition by the Government of India.


Course Agenda: This course stretches over 9 modules with over 16+ hours of training followed by an examination; where it is important to understand that a 70% attendance criterion is applicable to appear for the online examination.


Certification: Post completion of the course, the candidate will obtain Master GST Certification from IIM Skills. Once you are certified, you can apply for freelance projects as well as full-time jobs.

IIM Skills Master certification for GST course


Fees: Rs. 2900/- inclusive of GST.


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IIM Skills GST course free demo invite


2. GST Practitioner Certification Course by ISEL Global:


Intending to impart the practical knowledge of GST and also learn about its new practices, compliances, and changes in the process of operating businesses, the GST Practitioner course serves as a comprehensive guide to the GST regulations.


ISEL global introduced this GST certification course in association with MSME, Government of India to impart practical aspects of Good and Service Tax (GST) including registration, returns, and in-depth accounting and recording of GST transactions. And currently, it ranks among the top GST certification courses in Indore.


Features: Training material designed by industry experts with over 25 years of experience, email GST updates via email on a weekly basis provided if there are any, Live interactive Sunday Q&A, and lectures by faculty.


Course Agenda: This course is spread over 9 modules spread over 35+ hours of training, which includes; concepts and basics, GST registration, invoicing, legal provisions, etc. These 9 modules are then followed by an examination.


Certification: On successful completion of the course, the candidate will receive the GST Practitioner certification which is MSME and Government of India certified.


Who Should Attend: This course is suitable for CA/CS professionals, IAS aspirants, FO’s, LLB practitioners and students, Independent Tax practitioners and consultants, accountants, and graduates.


Fee: Rs. 7600/-


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3. Certificate Course in Goods & Services Tax by ICSI:


The Certificate Course in Goods and Services Tax came into existence with the prime motive to equip company secretaries with the required competency in the area of GST. The comprehensive course curriculum offers students insights to understand the relevancy of GST while preparing themselves for the challenges that lie ahead.


Landing among the top GST certification courses in Indore, this course has an online examination criterion. To appear for it, an attendance of at least 60% is necessary.


Features: In order to impart practical knowledge, this course consists of web-based classes followed by an online examination. The online examination will have a passing criterion of 50%, failing which the candidate will be given 2 additional attempts to appear for the test.


Course Agenda: The course is divided into 7 modules stretching over 5 weeks with 60 hours of training provided to the students.


Certification: After successful completion of the course, the candidates will be provided by the ICSI jointly with BSE Institute Limited.


Fee: Rs. 7500+ GST


4. Self-Learning Certification Course on GST by Tax Guru Edu:


With the new normal now taking reins of our lives, there is a need to re-imagine our learning processes too which have become the need of the hour. This is exactly what Tax Guru Edu, the educational wing of Tax Guru wishes to offer with its self-learning certification course on GST.


This course ranks among the top GST certification courses in Indore due to its blended learning approach, where pre-recorded sessions will be provided to candidates as well as access to a query resolution forum.


Course Agenda: The batch covers a detailed analysis of the major aspects of the GST laws with a special focus laid on constitutional aspects, basic concepts of GST, taxes subsumed in GST, GST illustrations concept of central sales tax (CST), compensation cess, zero-rated supply, fake invoice menace and consequent amendment by finance bill, etc.


Certification: Certificate from Taxguru Edu shall be provided after successful completion of the course completion of course.


Fee:Β Rs. 8,000 + GST @ 18%.


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5. CAclubindia:


To help aspiring candidates learn about the ongoing changes and make them aware of the knowledge of GST application. CAclubindia has come up with this Advanced GST Training and Certification course which students should consider when looking out for the top 8 GST courses in Indore.


This course will help the candidates in having a detailed understanding of GST provisions which will be imparted via practical case studies as well as thoroughly analyzing the open and burning issues that have come up in GST. This is one of the many reasons that this course ranks among the top GST certification courses in Indore.


Apart from the advanced GST training, CAclubindia also offers other courses based on GST such as GST exports, inspection, search, seizure, and arrest under GST and levy and supply under GST, etc.


Features: Ebook on GST, learning from educators with over 19+ years of experience in indirect taxation, practical training exposure for GST registration, certificate, and similar issues. Latest budget 2021 updates as well as 45th GST council updates included in the course.


Course Agenda: The course consists of 19 modules to cover each aspect of the GST regime, spread over 61 hours of video classes.


Certification: An e-certificate will be issued by CAclubindia after the successful completion of the course.


Fees: Rs. 6599/- Including registration and tax.


IIM Skills GST course free demo invite


6. Future Multimedia:


The GST Training Course of Future multimedia is designed for aspiring tax consultants and accountants in Indore who wish to gain expertise and knowledge in the field of GST. With the onset of the GST, companies have been eager to hire professionals with a piece of sound knowledge in GST for which this GST Training offers the most competitive and job-oriented expertise on the subject, making it one of the top GST certification courses in Indore.


Features: It is committed to meeting all current and future business needs, and it seeks to improve learners’ skills and understanding of GST in India and throughout the world, as well as how it should be implemented. The course also operates on weekdays and weekends so the candidates can choose as per their convenience.


Course Agenda: The course consists of 12 modules, each taught by an industry expert, and spread over the duration of 60 days.


Who Should Attend: College students, graduates in commerce, and working professionals in Indore who wish to gain a profound knowledge of GST are welcomed to join the GST Training of Future Multimedia.


Certification:Β After successful completion of the course, the candidates are provided with a completion certificate. There is a 100% job placement assistance also that ensures the passing candidates every opportunity to get placed in a well-reputed firm.Β Β 


7. Professional Certificate in Taxation by Truecommerce:


Landing in one of the top GST certification courses in Indore the course in Taxation by Truecommerce offers insights for students to learn the practical aspect of income tax and GST Matters.


Features: Classroom training, flexible schedule, recognized certificate, 100% placement.


Who Should Attend: This Certificate course is useful for those who are looking for a job in the taxation field or want to become a tax consultant, tax advisor, or certified tax planner to start their own consultancy.


8.Β  GST Training Program by Genuine Tally Education:


Genuine Tally Education is one of the reputed institutes in Indore, whose GST Training Program ranks among the top GST certification courses in Indore. This program aids the learners to understand and implement the GST tax reforms.


In addition to this program, Genuine Tally Education also offers other varieties of courses such as Diploma in Tally Accounting, Advanced Excel Training Program, MS Office Training Course, etc.


Features: The training is packed with easy-to-understand ideas, compelling visuals, real-world business scenarios, and application-based exercises. It is highly recommended for applicants who wish to learn about GST, comprehend the new system of indirect taxes, and use it in a commercial setting.


Duration: The course duration is up to 45 hours.


For further details, one can visit the website and ask for a callback to understand further about the registration and the like.


Here are Some Additional Reasons as to Why Having a GST Certification is the Need of the Hour for You :


  1. Due to an increase in demand for experts that have a good understanding of GST, organizations are on the constant lookout for people who have that skill, so to be actively on the recruiter’s radar you should definitely get this certification.
  2. A higher income and compensation are often promised as a result of certification and recognition.
  3. Firms are looking ahead to adjust their financial systems to comply with the new GST laws, they are employing GST experts. As a graduate, you can make the most of it and learn one of the most in-demand talents in the banking sector today.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Is there any requirement of prior knowledge/skills for the GST course?

The candidates are required to have a basic understanding of the system of indirect taxation prevalent in the country.


Q2. What are the benefits of having a GST certification?

  1. It helps in enhancing the skill set of students who come from the field of taxation, accounts, and finance.
  2. Having a GST certification can help in increasing the learner’s salary by 15-20% on average.
  3. A GST certification can open doors for you in finding various job opportunities.
  4. Having sufficient knowledge of GST with tally can also help you facilitate opening your own tax consultancy.


Q3. What is the required ability to take up a GST course?

The student eligibility for each course is generally mentioned on the respective websites of the institutes, but generally, the below-mentioned candidates should go forward in attending the course:

  1. Graduates in arts or commerce or engineering, chartered accountants, certified management accountants, company secretaries, and law aspirants.
  2. Company Secretaries(CS.)
  3. Finance and Taxation Professionals.
  4. Professionals moving from finance domain to taxation.


Final Words


There has been a significant change in the taxation policy since 2017, so there is an effective job market that has emerged in the economy. Armed with practical knowledge and know-how of the components of GST one can penetrate this rising job market and advance well in their career.


According to a Naukri analysis, 67 percent of recruiters prefer certified applicants and are prepared to offer a higher salary. So it doesn’t matter at which stage of your career you are at, having a GST certification will be a beneficial booster in your CV as well as in your experience.

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