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Henry Harvin is one very popular name that keeps appearing every time you search the web for the Content Writing Course. It is a very well known institute which has been offering content writing courses for a while now and has performed pretty well so far.

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As we progressed and people became more aware of content writing as a profession and an emerging industry, several other institutes have also started to provide similar courses and they’ve also been quite good at it.


Well, there is always confusion among students regarding which institute or course should they go for and it is easier to decide when one has detailed insights into the possible options, and one of the very valid options to learn content writing is Henry Harvin.


Many students look forward to learning content writing from institutes like Henry Harvin, but just going through the brochure is not enough. Going through the website will get you the information in bits and segments.


This is the reason, we present to you a detailed and transparent Henry Harvin Content Writing Course Review.


Henry Harvin offers several courses not just content writing. Over the years, Henry Harvin has built a very unique presence in the industry and with time it has been constantly evolving with the changing standards of the industry.


Especially for those who look forward to institutes like Henry Harvin, here is a detailed review of the Henry Harvin Content Writing Course.




Henry Harvin’s presence on the web and the impression it creates is primarily based on a couple of factors about the course. We’ll go in detail through all the factors one by one, that would let readers have a better understanding of the course.




One of the very first features of the course which grabs attention is the certification. Certifications are what mainly students look for and it is among the very important documents that any employer would also look for.


Certifications validate whether or not the candidate has been through formal training. The more valuable certification is, the better are the chances for one to get hired.


As far as the certifications are concerned, the Henry Harvin Content Writing Course comes with a certification that is affiliated to the Content Writing Association.Β 


The Content Writing Association is part of Henry Harvin. The Content Writing Association which owns a website http://www.contentassociation.org/ is owned by the Henry Harvin Education LLP. Link To Verify

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We reviewed and tried finding the UK CERT, American Association of EFL & UKAF however could not find much information.


Apart from the Content Writing Association, Henry Harvin Content Writing Course is Rated No.1 by Trainings360India.com (Training 360 India, a Website Owned by Henry Harvin Education LLP) Link To Verify


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Conclusion: While we did a Henry Harvin Review for Content Writing Course regarding certification we were unable to find information about the international affiliations mentioned at their website and a couple of India based associations belong to Henry Harvin only.




There are seasoned industry experts who are dedicated to guiding the students through the course. The Henry Harvin Content Writing Course has trainers who hold a good level of expertise in their respective domains.


They have been providing training for a while and have been quite successful at doing so. They have helped many students to learn the professional aspects of content writing.Β 


The trainers here are very well versed in the modules and content of the course. They are heavily experienced and are really good at training students. Some trainers hold experience of as many as 16 years, and others are industry professionals, authors, etc.


The role of these trainers has been really important. Their expertise and experience make it very convenient for the students to learn the very fundamentals of content writing, enabling them to learn better and professional skills.


The trainers themselves have worked for some of the very popular organizations we know of. Having served such companies for a long time, they are now focused on training students who want to have a career in the industry.


So, from the above details, we can conclude that the trainers are one of the very important resources of the Henry Harvin Content Writing Course and are definitely helping students to extract the best out of this course.




The training practices followed at Henry Harvin are very much practical. Practical training is very effective and productive as compared to theoretical training.Β  When a student actually gets to perform the course modules, tasks involved, and many other activities related to the course they get to understand better about the details of any concept.


Practical training is what students also seek from any institute. Henry Harvin Content Writing Course offers practical training where the students will learn as they perform the tasks and required activities by themselves.


The course has been structured in a way that allows students to engage with the course modules and tasks, allowing them to understand deeply.Β 


The practical training helps the students to understand the possible practices which can result in gaining massive audience attention, at the same time, engaging with the modules and learning the necessary practices can also help them learn about the possible factors that can go wrong.


So, by the end of the course, the students usually get used to the practices and are more comfortable working. The practical training of the Henry Harvin Content Writing Course is very much appreciated.


This is one of the very important features that a student must know before considering joining the course at Henry Harvin.




Tools are very important for content writing practices and procedures to perform properly. It is really hard to perform effectively any content writing procedure without the help of tools.


The tools have made it much easier to collect data within seconds, analyze, optimize, etc. Starting from research to SEO and many other required procedures of developing content that has the potential to generate traffic and engagement needs tools.


There are tools for almost every purpose starting for selecting Keywords to even understanding how content is performing after being published. At this point int time when the competition is so high and the volume of content published on the internet has nearly tripled from what it was a decade ago, it is necessary that one has to use such tools to develop well-performing content.


There are many tools that are free and are useful as well, but the kind of information premium tools deliver is extraordinary. The tools are used to correct the on and off-site SEO, keyword density, backlinks, readability, etc.


So, now that we understand the importance of such tools, it is very obvious that companies seek students and professionals who are acquainted with such tools and are comfortable using them.


Just learning about the tools is not enough so the students need to get a proper understanding of how these tools work and under what conditions do we need the application of those tools.


So, students, in order to become relevant to the profession and find jobs in the content writing industry, must have knowledge about the practical operation of the content writing tools.


Henry Harvin Content Writing Course ensures that the students get access to some of the very important tools in order to learn their operations and thus having a better understanding of developing effective content that is capable of generating heavy traffic.Β 


Some of the tools included in the course are:



  • Grammarly
  • WordPress
  • Canva
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Hemingway
  • SpyFu
  • Ginger



These are some of the tools included in the course and there are several others. A total of more than 50 certifications are offered in the course.




One of the key reasons students join these kinds of courses is expecting they might find jobs. Well, this is very evident because the industry has been evolving like none other. This industry has been expanding along with digital marketing and has been covering pretty much every industry irrespective of the genre.


Being a very large industry that has been constantly evolving and expanding, there is humungous space and capacity for the newcomers and fresh students to build a career as professional content writers.


Content writing is a very diverse domain and addressing a profession as just professional content writing is not enough. There are several types of content writing and people can become professional based on their expertise in certain categories.


Some of the content writing jobs are:



  • Business Writing
  • CopyWriting
  • Academic Writing
  • Sketch and Script Writing
  • Blogging
  • Ghost Writing
  • SEO Writing
  • Subject-Matter Experts
  • Social Media Writing



With so many opportunities, the writing often needs a basic set of skills such as SEO, format, keyword use, etc. These skills are definitely easy to learn from courses like the Henry Harvin Content Writing Course, but then placement is still an issue.


Students who join such courses expect to achieve something that gets them closer to the kind of job or professional career they want to pursue.


Well, Henry Harvin claims that the students who completed the course there have managed to land jobs in some of the very popular companies we know of such as BSNL, Airtel, Mindtree, etc.


This definitely gives a hope for the students interested in the course or for those looking forward to it, that they might have the opportunity as well to find well-paying jobs.




Henry Harvin website offers a number of benefits that the students are supposed to get through the content writing course. These benefits include skills and strategies they’ll learn from the course.


Some of them are mentioned below:


  • The students can learn to write more than 30 types of content such as copywriting, academic writing, business writing, etc and have the knowledge of earning through the skills of developing content.


  • Content has the potential to translate into sales, and this is possible through the power of words. So, the emphasis will be given towards making students understand the craft of writing words that attract more audiences.


  • Through practical content writing, and the opportunity that students get to engage with the course curriculum and engage with the tasks and activities required, the students will eventually gain experience of working and get used to the content writing procedures. This experience can definitely be useful in order to find jobs and it also reflects on the work as well.


  • Online mediums have transformed the way content works. Content can drive huge businesses and therefore it is important for the students to understand how a content piece performs on the internet. The students at the Henry Harvin content writing course are trained about developing websites.


  • Now that there is so much importance of content, people across the globe wh either lack skills or time, and even many businesses will find the need for effective content. So, and being a content writer, one can deliver work from any place, but many times the language becomes a barrier in delivering effective work and therefore the Henry Harvin content writing course enables students to learn the essential language writing skills to write for international students.


  • There are minimum graphic design skills that are important to develop some segments of the appearance of a website such as a logo, newsletters, PowerPoint, etc. The course allows students to learn the necessary details of graphic design that they can put to use in the near future as they progress with their careers in the content writing industry.


  • Content Writing is among the very few professions which allow flexibility in the genre one works for. For example, one might have to write for the pharmaceutical industry without prior experience or background in biology, or maybe one has to write for a travel destination without ever having visited that particular place. So, for such writing, research skills play a very important role. The students at the Henry Harvin Content Writing Course get to learn about the methods to conduct research enabling them to write on any given topic.


  • Every industry has a separate audience base and so, it is important to understand what are the interests of the audience and what kind of content would they be interested to read. The process of understanding and developing content according to the audience is called audience targeting. So, the students at the Henry Harvin content writing course are allowed to learn to identify and target audience persona best suited for the content developed.


  • There are several content writing strategies that play a very important role in executing the procedures effectively. These content writing strategies are necessary for reaching the organizations or individual targets or goals.


  • The Henry Harvin Content Writing Course has been designed in a way that it fits more suitable for the students aspiring to work as freelance content writers. Well. there is specialized training for students allowing them to learn to get projects from international clients, the one from the UK, US, etc. The modules also provide knowledge to guide the students around the risk of bad debt in international payment.


These were the benefits of the Henry Harvin content writing course as claimed by the institution.Β 




The course includes 32 hours of training. The students will also get 1-year membership of Henry Harvin content academy where they’ll get access to all the course resources, institutions support and personalized assistance for placement purposes.


The Henry Harvin content writing course also comes with study materials supporting very relevant information about the course content. The students will also get access to the learning management system.


In case one has to skip any of the lecture session, they still have the option to watch the recorded lecture videos and cover-up what so ever they have missed. The institute claims to provide 100% placement, internship, and project support.




The course curriculum speaks a lot about the course. The course content has to very organized and detailed to convey the purpose of guiding students to learn professional content writing. The course curriculum consists of 8 modules.


The modules involved in the course are:



  • Language Skills
  • Internet Skills
  • Business and Marketing Writing
  • Content Strategy
  • Technical and Research Writing
  • Academic Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Earn Online and Get International Projects



These modules if seen properly are designed and arranged in a way that allows students to learn content writing from scratch. So, the beginners and the amateurs can learn professional content writing from the course.




The institution has a fair money-back guarantee policy which means that the students in case they do not find the course fit for learning can ask for a refund right after the first class. This is a very important feature of the course as many of the students do not have clarity about what to expect from the course, and later when they enroll, it turns out they were expecting something else. In that case, they can ask for a refund after the first session (lecture).




The Henry Harvin Content Writing Course comes with a very interesting feature where the students can access brush-up sessions. It is free for the first 12 months and the students will have to pay for subsequent brush-up sessions after the period of 12 months.


Content writing is a very diverse industry and the profession needs one to understand hundreds of thousands of procedures and strategies. To consciously remember them all is a very difficult job.Β 


Whenever (post completion of the course) the students find the need to refer back to any of the course modules, they’ll be easily able to access them through the brush-up sessions. These brush-up sessions are free for the first 12 months.


These brush-up sessions could be very helpful for the students who have either completed the completed course and looking for a job and also for those who are already professional and want assistance with certain topics.




The reviews are fairly good and the testimonials suggest that the institute is pretty good at providing training around content writing. The Henry Harvin content writing course has helped thousands of students to learn the craft of content writing and also the professional aspects.


Many give credits to this course behind their stability in professional career and success as content writers.Β 




Unless one is concerned about the certifications, they can look forward to Henry Harvin Content Writing Course to learn professional content writing. The certification offered to the student’s post completion of the course belongs to Henry Harvin Education LLP.


Internally created affiliations hold relatively less value and could prove to be not as useful while looking for jobs. Also, some of the affiliations claimed by Henry Harvin such as AAEFL were difficult to find on the internet while researching.Β 


But considering other factors such as the trainers, the course curriculum, and the placement assistance, these are some really interesting and important features of the Henry Harvin Content Writing Course which makes it a very suitable option for students to learn professional content writing.


So overall the Henry Harvin Content Writing Course is a very well organized course that is suitable for beginners and amateurs as well. To learn the basics of the language and developing engaging content through the power of words, is very well portrayed in the course.


Except for the certification and the internally created websites which rank Henry Harvin Content Writing Course as No. 1, the other features are clearly normal, in fact, they are very much the necessary features any student would look for in a content writing course.


This is a very transparent and detailed Henry Harvin Content Writing Course Review and the details of the reviews are clearly based on the information from the course page, organization website, and the reviews made by the students, professionals, critics.


This detailed review could definitely be a major help for students looking forward to joining the content writing course by Henry Harvin, also those who are confused between the course from Henry Harvin and other institutes offering Best Content Writing Courses in India.Β 

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  1. Burn your money instead of joining this institute. The fake company with all the fake certificates. Every program mentioned by them is fake. They are only there to make you fool.

    You won’t get too many negative reviews because of every where they have well fabricated fake reviews and the real experience will be very very bad.

    Youtube can be a better teacher than these guys.

  2. I have been a victim of this institute, they promise you big stuff but once paid you won’t get anything in hand.

    There course, certification, and online reviews all duplicate. If you try to find henry Harvin reviews you won’t get anything as such but your experience will be horrible post joining them.

    Stop promoting them guys.

  3. I have done a content writing training with Henry Harvin institute 3 months ago, I am chasing them for 3 months for my certificate. They don’t release your certificate on time.

    Once their sales are done, no one will even bother about your course or training. Even if you write about Henry Harvin review on the internet. They are masters in managing their reviews. I do not recommend their course to anyone.

  4. A very basic course and my trainer shared content which is completely outdated.

    It was more of English speaking course rather than content writing. Stop reviewing such programs


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