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Demand for Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh has increased in 2 years due to the major development in the capital of duo Haryana and Punjab. While speaking with many people from Panchkula, Mohali and Chandigarh I realised that they face many issues before selecting the Best Digital Marketing Institute for themselves.


Before I proceed to give you an explanation about which institute offers you Best Digital Marketing Course, Fee Details, Placement Support, Delivery of digital marketing course online or offline, let me give you reasons why you must look at Digital Marketing as a Career.


Top 5 Reasons to Learn Digital Marketing



  • Growing Demand: Digital Marketing is one of the fastest growing industry with an annual growth of 900% or above. As an industry Internet Marketing has a shortage of good talent which is creating many jobs options in TIER A cities like Chandigarh and it’s adjacent Panchkula Mohali.




  • No Prerequisite: Except good communication skills or content writing skills this industry does not require any other education or skills from aspirants. Anyone can choose to become a successful Digital Marketer.




  • Work Opportunities: Unlike, other full-time jobs in Digital Marketing Jobs can be done from home and there are huge freelance websites which allows you to earn your bread while working from home. There is no age bar, you may be an old retired man or a housewife, school going young aspirant or college dropout, Internet Marketing has career options for you.



  • High Paying Salaries: You may surprise Digital Media jobs starts from monthly salary up to 35,000 in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Noida, Bangalore and an experienced person earns between 20 lac – 50 lac annually.   



  • Global Reach: If you are looking for settling down in other countries like USA, Canada, New Zealand or Australia Internet Media Marketing is high in demand there. Global accredited certification programs such as Google AdWords certifications, Facebook Blueprint Certification holders are highly respected. On the other hand, if you are interested to expand your business at a global level, the internet is the powerful resource to be used.



Above 5 reasons are basics for everyone, however, depending upon your career or business requirement, you can plan your career in this industry.


Top 7 Digital Marketing Courses in Chandigarh.


CIIM (Chandigarh Institute of Internet Marketing)


CIIM provides you with 45 days long Digital Media Course with access to lifelong learning for backup classes and doubts clearing sessions.


CIIM is the parent company of another Digital Marketing Training Institute WebTech.


  • Course Duration: 45 Days
  • Course Fee: INR 30,000
  • EMI Available: Yes
  • No of Trainers: 15
  • Location: Chandigarh Sector 34/A
  • Course Module: 20
  • Google Rank: 1
  • Google Reviews: 4.6/5


WebTech Learning


Webtech Learning powered by CIIM is ranked among 2nd Digital Marketing Institute in Chandigarh which is offering in-class training. They have ever offerings as same as CIIM.

  • Course Duration: 45 Days
  • Course Fee: INR 30,000
  • EMI Available: Yes
  • No of Trainers: 15
  • Location: Chandigarh Sector 34/A
  • Course Module: 20
  • Google Rank: 2
  • Google Reviews: 4.7/5


Web Liquids


Web Liquids is another Digital Marketing Training Company located at Sector 34/A Chandigarh, Students from Panchkula, Mohali receive the major advantage of doing courses from this institute as they offer 90% of course in practical delivery, 89% of projects works is live. There are 2 sets of offerings. Weekdays and Weekend Course.


  • Course Duration: 2 months
  • Course Fee: INR 35,000
  • EMI Available: Yes
  • No of Trainers: Not mentioned
  • Location: Chandigarh Sector 34/A
  • Course Module: 15
  • Google Rank: 3
  • Google Reviews: 4.9/5


Digi England


Digi England is founded in Jalandhar Punjab and offers a course to the people living in nearby locations. Digi England primary focus is not to deliver theory learning to the students however they are more inclined towards getting you to learn how to implement Internet marketing techniques.


If you are considering Best Digital Marketing Course in Punjab they are the one for you.


  • Course Duration: 3 months
  • Course Fee: INR 35,000
  • EMI Available: Yes
  • No of Trainers: 5
  • Location: Patiala Near Chandigarh
  • Course Module: 16
  • Google Rank: 4
  • Google Reviews: 4.3/5


Think Next Training


Think Next Training is the only training institute which offers Free Digital Marketing Tools with the course. There are regular batches, evening classes, weekend classes offered at Think Next Training. Other than Digital Media Course they offer a bunch of courses into technology.


  • Course Duration: 3 months
  • Course Fee: INR 25,000
  • EMI Available: Yes
  • No of Trainers: 7
  • Location: Sector 65
  • Course Module: 28
  • Google Rank: 5
  • Google Reviews: 4.⅗




BigBoxx Institute has Advanced Digital Marketing Course with 100% placement in Chandigarh. If you are searching for a course which offers you job assistance as well you can stand at BigBoxx doormats. Interestingly they are also located at Sector 34/A Chandigarh.  There are 16 Digital Marketing Topics which are part of their course.


  • Course Duration: 3 months
  • Course Fee: INR 25,000
  • EMI Available: Yes
  • No of Trainers: 2
  • Location: Sector 34A
  • Course Module: 16
  • Google Rank: 6
  • Google Reviews: ⅘




Ranked among Top 7 Digital Marketing Institutes in Chandigarh which has classroom setup learning. Net Max Tech claims to train more than 48000+ professionals in Internet Media, they teach 12 important topics about digital media like search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing and many more.


  • Course Duration: 2 months
  • Course Fee: INR 20,000
  • EMI Available: Yes
  • No of Trainers: 2
  • Location: Sector 34A
  • Course Module: 12
  • Google Rank: 7
  • Google Reviews: 3.8/5



Above institute’s are all monitored and managed by local trainers and it is good for people to join who are looking for joining a digital marketing course in Mohali or digital marketing course in Panchkula as well. However, if you are interested in exploring renowned Digital Marketing Courses you can also try online live courses. Here is the list of Top 3 Digital Marketing Institutes in India.


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  2. I was searching online for training, I am fresher and looking forward to learn Digital Marketing however I am not finding good course online. I think, your program is right fit for me. Can you suggest me how to join this?

  3. nice introduction to digital marketing, as mentioned in your blog internet is a growing industry and young professionals should look at joining courses and make themselves successful. No doubt, I am aged 65 and I do not read news papers anymore, I am more inclined towards online news papers or app which is installed on my phone. This indicates that users are now addicted to the internet a lot. Am I missing anything?

  4. Glad to know that some institutes are including VIDEO MARKETING in their curriculum. Most of the institutes never do that, where video marketing is an essential part nowadays in digital marketing.

  5. Thanks, I came across to this article, I was searching for “best digital marketing courses in Chandigarh ” & found your website. Sir, I am from a nontechnical back ground & I want to learn SEO & Blogging, If I do this Digital Marketing course, will I be able to learn everything like a pro? I am waiting for your help, sir.

    • HI Nimisha,

      There is no requirement for great technical knowledge while learning Digital Marketing. As an institute we ensure you learn everything practically. You can share your profile with us, we will let you know the next available batch.

  6. Hi,
    I read this post and I am amazed by this information. Realy it the best guide. Today, I have read again and gained some good point how to choose Best Digital Marketing course.
    Thanks a lot and all the best!

  7. I am currently a student of MTech and looking forward to taking my first step to learning internet marketing, someone from my friend circle suggested me that just get into SEO and as I did my research I found only SEO won’t help for a better future, I should also learn Email Marketing, SOcial Media, PPC and all. What do you suggest? If I do all this, I will get a good job? I am not just restricted to Chandigarh, I am fine to shift outside Chandigarh provided I have good career options in hand.

    • Hello,

      For a beginner, starting with SEO is not a bad decision at all, however, after 1 year you should upgrade yourself with the latest knowledge about SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing. Upgrading your skills help will you to get into next role which will be better than what you will get post learning only SEO. At the same time, with in Chandigarh and near by locations has good options but in case you get better roles in surroundings like Mohali, Panchkula or Ambala, you should not miss the opportunities.

  8. I am from Business Development unit of Digital Agency in Panchkula, I am trying to manage my time to learn DM. Could you please tell me is this training is only virtual? if yes, can I do this anytime when I am free?

    I am seriously interested to learn this sir.

    • Hi Sadia

      You can definitely learn Digital Marketing & this is the virtual one, you will be getting weekly assignments from us to learn and implement your new skills. At the same time, you can do it on the basis of your time. We do not want to bound you with time restriction however weekly assignments you need to complete week by week to be regular with your work.

      Hope this helps.

  9. I am based at Mohali and I am pursuing my final year from Mohali Punjab college. I am looking for a job from my college placements but I am not getting best options, I am interested to shift to Chandigarh but unfortunately, everyone needs good experience which I can not get in Mohali, I am interested to join your Digital Marketing Course to finally get placement. Can you suggest me how do we go about this? Do I have to come down anywhere? if yes, this is difficult for me to shift from Mohali. I am much interested in online program.

    • Hi Royal,

      You can surely start your course and you do not need to leave Mohali as this course is an online instructor led program. You can share your profile with us. At the same time, whenever you will complete this, we will offer you placement assistance wherever possible like Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula.

    • Hi Joyce,

      As this training is purely live online, you can do this from anywhere. Let me know if you are interested to start. I will share a piece of information with you.

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