Digital Marketing Company in Pune

Hang on, I know why you have Google this, are you seriously looking for digital marketing company in Pune?

If Yes, my blog can surely help you save at least 1 lac a month and you can multiply your organizational revenue by ten times.

digital marketing company in pune

Digital Marketing is not a rocket science, if you are a start up or mid sized company I strongly recommend building an in house team for all your digital task. It is very easy to scale up your digital marketing team today, all you need to have is knowledge and skills about how to do it. I will try to elaborate all possible ways through which you can get best knowledge about how to build your in house team for digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

If you will Google this term it will give you some difficult answers to understand ‘what is digital marketing”. In simple words Digital Marketing is electronic media marketing which means how to advertise your products using electronic media. Marketing of products, goods and services through internet.

What all comes under Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a vast medium. It evolves many things today however in simple words there are few important channels on digital marketing which is important for any business like Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Website Analytics, Mobile Marketing & Social Media Marketing.

What is important for your business?

It is not necessary that every business can use all digital marketing channels, while searching about it you need to first think about your target audience where they are, which online channels they use. For an example to promote a service company where you need to reach out to decisions makers for your final sale LinkedIn can be much more valuable then any social media channel.

You can try using all channels in the beginning and then find out conversions and return on investment made by you. Which ever channel is doing better you can continue using that. You can avoid non performing channels post your trial.

Thinking of outsourcing Digital Marketing Work?

I can understand for anyone who do not know anything about digital marketing that person can only be dependent on agencies, but the questions is how will you measure what is your agency doing and what results you have got with the help of them?

As I give consulting to many corporates, mid sized companies and start ups few days back I met with one gentlemen in Pune who was searching of Digital Marketing Company in Pune to outsource his work. That day I suggested him to learn basics of digital marketing before outsourcing it to any agency, coincidentally I met this gentlemen today at my Delhi office again (in fact this meeting pushed me to write this article)

Mr “Pune” was quite satisfied with the kind of work his agency was doing for him & he shared, look if I search my “company name” on Google it comes on very first page with my contact number and office address, oh great ! I replied. What else your agency have done for you, my second question to him.

Surprisingly he had no answer, believe me he had paid INR 40,000 per month to that agency for this small task.

If he would have learned digital marketing that day before outsourcing he could have saved almost INR 50,000.

How can I learn Digital Marketing?

It is very easy to learn and leverage digital marketing now a days, their are so many digital marketing trainings in Pune which are available & their are online live courses options also available. You can find list of digital marketing courses in Pune in my recent blogs as well. I strongly recommend do not outsource your business until unless you yourself is not aware about basics of digital marketing.

I am also creating a list of few digital marketing companies in Pune so that in case you want to outsource your digital marketing tasks post learning you can outsource to them.

SRV Media

SRV Media is Pune based digital marketing agency. They have many companies under their portfolio, they provide services like Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Video Making & Designing and many more. SRV Media is official training partner for Google Agency in India. You can contact them for their details at (020) 65600200.

Xebec Digital

One and only Digital Marketing Company in Pune which is listed by Google top 10 featured agency. Xebec has more then 100 clients and they have their strong presence in 4 cities. Xebec can guarantee you for on time results with the help of their 120+ people staff under one roof.

If you are interested to learn more about their services you can contact them at (91-20) 2444 2403/04, 6731, 5555 [email protected]

Return on Web

With over 200 clients and big name in digital marketing companies in Pune one can not miss return on web. As their name says your investments on returns done by you will be surely return by the web :)

Return on Web has clients like Lifestyle, Toyota, BMW, Dominos, KFC and many more and they provide end to end digital marketing and mobile marketing services. They are also official agency partner for Google.

If you are interested for their services you can contact them at India +91 – (997)-543-1114.

Final Words

All above mentioned companies are randomly chosen by me based on their Google reviews and testimonials. I strongly suggest and recommend before finalizing anyone try contacting me at [email protected] Other then this do share this article to help all fellow entrepreneurs so that no one else become Mr Pune :D

Thank you for reading :) :)



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