DSIM vs IIM SKILLS Who offers Best Digital Marketing Courses

It is unbelievable if you are into digital marketing and you haven’t heard of DSIM and IIM SKILLS. Both these institutions are best at what they do and are leading the training industry especially when it comes to the digital marketing industry. 


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These organizations have done a commendable job in providing training around digital marketing and similar subjects. Students from these institutions are placed very successfully and the level of skills they are trained with reflects through their position in companies they’re working for.


Being the best in what they do, these two institutions have actually created confusion for students who want to learn digital marketing. Which one should they be going for? Both the institutes look very appealing and suitable per the requirements of students and are well coordinated with the present standards of the industry.


Any of them wouldn’t be a bad choice at all, just that one is a step ahead of the other and we must know which one it is. The students do pay a good amount for admissions and therefore, for them too, it is important to understand which one is slightly more suitable for them to learn digital marketing than the other.


Well, that is exactly what we’re going to figure out here. So, we’ll be going through a detailed and very transparent review of both the organizations where we will be studying the facilities they provide, the teaching methods, future opportunities, their achievements and everything else and eventually based on that review we’ll come down to a conclusion about which one of these (DSIM and IIM SKILLS) is slightly more suitable for students. Let’s begin with DSIM.




DSIM (Delhi school of internet marketing) is one of the biggest and earliest names in the digital marketing industry, not on the service side but training. This institution has been offering digital marketing training for a while now and their mode of training is also unique and different from the regular digital marketing courses.


This institute operates in and out of Delhi also in cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Noida, Jaipur, Pune, Baramati, Indore, and Kolkata. DSIM has over 13 centers across India and is widely popular among students and professionals.


Let’s pay a deeper look into the course structure which I just mentioned as unique and different. The course is called Masters in Digital Marketing and it is put out by DSIM as a 4in1 course or one can call it a combo course. The course comprises of 31 modules and the course as named has been divided into 4 sections. The divisions made are:



  • Digital Marketing
  • Advanced Marketing Analytics & Strategies
  • Affiliate Masterclass
  • Blackhat Techniques



The first division or the digital marketing part involves 19 modules, practical assessments, and multiple industrial case studies. The training in this part of the course includes topics such as:


  • Website Planning and Designing
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Adsense and Blogging


The mentioned were only some of all the digital marketing topics they offer training for and there are more such topics around digital marketing. This part of the course has a duration of more than 100 hours.


The 2nd part of the course is called “Advanced Marketing Analytics and Strategies”. Let’s know a bit about this part too:


As the name suggests this part of the course offers training around multiple strategies that are used in digital marketing at present to yield the smart results with fewer efforts and more tools. This part of the course holds a duration of 15 hours of training.


The course content involves topics like:


  • Spying on competitors marketing strategies 
  • Lead Generation
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Growth Hacking
  • Steroids for SEO
  • Media Buying using programmatic and google double click


These were also some of the entire course content and there are many more on the list. 


The 3rd part of the course is called “ Affiliate Masterclass “. Let’s see what this has to offer:


So, in this part of the digital marketing course, the students are given in-depth knowledge about affiliate marketing. The course basically consists of 2 modules and holds a duration of 12 hours. The course instructor is an expert who has been doing affiliate marketing for a while now and has been very successful in that domain.

The 4th and final part of the course is called “ Black Hat Techniques”


These are basically the extraordinary methods of executing digital marketing strategies to wield brilliant results in fact, the training mainly focuses on Black Hat SEO techniques.




The digital marketing course offered by DSIM is also a tool-driven course which means that the students here will be allowed access to many premium tools which are generally expensive and this is a great way to understand the collective use and application of all types of tools. The tools offered are worth of INR 70,000+


Some of the tools that the students can access are:


Google Ads






One very interesting feature of the digital marketing course offered by DSIM is that it includes case studies which makes training much more practical. So, what DSIM has is, it has taken some brands which have made brilliant growth in a considerable period of time and have studied their process to its depth to understand the possible factors which are responsible for the rise or fall of any organization’s online value.




DSIM’s digital marketing course offers 15 certifications for the students. Some of the certifications are:


Google Certifications

Facebook Certification

Hubspot Certification

Rankwatch Certification


DSIM has helped over 25,000 businesses, individuals, professionals all combined to benefit from their digital marketing training.


The training offered by DSIM is not just for any particular group of people or individuals but multiple categories of people in terms of their qualification, age, etc. The course by DSIM is suitable for the following categories of people:




Job Seeker 

Wanna be Entrepreneur


So, this was pretty much everything one needs to know about the Delhi School of Internet Marketing. Overall it is actually a great institution to learn digital marketing from in fact it is one of the earliest names we’ve been hearing ever since we were into digital marketing training. This institution has, in fact, placed many students and has trained batches of employees from various companies  such as the:










But we won’t be sure about anything until and unless we look in detail of the one on the other side, IIM SKILLS. A good comparison would require both the institute’s reviewed properly and so fairly that the reviews reflect the real operating standards of the organization. So, before reaching to any conclusion about which of the institution has even the slightest higher possibility of being more suitable to the students seeking to learn digital marketing. 


IIM SKILLS is one of the leading training providers in the digital marketing domain. IIM SKILLS has been providing digital marketing and similar courses for the last 6 years now and in that duration, this institution has very successfully trained over 6000 students across 30+ countries through more than 1000 training programs. IIM SKILLS is, therefore, an internationally recognized organization and offers interview assistance across all those 30 countries.


Now the above description clearly shows how stable and evolved as an organization is IIM SKILLS. There are not one but multiple reasons behind this and those reasons would also help you guess which one to go for, that is DSIM or IIM SKILLS. 


As mentioned there are multiple reasons, let’s list them out and figure out which one suits you more than the other. Beginning with


Expert Trainers


IIM SKILLS has some of the best industry experts as trainers to guide the students through the course. These trainers hold immense experience and are very qualified in the marketing domain.


They have worked for some of the finest companies in the world and have trained thousands of students helping them to build a stable and successful career in the digital marketing domain. These trainers are like private mentors and those who grew up in the ‘90s would definitely understand what it is like to have an expert mentor to guide you through the course.


These instructors and trainers are the best possible resource the students can ever receive and this is the reason it has to be listed on the top of all other reasons. 


Tool Driven Course


IIM SKILLS is very much of a tool-driven course meaning it allows students to access some of the most premium tools and learn to use them.


These tools play a very important role in the digital marketing industry and therefore one needs to understand the applications of such tools to be able to work according to present standards of the digital marketing industry. every digital marketing campaign starting from the research to understanding the performance of the campaign, we need digital marketing tools.


These tools are extremely efficient and can gather lots and lots of information within seconds. Such tools come with an expensive subscription charge and therefore accessing many tools at a time becomes difficult but in this case, IIM SKILLS offers all such premium tools worth of INR 79,000 free of cost to the students. This is one of the best opportunities the students can get to interact and use those tools.


At present, the companies and organizations recruiting digital marketers seek candidates with the ability to use these tools and for those who already know the applications of such tools and have used them, it becomes a lot easier to get into organizations.


Some of the tools that IIM SKILLS provide are:


  • Facebook Insights
  • Google Trends
  • UBER Suggest
  • MOZ
  • SEMrush
  • Twitter Ads
  • YouTube Analytics
  • Keyword Planner
  • LinkedIn Ads


Well, knowledge and applications of these tools are not the only things that these companies seek. There are some other things which are equally or even more important while trying to get a job, and the first and foremost option among them is,




Employers cannot know how practically equipped you are through just one interview and therefore certifications are a great way to learn how much trained a candidate is. IIM SKILLS offers around 15 certifications which are immensely valuable and are valid across the globe. Mentioned below are some of the certifications offered by IIM SKILLS


  • Google Certification (8 certificates)
  • Hubspot Certification (3 certificates)
  • Facebook Blueprint Certification (1 certificate)


These were only some of all the certifications offered by IIM SKILLS.




The students here at IIM SKILLS are provided with lifetime access which means they’ll have the access to all the course modules, study materials, lecture sessions and a lot of many of the other resources.


This is something that students actually look forward to because digital marketing as a skill to learn might be easy to some and difficult to others but everyone can agree to the fact that there are uncountable strategies and techniques which is hard to consciously remember as a digital marketer one always finds the need to refer back to some material which can bring the right amount of information about what they are looking for.


And IIM SKILLS has done a commendable job in offering students with lifetime access once they complete the course successfully which means if at any point in their career if they find the need to relearn any of the course modules or other resources from the course they are allowed to do so for absolutely free while there are other institutions charging for brushup sessions and similar features.


This is where IIM SKILLS comes out as a unique organization amongst the crowd of thousands of others offering similar training.


The training offered here is very much industry-validated which means that the skills taught here are based on the latest trends in the industry. Especially in the digital world, the trends and strategies to grab the audience keep changing and therefore it is important to keep up with the ongoing trends of the industry.


Though it keeps changing but the fundamentals are still the same and one needs to develop or manipulate according to the new conditions of the industry.


The training offered at IIM SKILLS is very much practical and job oriented. Companies at this point in time demand candidates who are trained with the latest skills so that it becomes easier for them to cope up with the latest standards of the industry.


The course is so practical that the students as a part of the initial modules of the course, are taught and then asked to build their desired website. Now, as the course progresses, the students apply the digital marketing strategies they have learned throughout to get the audience’s attention and see the results in real-time. This is the most practical format of learning I have ever seen.


Students from IIM SKILLS can now be seen working at some of the finest organizations in the world such as Barclays, American Express, KPMG, etc, and it is also trusted by the industry giants such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, Accenture, and many such companies.


IIM SKILLS till now has trained over 6000+ students across 33 countries in more than 1000 training sessions and it also offers interview assistance in all those countries.


The experts here have helped thousands of students to build their careers in this industry and a lot of them are now very successfully serving some of the biggest companies earning handsome salaries at responsible positions.




Yes, that is right. The course is suitable for everyone which means that there is no set boundaries or restrictions about who can or cannot join the course. Anyone with relevant interests in digital marketing can join this course. Though there aren’t any such criteria about who can do the course, there is still a list of categories of people who might find this course more suitable, they are:




Traditional Marketing Practitioner

Aspiring Digital Marketers



College Dropouts

Retired Professionals



So, overall IIM SKILLS is a great option to go for and from all what it offers it seems to be a very student-centric organization that aims nothing but to provide the best possible quality of training.


The lifetime course access, the tools worth of 80,000 given for free or you may consider the people who are allowed to join the course, IIM SKILLS stands out from the crowd by doing all that it takes to keep the students satisfied with the kind of training it offers.


There are institutions that can easily show bigger numbers than IIM SKILLS does, but the fact is if we look at the ratio, of these 6000+ students the percentage of students who are actually doing good in their career is much higher than many other institutes. And where IIM SKILLS is at present in just 6 years is a milestone achieved by very few other institutions like IIM SKILLS.


The comparison went pretty close and both the institutions are doing a fabulous job in providing students with quality training around digital marketing and similar topics but if we had to reach a conclusion stating which one felt more suitable for the students then I would say it is IIM SKILLS for online learning & DSIM FOR Classroom.


That was all about a very transparent comparison of  DSIM vs IIM SKILLS.

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