Top 10 Content Writing Courses in India | Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Noida, Gurgaon

There are more than 10 types of content writers including SEO Content Writers, Digital Content Writers, Lead Generation Writers, Social Media Writers and many more, due to very high demand of content writers in digital industry across India and other Asian countries requirements for upgrading skills of content writers has increased thus Content Writing Course are taught at many institutes.



Best Content writing course list in india delhi mumbai bangalore




To become a great Content Writer, getting training from renowned institutes helps an individual to easily grab a work. In this article I will share every possible work you can do post completion of content writing course and also list of best content writing institute in India eg. (Content Writing Courses in Delhi, Course Writing Courses in Mumbai, Content Writing Training Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Noida, Digital Content Writing Course in Kolkata, Hyderabad or outside India like Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Oman, Muscat, Canada, Australia, Riyadh, Oman, Ghana, Nigeria.



To understand each and every aspects of it, in this article you will learn about:-



    • Types of Content
    • Roles of Content Writers.
    • Best Content Writing Institutes.



Types of Content



Every day we consume a lot of content in multiple forms however every content which we consume has an ultimate objective to address the concern of the consumer. If we broadly look at forms of content, we have 4 types of content in our day to day life.




  1. Videos: Video content marketing is one of the best ways to promote and reach out to a mass audience. As per the case study by Video Nitch more than 5 billion videos are watched on youtube every day.



  1. Voice: In recent times, the podcast has gained huge listeners interest other than radios. There is huge content getting created for the podcast every day.


  1. Text: Content in the form of text is found everywhere, this article is one of the forms of text-based content. Ebooks, blogs, websites, newspapers, e-paper and much more digital content is created and distributed every day on platforms like Google & other social media channels.   


  • Pictures: Every consumer have a different way to read & respond in digital age, infographics, pictures, pdf are new ways to promote and drive your messages to your end-users. Nowadays, social media pictures and infographics content play an important role in your entire marketing strategy.   


Types of Content Writers & Roles of Content Writers



  • Brand journalist: Ever wonder why do you click on those headlines to read more? Role of a brand journalist is to create great content in the form of storytelling.


  • SEO Content Writers: Content created based on various keyword research to promote and create visibility of websites organically is a functional role of SEO content writers.


  • Social Media Writers: Content created at social media sites based on user behaviours and trends, social media content writers has a role to create, publish and schedule postings at various social media sites.


  • Creative Writing: Starting up from a blog about travel, food, health or any creative interest of yours, creative writers aggregate their audience over a period of time. Ultimately many creative writers become influences in their niche. Creative writers work on various projects to promote various brands with their powerful voice impact.


There are many more types of content writers including technical writers, User Interface writers, Advertising Copywriters.



Best Content Writing Courses in India



If you are searching for Best Content Writing Course in India or outside India like Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Oman, Muscat, Canada, Australia, Riyadh, Oman, Ghana or Nigeria, there are many training institutes which offer the best classroom and online classroom short and long-term programs.




IIM Skills offers India’s most Comprehensive Content Writing Course. There Course is 80 Hours of Content Writing Master Course which comes in a live online classroom format. Participants have the choice to attend live classes from home or office with an interactive learning management system.




Every student who joins IIM Skills also gets tools worth INR 35000 absolutely free, along with 100% money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with course delivery.




This program cost you INR 14900 + applicable taxes, as a student, you will learn in-depth master skills on content development to effective content marketing campaigns.




IIM SKILLS course is recommended for students, working professionals and entrepreneurs.




Henry Harvin




Henry Harvin offers in-class Content Writing Course in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon & Bangalore. Their course is divided into 4 days full-time content writing program which will cost you INR 12900 + GST.



Their Flagship course CDCW Certified Digital Content Writer is 1 month long in duration with 32 hours of in-classroom training.



Participants will get 100% placement and internship opportunities post completion of the course along with access to the Learning Management System LMS.



Content Writing Training


Content Writing Training offers Weekend and Weekdays Course which helps you to learn effective ways to deliver content marketing projects. The website claims to make you a successful content marketer along with 100% money-back return.



Their flagship course Professional Certification in Content Writing (PCCW) teaches you



    • Technical Writing
    • Creative Writing
    • Research Writing
    • Scientific Writing
    • Copywriting
    • Travel Writing
    • Medical Writing
    • Web content writing
    • Article Writing
    • Web Copywriting
    • Copy Editing



They haven’t mentioned their program fee at the website.



Learning Beyond Books



As the name says Learning Beyond Books also offers creative content writing courses in Delhi, the heart of India. This institute is founded by Sharangee Dutta who has 2+ years of experience in content copywriter industry.  



Sharangee offers an in-class program with Weekdays and Weekend options at a very nominal price of INR 5000 + taxes.



The program has 14 classes which will give you basics understanding of content writing training in Delhi and effective online blogging skills.



The Brand Salon




TBS is into various education models including Content Writing Course in Mumbai. They offer in-class training for content writing certification. A course fee is not mentioned by them on their website.


TBS is a good institute to learn Content Writing Training in Mumbai. As an institute they have a presence in Mumbai for various other courses as well, this includes  Digital Marketing Training other than Content Writing Courses. 





IIEDM is another content writing institute in Mumbai which offers you how to start with blogging and creative content writing skills.  IIEDM in classroom courses helps students to learn Effect Content Marketing Training.



You can contact them at IIEDM Website



Digital Academy 360



Digital Academy 360 is into Digital Marketing Classes which offers classroom course in content writing as well. Their course gives you 15 topics knowledge about how to start with content writing, blogging and other digital writing skills.


This course is a certified course. They haven’t mentioned the course fee on their website.






Inventateq is another well-known institute which offers Copy Writing Courses in Bangalore. Their program is 35 hours long course offered with Weekdays and Weekend options. They also offer 100% placement assistance to all their students.


You can start with 1-hour free DEMO here.



Content Knock Out



Content Knock Out is run by Monica Samuel dedicated institute to teach and educate enthusiasts for building content writing skills.



The course is designed to teach you insights into writing effective content skills. They haven’t mentioned the course fee on their website. You can directly contact them here.



My Final Words about above institutes.



To become a successful content marketer there are many things which one should address to their students which include website creation, knowledge of digital marketing tools which can enhance your SEO ranking and visibility of content in front of the world and some hacks about how to grab freelance and full-time work in the content marketing industry, Institutes like IIM SKIlls has a complete package for it.



If you want to start with low-cost courses you can also start with Udemy content writer course which comes under a very nominal cost.



On the other hand, people living outside these cities should focus on Online Content Writing Courses as those offers flexible learning and high quality of content.



If you still feel you need my guidance I am always active at [email protected] to help you.




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  14. Every consumer has a different way to read & respond in the digital age, infographics, pictures, pdf are new ways to promote and drive your messages to your end users. Content will always remain a king

  15. Hi Vaibhav,

    Thanks for sharing your views, I wanted to add up a few gaps in the learning sphere of the content marketing industry. Most of the institutes do not teach topics like email copywriting, digital copywriting which does not make an individual sound content writer.

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    • Charlotte,

      Happy to see you feel satisfied after reading this, this encourages me to write more :)

      I am more inclined towards online courses as those offers you best learning by the best instructors. Also, allows you to learn from scratch to advance with no time limitation. On the other hand, you receive diversified peer group from around the world.

      Provided your training should be the live instructor-led course.

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