SEO Career Opportunities and It’s Future

SEO has today become an important component of the digital world. It helps businesses to grow and sustain in the competitive market that prevails in the digital world today. Careers in SEO has seen a spike lately in India. Today many of the companies are opting to go digital and invest in SEO to acquire a prominent position on the search engines pages. The race to reach on the top of the pages has enhanced the need for more SEO experts lately. 


Before beginning a career in SEO, it is important to get the details of the field you are planning to work in. A complete analysis will help you simplify thoughts and take up the right decision.


Here is everything you need to know about SEO and its Future:


What does SEO mean?


“SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization and is used by companies to optimize their websites in order to acquire a top position on the search engine”.


It helps achieve maximum optimization through web page optimization, on-site content and website backlink optimization. It helps the companies to enhance their visibility on the World Wide Web which attracts more traffic. It is not just about building links, putting in keywords and getting results but there is more to it. However, the frequent changes in algorithm make SEO more difficult and complex and require experts to conduct the practices for SEO projects.


Things to consider before beginning a career in SEO 


You can acquire a degree from renowned Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai but only that doesn’t qualify you to become an SEO expert. Having a degree can be beneficial but it would not be enough to convince the manager of a company and beat the rest of the people with a similar degree. You need to make a difference to be the best amongst the herd. This can be achieved through:


  • Your skillset: 


SEO requires an individual to have the basic knowledge about the field, is a good writer, can code and read HTML and maintain good conversations. An added knowledge of analytics would act just like a cherry on the cake. All of this cannot be achieved only through a degree. Your understanding, way of working and the results you yield has a major impact and defines who you are as a professional. The knowledge is of no use if it cannot be put to act appropriately.


  • Communication with the client:


Your skills would complete only one half of the job while the rest would depend on your communications with clients and stakeholders. Communication is an essential mean that forms the foundation for better relation. In the absence of proper communication, the quality of work gets affected majorly. The better you are while communicating, the clearer you would be about your business objectives. It also paves the way for better understanding which in return enhances the relations with clients.

Any prior experience

Your previous work experience can be valuable to land an SEO job. You might have worked as a copywriter, editor, marketing assistant or something else, what essentially matters that you have worked in a team. One of the essential components that companies look out for in candidates is teamwork. It gives them the assurance that you can co-ordinate and work efficiently with others which is essential for the functioning of a company. It is important to have experience in any media for the company’s assurance.


  • Get your own experience


If you have no prior experience from working in any media or institution, you can still make an impact with your work. You can acquire the basic knowledge through the best digital marketing courses in Mumbai but to succeed and to create an impact, a candidate is required to be a self-starter and be curious by nature. It doesn’t matter what you might have developed, it may be a travel blog, the website for a charity or a Tumblr site. The fact that you have developed a blog or website on your own will be an attractive part of your resume. In addition to the work, your efforts that you put in is what matters the most.


  • Certifications


Getting your hands on any of the Google certificates is going to make a huge difference especially with Google Analytics individual qualification. There are several SEO training courses as well that will provide you with certificates. It delivers a positive impact as it showcases your urge to learn and attain more knowledge related to the field and its working.


  •  A keen interest in the industry


Apart from your skills, knowledge and certificates, what matters the most is your willingness to conduct your research. More than your curiosity, your self-research is what would guide you and also help you to attain a comprehensive understanding of the field. It is your interest that will help you get a better and clear understanding of your work. It will act as an addition to your current knowledge which would reflect your work.


What scope does SEO have?

In this digital age, an experienced SEO expert is always in demand. SEO experts today work as freelancers or are employed by many digital marketing or search engine companies. These professionals are even more valued when they have worked on a big-budget, multi-service/product and also multi-industry assignments.


By having the right experience and knowledge related to the necessary fields enhances the talent of an expert and also the price that he would receive for his skill. The fields could be Keyword Research, Content Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Keyword Optimization and much more.


The digital world is constantly evolving and growing. Almost all things today like advertising to information and shopping to schools are getting digitized. This showcases that the future of SEO is bright and secure.


India, today is the fastest growing economy and provides several employment opportunities and business growth. Due to the current digital trend, companies have realized the potential of SEO marketing and how it can help their business flourish. Today many companies even value the SEO experts as they play an important role in decision making. SEO is something that every company requires whether it is a small, medium or large organisation.


In the absence of an in-house SEO department, many institutions outsource it and get their work done through freelancers. An essential to all the companies, SEO is required daily by Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and also digital marketing agencies. 


SEO opens doors to several designations and positions that individuals could take up. There is also a huge career scope to work as a freelancer and entrepreneur.


What are the roles and salary-related to SEO?


There are several positions that SEO offers which give individuals the right exposure that they require. The field offers various designations like SEO Analyst, Link Building Expert, Digital Marketing Manager, SEO Analyst, SEO and SEM specialist and much more. Due to the increasing demand of SEO, the industry also offers you the opportunity to work as a freelancer.


Here we mention to you various job titles and the salary range as per the industry standards. Please note that the salary amount differs depending upon several factors like demand, experience and also the policies of the companies.


  •  SEO Fresher or Trainee:  They are concerned with handling basic SEO related work like keyword research, preparing meta title descriptions, creating slide shares and video, etc. The expected salary one can receive through this role is around 10k-15k.


  • SEO Executive: These professionals work both on off-page and page site of a particular website. They also have a good understanding and experience with SEO tools and techniques along with web analytics.15k -25k is usually offered by companies for this role.


  • SEO Analyst: They are responsible for creating plans and strategising for on and off-page SEO. They also work closely with the Social and Content team. The professionals performing the role of an SEO analyst are usually paid a salary between 25k to 35k.


  • Link Builder: High-quality backlinks is what they are majorly focussed on. They achieve this by content marketing, guest posting, PR outreach, link building techniques and much more. Professionals engaging in this title usually receive an amount that varies from 20k to 25k.


  • Sr.SEO Executive: They are responsible to co-ordinate the activities of the executives. Their work involves using Google Analytics to monitor organic growth, implement plans and strategies, look out and strategically plan the on-page and off-page activities. 


They work closely with members of other teams like  Social Media, Content and Public Relation. A Senior SEO Executive is expected to receive a salary between 30k-45k.


  • SEO Content Writer: The content writer is responsible for conducting keyword research. They are also required to write keyword rich and quality content, articles, blogs, guest post and much more. As per the industry standards, 25k-50k is what is offered to the content professionals.


  • SEO Consultant: 60k-90k is offered to the SEO consultants that are required to have complete control and closely monitor the daily activities. They are just not limited to the SEO but also work around Social, Content and paid searches.


  • SEO Manager: The SEO Manager is an experienced professional who is majorly involved in taking decisions regarding projects like defining particular tasks, allocating resources and implementing effective strategies. The SEO Manager also assigns work to the Content and Social Media Marketing team. The individual is required to closely monitor the website and the analytics metrics related to it. They also involve making suggestions and undertaking corrective actions. 80K-1.5L is the amount that is often paid to the professionals working as an SEO Manager.


  •  Digital Marketing Manager: The work of a digital marketing manager is not only restricted to SEO but instead involves him having a complete understanding of all the teams and their working. He/she is responsible to determine and define all the resources and work that is related to digital marketing like CRO, e-mail marketing, SEO, SEM, web analytics, social media and much more. The position of a digital marketing manager is often paid an amount of 1 Lakh and above considering his responsibilities.


The best Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai can help you with determining where your interest truly lies and also give a comprehensive understanding related to the field and makes your decision-making process easier.


SEO Offers an excellent Freelancing Opportunity


The rise of companies indulging into SEO practises to grow and maintain their positions in the online world has also spiked the demand for SEO Professionals. There are many companies present who may not have their in-house SEO department and may get their work done through freelancers. Digital marketing offers an excellent freelancing opportunity that gives you the flexibility and the convenience to work. 


Freelancing today has become an important aspect of the business environment that acts as a win-win situation for both the company and the freelancer. It helps provide exposure to the undiscovered talent and also allows the companies to get their SEO work done at a minimal cost.


70% of the freelancing jobs are offered through the sales and marketing category as per the Elance report. Many countries are open to the concept of freelancing like Pakistan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Russia, Canada, China, Romania and many more. However, India ranks second followed by the United States in doing freelancing jobs. As per the stats, digital marketing is supposed to be a preferred field among the freelancer community.


There might be certain speculations regarding the positions that one can work in the field of digital marketing or SEO to earn good money as a freelancer. Freelancing is a job that can be started in content writing, social media, local listing, link building, copywriting, SEO, Google AdWords, Google Analytics and even lead generation.


What is a Modern SEO Expert and how can you become one?


With the several digital marketing courses in Mumbai, you can acquire the required knowledge regarding the field which would also help you land a job. But today, with the rising competition, becoming an SEO is just not enough. You’re required to be more than good and excel at your craft which would also increase the chances of you getting paid better.


Before pursuing your career or while you’re pursuing one, there might be several questions that might have crossed your mind. In your career, being an average SEO professional would be of no use. You may be accustomed to the operations but would be sticking to the standard process which would deliver stagnant results.


With the evolving times and technologies, one is required to be abreast with the latest changes and innovations. Several changes are undergone when it comes to search engine technologies, business processes, customer behaviour and much more. An SEO professional is required to keep himself constantly updated and customize his solutions accordingly. The flexibility and adaptability of an individual to the changing environments and the processes is what makes a Modern SEO Expert.


Google has always managed to make things easier and better with their updates. Google’s Hummingbird was an update that has made a significant change in the world of SEO. They have managed to maintain their integrity and quality with the help of the latest updates such as Panda, Penguin and Mobilegeddon. However, these updates might make it difficult for the SEO professionals to keep up with the changes but it is because of them that they can yield efficient and quality results.


A Modern SEO Expert is called Modern for a reason, the individual is required to have a comprehensive understanding of the field and at the same time enhance their skills set to meet the need of the ever-changing requirements.


Certain connotations are related to SEO like link building, keyword research, site accessibility, etc. However, in reality, SEO is much more than what we have associated with it lately. It may include several direct or indirect functions such as Social Media, Technical SEO, Local Search, Voice Search, Mobile Search, Secured Sites and Online Reputation Management.


The digital marketing industry serves as an excellent career option that helps an individual to evolve as a professional and provides a platform which encourages constant growth. With the several job positions and titles that the field offers individuals, a comprehensive understanding of the industry and help them to indulge in the work that they like. In addition to the knowledge, it helps the individuals to constantly grow and evolve keeping in mind the constantly varying and competitive market. With the ever-growing demand and the fight to conquer a prominent position in the digital world makes SEO and digital marketing a secure and flourishing field. Invest today in the best digital marketing courses in Mumbai to take a step ahead to the world of Search Engine Optimization.


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