An Ultimate Guide – How To Build Digital Marketing Career in India?

How To Build Digital Marketing Career? This question is being asked by many of my blog readers in the year 2018 and before we enter in 2019 I would like to address this question so that everyone can plan and understand insights about How To Build Digital Marketing Career?



Digital Marketing is the fastest growing sector in India & Asian Continental and every year it is producing many career options for people looking for stable and long-term jobs. Many people have approached me on Social Networking Sites like Quora to guide them about best career options in Digital Marketing as there doubt’s on How to build Digital Marketing Career is never solved by any group of experts.



I always have strong feelings for people seeking my help to get more clarity about their career, I like doing it and I will continue serving people with the best possible ways.



With the help of this article, you will get a complete understanding of various



Career Options in Digital Marketing in India.



If we see broadly Digital Marketing offers different types of career opportunities for individuals. Most people don’t get a step-by-step understanding of how to go ahead in Digital Marketing for a long-term stable career, which finally lands them to dissatisfaction. In this article, I will write all options available in Digital Marketing so that everyone can plan their career.


Digital Marketing Career Path

Digital Marketing Career


Why Digital Marketing as a career?



In the last decade, Digital Marketing has shown significant results to businesses and more and more businesses have started searching for best digital marketers across the world. Hence, it is proven; the demand of digital marketers in coming years will surely increase with the better pay scale.



Digital Marketing PayScale



As you can see in above-mentioned picture Digital Marketing domain offers jobs for various skills like SEO, SEM, and Content Writing. To get more understanding about how to become an SEO Specialist or Search Engine Marketer you can also do a self-learning course from my previous article Top 30 Digital Marketing Blogs.

Let’s understand job wise digital marketing career offerings.




Email Marketer



Email Marketing is one of the most promising jobs for a marketer in today’s Digital Era. Most of the brands were earlier dependent on agencies for their bulk emails campaigns, which finally landed them as a spammer & their effectiveness of email campaigns compromised due to no understanding of customer lifecycle on emails. As per the recent case study by Marketing Sherpa, email marketing is the only channel which gives 256% ROI (Return on investment). Since companies have understood the power of this medium demand of Email Marketers has suddenly increased. An average email marketer earns between 50,000 – 10,0000 a month and it will increase in coming years as less number of good email marketers are present in the world.




Social Media Marketer



Customers and prospects (potential leads) for all brands are available on Social Media sites like (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) and now a day, these sites are playing important role in customer decision-making. Brands have started communicating about their exclusive services on social media sites to create engagement with their followers. Other than this, social media sites also help brands to maintain their online reputation. Social Media Marketing offers an exciting career option and one of the most engaging ways to work. A typical Social Media Marketer earns between 40,000-80,000 a month.

To become Social Media Marketer one should have good communication skills (writing).




Search Engine Optimization (SE0 Executive)



February 2011 Google launched Panda Search Algorithm which affected many sites, which was following bad SEO practices and it helped those sites which were following right SEO tactics, right after 1 year in April 2012 Google also announced Penguin Algorithm which penalized all those sites which were not following Webmasters guidelines.



SEO Executive career



Over these years many brands have faced up & down with their ranking results, which has given a direct impact on their revenues. Most of the brands, which was earlier working with SEO agencies, had started building their in-house SEO team to take care of Google Webmasters Guidelines. From the year 2013 onwards, jobs in SEO sector has increased, we have observed SEO Executives or SEO Analyst earns between 25000-50000 a month & annual growth of 20% has been measured.



Search Engine Marketer (PPC Expert)



SEM Expert jobs are high in demand; companies understand that everyone cannot come on rank 1 in Search Engine Ranking Results (SEO) and 97% of potential prospects do not move to page 2 for their searches, now companies do not want to lose their businesses. Google offers instant results through PPC ads (pay per click), which allows brands to advertise their product and services anytime. PPC also allows brands to choose their target audience based on Geographic’s & Language. Interestingly, now Google changed the ads colour and it is difficult to define which one is an ad and which one is SERP results, which has further added value to Search Engine Marketing.







Why do brands want to hire SEM Expert? PPC is an ongoing activity and bid management along with maintaining higher quality score can help brands to save their advisement budget.






PPC experts earn between 50,000-150,000 a month depending on their work.


Data Analyst



Brands do not believe in searching for water in deserts area. Optimizing everything makes advertisers successful and this creates a fantastic career option for Data Analyst in the Digital Marketing domain. Analyst plays a critical role in exploring new channels for advertisers and they also optimize ROI. Analyst jobs are high in demand and it is highly paid as well. As fresher Data Analyst Career Starts with 6 lac CTC and it is proved that people with 4+ years of experience earn between 15-25 lac annually.



How To Apply for Digital Marketing Jobs


There are multiple options to apply for a job in Digital Marketing and you can start your career immediately with the help of career consultants or online job portal. For various jobs, you can take help of below mentioned online sites.



  • Email Marketing Jobs: As per our research most of the companies like Flipkart, Snapdeal or startup hire from LinkedIn for their Email Marketing Specialist role. If you are searching for Email Marketing role jobs and your updated profile is listed as Email Marketer on LinkedIn, you will automatically get an option for recommended jobs by LinkedIn for you, it’s a free service offered by LinkedIn.



  • SEM Jobs: Search Engine Marketing jobs are frequently listed on sites like, & Given, SEM jobs are always on priority hiring for any business, you can catch recruiter eyes based on your freshness of resume updated on such job search engine sites. Our advice is you at least log in once in 2 days to get maximum interview calls.



  • SEO Jobs: To stay tuned about SEO Jobs make a list of 100 Digital Marketing Agencies in India based on your location preference, share your updated resume with each and every company HR. SEO jobs are frequently in demand in agencies and direct hiring in agencies are always preferable for them as well. Many consulting business companies who hire for SEO profiles do not offer relevant people to these agencies and their hunt for talent like you is always on. So go ahead and grab these jobs right now.



  • Data Analyst Jobs: If you are good in analytics skills people will find you to offer these jobs, almost on every top job search sites like IIMJobs, Naukri Premium or LinkedIn premium you can see businesses are looking for hiring talent like yours. Given, these jobs are highly payable jobs you can expect only a few portals or consulting business companies hiring for these profiles in India. Considering high demand and low manpower, you can expect a decent pay scale even at the fresher stage.



Final Words



Anyone can learn Digital marketing and choose their area of interest from above-mentioned job profiles, there are 2 ways to learn Digital Marketing (a) you can self-learn and explore this medium, however, self-learning takes times (3-4 years). (b) You can learn from training institutes, which offers good hands-on training in Digital Marketing.



Before we move to our final words I would like to mention Top 5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Will Spoil Your Career if you will not follow these practices.




  • Keep Exploring: Digital Marketing is an extremely big medium without any fixed formula for success so keeps exploring, it will help you to build a stable digital marketing career.


  • Choose one area: As mentioned above learning entire medium is good but working in all areas will leave you with limited knowledge about each topic and half knowledge is always dangerous, choose one area of interest and start your career.


  • Learn from mistakes: Brands like to hire a person who commits fewer mistakes but mistakes will surely be there to learn from all of those mistakes and avoid repeating the same mistakes. 


  • Networking is not an option: Most of us consider we will reach out to our network only when we need something from someone, avoid this when you are planning to build your career in Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is all about your networking with people to learn, share and grow together.


  • Nothing is Permanent: Digital Marketing will keep evolving so do not settle yourself for short-term success. Do not follow the short path to get ranked. Avoid all types of negative practices; you can follow Google Webmasters to learn their guidelines.



There are few other Career Options in Digital Marketing that can help you to be successful as an entrepreneur or freelancer. Do you have any questions about it? You can use the comment section below to take the discussion forward.


Thank you for reading.




36 thoughts on “An Ultimate Guide – How To Build Digital Marketing Career in India?”

  1. I have some general knowledge and some practical knowledge of Digital marketing. Want to make it my career. How do I start? Should I learn more from institutes and then start working ? what are the institutes that are cost effective and provide good knowledge in Gurgaon?

  2. We live in a digital era, where digitisation is not just a convenience but have become a necessity. With digitisation spreading across all corners of the world, marketing has found in it a world of its own. Being the greatest medium of communication today, brands largely rely on digital platforms for marketing their products and services and to reach maximum consumers. As digital marketing takes the flight of success in the professional world, millions of opportunities pave way for business and employment. Although a career in digital marketing is highly desirable by most students and fresh graduates, they remain unsure of how to begin with their career in digital marketing and which of the various fields to specialise in. The digital medium is as vast as it gets, making it even more difficult for newcomers to make their decision. This article provides a one stop solution to all the queries one may have regarding digital marketing as a career. From distinguishing all its branches and explaining them precisely in detail to helping you out with how to begin your career, how to apply for a job, what pay scale should you expect from each of the distinguished fields, what are the required skill sets and what to keep in mind to maintain your career, this article is a helping hand to all the budding digital marketers out there.

    Thank you for sharing such an informative and helpful article.

    Rania Patel.

  3. Rashiq Abdul Razak Mannarayil

    Hi Vaibhav,

    Thanks for sharing this article on having a successful digital marketing career.

    With an Indian perspective, you had summed up the Digital Marketing Arena. You rightly pointed out when mentioning that digital marketing is an evolving area and everyone should be up to date in terms of techniques and trends.

    Anyone reading this will definitely be much more informed than they were before with regard to Digital Marketing and related elements.

    As an addition to your post, I would like to include another career path – Content Writing and Management. I strongly believe, for a successful SEO and SEM or any other campaign you would need a strong, apt and self-defining content. All those people work in other areas work in unison with the brainstormers so as to achieve the desired result.

    Wishing that all information in your post be beneficial for one or the other.

    A shout out all those Digital Marketing Professionals.

  4. This article dated 2016 presents an overview of various job profiles in the digital marketing, providing details about tasks, salaries and ways to apply. To begin with, the author explains that at present the demand for digital marketers has been growing fast especially within India & Asian continental. This field offers different job opportunities particularly for those who are looking for a stable and long-term position. As the bar chart displays, national average salaries in 2016 vary from 51,00 $ (Social Media Marketing) to 102,000 $ (SEO). The author continues listing the main job profiles related to digital marketing along with a brief but exhaustive description, starting with email marketer and going forward with social media marketer, SEO executive, SEM expert and concluding with data analyst. For each position, online sites where to apply are mentioned in the last part of the article. Promising is that, according to the author, anybody interested in digital marketing can start a career and learn through training institutes or even through self-learning (which is, however, a longer path). Concluding, precious tips to prevent spoiling careers are provided. Among others, the author suggests avoiding repeating the same mistakes, to focus on a particular area of digital marketing and to stay flexible and alert.

  5. Edmund Okai Gyimah

    In this era of World Globalization, Digital Marketing is the ideal way a company can use to get to the masses and also maximise profit.

    Before the invention of Digital Media which has opened a way for careers in digital marketing, companies could only get to potential customers in the locality where they are based.

    However, now the trend has changed as companies can get to their target market around the world through the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Audioboom, LinkedIn, and others for Marketing.

    Digital Marketing domain is also a job avenue for various skills like SEO, SEM, Content Marketing. Graphic Designers and others.

    As a matter of fact, Digital Marketing is the new medium used by big Companies around the world currently as it saves cost and they are able to get to their intended target.

    Email marketing which is one of the forms of Digital Marketing gives 256% ROI (Return on investment) which is on a very high note for Companies as they seek to get their products to the outside World. This has made Email Marketers to be the most sought after in the Digital Marketing Industry with Companies paying . 50,000 – 10,0000 a month averagely for their service.

    Digital Marketing is evolving with new digital platforms being introduced daily so a person who is into this aspect of Marketing should always be abreast with time and get to know new trends.

    Again, it is good to be a jack of all trades by knowing everything about Digital Marketing but one has to specialize in a specific area to keep going in the industry.

  6. Hello Sir,

    These are all different effective methods to keep the company’s clients optimized so that they can market their business via the internet. This is how employees of this company provide value to the company itself. The author has mentioned four different methods of providing marketing services for their clients. First, is via email. Email Marketers send emails in order to promote a product and it promises 256% worth of returns to the company. The same process goes for social media marketing, and SEO marketing, the only difference is the medium where it is used. Lastly, the expertise of SEM consists of knowledge and proper usage of PPCs (Pay Per Click) online advertising such as Google AdWords. These are the basics of how can a person have a career in Digital Marketing The second half of the article shows several tips on how to apply for a digital marketing job, and how to cultivate it.

  7. jagdish lakhani

    The above-mentioned article clearly defines that the era of digital marketing has arrived. Digital marketing has arrived and is here to stay. This article shows us as to how digital marketing is here to stay in the future and I will put my word forward on how digital marketing can change the way as to how we function on our day to day lives

    The above-mentioned article clearly defines that the era of digital marketing has arrived. Digital marketing has arrived and is here to stay. This article shows us as to how digital marketing is here to stay in the future and I will put my word forward on how digital marketing can change the way as to how we function on our day to day lives

    A Digital marketing initiative is the best way through which startups can increase their visibility in the market and generate better and valuable market leads. Digital Marketing has come a long way from the olden days of email marketing and search engine optimisation. The future of digital marketing is more related to content development and the use of pictographs.

    A company cannot market itself if it does not have a visible Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram account. Because of social media, the entire skeleton structure of a company’s marketing plan has been changed.

    Following are the future trends of digital marketing for the coming years,

    1. The traditional shift from S.E.O Practices to lead nurturing.
    S.e.o practices might become a thing of the past mainly because the workflow of SEO marketing has become too redundant and monotonous. Startups these days are creating more value for their organisation by developing a marketing plan which focuses on brand awareness and brand capability. The moment the goodwill of the start-up increases, the leads will come on their own. Here come the main challenges of start-ups is not to get a new customer but to retain a customer. This is where lead nurturing comes into the picture.

    2. The future belongs to content marketing
    An organisation with a solid marketing plan will bound to have more efficient content marketers with them. Content marketers provide the best platform for organisations to market their services and product in a more crisp and readable manner. Moreover, on account of merging content with pictographs, the marketing plan becomes more viewable and whatever collateral and marketing material that the organisation has is bound to have more views and brand awareness.

    3. The future belongs to social media marketing.
    An organisation with an effective marketing campaign can promote its products and services through effective social media tools such as LinkedIn, twitter and Pinterest. This will help the organisation create awareness of its existence in the market. A simple tweet or a social media post, when created with adept and genius, can get the viewer’s more interested in seeing the post and raise the chances of getting more business.

    4. Digital Marketing is all about nurturing relationships rather than creating old ones.
    Once an organisation has created a brand existence for itself, comes the factor of maintaining solid relationships with their clients so that they can generate new business from them. It is a known fact that building a substantial relationship is more fruitful rather than going out in the market and creating relationships with new ventures who do not have an idea about what we do.

    5. Hoot suite will come into the picture for marketing agencies.
    When creating a content marketing campaign, the usual marketing team will hire a social media specialist, a content writer, a graphic designer and a visualizer. This is turning costs the company a tonne because marketing professionals demand a higher wage rate as compared to other professionals. This is where HootSuite will come into the future for marketing agencies. Hoot suite is a platform through which a single user can tweet, pin, post an image on Instagram and create an effective social media campaign on Facebook. An amalgamation of all these posts into a single basket is what hoot suite will become famous for and this, in turn, will save much added time, money and stress for any marketing start-up.

    6. Email Marketing will become more personalised :
    You have to accept that nobody reads the bulk email campaigns which unprofessional marketing professionals through into the viewer’s email box. Email marketing needs to become more personalised so that they touch a certain fraction of the subconscious mind and compel them to read the emailer and make them thinking about what we are trying to say. If you really want a great email marketing campaign, hire a professional copywriter who can use his verbal and written expertise to create a crisp, innovative, intriguing and influential copy which gives the viewers a jerk on his head the moment he sees the email campaign popping up in his inbox.

    7. Visual Marketing will take over.
    The usage of pictographs and motion driven graphics will be the future of digital marketing because people are more attracted towards visual graphics and motion drove marketing. The main reasons for visuals to be the next big thing in marketing is because of the fact that visuals catch the attention of the viewers and create a psychological effect on the viewers which makes them ponder over the product. Tell me one thing, would you like seeing an Audi advertisement on your TV, smartphone or newspaper or would you like listening to it on the Radio?

    8. The future of marketing is mobile
    In a country like India where people have more smartphones than personal computers and laptops, the growth of internet marketing through the use of smartphones is going to propel like a skyrocket. Most of the big companies in India have their own applications. All it takes is them to market their product once the viewer downloads the application. This is turn will generate more revenue for them.

    The future of marketing will belong to those who wish to think inventively and creatively and create services and products which can appeal to the masses in an economical way. The future of digital marketing will belong to those who break the box and creating a new box altogether rather than thinking out of it.

    Go ahead. Break the box.

  8. The most important part of the article according to me were the practices that are mentioned towards the end. I believe they are essential in making any career decision not just in digital marketing.

    People often forget that in order to succeed in your career or to build a career from scratch, it is important to keep exploring the options and learning. Knowledge has no boundary or limit, it is ever-evolving and ever-changing and in order to stay on top of the demands, one must evolve and change where and when needed.

    It is also so important to know everything a little but to be an expert in one specific field; being Jack of all trades and master of none didn’t get Jack anywhere special. But that’s okay, mistakes are a part of life, people who don’t make mistakes are doing something wrong. Mistakes enable you to learn and grow as an individual.

    Furthermore, it is so important to keep in touch with your network instead of only getting in touch when you need something. In today’s day and age, nothing is permanent, everyone is disposable and replaceable therefore, it is vital to evolve within your career so that if you were to lose your job tomorrow, you have the skillset to rise up again.

    I believe once you have these fundamentals right, applying for, getting and keeping a job all fall into place naturally.

  9. The advent of technology has led to disruption, and by disruption, I mean breaking conventions and giving way to newer and more exciting opportunities. The digital revolution has impacted everything around us, from our day-to-day lives, to the way we communicate, to our businesses as well as, our job market. The one domain that has been highly impacted by the digital revolution is without a doubt, marketing. Gone are the days of hand-outs! With the digital takeover, marketing as a career has been reshaped and transformed. More jobs are being created and more avenues are being explored in the digital marketing landscape.

    With every new invention, we remodel ourselves. Our ancestors did not know how to use computers, we can’t imagine life without one! Hence, with online marketing, we can expect that our careers to go into directions we haven’t dreamed of.

    Data Analyst, SEM, SEO, Google Analytics, PPC, Content Marketing, etc., are avenues that have opened up more opportunities and created fresh jobs where millennials (the generation Y) can extend their skill-set and be a distinctive part of the digital landscape. However, it is also important to understand that nothing can happen, unless you are willing to work for it. Digital Marketing is a booming career for those who understand that marketing is a high-octane, fast-paced job and will always be. It is highly competitive and requires intellectual investment. We are living in the world where there’s no telling what new invention will ‘break the internet’ tomorrow. Being prepared is all you can do.

    The article above is a tip for those looking at growing their career in the digital landscape. It’s a roadmap that helps you understand, what to do and what definitely not to do, if you are aiming for success in this domain. I find it insightful and informative as well as definitely a morale booster for people who have set their eyes on making it, in the digital world.

  10. A very well-written and informative article it is, my compliments!!
    It is for sure that the advancement in technologies and countries progressing towards digitization is increasing the demand for digital marketing rapidly. With this a huge set of career options has also opened up, but are still hidden from the eyes of digital enthusiasts.
    This is a great article with a complete guide for the people looking out for career opportunities in Digital Marketing. It focuses on several sectors of digital marketing, which includes:
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    • Content Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
    • Data Analysts
    These sectors are widely explored by providing information on the skills required by the individual to enter a particular sector, the importance of his role, average salary estimates, and options to discover while hunting for above given jobs.
    The concluding part of the article is appreciable as it also helps one acknowledge the certain rules and practices to be continuously followed by the digital enthusiast, without which one’s career may downfall. These include:
    • Continuously refer to the changing demands of target audiences and clients, and keep yourself updated as a Digital Marketer.
    • Choose one specific career option and do your best for long-term success.
    • Learn from past mistakes and avoid repeating the same mistakes.
    • Communicate, learn, and work with people from all fields which will help you grow more effectively.
    • Keep learning and adapt to changes to avoid short-term success.
    Furthermore, the article also provides links to several online courses to nourish your skills as per your preferred career option in the field of Digital Marketing.

  11. Hi Vaibhav

    This article gives detailed insight about Digital Marketing for people who are planning to choose as a career. Digitization of our world has become a prime focus in today’s era due to fast pace living. Digital Marketing is booming today as it has given the marketing field a new meaning and height. Various career options are provided under Digital Marketing and specialization in one field can lead to a greater exposure in the marketing field and also help in understanding the importance of Digital Marketing for a success of any business.

    This article was very informative and helpful for me as I myself want to gain more knowledge in SEO and built a career.

    Thank you
    Sindhu Nair

  12. As per the blog, today digital marketing has immense scope in the corporate world. As on date digital marketing industry is supposed to be the highest growing industry when compared to others. So making a career in this industry can make you grow as well. Not just the growth in terms of profile and designation, a digital marketing core knowledge and skill sets can help you get exceptionally good remuneration.

    Today we have digital marketing in almost all spheres of brand merchandising& marketing , however in order to do excel in this career, one has to keep exploring and upgrade himself with market trends and changes to lead.

  13. I am looking forward to building my career in SEO Digital Marketing, please advise me how I can take this forward & which companies offers best job support.

  14. Dear Sir,

    How much salary one can expect as fresher and can you please share digital marketing career path for newcomers like me?

  15. As the world is getting more and more digitised in every respect, Digital Marketing is a booming career option today. With striking features like cost-effectiveness, instant response, flexibility, convenience, effectiveness, Digital Marketing is making a strong impact in the world of Marketing and Advertising. Especially, the start-ups prefer going digital to market their brand, products and services. Today ‘Digital Marketing’ and ‘Marketing’ both are becoming synonymous.
    Digital marketing is a vast field with a variety of areas and segments such as Social media, Content writing, Email marketing, SEO/SEM, Data Analysis, Designing, and much more…To get into Digital Marketing, you need to identify your interests and strengths in order to make a right decision to specialise in a particular area of Digital Marketing.
    It is proving an amazing career choice for out-going, busy people. Here we look at all the aspects of why it’s such an amazing career; always changing, always busy, always interesting and with great long-term prospects.

  16. This particular article gives us an insight of the digital marketing career in brief and what are the various jobs or category of jobs a person can opt for under digital marketing. It also informs us what are the statistics of digital marketing in current market scenario. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Hi Vaibhav,

    Since people nowadays are very concerned for choosing a career for them but not many know what to choose from and land up to the basic jobs available and many times dissatisfied with the work they are doing. Wherein ‘Digital Marketing’ not only offers many options to choose from but also offers a relatively decent compensation.

    This blog surely helps in spreading awareness on the different areas of Digital marketing to choose from, but mind the reasons too at the same time as half knowledge is dangerous, digital marketing is certainly a good means of earning handsome package but on the other hand be wise when it comes to choosing a right career path as so keep informed, keep exploring, never settle for less, nothing is permanent and always learn from your mistakes.

  18. Hello,

    After having read the article about digital marketing and careers related to it, I have understood that digital marketing is in the growth stage of its life cycle with a lot of career opportunities for individuals seeking jobs in marketing.

    This article has described the growth opportunities and payscales of careers in digital marketing like email marketer, social media marketer, SEO Executive, PPC expert, Data Analyst. Therefore, those who couldn’t analyse the long-term benefits the field provides, this article will clear the doubts for them.

    However, individuals needs to take care of certain guidelines:
    *Continuous changing demands of the target potential calls for regular exploration to keep the digital marketer updated.
    *Making minimum mistakes and not repeating the same mistake twice.
    *networking is a compulsion digital marketing is all about spreading the word.
    *Choosing one specific area out of all the options available for career development on a long term.
    *Prone to adapting changes.

    Moreover, there are a lot of online courses which are available to increase the knowledge in the domain area because self-learning may take a longer time to have an understanding which isn’t feasible in today’s fast changing scenario.


  19. Hello This is Kripa,

    I am interested in learning Digital Marketing and looking for a job after that. Could you please suggest me about various career option for someone like me.

  20. Hello Sir,

    I am from Mumbai, I am B-Tech Graduate and searching for a job in IT industry right now however I am not able to get a job as per my expectation. My friends suggested me about Digital Marketing Careers opportunities in India right now, I am interested in getting more insights about it, can you please help me about the same?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  21. Meenakshi Nalawade

    Hello Sir,

    For HR professionals, do you think doing a course in Digital Marketing is suggestible? What kind of career option is there after completion of such courses? Which is the best Digital Marketing Training in India? Need your help.

  22. Namrata Ramakrishnan

    Can you please guide me what all things are required to be a Digital Marketer or what all is prerequisite for building a successful career in Digital Marketing? looking for your advice.

  23. Ratnesh Vijay Chaturvedi

    Hello Sir,

    I have read somewhere that Digital Marketing has more jobs compare to any other industry in India, how should I go about it? Do I have to complete any course to get into Digital Marketing? I am seriously interested in exploring Digital marketing as a career right now.

  24. Hello, I am looking for a Digital Marketing Course which can help me to build a strong profile too I can have a strong career. Could you please suggest me some best digital marketing course. I am based out of Mumbai.

  25. Awesome information. I feel any person entering in this field should be proactive and ready to learn. Above information is very useful for people who are planning to take up digital marketing as a career option as well as for the people who are already in this but bit confuse due to the growth in the job.

  26. Dear Sir ,

    This blog is all about career opportunities in the field of Digital Marketing. Moreover, It acts as a catalyst for those who are planning their career in “Digital Marketing spectrum”. It emphasises on building an understanding of various career options available in this field with their respective roles & responsibilities required skill sets & standard remuneration scale associated with each profile. It also gives an idea about the growth opportunities each career offering has. Also in addition to it, this blog throw some light on how can an intellectual keep growing in this career spectrum by adapting some vital practices for eg.

    (a) Proper networking,
    (b) Learning from our mistakes & not repeating them.
    (c) Keep growing rather being stuck in short term stability.
    (d) Focusing on one specific area of interest & then chase it to make your career.
    (e) For a stable career in this field , a person should always keep exploring a new avenue.

    To conclude , this blog provides you with an open platform to get your understanding much more concrete about Digital Marketing.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Sumi Bajpai

  27. Hello,

    I am a marketing professional and I am interested in building my career in online marketing, I am little doubtful about how digital marketing course will bring change in my current role? Can you please suggest me about it.

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