13 Online Marketing Courses Which You Can Learn Digitally

Online Marketing Courses are picking up huge demand due to the great quality of trainers, quality content, time-saving and most importantly getting an opportunity to meet people from different parts of the world.



I picked up this topic to write about because I do not want anyone to select an irrelevant Online Digital Marketing Course which will teach you nothing or something which you already know.



While I will mention all the information about an institute/or courses I have paid attention to;



  • The number of people has done it.
  • About Instructors
  • Average review
  • Cost
  • Years in business.


Keeping the above points in mind here are the best digital marketing courses online in 2019.



List of Online Internet Courses



Digital Marketing Institute



DMI is USA based Insitute offering Digital Marketing Course Online, they have 3 flagship course which is Certified Digital Marketing Professional CDMP, Certified Digital Marketing Leader CDML & Certified Digital Marketing Master CDMM.



Exactly 28000 people across the globe have done their courses. DMI courses are approved and validated by The Industry Advisory Council.



Students average rating is 4.4. To learn and master the art of internet marketing online you need to shell out $ 2500 to $ 15500 depending upon programs you will pick.



DMI was founded in 2009 and it’s being 10 years they are into business.




SimpliLearn is an India based E-Learning platform which offers multiple domains online courses other than marketing training.



SimpliLearn flagship course is Certified Digital Marketing Associate which is taught by Silicon Valley gurus Brad Geddes, Matt Bailey & StΓ©phane Hamel well-known names in Digital World. Β 



Until now CDMA program is taken by 4362 learners with an average rating as 4.3. The program comes with 2 different options for self-learning and in an instructor-led format.


NextGen Digital Marketers can choose these programs from price range for INR 12900 to INR 20500 only.





UpGrad is another renowned name in an online skill development space for working professionals. One can learn and master a skill in various directions including internet marketing, data scientist & machine learning with UpGrad.



An institute has signed up with MICA and Cambridge Judge Business School to provide students alumni status for Elite B Schools and MICA.



UpGrad Course is taught by some great names in the booming internet industry. Price for entering these Elite Club start from INR 88,000 to INR 12,0000.



Near to 1000 students have already completed these course since 2015, they established their E-Learning platform.



On an average UpGrad has 4.4 rating.


Digital Vidya



Digital Vidya was started in 2009 to educate people in subjects like Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and other in-demand skills in the internet world. Their flagship course CDMM Certified Digital Marketing Master has exclusive certifications with LinkedIn and Facebook.



Among everyone, Digital Vidya has dominated the internet education space by teaching to more than 35000+ people across the globe.



Digital Vidya has more than 45+ trainers who have real time work experience in executing Digital Marketing Campaigns.



CDMM Course comes at a price tag of INR 49,900.



Average rating for Digital Vidya is 4.6.





Edureka is the second name for online learning for courses like Big Data, Cloud Computing, Programming other than Marketing specialization like Internet Media.



Edureka has Digital Marketing Certification Course which goes 6 weeks long and makes you expert in social media, search engine, email advertising & analytics.



The price tag for the program is INR 19995. This course has been done by more than 4000 professionals and average reviews are 4.67 with 80% course completion rate.





Edupristine was founded in 2008 from a group of MNC professionals and in a very short time span, they have gained a good name in financial education. 2014 they launched Digital Marketing programs in an online format.



They have 80 hours of instructor-led teaching which provides a practical industry approach.



The standard cost of this online course is INR 60,000.




Self Learning and at whooping discounts is only at one place β€˜Udemy’. Udemy offers individual learning about Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and some really hot selling courses are web development and analytics. Β Β 



Students can choose a wide range of course from a price line between $10 to $ 25. Udemy Self learning platform videos are crafted by industry leaders.



Few Udemy courses are taken by more than 30,000 people and few are taken by few 100’s. Average rating for training is 4.7.



Udemy was founded in 2009 and has its headquarters at San Francisco, California, United States. Udemy has a strong leadership team and currently headed by CEO Kevin Johnson.




Udacity offers live online internet media course which is famous as a Nano Degree in Digital Marketing. This Nano Degree is taught by industry geniuses at a very nominal fee for INR 44900.



Udacity has co-created them on stream digital media course with Facebook, Google, Hootsuite, Hubspot, MailChimp and Moz.



Udacity was founded in 2011 and has a great founders list. Classes are taken by more than 1.6 million people so far including all domains and they have an average rating for 4.7.






NMIMS is well known deemed to be a university which offers multiple certification courses and degree programs, out of all their offerings one of the most famous ones is their 11 months online Digital Marketing Course. Their course has a fee structure for INR 41500.



The advanced certificate program has additional cost for examination for INR 600/exam.



NMIMS course has an average 4.3 rating and industry leaders are teaching this program.



Since the last 30 years, NMIMS courses are flourishing careers for professionals and job seekers.




XLRI Jamshedpur is known as #1 Private B Schools in India. They offer directly to device online learning for 7 months in their Executive Development Program in Digital Marketing.



Dr Ravi Shekhar Kumar is the faculty to host these sessions every Wednesday and Saturday from 7:30 pm to 9 pm.



Talent Edge program fee is INR 80,000 + Taxes. The fee is payable in instalments as well.



Average rating for Talent Edge is 4.4



This prestige school was established in the year 1949.


Manipal Pro Learn



Manipal Pro Learn has trained 3200+ professionals in Digital discipline at a very low-cost price for just INR 6300. They have 60 hours of course which will make you learn skills about Social Media, Search Engine & Analytics.



Post this they have an advanced version of the course which is entitled at INR 30,000.



Manipal pro learn is also deemed to be university and for Internet Marketing Certification they have an exclusive tie-up with Google in India.



Manipal pro learn has 6 decades of teaching and enhancing careers experience. Average rating for Manipal is 4.1


Amity University



Amity University has joined hands with Wharton B School for 12 months long postgraduate diploma in Digital Marketing.



Amity University is well known senior education B school in Noida. They offer different types of career programs and recent days they have started Digital Marketing Trainings.



Training fee is INR 155000 which is payable in EMIs.



Faculties can be seen on their website. Amity University has just started this course and not much people have reviewed it.




A beginner level of course which comes at free, don’t take my words funny. Yeah, that is true Coursera is renowned name when it comes to self-learning at no cost.



If you are interested in availing a certification from the University of Illinois then you need to pay a very nominal fee.



Coursera has gathered a fantastic list of trainers. Average rating for the program is 4.1 and coursera was founded in 2012.


What Will You Learn?


It is completely up to you which institution you are going to select. This list is well up to date. I have personally reviewed all the programs and ensured only the best one is on my list.


Are you excited to learn something new in Digital World?


Its time to take a move and grab one, mention in the comment which one you are going to select.



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  1. Good list. You can also add webHopers Academy. we also provide all types of digital marketing course in chandigarh.

  2. Hi Sir,
    I like to learn things not in online but from an expert directly. So can you suggest me some classes or institutes in South India ,places like Bangalore, Chennai….and out of it which is the best to join for Digital Marketing ,SEO ,SEM, Content writing, Data Analyst….

    Expecting your knowledgeable reply…
    Thanks in Advance.

  3. I have food truck at Gurgaon and I wanted to promote it through agencies but than I found your article about learning digital marketing courses online, I am planing to take one and advertise by my own now. Thanks for the same.

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  5. Howdy Vaibhav,

    I live in Qatar, I work for an online news publication company, my management has asked me to learn social media marketing for increasing our news visibility. I would like to know these institutes offer Social Media courses online?

    How do I find which is the best social media marketing course?

  6. There are very less training institutes in remote India at the same time the internet also has a big issue with connectivity, learning through online marketing courses becomes extremely difficult for us.

    Institutes should come with a way to send some video recordings using drives or hard drives to these locations so that we also get equal learning opportunities.

  7. I work for Indigo Airlines as a ground staff engineer, I am interested to gain new skills in 2019 and decided to explore digital courses. Hope I am on the right track

  8. After maternity, I lost my confidence in going back to work, I see a lot of new trends in internet domains every day. Stumbled upon the list for the courses and decided to take one from Udemy. I will share my review soon.

  9. Mine, Today, after reading this article I apprehended that I’ve missed a lot. Wow, really appreciable work Vaibhav. Now mine next target to learn these courses.

  10. Hi Vaibhav,

    I am a teacher by profession teaching maths and I want to start my online tuitions, do recommend me a program which is just focussed on practical knowledge. I don’t need any certifications.

  11. Hey Vaibhav, How are you doing? I am feeling blessed :) to see this post. I was searching for online Internet Marketing Certifications and luckily your post has it all.

    I would still want to know if there’s any certification courses list for “Email Marketing” in specific? Please share it with me.

  12. Hello Vrinda here, I am moving to the United Arab Emirates to start my new phase of life. I was browsing through the internet about online digital marketing training institutions and landed upon your article, you have mentioned everything in detail for a newbie like me.

    My previous experience is traditional marketing in India, I have worked for multinational brands Sony Entertainment, Warner Bros & a startup during the initial stage of my career. I am confused about taking up the short crash course will help me to learn everything about digital marketing?

    I will appreciate if you can guide me here.

  13. Hello, I am from Yemen, conditions here are not so good and we are only left with learning online only. Given Digital Marketing Online courses are gaining huge interest around the world I wanted to also learn.

    I am thinking of starting a course in mid of March this year with Digital marketing institute DMI, what are your reviews for DMI.

  14. Digital Marketing Course online learning is convenient for people like me. I have learned almost everything through the internet and this allows me to learn at my pace.

  15. My current monthly salary is 18,000 and it is very difficult to afford such expensive courses.

    Please let me know any training under 3000 budget.

  16. Hi Vaibhav,

    I am from Chennai India, I live in a remote area and does have good internet connectivity so it will be difficult for me to join any digital marketing course online, you have published all good institutes but Chennai you have not listed. Please prepare a list or email me

  17. how feasible it is while learning online about practical knowledge? This stops me to take any such pieces of training. Your views?

  18. I am a dentist and I don’t have much time on learning but I can definitely learn from some online videos, can you guide me good youtube channel where I can learn all this?

  19. online courses are extremely valuable and time-saving, I read and learn one new skill every 6 months, for an example; last year I learned Data Analytics and this year I am enjoying reading digital marketing.

  20. Vaibhav I am regularly reading whatever you publish here or at linkedIn, Would you mind publishing articles for Entrepreneurship. Looking forward to hearing from you

  21. How do you guys judge this list which one will be ranked 1 from top to bottom?

    I assume you must be checking some student reviews.

  22. Howdy Vaibhav

    Really love your articles. As a college quitter – I’m a big fan of online training and find them very useful into getting a non-formal pedagogy and better skills.

  23. Hello Vaibhav,

    I am principle consultant at KPMG India, I want to add a new skill in my profile and stumble upon your list. Could you help me to decide which one should I opt for? I am purely looking for online digital marketing course with best teachers.

  24. For my corporate staff which one should I bet on? We are a consulting firm majorly addressing people from India in Delhi & Mumbai.


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