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Many institutes offer Digital Marketing course in Rohini & Pitampura. North Delhi has good demand for training institutes.

People living in these locations are confused between selection process to finalize their training institute, at the same time for a newcomer it is very difficult to understand how to evaluate trainers, location, fee & certification value of these training institutes.

I am assuming you are searching for a Digital Marketing Course & your expectation is to study from the right institute.

My article will help you to choose Best Digital Marketing Course in Rohini and Pitampura.


Listing below is the list of Digital Marketing Institutes in Rohini.


Digital Seo Training Institute


Trulabz Technologies


Digital – Marketing. Institute


Admec MultiMedia


Expert SEO Training Institute


Digital Marketing School Network


Digital Marketing Profs


Listing below is the list of Best Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura


Digital Vidya








Digital Edge


National Institute of Financial Market


As a student if you are searching for Digital Marketing Institute, you should keep your focus on 8 major areas:



  1. Quality of Trainers
  2. Location
  3. Course Fee
  4. Placement Support
  5. Back up classes
  6. Reviews
  7. Certifications
  8. Mode of Training Online or Classroom


Quality of Trainers



Digital Education is only possible if you have great teachers teaching you the subject. Trainers with less knowledge or limited with knowledge produce similar kind of Digital Marketers. In consequences, students face difficulty with placements or they remain limited in their career growth.


The process to evaluate your Digital Marketing Trainers?


  • Read their LinkedIn profile & check their relevant experience in Digital Industry.
  • Give preference to trainers with first-hand experience working with famous digital agencies or in Internet-based business companies.
  • Give preference to trainers maintaining their own blog and their articles are ranking high on the Internet. If trainers do not have any website which is ranking high that means He-She does not have the right strategy in their own digital marketing platforms.




Rohini and Pitampura both are well connected with Metro, however, some locations are still very far from Metro Stations which leads you to waste your time in travelling and unnecessary spend on travel. Chose a location, which allows you to minimize your travel and helps you to spend that time real-time in your learning.


Course Fee


As seen above, mostly training institute charge between INR 20,000 to 40,000 depending upon their course duration, quality of training, student reviews, placement support. Higher the fee results in better delivery of training. In this case, if your pocket allows you should focus on training institutes offering the good course at the one-time expense.


Placement Support


Digital Marketing Course with 100% placement support comes at few institutes, I have observed every institute has listed we provide 100% placement support, however, this is not true, while I was writing this article I observed everyone has not been placed. You should check the list of alumni’s who are placed, do cross check their packages offered and the name of companies they are hired at.



Back Up Classes


As a newbie, you might not know that Digital Marketing is a vast subject and Google changes there search algorithm 600 times a year, which means at least 2 times a day there is some changes on Google, which happens. Back Up classes are a minimum requirement for all students after they graduate otherwise students are bound to lose on learning new things.




Training institutes, which are teaching you Internet Marketing, knows this better how to hide their bad reviews. Be conscious in your online research and you should understand Fake and Real user reviews. Blindly trusting Google results is also another question, visit institutes and find out right institute for yourself.





Digital Marketing Certifications is another area, which you should be focused about. Google offers all there certifications for free and each institute offers that. As a working professional in future, your certification will be a validation of your learning. Only taking Google certification won’t help you much, you should focus on Govt of India Certification, Facebook Certification, LinkedIn Certification, Hubspot Certifications as well.



Mode of Training Delivery


Online or Offline does not make any big difference until you do not hesitate yourself with one out of two. An expert says learning in an online classroom environment is always better than sitting in a physical classroom when it comes to Digital Education. As mentioned in above statement, you get lifetime learning access in an online environment, which rarely comes in a location-based teaching style. From an instructor to the peer group, one compromises with everything in a classroom-based course.



Final Words:


If you are searching for classroom-based Digital Marketing course in Rohini or Classroom-based Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura than I strongly suggest you decide based on above-mentioned factors.


I am available at [email protected] for your anytime help. Feel free to connect with me to ask your questions.


Please note: I have not given the rating to any institute. To ask me my opinions kindly reach out to me directly.


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